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Welcome to the 3DTV technology article review page. This page contains a review article on the new 3DTV's which is new technology that just became available to the public this year.

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3DTV Technology Review Article

Have you heard about the latest technology for 2010? Are you ready for it? The answer is 3DTV or three-dimensional television viewing in your home. This new technology is beginning to appear on the market and may be coming to a living room near you or maybe even your own. The top manufactures are now releasing the new 3D televisions to the public in 2010.

You probably know a little about 3D viewing. Some of us remember in the late 50's seeing movie films which required special viewing glasses that you put on and the film took on a different look. It was very exciting as the action seemed to be coming towards you. Even with the film Avatar, that won the Oscars in 2010, you need special glasses which were included in the admission price at the movie theater.  So if you saw the movie you have already had a taste of the 3D movie experience.

How would you like to experience the feeling of action coming toward you in the comforts of your own living room? It is most exciting to watch a baseball game and have the pitch come right at you or see the base runner stir up some dust.  Just think how neat it would be to share this experience with your family in your living room. The manufacturers that began selling these 3D TV's in late 2009 were: Mitsubishi, Phillips, Sharp and Samsung. Now in 2010 you can add these companies: Sony, LG and Panasonic to the list of 3D TV's.

Sony released their version late in 2009 with the LX900, HX900 and HX800. The HX900 comes in 46 and 52-inch models. Viewing requires individuals to wear special glasses which come with the TV. The glasses offer a 120 degree viewing angle. Sony%u2019s glasses are powered by a battery and are synced with the television set. 

One draw back for this new technology is that you need to wear the 3D glasses.  Unfortunately only 2 pair comes with the TV; therefore if you have a family larger than 2 you will need to purchase additional glasses.  This could get costly especially if you have a large family and you want to have extras for your guests that you may have over especially during the holidays. 

As for interesting features, 3D TVs can be viewed in normal mode.  Some manufacturers are also providing a conversion option from 2D to 3D.  As the 3D TVs become more popular it is predicted that additional features will be available.       

Samsung has partnered with Hollywood to debut films using the 3D format. Thus, when you see a film in the theater you may be able to see it in 3D at home.  The media for such movies is Blu-ray.  Initially there will be limited number of movies and programs that are 3D viewable.

As for the cost, in general the 3D TVs cost anywhere from $600 to $900 more than regular TV's of the same size viewing screen.  As with any new product, the initial price is higher.  The longer they are on the market, the more the price will lower.

The best way for you to get a feel for this new technology is to call a large shopping mall near you and ask if they have it on display.  Seeing it first hand is the best way to know if this is something you want. Be sure to take your entire family with you. Their reaction may be quite different from yours. 

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