Droid Smart Phone Review

The Droid smart phone review will provide you with information on Motorola's new smart phone just released in November of this year. This review will cover topics such as what is a smart phone, comparing it with other smart phones, preloaded apps and software, product features, accessories, and how you can own one. Click on the link below now to protect the Droid screen!


What Is A Smart Phone?

A smart phone is a device that lets you make telephone calls, offers the ability to send and receive e-mail and edit word documents.  It also has features found on a personal digital assistant or a computer.  Generally smart phones are connected to a network for which a service fee is charged.

How Does the Droid compare with Other Smart Phones?

Let's be honest here. The Droid android smart phone is the new phone on the block and is shaking up the market.  In my opinion, it will be a great hit and provides what consumers are looking for.  The Droid is in competition with Apples iPhone and Cliq. So, how do these phones compare?
  • Cost: Droid and iPhone are about the same in price.
  • Screen: Droid has a bigger 3.7 inch screen verses 3.5 inches on iPhone.
  • Droid runs off Google Inc. operating system, Android 2.0 which allows users to zoom in on web pages and photos.
  • Droid is the first smart phone to offer a free mapping application from Google and is computer voice activated.
  • Droid can run several applications simultaneously where iPhone cannot.
  • Droid has a built-in camera with 5 megapixels verses 3 megapizels for iPhone and Cliq.·               
These are just some of the differences in the phones. I think that the Droid is a cut above the others when you consider its features. 

Preloaded Droid Apps & Software
  • Google Maps      Gmail                   YouTube
  • Google Talk       Android Market      Calendar
  • Amazon MP3      Verizon Wireless    Visual Voice Mail

Droid Features
  • 3G connectivity                            Full side out QWERTY keyboard
  • 5 Megapixel auto-focus camera       DVD quality video capture
  • Wi-Fi networking (802.11 b/g)         Bluetooth connectivity (version 2.1)
  • Multi-format digital audio player       YouTube app
  • Real HTML web browsing                Email
  • USB 2.0 connectivity                     3.5mm Headset Jack
  • Bilingual interface                          Memory ROM: 512 MB, RAM: 256 MB
  • TTY compatible                            Hearing Aid Compatibility=M3/T3
  • Cortex A8 processor with dedicated HW Acceleration
  • Memory expansion microSD card slot (16GB included expandable to 32 GB)
  • Standard voice mail and compatibility with Verizon Voice Mail

Activities You Can Perform With the Droid
  • Zip through the web                        See it all in cinema style
  • Run multiple applications at once        Perform Google search
  • Capture moments                            Multi-task
  • Run it on Verizon wireless network 

Accessories for the Droid

The following accessories come with the Droid:
  • Droid headset               Rechargeable battery
  • Wall/USB charger          16 GB microSD memory card
  • Quick start guide           User Manual
Additional accessories that can be purchased separately:
  • Droid mirror or clear LCD lens protector
  • Droid body glove snap on case
  • Droid vertical or horizontal case
  • Droid solid or clear cases
  • Droid car charger with or without extra power slot
  • Droid data cable
  • Micro memory cards
  • Droid hands free kits
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How Can I Purchase One?

Easy. Just click here and see the Droid smart phone for yourself. This makes a great Christmas gift for that special person or even yourself. Why not buy one today?