60s Instrumental Hits

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The instrumental hits of the sixties have some great memories such as the song by the T-Bones "No Matter What Shape", as it became a very popular with the alka seltzer commercials on TV. I can still remember the man walking down the sidewalk with is stomach bouncing with the beat of the song. I remember most of these songs while I was going to high school and serving in the military. For more information about the artists in this era and reviewing the Top 100 Charts from 1890-2010, click here!

My five favorite instrumentals from the sixties are:
  • Calcutta
  • Stranger On The Shore
  • Green Onions
  • Apache
  • Our Winter Love
How do mine compare with yours? What is interesting about this decade is that only nine instrumentals made it to number one. The year that had the most charted singles was 1961 with nineteen. The year of 1967 had only five instrumentals that charted in this decade. In order to make this list, each song had to chart nationally in the top 40 which is a great feat.

Place your mouse on any picture and a pop-up window appears displaying the price and a button to buy. Some of the CD's provide listen tracks for to a portion of the song so you can hear what it sounds like before buying.

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Happy listening!
60's Instrumental Hits