Kitchen Gadgets

Every year new kitchen gadgets appear. This year is no different. There are some really cool kitchen gadgets to browse below. 

My favorite kitchen gadgets are the following:
  • The rice cooker prevents me from burning the rice for dinner.
  • The frosting pen helps me creatively decorate cupcakes from the cupcake factory machine or maker for birthday parties.  I don't have a steady hand and this does the trick.
  • The digital toaster keeps both my husband and me happy. I like bread toaster lightly and he likes it almost charred.
  • Pizza is a favorite at our house.  The pizza boss and pizza oven are terrific.
  • Ice cream is our favorite desert all year round.  The ice cream maker does the trick.
  • Fresh pineapple.  Yummy!  But I finally found a gadget that make carving the outside off easier.
  • I can't stand it when I try and pull paper towels from the dispenser when my hands are wet. Finally - yes, a no touch paper towel dispenser.
Have fun looking through these new kitchen gadgets in the carousels below. They are great. Just place your mouse over any picture and a pop-up window appears displaying the price, and a button to buy.