1. SAMSUNG LN26B360 LCD HDTV - Reviews


Kristi in Rochester "Kristi" (Rochester, NY United States) - See all my reviews

Well, the digital transition just wasn't all it was cracked up to be, so I finally bought a new TV.

This TV has a stunning picture at a great price. Easy set up with clearly labeled slots at the back for the various inputs, and easy on-screen controls pop up when you need them.

The size is just right even in a big room if you want a more traditional TV feel, rather than a *monster TV.* I'm delighted with the picture and the sound. DVD's are gorgeous on this screen, and plain vanilla TV is fun to watch again. If you're a first time buyer, you'll be thrilled. If you're adding a small TV to a guest room or exercise room, I think the picture and sound quality is great, and the price is good, too.


Richard A. Lehrer "taxman" (Sunset Beach, NC) - See all my reviews

Have this LCD in the spare room for wife's workouts - she loves the unit - the right size at the right price! Picture is suburb, color with excellent depth and vivid clarity. Have use Samsung products in the past and have enjoyed all.


it's just a thing (Ma.) - See all my reviews

I have had this tv for 3 weeks and its been awesome. The colors are vivid, the sound is crisp and the use of the new style remote is simplistic. I have it hooked up to DirecTV and notice no blurry or pixelation on sports programming whatsoever. I would disgreard knee jerk negative reviews of this product. This is my 3rd Samsung and have not had one bad experience yet.

Ordered this TV on Thanksgiving night, and it was delivered to my door at 9:30 on Saturday morning. Easy setup, great picture, excellent product. The Samsung LCD TVs are definietly top of the line. The sound can be a bit weak at times on certain programs, but I have my TV connected to my stereo so I often listen to it this way. I am very happy with my purchase.

This lcd tv is very beautiful. I love the piano gloss finish. I didn't give it 5 stars because I have to agree with some of the past reviewers who complained about the "grainy" picture. I had to play with the settings to get it just right. This t.v. was a present for my son so since he has no complaints then I guess I shouldn't either. All in all a great tv and I would definitely recommend it. You can't beat the price..

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By Sharon (North Carolina)

2. LG 37LH30 - Reviews


D. Knapp "FlyGuy" (Vienna, Va) - See all my reviews

I have had the LG 37LH30 for about 3 weeks now. It seems to be an excellent TV and I would have given it 5 stars except for one thing. It has only one optical audio out and no RCA type audio outputs. That means I cannot run the audio out to a simple old amp to power my external speakers. I would need to buy a newer amp with optical audio inputs. The optical gives 5.1 audio, but I don't have that sort of setup and do not have any 5.1 audio coming in anyway. Other than that it is doing a fine job. I have DVD, cable to the TV tuner, Tivo, PC-VGA and a cable set top box all coming in with inputs to spare. I went through hours of comparisons and feature filtering and am happy with the result.

MJ - See all my reviews

So here's the deal, I compared the 2008 model of this LG with a comparable Sony and Samsung. Side by side, feature for feature the LG put them both in the closet. Do yourself a favor and do the same if you're thinking of buying a TV. As of this writing (mid March 2009) the 2009 model will be out approximately next week. The store I bought from gave me $100 discount if I bought and waited for the new model to arrive. I gladly obliged.


D. Jordan (Boston, MA USA) - See all my reviews

This is my first LG TV purchase (all of my last 5 tv purchases have been Vizio which I consider to have high standards and have not had any problems with them). To date I have found this TV picture clear, menu easy to use and I did purchase a square trade warranty - just in case!

A Kid's Review

My parents ordered this LG Television for my bedroom for Christmas. LG is a great brand. The price was great and the picture and sound on this high-definition televison are exquisite.

By WhiteLight (New York USA

Great TV for the low price point. Did a lot of research before hand and this was the best buy vs quality product
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3. Sharp AQUOS LC60E77UN 120Hz - Reviews

December 11, 2009


Mommy of Cuties M & Z "Mom of Twins" (USA) - See all my reviews

My husband and I decided that instead of getting eachother Xmas presents, we would buy a new TV. We had a 36" tube TV that took up a lot of space & was beyond heavy. Thus, the search began for a flat panel TV. At first we started looking at 46-52" and then that went to 55". We had already decided that we didn't want a Plasma but an LCD or LED.

Based on reviews we were first interested in the Sony Bravio, it seemed like the best reviews for what we wanted and for a good price. Then we took a trip to Best Buy. They had 6 55" LCD TV's on display and actually all of them looked pretty nice. The Sony Bravio and 1 other(can't remember) had the best looking pictures in our opinion. We were not yet ready to purchase anything and went to Sams Club to check out their TV's.

That is where we saw this Big Boy, 60" of Beautiful TV. It WAS bigger than all the rest, it DID outshine all other TV's...except 1. There was a 55" Visio True LED and that had a comparable picture to this one in my opinion, my husband thought it was slightly better(and very slightly), I'm sure because it was LED. The Sharp was a little over 2K and the Visio was a little under 2K.

So we were torn on what to do. We decided to go ahead and get this 60" Big Boy. Although we thought the Visio was the newer technology with the LED, this one still had a Beautiful picture and was better to us than any of the other TV's. Also we've had many Sharp Electronics and have always been pleased with them.

We actually don't have cable, we have regular TV & watch regular DVD's. All I can say is AWESOME!! The colors of this TV are amazing & so colorful, my 1 year old twins LOVE watching cartoons on it. We are completely happy with our TV.

When making such a big/expensive purchase, I really recommend going to the store & checking them out in person. But if you can't do that or you are buying this as a gift for someone and having it shipped, I guarantee you they will be pleased with this. Especially for a Man, telling his friends he has a 60" TV is a VERY proud moment! My husband couldn't wait to go to work and tell all his friends.

Had we wanted a little "smaller" of a TV, we would have gotten the Visio LED. But if you are wanting a real Big Boy, you won't be dissapointed with this. I think the sound of the TV is fine, not sure how it would be with movies because we have surround sound for that.

We hung our TV on the wall, we didn't want an entertainment center because we have 1 year old twins who love to climb on things like that. The best deal we found for mounting it on the wall is at IKEA. If you are in the TV stand/wall area, ask one of their sales people what will hold a 60" TV. Originally we were going to get this wood thing to mount on the wall but they only had 1 thing big enough for a 60" TV so that is what we got. We also got a shelf from there that we attached to the wall above the TV to put the surround sound/DVD player. Everything is out of reach of our curious babies! Although we still need to get something to conceal the cords.

Since we have 1 year old twins, we don't get to the movies and now that we have this AWESOME, HUGE TV, I don't see us going to the theatre anytime soon. I'd much rather lay on my comfy couch, snuggled with a blanket, eat as many snacks or drinks as I want w/out it costing me a fortune & going to the potty w/out missing anything and did I mention AWESOME, HUGE TV?? (actually this may be a selling point for someone, if you need to convince your significant other to get this TV, just tell them how much money you'll save on gas, movie tickets, movie snacks, etc).

Big, beautiful, affordable! Highly Recommended!, January 5, 2010


Joshua Jones (Greenville, SC) - See all my reviews

The Sharp LC-60E77UN is a dream come true. Excellent image quality, superb black levels, smooth motion, and a true home theator experience.

I have been looking around at replacing my two year old Sharp Aquos 42" lcd for the past few months. It was a great tv but I recently moved to a bigger house and needed a bigger tv in my huge great room. I used the 42" for a variety of things: computer monitor, bluray's, dvd's, games, and normal tv viewing. I looked at plasma's, LED LCD's, DLP's, and CCFL LCD's. I knew I wanted at least a 55" screen so I could read internet sized font from back on my couch (8-10' away) but still keep the tv set on 1080p. I also love the immersive effect from a big screen. I looked for deep blacks, good motion, viewing angles, and an excellent contrast ratio.

First I looked at plasma's and I finally ended up buying one after finding a great price on a 65" panny S1. But after reading about the still prevalent burn-in issues and huge (780w!) power requirements I decided to return it and stick with an LCD. I don't need to see what my electric bill would be like after running a hairdryer for 4-6 hours a day.

I then looked at the new LED tv's from Vizio, Samsung, Sharp, and Sony. They had great contrast ratios and deep blacks but were priced much higher than the traditional CCFL tv's. The other problem was that they stopped at 55" and I would preferred to go bigger.

I got sidetracked by some of the DLP tv's huge sizes at low prices, and while they have improved a ton over the years there are still several inherent problems with that style of tv that I could not put up with.

Then I looked at some of the traditional CCFL backlit tv's. While most manufacturers only went up to a 55" in size, sharp recently came out with a new 60" and 65" at a decent price. Keep in mind that while the difference between a 55" and 60" and likewise, a 60" and a 65" doesn't sound like a lot, the total opposite is true. An extra 5" added along the diagonal at these sizes adds a TON more area. For instance, a 60" tv has over DOUBLE the area of a 42". A 60" is a very noticeable step up from a 55" in size. While I ended up settling on the 60" version of this TV I did consider the 65", but just couldn't justify the extra 800-1000$ sharp wants for it. Also at sizes that big 1080p starts to break down unless you sit far away from the tv.

Since sharp had the price of this 60" LCD right around what some of the 55" LED tv's were going for I spent a lot of time deciding between the two. The store that I was at played the classic trick of setting the more expensive LED tv's to a more colorful, bright setting to somehow make them look better than their cheaper traditionally backlit counterparts. After messing around with some of the other 55" CCFL backlit tv's I couldn't quite get them looking as good as the LED versions. Then I messed around with this 60" sharp, totally different ball game. After putting the backlight back down to more common levels, turning the brightness down a notch, upping the color, and upping the contrast a touch, I got this guy to look just as good (if not better!) than any of the 55" LED's, (even the samsung 8-series). I don't know what sharp did with this panel but the black levels were very deep, and the whites were still sparkly white. Maybe it has something to do with the new Kameyama plant that these are built at. The black levels were on par with the panny S1 plasma, but the colors and bright scenes were so much more vivid.

Many manufacturers use 8-bit panels to save on some cost, but this is one of the only 10-bit panel's available in this size. Color experts can explain better the technical differences between 8-bit and 10-bit color, but to my eyes it just means more deep, rich colors.

Another thing I liked about this panel was that it has a semi-gloss screen. Unlike my older sharp, which has a full matte screen that washes out more at wider viewing angles, this screen keep's its deep black's throughout a much greater viewing angle. I will admit though that the plasma's had noticablely better viewing angle's than any LCD I looked at, but it wasn't worth all the drawback's of plasmas. I do get some glare off the screen in the day, but it is partially diffused and isn't very distracting. This tv really shines at night though.

As part of testing, I also hooked up a laptop through HDMI into the tv. After messing around with the window's resolution output I got the screen stable at full 1080p. I stood back 10 feet, and was still able to read google new's, the weather forecast, facebook, and all my other internet sites. A slight bump up in windows DPI and even people with less than perfect eye sight could clearly read the text. I really don't understand why people pay hundreds extra for tv's with internet connectivity when a $300 computer can be hooked up to this tv and run bluray's, go to ANY internet site, and stream music and video.

While almost all the new LCD's are coming out with LED backlighting, a lot of people don't realize that CCFL backlights have been evolving over the 10 years they have been out. Remember back 6 year's ago how horrible the black levels were on LCD's? Well those tv's were backlit with CCFL, just like this tv is today. The only difference? Sharp has virtually perfected it with this new model. Smooth, even, dark, blacks that are easily on par with any LED tv I've seen. Now I do think LED is the superior technology and will noticablely surpass CCFL in the next 2-3 years, but for now they are on their first and second generations, and they still have some bugs to be worked out. CCFL blacklighting is tried and true, and is on its tenth or more generation. I do have to admit, LED is a great marketing scheme right now to make people justify the inflated prices they are asking for them, when in truth the CCFL backlighting (at least on this screen) is at least as good.

Another thing this screen does well is it's motion controls. Sharp's 120hz technology supposedly helps with motion, something that personally I've never really had a problem with on any modern LCD. The film modes are useful for converting a 1080p/24hz bluray signal into a 60hz one, but I prefer to leave it off and have a more "natural" movie viewing experience. I watched Underworld on bluray on this thing the other night, and now I don't think I'll ever go back to the movie theater again. Immersive, beautiful, and all in my own home.

Another thing people think is going to be big is 3D. If you are one the fence about whether to wait for this to come out, or buy a big screen now let me give you a few pointers. Remember when HD first came out? Yes 10 years ago? How come after 10 years, over half the channels are still not in HD? HD programming requires a ton of bandwidth, and 3D will double the amount needed. Not to mention that when these 3D screens come out they will be extremely expensive, and content will be extremely limited. I don't see 3D coming anywhere near mainstream for at least 5 years. If you want to wait that long and see if it's going to catch on, be my guest, but in the mean time I'll be enjoying my blurays infront of this big gorgeous screen. If you always wait for the next big thing, you will always be waiting.

Some people don't like the Gold bezel on this screen, and at first I didn't either. The pictures online really glorify it, but the truth is that in real life it is very faint and hardly noticeable. I still wish it was black but for all the tv's strengths I can deal with this minor setback.

When shopping for this TV I was surprised by the lack of reviews. I took the jump anyway and I'm really glad I did. I got exactly what I wanted. A HUGE screen with rich colors, smooth motion, extremely deep black levels, lots of inputs, no dead pixels, and the flexibility to do internet surfing from back on my couch. My advice if you are considering a 55" LED or any other tv this size range. Don't just assume that because it's an LED tv that it's automatically better. If I just blindly went for the LED screens, I would have missed out on a 5" bigger screen with picture quality that easily rivals any LED LCD I've seen, and I would have paid would more for it! Don't buy into the marketing hype. Big thumbs up for sharp for making an awesome, affordable screen!

Sharp Aquos 60 inch LCD TV LC60E77UN, December 6, 2009


Beryle2 - See all my reviews

I just bought the 60 inch Aquos LCD after my DLP crapped out. Wanted to share for those considering it. The salesman told us that LCDs were "challenged" by action movies and sports because of the generally slower refresh rates. We went for it anyway b/c we got a great price on the 6o in. We already had a smaller Aquos and think very highly of the picture quality.
In short, the picture is really very good. Much brighter than our DLP and very crisp with HD. To be fair, the salesman was right, though not completely. The unit "strobes" a bit during action scenes, especially involving fast lateral movement on the screen. I have discovered however that there is a fine motion processor that you can dial down and this helps noticeably. Think about what you watch before you buy. If you are a sports nut, you may want a plasma. This set was a good deal and I am not disappointed. I am not sure I would recommend for non-HD though

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4. VIZIO VA19LHGDTV10T - Reviews

Great Item for the Price
, January 31, 2009
By T. Eng "daddy" (Portland Oregon)

I just bought this TV, and I really like it. It has nearly every type of connector on it, so you can hook up all of your audio/video equipment or even your computer. It was easy to hook up and it gets great HD reception with just my old rabbit ears. It gets better reception than my old TV which is hooked up to a converter box & HD antenna. The sound is good and the picture quality is very nice. I bought mine for $200.00, so look around for a good price before buying.

Great Television, March 18, 2009

By G. Zars "propeller head" (Cedar Falls, IA)

Vizio has, for some time, been making the best 'cheap' LCD TVs available. This 19" LCD HDTV is by far the best one I have seen under $200 today. I looked around for quite some time. This blows away the comparable priced Dynex and Westinghouse TVs, and it holds its own against the Samsungs and Sharps of the world that are at least $100 more. It has plenty of inputs, and HD signals look impressive on it. Also, I thought non-hd analog and digital also looked good on it. Usually non HD signals are barely tolerable on HD sets, but our 'standard' cable channels look great! Of course, the HD will not be as sharp as larger sets with higher contrast ratios, but this TV does great in our always well lit kitchen.
I definitely recommend this TV.

Amazing HDTV!, May 8, 2009


GunsNGlory (Tennessee) - See all my reviews

I purchased this at one of the larger chain stores for less than 200. You can not beat this right now anywhere.
I have it set up in my office with just a plain ole set of rabbit ears. I pick up twelve digital channels and I am basically in a concrete dungeon.
Set up was a breeze. Everyone who comes in my office is amazed by the picture and a few have gone out and purchased one for their home.
Vizio is a name you can trust and their televisions are second to none. For the money, you can't beat them.
I highly recommend any tv they make.

VIZIO - Great for the price, January 6, 2010
I got this television and use it in my bedroom. It isn't really large enough for anywhere else in the house but perfect for occasionally watching TV in bed.

The picture quality is amazing. The sound quality is good, very clear and I have never had to turn it up past 8.

Set up took less than 10 mins and that included the time to figure out how to get cable from the living room hooked up to the TV in the bedroom.

Horrible Sound Quality, December 28, 2009


Tom O. - See all my reviews

Sound quality is horrible. I first thought there was something covering the speakers. Turning up to an audible volume, causes accompanying sounds to be too loud. When changing channels, one station will be loud and the next channel very quiet. There is a menu setting to adjust for this and it does help, but the volume still flucuates between channels. Lowest volume setting is too loud for bedroom if spouse is trying to sleep. Menu displays are unnecessarily too small to read from my bed which is about 10 feet away. Picture quality is average. I'm only giving it a second star because of the low price.

Review reflects use as a conventional television, November 17, 2009

By HonestReview

If you have an HD cable connection or can receive sufficient channels through an external antenna, the Vizio provides a very satisfactory picture but sound that is unsatisfactory. In our case an extra HD box would run about $16 / month, which is too much to spend for a kitchen television. Unfortunately, switching between antenna use and non HD cable is very awkward. The result is we use the TV as a conventional set. The picture is not nearly as good as the small CRT set it replaced. It is washed out and colors are flat and can not be improved with adjustment. The sound was so poor that I connected a small hifi to the unit via the earphone jack, which did greatly improve the sound. My impression is that other 19" sets share these deficiencies.

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5. SAMSUNG LN22B360 - Reviews

Their Getting Better All The Time
, March 26, 2009


R. Nieuwpoort "Dollhouse Rulez" (Somewhere, USA) - See all my reviews

I'm not very good at the specifics, But I just had to be the first to say this is an excellent LCD. I Replaced my 19' Samsung with this 21' & I've been Impressed by the picture. The much needed improvements needed over the LN19A450 were very much needed.
This is a third gen LCD; sound is a little better with adjustments, but still the same speakers (Use Exteral Speakers), picture is much better & with the adustable backlight feature makes the picture a much deeper, richer screen to view. It has all the hookups you'll need Except it only has 1-HDMI input. The Price is Right & Shipping is Free.

Too many sound complaints, June 9, 2009


Okemdi Oparaeke "oaktree" (Grand Rapids, MI) - See all my reviews

I got this T.V. off amazon in march and I've had it for a little more than two weeks. I am very impressed with the product; it is a great T.V. for my ROOM, which is why I can't understand the problems people are having with the sound. First of all, the T.V. has good sound for one that is more suited for a bedroom (not a master sized); I don't believe it's best suited for either the kitchen or living room (both too big). If you are that concerned about the sound, you can just plug in some computer speakers in the headphone jack for some richer sound, samsung didn't just build that in the set to make it look pretty. And if you're looking for a more expensive solution, then there's always digital audio. It's silly to expect that you're going to get the same kind of sound from a 22' inch that you would get on a 32' inch or larger. But everyone seems to agree that it has an excellent picture; images are clear and crisp, even in standard definition. Don't be influenced by the "bad sound" comments, it's a good buy.

Great Job, January 7, 2010


Kenneth D. Arnold

I use this on a articulation mount right in front of my treadmill for both my wife and myself. It was easy to set up and has a great picture. We love it!!

Great Television at a Great Price!, December 11, 2009 By Sunset ave
Very happy with this television. It's light weight and has a great streamlined design. The picture quality is very good and it's easy to use--nice features.

Awesome TV, Incredible Picture Quality, December 3, 2009By J. Murphy

I recently purchased this TV to replace an older non-hdtv lcd and I must say that this product is really amazing. I placed this TV in my guest bedroom for use when company stays over and it is an excellent TV for bedrooms and kitchens. I also prevously purchased a 32-inch LCD from Samsung and was so impressed with it, that I also purchased this TV. If you haven't tried a Samsung LCD before, take my advice and give it a try because Samsung products are among the best. The picture quality is very good and crystal clear. I have a basic cable set up and this TV picks up HD channels through its built-in tuner. The image quality looks really good on this TV. I was also impressed with the ease of use and set-up which is so simple right out of the box. I also have a Samsung Blu-ray player hooked up to this TV and the colors, sound and images are great. I highly recommend this TV as it fits in well with the great electronics that Samsung has in its product line.

By L. Carrabba

I love this tv. I have it in my bedroom so it's a nice clear picture without being overwhelmingly large. It's perfect for where I have it

A Great HDTV for a Great Price!, November 19, 2009


Javier Miranda (Georgia, USA) 

As expected, the price of HDTVs has dropped in connection with the decrease in manufacturing costs. Though this is a great thing for the consumer, the market has become flooded such that it is difficult to find a great product at a reasonable price. Fear not, savvy consumer! This television is an excellent choice at an excellent price. It is very lightweight, has excellent picture quality, and great sound production from its native speakers. I use it with my Xbox 360 and have had no major complaints with it. It is even small enough to fit in my small dorm room with no major issue. I would highly recommend this product for its sheer simplicity, light weight, relatively small size, great price, excellent picture quality, and connectivity (it is able to connect to headphones or computer speakers for improved sound quality or silent listening, which is great when you have a roommate). A great product and a must buy for those interested in a small television that will fit in a small room and be easy to transport.

Beautiful, November 17, 2009

By S. Howard
I wanted an inexpensive, beautifully designed HDTV with great picture quality. This TV is all of those things. I highly recommend it to all of my friends

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6. SAMSUNG LN19B360 - Reviews

Good little TV
, July 12, 2009


Benjamin Thomas "Capt. Ben" (St. Petersburg, FL) - See all my reviews

Received TV very quickly, installed it on my sailboat to replace old non-digital TV. VERY sensitive with amplified marine antenna, receives 28 channels in Tampa Bay FL area. Very easy to set up, intuitive in operation. EXCELLENT PICTURE.

ONLY complaint is low audio output, 100% is barely adequate, which was unexpected as all other larger Samsung TV's I have(3 sized 22", 32", 40") have very good audio.

Good, just not as great as other larger Samsung TV's, June 30, 2009


ibglowin (Lost Almost, NM) - See all my reviews

Nice design
Fast channel switching
Lots of input options
Can be wall mounted, bracket included.

Poor speakers, hollow tinny sound that comes from the bottom
Poor viewing angle unless almost direct on. On top of the refrigerator is not a good choice, can't tilt downward

For $300 I expected more than this mostly below average HDTV.

Great little TV, November 27, 2009


S. Nellis "Patent pragmatist" - See all my reviews

Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)

I was tasked with getting a small TV to put in my parents' kitchen. After reading lots of online reviews and looking at some sets in local stores, I finally decided to take the leap with this unit even though there were complaints of sound quality and small viewing angles. I have several friends with larger Samsung LCDs and they all have been very satisfied, so I trusted the brand.

I'm rather glad I did. This TV now sits on a counter between the main kitchen and the dining area, and while it's obviously not as clear from every angle as it is straight on, its horizontal viewing angle is at least as good as other LCDs I've seen and better than many. We don't really test the vertical viewing angle much since it's waist to chest height, but it seemed acceptable to me when I sat on the ground in front of it.

I was only marginally concerned about the sound since they have the option of passing the audio through to the kitchen zone of their distributed audio system, but the speakers hold up well for what they are. Don't expect the same sound that comes out of the sound bar of a 42-62" TV since these speakers are appreciably smaller, but they fill the fairly large kitchen/dining area just fine. Don't know if I got a great unit or it's just quieter in our place than other reviewers', but I don't see us having to turn it up much higher than 60 out of 100.

Can't really comment on the overall picture quality as they're just running standard definition to it at this point, but the colors are great.

Very much recommend this model to anyone looking for a small basic set.
- Good colors
- Easy to set up
- Price: got it for $221 shipped during a special
- Muting the sound on the unit doesn't mute the pass-through sound signal
- Sound isn't as good as larger TVs, but this is to be expected with smaller speakers.

Awesome TV for my PS3 in my bedroom., December 28, 2009


Jiyong Ahn (Tuxedo Park, NY) - See all my reviews

Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)

This is a great little TV for the money. I hooked up my PS3 via HDMI and the picture quality is real nice. I thought the screen size might be too small but it's just right for me sitting about 3 feet away. People are saying the internal speakers suck. I attached external ones so I can't comment about the sound quality.

Thank you Amazon for the free shipping on this unit that arrived so quickly!

This is why I love Amazon, December 28, 2009


T. Tenney (Utah) - See all my reviews

Ordered this TV for my mom on the Monday before Christmas and got it on Wednesday two days later. That was with the free shipping option. I have had this same TV in my kitchen for several months now and love the picture. We also use it in our Travel Trailer when we go camping. The picture is so clear and the sound works great in both environments. Can't go wrong with this TV!

Nice Tv for the price.., December 28, 2009


Peter Palagonia "peterpal" (new york) - See all my reviews

Purchased the Samsung Tv to replace my old Dell 17 inch in the kitchen nook. I have 2 other samsungs in the house a 32 for the bedroom and a 52inch for the theater room all have excellent pix. But as any Tv goes out of the box doesn't always mean perfect. All Tv's need a touch of calibration for correct flesh tones and contrast. The 19 inch samsung is no exception! After a slight warm up you will need to tone down the color saturation and adjust contrast and brightness. Back lighting is also an issue. ( Depends on the room). As for the sound yes it got no oomph and its tinny so go to the audio section of the tv and customize you audio. Turn up the bass, down on the 10k, and the mid range. You will have to adjust according to your taste. After this you should be very happy with your purchase.

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Works Great, perfectly fits the budget!
, December 21, 2009


Tony Thiel (Kauai, Hawaii) - See all my reviews

Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)

We have a 50" Sony SXRD Projection TV in which we paid over $5,000 for including the stand! I love the TV but when your Electricity bill is over $300.00, you need to find ways of cutting down on the utilities. Besides that, this TV needs to have its projection lamp replaced once a year at the cost of over $300! Even at discount places, this lamp is still over $250! Think about replacing that lamp every year. In no time, you would have spent enough to purchase a brand new 40 - 50 inch LCD TV. This Panasonic TV is not only smaller but Star Energy rated, so that should save some on the energy cost.

In the bedroom was an old Toshiba 13" CRT type TV and watching movies on it wasn't much fun, so what better time to replace the bedroom TV. Since I'm retired and have a limited income, my budget was under $350 and this fits the budget perfectly.

I read somewhere that the size of the TV one should buy should be based on the distance (in inches) from the TV to where you'll be sitting; divided by 2.5. After measuring the distance, I came up with 80", divided by 2.5 and it comes out to 32 inches. A 32" TV would have been perfect but too big for the stand I wanted it to sit on, so I settled for this TV and I'm a happy camper! Besides, it would have been beyond my budget! I do wonder however if this is just another advertising ploy to sell you a larger unit? I think that dividing the distance by 3 works out just as well.

In comparison, the Sony has a softer smoother image while the picture on this TV is more vivid and has more contrast. Having worked at a large Electronic Store, I have noticed that most people prefer a brighter more contrasting image when it comes to TVs and monitors. I still prefer the Sony because the picture (to me) is a bit more realistic but that's just a minor complaint.

One concern was choosing between a 1080P and 720P monitor. But from what I've been told, it makes a difference on a larger TV (40" or more), but not so much with the smaller screens. I tend to agree with that since it's all about the number of pixels (dots), the distance between each pixel and their size. Have you ever noticed on the old CRT TV's that the smaller the TV, the better the picture quality? That's because (without getting too technical) there's a set number of pixels horizontally and vertically on a CRT, and the smaller and closer the pixels are, the better the image. On the smaller screen size, the pixels are smaller and closer together which makes the images clearer. The number of pixels does make a difference, but only to a certain extent. It depends on the area to be filled. On this size TV, the 720P works very well and you won't see a major difference if it had 1080P.

Another concern was whether to purchase a new DVD player. Hooking up an old standard DVD player to an HDTV didn't make any sense. So I had to consider a Blu Ray or an up-converting DVD player. That was an easy decision since we have about 2000 standard DVD's. Replacing all those with the Blu Ray equivalent would get costly (about 10-20 grand), so an up converting DVD player was the obvious choice

So I purchased the Sony HDMI DVP NS710H up-converting player, and combined with this TV, works great! The picture is stunning and I couldn't be happier. No, it's not quite as good as having Blu Ray, but it does improve the image of a standard DVD considerably. However, the up-conversion only works if you hook it up via an HDMI cable. So please be aware of that!

You can hook your PC video output to this T.V. via a 15 pin VGA cable and the image looks fairly decent, but you may have to adjust the Horizontal and the Vertical positions on the TV, and the resolution on your graphics card as well. The native resolution for this T.V. is 1366 x 768, but you can try the different resolutions that your graphics card has to offer and find one to your liking. The process is fairly simple if you have the right cables and a 15 pin VGA output plug on your PC. However some of the newer graphics cards only have DVI outputs, so you will have to get a DVI to VGA converter. Right now, I have this set up to output my Netflix movies to this T.V.

(Addendum as of Jan 16, 2010) I now have a Roku HD player for watching Netflix and Amazon movies and it works wonderful. Now I don't have to mess around with flipping back and forth from Computer monitor to the T.V. It was becoming a pain and the PC is unusable while it was being used to stream in the movies. The only thing you should be aware of is that you NEED some kind of a router for it to access the internet and use HDMI cable instead of the provided composite cable for best results.

In regards to the poor viewing angle; It IS disturbing that the description of this TV states that the wide 178 degree viewing angle ensures clear images even when viewed from an angle. This is clearly not the case as far as my TV is concerned. Well maybe to their point of view, having a clear image versus a washed out image are two different things. However again, it's a minor complaint because how often are you going to watch it from the sides?

Picture Quality (when hooked up to Cable, DSL, Antenna)?
Excellent IF you're getting good reception from your provider. But keep in mind that if your reception is poor, this TV will NOT improve the image quality. In the copy world it's referred to as "Garbage In, Garbage Out". That simply means that if you try and copy an illegible image or text, don't expect the copier to suddenly make it clearer and sharper. I am not aware of any TV that has what may be called an "Image Clarifier" but may be possible in the future. But as of now we know that NOT all channels will come in clear, and so this TV will only output what's coming in.

Sound Volume? It has plenty for a bedroom. In fact, I had it on a little over halfway and my wife who was in another room downstairs asked me to turn the volume down. However, audio output is only 10 Watts (5W 5W) and the speakers are located underneath: to the left and to the right of the stand. So this TV is meant for a bedroom or a similar environment. It is not meant to be the main TV in a large room connected to a surround sound system. That, I have on my 50" Sony TV. It is also not meant for a noisy environment such as a garage while you're working on your table saw or doing laundry, or in a Kitchen while you're running the garbage disposal or the dishwasher. No, it's not meant to compete with other surrounding noises. So please keep that in mind when making your purchasing decision.

Outputting TV sound to a sound system or Speakers: It DOESN'T have a Headphone Jack, and please be aware that this can only be done via an OPTICAL cable. So whatever you're connecting it into must have an OPTICAL (Toslink) input. You can purchase a third party converter such as the GENFEN but be aware that there are two versions (The cheaper model does NOT convert Hi-Def (5-1 Dolby Surround Sound) audio. Another option is to purchase one of the Behringer MS### Speakers which has an Optical input.

The SD card viewer: Would have been nicer if they had a USB port instead where you can plug in a flash drive or an SD card reader. There are so many different types and sizes of SD cards that if you don't have the right size, it won't work. As an example, I have a Nikon D200 (uses an SD card) and an Olympus C3040 Camedia Camera (uses a Smartmedia card) and neither one will fit into the TV's card reader. I could purchase the right size SD card, insert it into my SD card reader and transfer pictures into it, but why go through the extra expense and effort?

The IPOD Docking Station: I don't have an IPOD, but I'm willing to bet that it's a nifty little feature that a lot of people can use. Lots of people out there with IPODS! I have the less expensive Sandisk for listening to music while I work outside or walk and it serves me well.

The Controller: Easy to read with LARGE LEGIBLE buttons for Old tired eyes like mine! Two of my favorites are LAST (to flip back and forth from the last channel watched) and MUTE (for those annoying commercials!)

I know that this has been a lenghty review, but I hope that I've given you enough information for you to make an intelligent purchasing decision. I love this TV and would highly recommend it for it's picture quality, stylish look and it wasn't too long ago that you couldn't touch an LCD T.V. like this at this price! AWESOME!

Fantastic TV, May 29, 2009


Love food (Cubstown) - See all my reviews

I just received this TV yesterday and all I can say so far is WOW!!!!

It is in our bedroom and looks great (picture and aesthetics wise). The iPod dock is also very nice. The sound is excellent for a small (?) TV.

One thing to note. Unless you are a magician, be sure to use long needle nose pliers to get the screws started into the stand/base when attaching it to the TV. Very hard to do with just a screw driver.

My only complaint so far is that the sleeper timer does not have a dedicated button on the remote. You have to go into 2 different menu screens to get to it. My way around that was to set each of the 5 timers the TV has so that each one goes off at 11pm Sunday night through Thursday night. This obviously is not an issue if you are using it somewhere other than a bedroom.

P.S. - Don't be swayed by the talk about size of your TV and the viewing distance. This 26" is a perfect size for our bedroom (sits on 5 drawer dresser about 12ft from my pillow). The charts for LCD TVs had me at a 42" minimum, which is not true IMHO.

iPhone compatibility for videos?, January 13, 2010


Ranjan Sharma - See all my reviews

Excellent product, but I am currently stymied by:

(a) can't seem to play YouTube onto the TV from an iPhone
(b) stored videos are not recognized by the TV as videos

It is true that the box does not say "iPhone compatible", but I had hoped ..

Panasonic - are you listening?

Other than this, the TV is the correct choice for a bedroom TV and I really can't complain.

Tremendous value!, January 11, 2010


Ron "CFO"  (St. Louis) - See all my reviews

I researched many 26" boxes and found this to be of best value - great quality for a great price. I have never had a bad experience with Panasonic. Great experience.

Great TV at Great Price, January 9, 2010


W. Hargrave (Elgin, IL)   

Bought this as a Christmas gift for my mom for her office. She loves it. Picture is terrific as is sound. This was a great deal and I think I'll be buying it for my own office.

Great TV, January 9, 2010

By N. Choudhury "TV Guru"

This is a great bedroom TV. Just the right size and picture quality. I know this product will last for a long time to come. Really like the IPOD connection.

Very good TV, January 8, 2010


Gregory B. Quinn "MobileViz" (San Diego, CA USA) - See all my reviews

I missed the gold box special but ended up paying about just a few dollars more through Amazon's Warehouse Deals (it said factory sealed but with shipping box damage, but predictably the box was perfect and factory sealed, not an open box purchase). The unit looks great, the base is heavy and solid, and the picture is bright and crisp. Bargain of a TV set.

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8. SAMSUNG LN19B361 720P - Reviews

Just what I was looking for
, July 14, 2009
By Eva (USA)

I'm really happy with this TV. I purchased it for a bedroom to match the light decor. It's lightweight, takes up very little space and looks sleek and modern. Attachments are included for wall mounting if you choose. Set up was fast and easy. When you turn it on, the TV automatically scans for available channels. The sharp, bright display impressed me, as well as the multitude of options to adjust color, brightess, backlighting, skin tone, and many more image and sound adjustment features. My bedroom gets lots of sunlight and the "dynamic" color feature makes it easy to see the screen, even with full mid-day sun. The sound is just fine for a set of this size. The rear panel has connections for headphones, cameras, camcorders, DVD players, Blue-ray, VCR, PC and home audio systems. I tried it with my camera and video camera and it worked beautifully. It also connects with your computer to use as a monitor. The remote control is a nice size and easy to use. It also includes a soft fabric cloth to keep the screen dust-free. All in all, I found this to be an high quality, versatile flat-screen at a great price. 5 stars!

Kitchen or bedroom TV , great option, May 19, 2009


David J. Souza Jr. (MA United States) - See all my reviews

I bought this TV because the Samsung brand has started to grow on me, you get what you payfor over some of the less well known brands which lack picture quality over this one. The inputs on this tv are great with an hdmi and pc vga input over the standard inputs you'd expect. The styling is great as well. When in doubt you can use it as a computer monitor and tv for a bedroom and save the space of having both.

Made for a kitchen, December 30, 2009


Satisfied (Florida) - See all my reviews

I love the Samsung 19-inch LCD HDTV. It is not easy to find one in white, all TV's seem to be in the same boring black color, so when I found this one, I immediately ordered one for our guest bedroom. After receiving it, I ordered another one for out on our lanai, both of which we love!

A White TV, October 11, 2009


A. Pappas     

I have an all white room and to find a white tv was great. They should make that an option for larger sizes. This is my second white samsung TV. I'm very please with this TV!

Not as good as expected from Samsung, October 26, 2009


Levan (Salt Lake City, Utah) - See all my reviews

This TV was very easy to set-up with all features easy to access and understand. Picture quality ranges from good to marginal, never excellent. The main problem is a somewhat weak washed-out picture which lacks color depth and brightness. No amount of adjustment entirely solves the problem. Also, the sound is weak and cheap sounding which can be anoying. These problems could be typical of a small set.

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9. LG 32LH30 1080P - Reviews

Excellent Economy HDTV
, June 2, 2009


Playingpossum "Playingpossum" (Columbia, South Carolina) - See all my reviews

The LG 32LH30 32-Inch 1080p replaced a 720p 32 inch Samsung which I returned because of erratic sound quality. The LG provides a very clear picture for upscaled DVD movies and over the air digital signals. The speakers provide excellent sound for a small living room although the addition of a home theater system would substantially increase movie enjoyment. Standard definition signals also reproduce a stable clear picture. Colors are very good and the set provides sufficient tools to tweak the picture for personal preference. I have not used it for bluray as yet but HD from satellite is very good. The features of this unit described on the Amazon specifications list accurately describe its features and can be relied upon. I am not a hard core cinema/video buff but I cannot imagine that this unit will not satisfy most viewers who want a well priced midsized flat screen high definition TV. My five stars are based upon what I expect in similarly designed and priced units for a smaller room.

Okay, but not great, November 20, 2009By T. Doyle (Michigan)

I purchased this TV from Amazon supplier Tiger Direct based on Amazon reviews in early November 2009. We have a two year old 32" Samsung HD LCD TV that we were moving to another room and the LG TV was purchased to replace to older TV. My wife and I both found the quality of the picture to be inferior to the Samsung. Moreover, the biggest problem with the LG TV was the deterioration in picture quality with viewing angle. The LG also seemed to have a slight problem keeping audio and video in sync on a few programs, somthing we had not noted in our other TVs (we have four flat panel TVs in all - only one is HD) Given the room we planned to place it in required a wide viewing angle, we returned the TV.

Great Value, January 11, 2010

By Haley Faye Gowen "weathergal675" (Athents GA USA)

I have never bought a TV and I think I read every review on the internet before deciding on this one. I compared the same TV at BB and other sites and Amazon was the best deal. I signed up for Amazon Prime when ordering this TV and got it extremely fast. Nothing was wrong with the packaging, not even a dent on the box! It was very easy to set up and the picture wizard was excellent. I have HD channels and a Blueray player so the 1080p is great!

Wow, January 10, 2010

By D. Ostrander (Lancaster, PA)

Wow. I am so pleased with this purchase. Not only is the product I purchased everything that it was supposed to be, the purchase through Amazon Prime was flawless. My wife and I both agree that all other purchases will be through Amazon Prime. $3.99 for overnight shipping is unbelievable but true. Ordered this TV at noon on Wednesday and FedX was at my door Thursday at 4 pm. Unit was delivered in perfect condition and worked right out of box. This was the second TV we purchased. The first one taking 10 days to get here and when it arrived it didn't work. There was some anxious moments when attempts to contact [...] were futile. They only list an email address for returns. In all fairness to them they did send me an RMA for the return of the defective TV. Can't go wrong if looking for a bedroom TV with the LG product. Highly recommend Amazon Prime for internet shopping.

Great buy for a 1080p TV, January 2, 2010

By Michael Spooner (CT)

A great buy for a 1080p TV. This TV has tons of features to adjust the picture. The picture wizard didn't do much for me, but the expert menus are great. Each input on the TV has its own picture settings, which is both a blessing and a curse. Blacks could be deeper (especially at angles), but can be enhanced significantly with the proper settings. Despite reviews that I've read, I think blacks are actually superior to most LCD TVs in its class when set correctly. No dead or stuck pixels. My only gripe is that there are some uniformity issues. There are some very faint vertical bars across the LCD where the image is slightly darker. These are only really visible out of the corner of your eye during scenes with moving backgrounds. They're mostly visible with blue hues and when viewing from off-angles.

I don't have a Blu-ray player yet, but DVDs look fantastic through HDMI. I appreciated the array of appropriate options for aspect ratio and display. SD TV is rather ugly, but that's to be expected. That said, there is a noise reduction feature which cleans up the SD signals very nicely. Hooked up the Wii through component cables at 480p--looks nice. I also love the fact that I can hook it up to my laptop and make use of every last 1080p pixel. There is an auto-adjustment feature in the picture menu that can align your VGA output to fit the TV if it comes up off-center at first. One gripe here is that the TV doesn't seem to auto-detect my VGA connection like it does with HDMI, component, etc... you have to manually use the directional arrows to select VGA from the input menu. It works, even though it appears to be grayed out.

Overall, the menus are very logical and easy to use. I was especially happy (and surprised) by the simplicity of the remote control, and the directional keys have a nice feel to them. Switching between inputs is a breeze, and the ability to add labels to the inputs in the selection menu (appropriate pictorial representations included) is a great feature. I love that it detects which inputs have something plugged in and lists them first. It's so easy the rest of my family can actually use it without having to call me to help ;)

Sound seems very good for a flat-panel. It has good clarity and surprisingly deep bass. The bass doesn't cause the set to rattle at all, which is a plus. It's nothing awe-inspiring, but it sounded better than most of the other brands at the store.

It's also a beauty, design-wise. Assuming it continues to be reliable, I highly recommend it.

Tremendous TV for a small room. LG movin on up like the Jeffersons!,

December 31, 2009

By Fat Matt

-Superb picture quality
-Beautifully designed (Piano black looks great!)
-low def signals look better than on my previous HDTV

-Initial picture set up was tedious
-Not much bass in audio

I've owned this TV for two months. It's the first TV I've purchased online (Don't tell Amazon but I got it from another website.....Sorry Amazon, I still love you!).

This is easily the best TV I've owned. It's the second HDTV I've owned. For the money you just can't do better. However, I should have gotten a larger screen for my large den but that's not the TV's fault (entertainment center couldn't hold a bigger TV).

I use the TV for watching blu-ray movies, playing PS3 games, and watching Standard-Def Satellite TV.

Out of the box it took me a while to get the picture set up. There were so many settings I wasn't familiar with. However, I think my time spent with the settings was worth it. As I mentioned above the picture quality is superb.

Picture quality is beautiful when watching blu-ray movies or playing PS3. This TV does a great job making my standard definition satellite signal look good (took some time playing with settings).

One excellent feature is that it saves your picture settings for each input. This is useful because once you have picture set for each input it automatically adjusts when you switch between inputs. My previous TV did not have this.

The audio is ok. In summary, the sound is very clear but lacks deep bass.

As I said earlier I should have gotten a larger screen. Because of my long viewing distance from couch to screen it's difficult to appreciate the additional detail of 1080p over 720p (my previous 32" HDTV was Insignia 720p). When close to the TV the detail is absolutely incredible.

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this TV to anyone needing a great HDTV in a small room. This was my first LG purchase and I'm very satisfied with this product's quality. LG is definitely catching up to Samsung which I believe to be the best.

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10. SAMSUNG UN55B8000 1080P 240Hz LED HDTV - Reviews

Startling clarity, detail, and color
, May 31, 2009


Mike (Orange County Ca) - See all my reviews

Had my Samsung UN55B8000 TV a couple of weeks now. It has more than lived up to the hype. Hooked it up and put on a blu-ray disk. Even the delivery guy's jaw dropped, and he's delivered/set up hundreds of TVs.

TV is only inch and half thick and only weighs 60 pounds or so.

In fact, it is sometimes almost too good. When viewing people on HD you can see every little mole, scar, wrinkle, stray hair, makeup, five o'clock shadow, makeup line, etc. I'm sitting here watching the news and I can clearly see tiny pieces of lint on the guy's black suit. I'm guessing the talking heads of tomorrow are all going to have to have much better complexions.

If you like to tweak your TV this one provides a lot of different controls. There are already some websites that will give you what they consider good tweaks to maximize the pic. You can also look for the B7000 tweaks. Looks pretty darn fantastic right out of the box so if you aren't a techie, don't worry about it.

Sounds..not particularly good or bad, but I don't want TV speakers taking up space anyway. If you are going to spend this kind of money for a TV you should be using your stereo system.

Some reviewers were complaining about the number of inputs. Again, how many is enough. I run my PS3, XBOX360, IPOD, and the Dish box through my Denon and so I only use one HDMI.

You can plug it into the internet. No set-up, just plug it in. First thing it did was download 12 updates to itself. Have no idea what they did but ...didn't cause any problems. It automatically loads up some of Yahoo's widgets. Fun to try but...not something I have really gone back and used much. Also has some built in content...recipes, artwork, etc. that I haven't bothered to look at.

You can plug in USB drives and view content directly off the drive.

I long ago got rid of my roof antenna. I bought a little Turk indoor antenna and plugged that in so I can pop over into over-the-air signals and watch TV. It will automatically search and find the on-air channels. It even downloads some kind of TV guide from the internet for the channels it finds.

I also wanted to see if there was any signal degradation from Dish. I haven't noticed the HD degradation with Dish that I had with Comcast. The way Comcast packed the HD signals you could see a real difference between OTA and the packed pics.

Samsung also provides software which allows you to use your PC as a server. Then you can display your pics, music, etc on the TV. Took a little playing around but was easy compared to some of the others I've tried to use.

I've played games with both my PS3 and the XBOX360. No problems. No pixelating. Did not bother to change TV over to game mode. I haven't fooled around with the 240Hz function. I just leave it on standard.

I'm sure there are other features I haven't tried. With the ability to update itself over the internet I have no doubt they will teach it even more amazing tricks.

I've set up my Harmony 880 Pro to control all my devices including the IPOD. IPOD menu/info will display (through my Denon) on the TV.

All of the above features are great but the main thing is... the picture is just absolutely mind-blowing wonderful.

So, fantastic TV. I am VERY happy with it. Obviously I highly recommend it.

((Now I'm watching Wall-E in HD and it is pretty amazing.))

WOW!, September 10, 2009


Kalibr (Florida) - See all my reviews

I have owned Sony televisions exclusively for the past 30 years. I was in the market for a new TV to replace my older Sony 50" Grand WEGA LCD projection set. I always keep up with new technologies in consumer electronics and knew that LED backlighting was the way to go. One day, I visited Best Buy to see the new Sony models. I was particularly interested in the Sony Bravia XBR8 LED TV. It has an awesome display, but I couldn't bring myself to part with $5K for a TV. The price factor was a big disappointment. I knew Samsung made LED models so I decided to check them out too. I was immediately floored. They looked far better than Sony's more expensive LED model and for $2K less. But, was I really willing to purchase something other than a Sony TV? I would have to be convinced. I did a lot of research on these Samsung sets. I demoed them in several stores and read as many reviews as possible. IMO, the Samsung LED TVs are by far the best technology currently available. Their display must be seen to be believed. Most impressive of all, is the fact that Samsung accomplished this in a set that is only 1.2" thick.

Well, I was finally convinced and decided to purchase the Samsung UN55B8000. I have owned it for almost a month now and I am in awe every time I watch it. This set is beautiful even when it's turned off. But, you won't want to turn it off because the clarity, detail, brightness, contrast and color are absolutely exceptional. For the first time I have owned a TV, I did not have to make any adjustments to the factory settings - it looked perfect right out of the box. In fact, I had purchased a calibration DVD and was surprised to find that I didn't have to make any adjustment to any controls.

Of course, the most amazing thing about his set and what intially lured me to it is its picture quality. It's difficult to explain the level of detail it produces. I have HD cable programming (1080i), which looks fantastic. Games on the Xbox 360 pops out at you. But the images produced from a Blu-ray source is absolutely breath-taking. I was also pleasantly surprised at how bright the display looks in my sunlit family room. I thought I would have to adjust the brightness to view the set in daylight and again when watching at night as I did with our old Sony TV. Although the screen on the UN55B8000 has a gloss finish, it does a great job of reducing glare and reflections.

I do want to respond to the negative comments that others have reported here regarding uneven backlighting or vignetting effect caused by the edge-lit LEDs when the TV displays dark images. The only time I noticed this was when the set displays a totally black background such as in movie credits. At best, it appears as a very faint illumination from the corner. But even then, I really had to look for it. I don't think this is an issue at all; at least not one that should deter anyone from purchasing this incredible TV. I have to assume that those that have experienced this anomaly are probably looking at an uncalibrated set that has its brightness level turned way too high.

I took advantage of the slim design of this set and purchased the ultra slim wall mount. The TV hangs like a picture frame and looks like a masterpiece, which it is. The slim case houses adequate speakers, producing fairly good sound quality for normal TV viewing. Of course, you would want to watch movies through a surround sound system.

As for the other features of this set; the internet widgets are pretty cool. I especially like the YouTube widget. The DLNA network feature is also a nice addition, but the interface is somewhat slow and not very functional. I'm hoping that a future firmware upgrade would improve this feature. The content library feature is my favorite. It allows you to display a slideshow of artwork or other pics with soft background music - great for parties. You can download additional content for free from Samsung.

I am extremely pleased with this television and would recommend it to anyone.

Picture Quality and Dynamic Contrast are the next best thing to 3D, May 18, 2009


Derek (Northern Virginia) - See all my reviews

Not perfect, but it's the closest thing I've seen so far. Really deserves 4 1/2 stars instead of 5 due to the lack of a couple convenience features missing from the remote, and the limited number of non HDMI inputs. The picture quality, light weight, reduced power use, and thin cabinet are just terrific. The remote takes a couple hours to really bond
with though you can start watching TV and movies pretty quickly without knowing how to make adjustements other than selecting your input source.


* Increadible Dynamic Contrast. I feel like other people are in the room with me. Even up close to a few inches away the images is crisp, clear, and lifelike.

* Light weight at only about 65 lbs or so, about 1/3 that of an old 32" TV.

* VGA computer input, 4 HDMI, Audio out, and a couple other type inputs.

*240Hz demo feature lets you display 240Hz on one side and 60Hz regular on the other. There's also multiple modes of 240Hz you can select. Great feature to play with while watching the latest Bond movies.

*2ms response time (sounds good to me)


*Only one regular RCA input that is shared with a Component input (you can use either the 3 component inputs jacks~ or just one of them for your video, then use the Left and Right audio). Bottom line is you only have one non-HDMI video Input (not counting the computer VGA input).

*PIP only accessed from tools menu instead of a single button on remote. Swapping PIP image to main image required selecting that source input instead of a single swap button. Can only display TV or Cable image in PIP and not other HDMI input devices.

*Touch of Color is only one blue light at the bottom instead of all around the edges as I expected.

That's the quick review. I'm sure someone will go into more detail soon and I look forward to hearing other takes on this new LED series. I'm very happy with the purchase, especially at 10% or more below the list price.

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11. PANASONIC VIERA C12 SERIES TC-32C12 720P - Reviews

first flat screen, glad I waited to buy!
, April 29, 2009


Shogo Kawada (East of Somewhere) - See all my reviews

This TV was just recently released as of the time of this review, and it's one of the best TVs under $500 you can find on the market. I did a LOT of research looking for what I wanted in a TV. I've been wanting a nice flatscreen for a while now. I've been holding out as and quality has been improving while prices have been dropping. I finally settled on this Panasonic.

I wanted a TV for primarily movies (Hi Def and standard or upconverted Def) and video games (Hi Def and standard def). I do not have a cable subscription and am not interested in HD cable services. That being said, I also wanted a TV that would double as a humongous PC monitor. I'm pleased to say this TV meets and exceeds my needs so far. It's a big upgrade from the 20 inch tube TV I was using before the VIERA.

The LCD TV is nice looking and has a variety of cable inputs. Both the remote and menu systems are top-notch and useful. This TV puts out true 720p resolution and has 4:3 ratio (standard, full-frame) and zoom scaling as well. For TVs 32 inches and under, 1080p (while nice) is not necessary, as you'd be hard pressed to notice a dramatic difference with your HDMI or component sources. The picture is super sharp, and the image control available with this TV is pretty impressive. You can really play with the picture and color. I was laughing at the ability to essentially reproduce that 60's Technicolor supersaturation if you want. It really brings films to life. You can make up to 4 preset color choices, too- One for films, one for sports or live action TV, one for video games, one for kid's cartoons, etc, etc.

There is 1 stuck pixel on the TV. This is to be expected, and is not noticeable unless you're looking for stuck or dead pixels from about 18 inches away. I cannot see the pixel when watching, though, only when I'm up close on the screen. This is not an issue at all. You cannot pick out 1 dead pixel on a TV of this resolution. 1 out of over 1 million pixels, the rest are flawless.

I've just gotten this, and haven't fully tested all the bells and whistles, like the SD card port or the VIERA Link HDMI software (waiting for 1080p media player, coming in the mail). PC to TV was effortless and looked great. Even my old PS2 looked pretty good, albeit jaggy. I think that's more the game than the TV, though.

I almost went and got a $300 or $375 no-name tv at Walmart or Target, but I'm glad I paid a bit more for a higher-quality product. This Panasonic is really, really, well built, and is a near-perfect 32 inch TV. I'm more than happy with my purchase. As I test it out more, I plan to update this review, but so far, I'm loving it! This Panasonic is a great TV at an affordable price point, and 32 inches is perfect for most small to medium sized rooms.

Also, if you have any specific questions, post 'em and I'll do my best to answer.


I've had the TV for a while now and still love it. I got an upconverting Sony DVD player (model DVPNS710HB ) that puts out 480p, 720p, and 1080i upconverts of standard DVDs. I bought a $3 HDMI cable from buy.com (skip the $100 monster cables, trust me) and the picture is fantastic. The trick is that since the TV displays 720p, by switching the DVD player to send the data in 720p, you get a native resolution that lets the image look its best on the TV. While the TV has a scaler built in, having the DVD player scan and scale and then transmit via HDMI produces a significantly clearer picture. Some of the DVDs I have that were shot on digital video look very, very close to HD programming. My digitally remastered James Bond DVDs also look significantly better than through a component DVD player. I was impressed.

As for the other features- the SD card reader is too slow for my tastes. It takes a few seconds to load each picture. Of course, I have a VGA connector hooked up, so its much more convenient to load the pictures to my PC and view them thru windows. HQ images look AMAZING on this TV, though. I had always shot digital pictures at high resolutions, but couldn't really see them as they were meant to be seen, only having a 15 inch LCD. With the new TV as my monitor, my pictures now look 100 times better.

Another cool feature- through Viera Link, the HDMI Sony DVD player works with the Panasonic remote- no programming needed. I simply went into the Viera Link menu and selected the HDMI DVD player, now my DVD player will start and stop when I power on the TV and I can control it all from my TV remote. Very cool.

I'll post some more updates if I have anything else to say or if anyone has any questions.

Great TV at a fantastic price, September 3, 2009


Captainbob (Atlanta) - See all my reviews

I picked up this TV yesterday for $388. I worked for a high end commercial video manufacturer for 20 years as their training director so I have been dealing with HDTV since the mid 90s. The picture and the features on this Panasonic TV are excellent and remarkable for the low cost. Picture quality is good, and I would recommend this unit for anyone looking for a 32 inch screen ......

panasonic lcd tv, June 14, 2009


The Amazing Worker (USA) - See all my reviews

The Panasonic Viera C12 series, 32 inch tv is my first lcd tv. I have had a flat screen crt tv from sharp for about 4-5 years. the Sharp tv was great for what it was and have only good things to say about it, but it was getting old, occupied too much space and wanted a slick LCD. My girlfriend has an 37 inch LCD from Samsung and i have to say i was never too impressed with it so i wanted a different brand. I got the Panasonic for under $500 which was absolutely great and i am extremely satisfied. Firstly i have to say that the picture quality is better than the Samsumg and it has great features. I have only basic cable but i do get some hd channels which look fantastic. Also i love the fact that you can easily turn the tv screen to a giant computer screen by hooking one cable up to your computer. I tend to watch some european soccer online and being able to see it on the tv screen was one thing i was looking for in a LCD. THe TV also has this cool feature where you can put in a digital camera memory stick and it will show all the pics on the tv. While this is not a reason in itself to buy it, it is a nice add-on when you want to check out how pictures look without having to download them on the computer first. Also i find the menu of the tv quite easy, simple and very user friendly.
I am very happy with the purchase from a quality & price perspective and would recommend this .

Excellent TV!!, December 31, 2009

By Andrew J. Custis "Andrew C" (Seattle, WA)

This was an outstanding purchase except for the fact of the people I purchased the unit from. Nothing on Panasonic but dont reccomend buying from Electronics-Expo! They are not a customer service company by any means. I would have paid more for this tv and bought from a different supplier if I had the choice!

Panasonic 32", December 25, 2009


Ben C. Maffitt "BMaffitt"  

Perfect for what I needed. Nothing fancy, but a great TV at a great value

High Quality Inexpensive HD TV, December 16, 2009


anonymous (USA) - See all my reviews

I pretty much based this purchase on what other people thought about it. Would it be too small, too cheap, other problems. Was really unsure. Read through Amazons reviews and were positive so I thought I'd give it a try and was impressed. The 32 inch although only 720p had me worried but not anymore. With the screen size that small thats all you really need. (I have not seen a 1080p in 32 inch). The HD picture is very nice, the speakers for a tv are excellent. A shiny high gloss to the outer frame makes this a nice looking set. For this price I give it 5 out of 5.

Great TV, December 8, 2009


David "David" (New Jersey) - See all my reviews

I bought this TV as our first HD TV. The picture is outstanding. The controls are easy and it plays everything we connect to it, including our old VCR and DVD player, as well as our DVR and Wii. The TV can handle anything.

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12. TOSHIBA 15LV505 15.6" BUILT-IN DVD - Reviews 

Nice small screen LCD TV, November 24, 2008


B. Colonna (Somewhere in NJ) - See all my reviews
(TOP 1000 REVIEWER)      

If you are looking for a very small LCD TV, this is a nice product. If you have room for a 19", by all means I would go for the larger screen. Keep in mind that, even with the abundance of digital and high def signals out there today, many channels/programs will be broadcast in 4:3 format. Since this TV is a 16:9 profile screen, a 4:3 display will appear that much smaller on this 15.6" screen.

However, if you have a tight space, like on a kitchen counter under cabinets, this TV is perfect. It included a built in DVD player, which is a nice perk. The picture is vivid and HD display on it is excellent. At this size there is absolutely no reason to go for 1080p. For a 15.6" screen, or even a 19", 720p is fine.

At this screen size, Toshiba's competition tends to be "store brands" or no-name brands. This is the lone high quality name brand TV in this class (size).

What included in the box:
* 15.6" (measured diagonally) flat screen TV.
* Attached stand.
* Remote control.
* Power cable.

The TV comes with a QAM tuner so you can pull any unscrambled analog and digital TV signals from your cable company. The TV accepts coax and ColorStream component connections.

* Vivid picture
* Fully adjustable backlight and picture format, as well as all the usuals (brightness, contrast, audio, etc.).
* Excellent sound.
* Matte finish screen reduces glare so screen is viewable in bright and low light situations.

* Tuner is fairly slow when switching stations.
* Stand is not adjustable for different angles or height.

Overall, this is a nice TV for the price and has many of the functions you'd want. An adjustable stand would be nice but at this size its not a necessity. I'm not sure why the tuner lags as much as it does, taking approximately 2-4 seconds in between channels. If you channel-surf often, this will annoy you.

I would have rated this a 5 had it not been for the slow tuner.

So far, so good..........., October 23, 2008


SkySoxWiz "Columbine Native" (Pikes Peak) - See all my reviews

Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)

Since I just bought this to replace a space killing CRT model I don't have long-term experience. But so far, the picture is crisp and bright, there's an included DVD player (which I didn't need but oh, well)and its footprint is wee-wee-tiny......on my breakfast counter it is a godsend. I now have room to spread out the morning paper there. I paid close attention to reviews of 15" flat screen TV's and while I think $299 was pretty high for a small screen, the other cheaper no-names seemed to have rotten reviews. I'm trusting in Toshiba's reputation and the reviews. The unit was shipped amazingly fast from AMAZON and is light as a feather.
I'll reserve final judgment for about a year to see how it works then.
One thing that I find odd is the VERY VERY slow switching of channels.

NICE UNIT..BUT, November 8, 2008


KRASSEL (SPANAWAY, WA USA) - See all my reviews

This is a nice little unit. I find the picture very clear and the sound is not bad, considering the size of the speakers. Very light and has a very good viewing angle, better than some larger lcd's I've looked at. The built in dvd player is simple and works well and the remote is very intuitive and easy to use. The only downside is you cannot mount this tv to the wall. Because of the dvd player it is not compatable with any of the the existing wall mounts. It has no mounting holes for a wall mount.
Other than that it is a great little unit for the money and works well for small spaces.

Ready to camp, January 16, 2010

By Charles B. Goodyear "Connie" (Littleton, CO)

I bought this tv because of its size and light weight. I hooked it up in my bedroom to check it out before putting it in the trailer. Easy hookup, I did have to move the antennae around in order to get all of the available free channels, but once I did...great picture. Hopefully it will work as well out in the wild. Of course we will be using the dvd which I haven't checked yet. I will do that later today.

Great Toshiba 15 inch small tv/dvd, January 10, 2010


Jan Walker "Jan" (Northern VA) - See all my reviews

Bought the tv for child's room. Works great and the built in dvd player is an added bonus. Would be great for kitchen also. Viewing range is probably best at 5-8 feet.

Toshiba 15.6 LCD TV w/DVD, January 10, 2010

By P. Cocca "Trish" (NY)

This was so nice I bought two. One was a gift (she is extremely happy) and the second for my bedroom. It doesn't take up a lot of space but has a great picture and the size is perfect. Would recommend.

GREAT tv/dvd combo at an excellent price!!!, January 9, 2010

By Stephanie Morgan (Brazil, IN)

We were needing a replacement tv for our kitchen and wanted one that did not take up alot of space. This IS it. The reviews listed here are all accurate. Very nice set and easy to use and great picture. We have it hooked to Dish TV. Loved it so much we ordered another for the RV. Thank you Amazon for offering a great product at a great price. You are so easy to deal with and we will definitely shop with you again.

Snazzy little tv, January 9, 2010

By Shelly "food/cooking enthusiast"

I ordered this to replace a Polaroid 15" which died after only 18 months. It came quickly and was very easy to set up. The picture, for a small tv, is excellent - very crisp and clear (and we have regular cable, no HD).

I have experienced none of the issues some other posters have mentioned. I have had the tv on all afternoon and evening, viewing it from different locations in the kitchen and have observed no distortion. I did, however, place it on a 2" cutting board to bring the height up to match my computer flat screen. The sound is fine, no tinnyness and it took longer for the Polaroid to start up and switch channels.

The Polaroid had no built-in dvd player so I had it hooked up to an external player. This dvd player is great - very easy to use, crisp picture and sound.

I give this little gem 5 stars - very pleased with the purchase. I am SOOOO glad I did NOT buy one of the cheaper Walmart offerings!

Perfect for kitchen, January 7, 2010

By S. Born

Can't comment on the "technical" issues - but the size is perfect for my kitchen counter and the dvd capability gives me viewing options. I'm not a fanatic about picture quality or sound but this little set is very satisfactory to me in both categories. I've had it about a month and no problems at all. Easy to set up and to operate. Never been dissatisfied with Toshiba.

Exactly what I needed, January 6, 2010

By Ralph (PA)
We needed a quality TV that would fit in a small space. This 15 inch unit was exactly it. It fits perfectly in a corner of our kitchen. It takes up little room and looks good too. Great picture quality and pretty good sound quality. This unit has the added bonus of having a built-in DVD player which we mostly use to play music CDs. We are very happy with this purchase!

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13. SAMSUNG LN40B550 1080P LCD HDTV - Reviews

An excellent set!
, April 6, 2009


pelagikos - See all my reviews

I was undecided between this 2009 model and last year's LN40A550.
The features are substantially identical, but after figuring that the difference between best prices for the two, which I could find after extensive shopping around, was only $50, I went for newer one for its updated look and lighter weight.
In the reviews, one of the principal complaints for 2008 was the sound quality. I can't directly compare 2009 and 2008, but found 2009's LN40B550 to have perfectly adequate, if not excellent speakers, as far as TVs go.
Picture quality, menus, setup are excellent as expected.
One aspect that I did find puzzling is Wiselink not being able to recognize my old trustworthy USB Flash Drive. I even tried formatting the drive in various ways, unfortunately none of the tricks worked.
Perhaps, it's the ancient drive not being comparable in some way, but it had never let me down before. Anyhow, I ordered a few different flash drives, and will try again, and then post an update.

Tried four various flash drives, all of them work just fine in computers, all four freshly formatted same way (FAT32). Two of the drives are read by the TV with no problems, the two others are not recognized at all... Go figure... The slideshow functionality is nice, quite limited, but does the job.

Just for the reference, one of the drives that does work in this TV is Kingston Data Traveler 4GB.

Poor Quality Control, December 29, 2009


Peter W. Roome Jr. "PR"   

This is my first LCD. I am 72 and not tech savy. It arrived as promised and was unpacked by the shipper and set up on its stand. I was told not to run it for at least 2 hours so that it could warm up because when it arrived we were having temps in the low 20's. It is working very well and was so easy to connect to my cable outlet. The pic is clear and the colors sharp. It does not have the touch or color as advertised, but that is of little importance to me. Compared to my old tube set this is half the weight and there is no comparison. I wish I had gotten this a long time ago.

Beware Samsung LCD TV Problem, December 6, 2009


D. Guilford (Chandler, AZ)    

Samsung LCD's have the best picture. However, many fail after a few months of use. It stems from bad components in the power supply. At turn on there are repeated clicking sounds which increase to many minutes. A Google search will bring up many web sites that describe this problem. Some consumer group WEB sites carry long lists of unhappy consumers as well. Beware http://www.consumeraffairs.com/home_electronics/samsung_tv.html

Good TV, December 6, 2009


Ha Le "hamongle"   

After checked all the price for 40" LCD TV from Costco, Bestbuy....on Black Friday weekend.I ordered this Samsung LN40B550 40-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV with Red Touch of Color for $704 (Amazon.com) on Nov 28,09 get it Dec 5,09 (was estimated Dec,2). Pilot men set up the TV (it's pretty heavy for a woman). The sound is decent. The picture is outstanding. I be fond of it. Highly recommend.

Samsung LN40B550, December 4, 2009

By Carol I.

Just received this TV so it's too early to rate the TV itself, but I can tell you the sound is more than adequate. I do want to commend the delivery service "Pilot" The gentleman called to tell me he was on his way. He unpacked the TV, put it on the stand, reconnected my VCR, put batteries in the remote, stuck around til the TV programmed itself with the cable and to make sure everything was working. Thank you!

This TV is amazing., December 2, 2009

By Matt C.

This is my first LCD, however I have looked at many many TV's in person as well as online, read all the reviews possible, including on AVSforum, etc. After much searching, I decided on this TV from Newegg on Black Friday sale, $400 off.. got it For $705, and it was worth every penny plus more... I am using it with a Philips DVP5990 upconvert DVD player through HDMI, Motorola Comcast DVR through HDMI, Nintendo Wii through Component(480p) and Playstation 2 through Component (some games 480p/i and some others 720p)... EVERYthing, including the crappy Comcast Signal, looks amazing on this set! I set up custom settings by mixing the settings [...] I HIGHLY recommend this TV to anyone that is looking for a 40" TV!

Perfect in Every Way, December 2, 2009


Rocknie (Midwest USA)

This is the second Samsung LCD 40 inch 1080p television I have purchased. This purchase was a gift for my daughter's family so I wanted it to be perfect... and it is! The picture is astonishing and watching the football games on Sunday is like having the perfect seat in the stadium! Movies (Blu-ray) and video games seem to come to life with color, depth, and clarity. I think the picture is so remarkable because of the true black color within the LCD. I seldom write reviews; however, while I feel the picture and the price of this Samsung is perfect, it was the delivery by Amazon which made me write the review. I was very hesitant about this purchase because I was worried about the LCD being delivered and damaged by freight. But everything about the delivery was, also, perfect. The company contact me three time via phone to give me status updates and confirm a time for delivery. They showed up within a few minutes of the arranged time, unloaded the LCD, brought it into my home, unboxed it, then turned it on to check if everything was working properly! Like I said it was perfect and completely eased my concerns about making this type of purchase via Amazon. My family and I set the LCD up in my daughter's home in less than ten minutes and were watching the HD NFL Football game truly amazed at how great the picture and sound was. I would highly recommend this Samsung LCD and the service Amazon provided to make this present.... well perfect!

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14. SAMSUNG LN52B750 1080 240Hz LCD HDTV - Reviews

Excellent Pictures !!!!
, September 14, 2009



A caution about this LCD before the praises.....
1. It is wide...you need a second pair of hands to help you get it out of the box and mount it, if you are like me who was eager to mount it all by myself, you will end up with acute low back pain..oooh.
2. This TV uses liquid crystals, so it is advisable to let it stand for 45 minutes before turning on the power,after all the shaking while getting it out of the box.
3. Do not dispose of the large box it came in,it will be hard to find a box this large just in case you got a faulty set and have to send it back.
4.Prices are coming down, shop around and buy from a retailer that will price match for you.
5.Samsung has an awful customer service buy from a retailer with a reliable warranty history.

Now to the review.......

Like most reviewers, I had spent months researching into LCDS and came out impressed with Sony V100, XBR6, XBR8(LED),Samsung B750 and B8000(LED).The Samsung B750 came out tops in all categories combininig the strengths from each one into one beautiful TV ....

I will not go into much technicalities as one of the reviewers here "EarlyMon" did a fantastic job and is more techsavvy.I will only say that I am more than happy with my purchase.

However, I shall add that the future of HDTV will be either LED or OLED.The technology on LED/OLED TV has not been perfected and will not be until 3 to 5 years down the road.So, why did I go for a CCRT LCD TV rather than for a LED TV?
Very simple.It is the best LCD in the market as of today Sept14th,2009 and might be for a long time to come.A point supported by both professional reviewers and users.

The Samsung B750 beats the LED Sony XBR8 (too pricey) and Samsung B8000 (uneven pixation). It compares very well with black scenes in both LED TVs, the white may not be as white as the LED TVs, but IT does not give the unnatural blue hue the LED TVs add to white color, perhaps that is why they seem to produce a whiter white.Just like the LED tv, the Samsung LN52B750 does not produce harsh pictures nor are the pictures scrabby.

The B750 has a practical wider viewing angle than both LED TVs mentioned above. It also has a better uniformity of colours.Do not get me wrong the LED TVs give very impressive pictures but since they are still in what I shall call beta stages, the prices on them are rather high for their current performances compared to what they are capable of doing.Just Like when Plasmas came out some years back, they were pricey, average cost was $4000.00 for the low end models.Inspite of their high prices then, yesterday's Plasmas in terms of performance are not as good as today's Plasmas which cost far less. They went through a period of fine tuning during which time their prices came down.Could you imagine buying a 46in Plasma for $900:00 in 2004.Yet today you could get one for that amount with little issue of burn in and better performance. A similar scenario will be played out with the LED TVs of today. So while waiting for LED technology to be perfected, it makes reasonable sense to buy an excellent TV at a "reasonable cost" to enjoy for the next 5 or so many years before the LED TVs get perfected or near "perfection".

To be honest, as much as Samsung tried to eliminate glare, this TV does have a minimum of glare compared to older Samsung LCDs but it is very minimal.If you have not noticed the glare on your laptop, desktop or your old CRT tv, then you will not be bothered by glare on this TV with the improved anti-glare technology.

If you are an enthusiast of Nature,fast action movies or sports, this is the TV for you. This TV shows leaves in a tree distinctively not just a bunch or cluster of green like most TVs do.You see clearly the individual droplets of water, as a wave breaks not just a splash of whitishblue.With fast movies or sports, no blurr or motion artifacts are seen.Colors are naturally vivid.No leaking of colors.

Do you need calibration? Yes, you do. Out of the box, the picture it gives is very impressive.Bear in mind that the manufacturers do not know anything about your living room light condition but they have a fairly good knowledge of what the light condition of a retailer's electronic dept is like.An since, the manufacturers do not know which of their TVs will be displayed by a particular retailer, they adjust the settings on all of their TVs coming out of the production line to meet the light conditions of a retailer which most time is a very bright light condition.They want their TV to look brighter,sharper and more crisp than their competitors'. This might mean less than an optimal picture quality for your room and more energy cost for you. Calibration has also been touted to prolong the life of the pixels.So if you can afford the 2 grand on this TV why can't you pick up a calibrating disc for $30.00 or less, to get an optimal performance, lower energy cost and prolong the life span of your TV?

If you decide to calibrate your TV,it is adviced to let your new TV break in, like a new car before making the adjustment.Some suggest as few as 24 hrs of regular TV watching others have suggested 1 month.I calibrated mine after 45 hrs of regular TV watching.The difference in picture quality after calibration is like NIGHT and DAY.

There are quite some good calibrating discs out there but the best for video is "High Deifinition Benchamrk by Spears & Munsil". This is very simple to use, the instructions are very elementary.I recommend the Blu-ray edition, if you have a Blu-ray player. For audiophiles, "AIX RECORDS" audio calibration disc is a winner. It has HD music sampler.For those with surround system, it will test the output and locate the positions of each of your speakers one by one for you.Both discs can be purchased online and for those who purchase the OPPO-BD 83 Blu-ray player,it is an added bonus.

However, for those who do not want to buy a calibration disc or pay for a professionl calibration service, here is an ABC of do it yourself calibration.

The primary features involved in calibration are, brightness,contrast,sharpness,color and hue.

This controls the depth of the blackness.Slot in a DVD movie into your DVD player and look for a night scene with someone wearing a black suit.Adjust the brightness control until you can make out clearly the edges of the suit lapel and the breast pocket of the black suit.

Controls the white. Look for a scene of someone wearing a white shirt.Adjust the contrast control until you can make out clearly the white buttons on the white shirt.

Slot in a sports DVD e.g football,athletes meet, lawn tennis match etc.Look for a scene with line markings.Play with the adjust control from minimum to maximum and watch the line markings as you do so, the lines will have doubles or ghost images.Adjust the control slowly until the double or triple lines become one line or the ghost images of the line dissappears, leaving you with a single line.

Hopefully, you are not color blind.If you are,ask a friend to help you with this adjustment.This adjustment depends on what you appreciate of skin tone.Focus on the color of the skin of the actors, usually the face.Play with the control up and down and see how the skin color changes.Adjust the control more slowly until you get a match close to what the person's color would look like to you,were the person standing close to you.Hopefully, you are not in the habit of looking for aliens or martians.

Also refers to color.Look for a color like red, blue or green and adjust the control to get the nearest match of that color in real life.

These tips are to help you make a decision between the best available HDTV to date.And if you are like me who was debating between a CCRT LCD OR LED LCD, I hope that I have provided sufficient reasons why I went for a CCRT LCD rather than a LED LCD for now. I might upgrade to a LED TV in five years from now.

Happy viewing on your new TV. You can not go wrong on Samsung LN52B750 !!!

Great LCD TV!, May 13, 2009


G. Arteaga (Chicago, IL)

I just received my LN52B750 this week and have to say it is simply an amazing display of the high definition experience. For the price, this LCD is a great value IMO - and not just because I purchased it, I shopped around for about 1.5 months and could not find a better LCD with the features this set offers.
A friend has last years LN52A750 and I can honestly tell the differences and upgrades to the 'B' model - such as the increased contrasts ratio, 240Hz refresh rate and the improved Media 2.0 USB functionality.
If you are looking for a decently priced LCD (with higher end features), this is the TV for you!

-Picture quality is stunning- need to see it in person to appreciate it.
-Functionality of Media 2.0 (USB) port is improved and very useful for looking at picture/movie files and music.
-Swivel stand is convenient.
-Charcoal TOC is far more subtle than the red on other models.
-Shipping and delivery was spot on through Amazon.

-Sound quality (honestly isn't THAT bad; get a nice surround sound or sound bar and the issue will be moot).

This LCD really is great!, April 30, 2009


Jarod D. Makowski    

I know a lot of you are looking at a lot of hdtvs. Let me tell I looked at all the t.vs in best buy to see how they look. I saw the ln46b650 as it stood out from the rest with clarity. So i decided to take a gamble and pre order this one. I even owned a pn50a760 plasma and sent it back because it had poor clearity. This t.v has an extra setting for the upscaling which makes it ajust to the size making it a little clearer for normal dvds then the regular upscaling.
PROs for this t.v: Clearest picture i've seen so far for LCD. No artifacts on 240hz settings. The colors are bright and stunning. For you video game addicts. I have a ps3 and a xbox360 hooked up to it and let me tell you the game looks crisp and has no lag whats so ever. Cons:The internet capabilities and media stuff arent exciting. Only thing its good for is maybe knowing the weather and uploading pictures on the tv when having family events. When people speak while playing video games they seem a little quiet other then that they sound pretty decent. The blacks are probally the best you can get for lcd but its still not as black as plasmas can get. Only other thing is its viewing angles, its best to sit at a centerish seat.

THe cons are very very minor overall this t.v I will recommend to anyone looking for something great in all area's for the price. Regular Dvds look nice a sharp and blue rays look even better. Even my girlfriend that knows nothing about t.vs says WOW thats a lot better then the other one we sent back. YOu could also see the jealousy in my friends eyes. I hope my technical comments help you decide if this is the t.v for you.

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful:

Great Television, June 30, 2009


I've had this TV for just over a month and I really love it. I honestly have nothing to complain about. The main thing I was concerned about with this TV was the glossy screen because my living room is pretty bright during the day, but this baby is so bright that it isn't an issue. Plus, the glossy screen makes the picture look so much better than the matte screens, especially when the room is dark.

The picture quality is amazing and the TV simply looks good, even when it isn't turned on. I use it mostly to play FIFA '09 on PS3 and to watch Blueray's, and it does a stellar job with both. My friends are impressed too.

Another thing I love is the Touch of Color. What I mean to say is that I love that this TV doesn't really have one. I was so happy that Samsung got rid of the Red Touch of color on this model. It is a matter of personal taste, but I think the red accented TVs are ugly, so much so that I probably wouldn't have bought this if it had those red accents. This TV is a nice piano black and makes my living room a more beautiful place.

I've seen a lot of people complaining about the sound and even giving it 4 stars solely because the sound supposedly isn't very good. I personally couldn't disagree more. I mean, it's not comparable to a $[...] surround system, but the sound quality and volume is fantastic for people like me who live in an apartment and think it's important to be on good terms with one's neighbors. The sound quality and volume is certainly better than the CRT TV this Samsung replaced, and that CRT wasn't even 4 years old and was one of the best in it's class.

I bought this TV from Amazon and am so happy I did. Their service is truly impeccable and the delivery was a breeze. Amazon's price was fantastic too, and it is always great to avoid sales tax when it's 9.25% in your county.

As silly as it will surely sound to some, I really wouldn't change anything about this TV. It is pretty much perfect, so if the price is right and you're in the market for a really awesome LCD TV, then go for it. I highly doubt you'll be sorry.

Very Impressive LCD TV from Samsung!, June 29, 2009

By D. A. Herd (Texas)

It was time to upgrade from analog so this is our first HDTV. After six months of research, we knew we wanted a Samsung. And with the recent Amazon rebate, we were able to snag this for only a couple hundred more than last year's model.

The size is perfect for our room and the sofa is about 12 feet away. We have the Samsung LN52B750, Samsung HT-BD1250 Blu-ray Home Theater System and DirecTv HD DVR. The set has a very quality look and feel to it. The set had a minor flaw on the edge of the bezel out of the box and Samsung sent out a tech to replace it with no problem.

This LCD TV has a wonderful picture and is perfect for our living room layout. All settings seemed perfect right out of the box. With the ability to choose different picture modes (dynamic, standard, natural and movie) we have not had any need to change any color settings. The TV sound alone is quite adequate, but the Home Theater System is a great investment if it is in your budget, as it gives movie viewing a true theater feel.

The TV comes pre-loaded with a content library. We found that to be a neat extra, but don't really use the content library. The content library contains a beautiful, classical artwork slideshow that would be great to silently play when you have company but don't need the television. Pandora is a great, free, internet music service that is preloaded. You set up your account online and run an ethernet cable to your internet wireless router or pick up a Samsung WIS09ABGN LinkStick Wireless LAN Adapter. We ordered the LinkStick and it has worked great. The TV also has Netflix preloaded and the LinkStick will work with that, as well. You have to go to Netflix online to setup and purchase service to stream movies. We plan to do this soon.

Ordered Mediabridge - 6ft Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable - Version 1.3 Category 2 - 1080p - PS3 - Blu-Ray and found the six foot length to be fine with the set unmounted but will have to order longer cables if we decide to mount the unit on the wall. We also ordered the Sanus Systems Low Profile Universal Flat Panel Mount 32" to 60" Displays. We found that the low-profile wall-mount would not work with the cables coming out of the back as there was not enough wall clearance so we sent that back and will order a tilting or articulating mount later. However, we were impressed with the quality of the Sanus and will choose that brand when it is time to purchase.

We were stuck with our regular DirecTv receiver and antenna until they could get out to install the HD service. The picture was not very clear and was worse than our analog--plan to get HD service along with this awesome television.

Eexellent picture, July 1, 2009

By Jason "thax 99"

After a long time of research for which LCD, and wait for discount and promo. I purchased a Samsung LN52B750 with a $400 off coupon and a free linkstick promo from Samsung, i was comparing it to the Samsung LED 7000 series and this LN52B750 side by side at local BB and i can see the huge difference between the 120 and 240 khz, and also the LED is way more expensive than this LCD. The only advantage of the LED from this LCD is that LED are 3" bigger than this LCD tv, 40% less power consumption than this LCD, and the LED is so thin. But the disadvantage is the price. And the picture quality of LN52B750 is better than LED series. I am looking more on the picture quality so decided to choose LN52B750 than LED without breaking the bank. It was delivered via pilot delivery and they take it out of the box and check for any damages. I don't have any doubt in buying to amazon because of their good customer service and the assurance of quality, no matter how big and expensive you are buying .

Gamers!! 360 and Blu-ray, November 30, 2009

By ebay8503
As technology expands, consumers need to know more and more about the technology they're purchasing. Check out AVSForum, Forums Tab, LCD Flat panel displays, then LNxxB750. Can't rely on the Geek Squad or sales people to steer you right. Monster HDMI Cables Anyone? For the record, in HDMI, it's a digital signal. It's either there or it's not. You can get cables from Amazon or monoprice (see top of AVS Forum) for $3 that will do just the same job as Monster and leave you feeling good.

I've seen a lot of reviews that cover picture quality and features ect. but nothing that really covers gaming on a 360. I use my tv for 90% gaming and 10% Tv and Blu-ray. Onto the Gaming.

Input Lag:
This probably the biggest concern most often vocalized by gamers and the biggest overall concern TV manufacturers have when trying to reach the ever-growing gaming audience. Input lag is defined as the time it takes for an input given on a controller/device to be registered on the tv. In other words, input lag is how fast after you press the melee button that you actually see your character melee on your screen. This TV has some of this, but there are work around for it. It's actually important to know where this input lag comes from and what steps one can take for this tv.

Consumers want the best picture quality, with the greatest clarity, sharpness, brightness, definition, and smoothness possible. People want to turn on their tv and be shocked off their chairs at how beautiful the coral reef is and how fast Sidney Crosby actually is at Hockey. In order to provide this, tv manufacturers have added crap loads of processing and enhancements to the tv. By doing this, they have been able to create almost life-like images and please the ever-quality hungry consumers. Is this good news or bad news for gamers? IT'S BAD NEWS!!!!

All of this added processing and enhancements hurt the gamer because this is extra "work" that needs to be done BEFORE the picture is displayed on the screen; and that "work" takes time - therein lies the Catch 22. Here's the breakdown: When viewing Blu-ray or watching tv, the tv is only concerned with displaying the picture. The tv plays by it's own rules and does not have to operate in real time. Hypothetically, say you start playing a movie at time 0 by pressing the play button. The movie starts displaying at time 2 seconds and goes on without a hitch. In that 2 seconds the tv does its processing/enhancements/conversions and the viewer feels like he's watching the tv in real time; but actually he's 2 seconds behind - but it doesn't matter. (The TV has a 2 second window to buffer data) In GAMING, the inputs are constantly changing and split second decisions are necessary for the win. For each button press on the controller, the processing starts all over since it's technically a new feed and the ensuing image must be processed. Add these button presses and the following processing and you get lag.

CRTs (Cathode Ray Tubes - the old school tvs) did not have this problem since there wasn't any processing to be done. They simply displayed what was sent. I had a 32in RCA that I played on before I got the B750. This is what I'll use to make my comparisons.

2ms Response Time:
A very common misconception is that the the response time of 2ms takes care of this lag issue. This is simply not the case as response time is the time that it takes a crystal to go from black to white to black again. This does not aid lag at all but does aid in fast moving sports. I'll mention it here, but many people like Plasma tvs since they seem to have less input lag than LCDs and have great blacks (I haven't really noticed this to be true but the mass consensus leans differently). However, the Image Retention (IR) and threats of Burn In cause people to shy away from plasmas. How'd you like to have the outline of a HUD or status bar still be visible when you're watching tv?

Out of the Box Lag:
Right out of the box, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was completely unplayable. To illustrate, I would move to look and there would be a noticeable 1/2 second delay - Really sucks when you're trying to scope someone. Each move was accompanied by this delay.

Lag Fixes - Game Mode:
This is Samsung's solution to the processing problems associated with their LCDs. What it does is pretty much disables a lot of the internal processing as well as disabling some user settings that affect this processing. What's compromised (to my naked eye) is color vibrancy, motion control, and edge enhancements. Game Mode really does help the lag. I've noticed a definite improvement in zoomed in scoping adjustments. The only thing that I had to do is adjust the sensitivity in the game itself. Coming from a CRT with no lag, I can tell a difference (Very SLIGHT) between the CRT and the B750. I did however play several games and did very well, but noticed that something was "off". I found that game mode was not enabled - it was my sensitivity to lag that alerted me.

Lag Fixes - PC Rename
Another, quite popular fix is to rename DVI/HDMI1 as PC. What people realized is that due to the VGA cable capabilities and nature of internet content, the processing had to be taken down some and other enhancements made because viewing text on the tv was hard and cumbersome. This fix is a "middle of the road" correction since it does not affect the true heart and cause of input lag. It does tend to keep color vitality though. When I tried this fix, I found that it was better than having Game Mode Off, but not better than Game Mode On from an Input Lag standpoint.

Lag Fixes - Enhancements Off
In another attempt, I turned off the AMP (Auto Motion Plus), Dynamic Contrast, Edge Enhancements, and all other non-essential PQ (Picture Quality) adjustments. It was worse than PC rename but better than no adjustments. Picture quality was fine, but I'm not to care how much detail there is, just so that I can play to win.

Lag Fixes - My Set-up and Component VS HDMI
What I settled on was using HDMI from my Elite, turning off Enhancements, and putting Game Mode On. This seems to be the best for me and gives the greatest response. I did use component cables for a little bit. The reason being is that with component, the signal tends to send an over saturation of colors (Colors are really deep). This tended to fix the sub-prime PQ and restored some color vibrancy. I did end up replacing this with HDMI since I started to notice a bit of Lag. I've also read that HDMI tends to be faster than component. From reading the forums above, most people who have timed their system using Rock Band or Guitar Hero have reported input lag of around 30 to 35 milliseconds (some rare cases .65 milliseconds). That equates to .03 to .035 seconds. Not bad, but still not great - most people will not notice it.

Other Comments and Reviews:

The customer images of Megan Fox from Transformers 2 and the football game with Tom Brady are from my tv. Great Picture Quality and detail.

Menus -
Decently fast and animated. Takes a bit to get used to but you'll soon be whipping around the selections. One nice feature is that when you're making an adjustment, there's some text that shows up and explains/defines what you're adjusting - quite helpful.

Energy Saver -
Nothing ticks me off more than people saying something is "green" or "eco-friendly" and therefore a great buy. I have no qualms about being smart with the environment and being responsible with what I'm given - China's Industry regulations anyone? I do have a problem with compromising quality on the basis that it's better and greener and a must use. Case and Point - those energy saver light bulbs with the cylindrical curves. Samsung jumped on board the "green" wagon, misguided though it is, and came up with CE Dimming to earn the energy saver seal. In it's simplest form, CE Dimming darkens the screen when the screen is dark and darkens the screen when there's bright light on the screen. This is rather annoying especially since it's not timed right and you can notice it get darker. To turn it off:

Turn the power off. On the remote, press Mute followed by 1, 8, 2, Power in sequence. The TV will turn on and you should now see the service menu. Down arrow to Advanced. Press 0000. Then down arrow (not right arrow!) until you get to CE Dimming. Hit Enter. Down arrow to Standard or Movie and right arrow to switch it off. Hit Power to exit the service menu.



Pretty much these suck! Slow load times on multiple levels. Some say that firmware updates have fixed the load times; but others say that the FW updates have actually messed with their settings. Since Samsung does not post what the FW updates actually fix, it's impossible to know what you're actually updating. I wouldn't update unless you had to.

Remote Control Infrared:
The remote is a bit picky about where it's being pointed. It has to be pointed at the right bottom by the red light in order to be recognized. It's a bit of a problem if you're not used to it. The other thing is that if you have a Samsung Blu-ray player, you'll probably get interference like I did between the two of them.

Movie Mode, Standard, Dynamic Modes:
Most people use Movie Mode for their mode of choice since it tends to open up more picture options. I found that movie mode is a bit too dark (could be my set). Dynamic mode is what Best Buy uses to show how bright the set can be. It tends to be too vibrant and will no doubt shorten your backlight lifespan. I use Standard for my viewing. It's a good middle ground if you will and I feel that it provides a more natural feel than the other two. I am going to try some more settings in Movie Mode and see what I get - to be posted later.

As I said in the beginning, Most people have already done a pretty good job of reviewing this. I just didn't find anything about gaming. Most of what I've written can also be applied to PS3 since from the forums that I've read, they seem to be similar. I do Play on Xbox Live a lot as well as in-game. Hope this helps people. At the time of writing this, I just watched the Steelers play the Ravens on NBC through the air. It was amazing.

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15. LG 32LH20 720P LCD HDTV - Reviews

Very Happy Birthday to Me!
, April 25, 2009


E. Baker (Tustin, CA) - See all my reviews

I've had my new LG for a week and I'm thrilled with it. We bought this T.V. to replace an older 19" CRT for the den, where my wife and I end up watching T.V. in the evenings because the kids are doing homework or entertaining in the room with the big HDTV. The picture is so crisp, and the colors so vibrant, that I find myself looking for excuses to turn it on and watch it. I'm afraid to admit it, but I may actually prefer my new 32" LG to my 60" Sony! I liked the swivel base, so I was choosing between this set and a Samsung at the same price point. The pictures were very, very similar in quality, but I chose the LG because it was a newer model than the Samsung, and the Samsung was really at the low end of the Samsung line, while this LG is more in the middle of the LG line. The picture was great out of the box, although the T.V. is packed with features allowing you to tune and tweak the picture settings to your heart's content. I'm also very happy I didn't spend more money for a 1080p set. At 32" the 720p resolution looks awesome, so I can spend that extra $150 on something else. Add to all the above the fact that the set looks fabulous sitting in its cabinet, and you have a great value. Thanks LG!

very good set, April 19, 2009


John R. Byrnes

this was on sale at BB. Ordinarily I'm not that crazy about lg. The samsung in the same size had A LOT more reflection. if this is an issue for you, think hard about the LG. This set has an excellent picture, good sound, and it is easy to adjust the picture. No need in my opinion for 1080 in this size (or any other size unless watching a lot of blu-ray.) Big features of this set were light weight (easy to move) and very low reflection from other light sources.
I'd get it again.

THE Best 32" LCD on the market., January 13, 2010


Uncle Rico 

I am a very OCD shopper and must research each and every product I buy. Yes, I am in therapy for my problem. :) This TV has been superb. I have been to Best Buy comparing different models for the past month. No joke. Every review I have read and every salesman I have spoken to agree that the LG is hands down better. The picture tuning options and the sound wuality is what tops this LCD. A perfect TV for the bedroom.

The only gripe I have with this LCD is that the inputs are all in the rear of the TV. I wish they had put it on one of the sides. Otherwise, I would have given a five star rating.

Manufacturers need to show price honestly, December 30, 2009


K. Landrus    

I haven't bought this TV, and won't bother, I'm sick and tired of Manufactures pricing games forcing us to add the TV to our cart to find out the price. This is a waste of my time when I am shopping for a TV. Manufacturers need to honestly display the price on the search results, and product pages!

Reconsider before buying LG if you intend to use a PS3 via hdmi, December 28, 2009


Christopher M. Nolen I purchased this tv after reading the generally excellent reviews on this site; I should have researched further.

If you have any intention of hooking up a PS3 to this tv, run an
internet search on LG, PS3, and hdmi problems before you do so.

I'm sure the tv works fine for most who connect a PS3 via hdmi;
however, based on the sheer number of internet posts, there is
clearly an issue with doing so for many people.

Great TV for the price. We love ours!, December 24, 2009


R. Lancaster "Kayak Fisherman"

This TV is exactly what we wanted. This is a bedroom set, and we were not as concerened with having every "cool" feature on the planet as were were with have a quality TV with a good picture and sound. So far we have ZERO complaints. The sound is really good. Our old TV had speakers that seemed to project sound down instead of out. Most of the time we don't have this one turned up past 10 or 11 (out of I guess 100) and it fills the room fine. The picture is crystal clear and the presets are nice - movies, sports, etc... The black casing is nice and clean looking. My wife loves the sleep timer! Plenty of features (more than we can deal with) and setup was so easy it was silly.

I wanted to talk about the seller here: Sixth Avenue Electronics (6ave on Amazon) is the best! I, like most people, hesitate a little to drop this amount of money online. The reviews for 6ave were outstanding, so we gave them a shot. MAN are they good! Communication ALL ALONG THE WAY and they make sure you are happy. I could not ask for a better seller online.

One of the Best LCD TV in its price category, December 23, 2009


C. Pak (Atlanta, GA)    

After reviewing several 32in LCD TV's in this price category, I settled on the LG. If you are looking for a sub $400 720P LCD, this one has to be on the top of the list. The TV has multiple calibration features to fine tune the picture. The calibration features are extensive and better than most compared to its competitors. The clarity and the overall picture quality is excellent and the 720P resolution is more than adequate for the size of the TV. The sound quality is good and the "Clear Voice' feature is actually functional and useful. The digital tuner is excellent and you will be surprised what additional channels it will pick up even with basic digital cable.

The included user manual is sub par. It only has the very basic setup functions and features. Go online to LG and download the full manual. The online manual has extensive information regarding the features and functions. This unite is highly recommended. Best in class features, function, picture quality for the price.

LG surprises me..., December 20, 2009


John P. (East Brunswick, NJ)    

I had been looking for a mid-sized TV to put in my kitchen for my 2 year old daughter. While I didn't really want to cheap-out, I also didn't want to break the bank for a 2nd set. After all, she is only going to be watching cartoons and childrens' shows.

Well, I did some research and picture comparisons in Best Buy, and I had narrowed it down to 3 different sets. A Sony, a Samsung, and this LG.
After inspection in the store, I dismissed the Sony, and found that the Samsung and the LG had very comparable pictures, with bright, vivid colors, and NO ghosting at all, even during a HOCKEY game. Impressive. The difference was, the Samsung was [...] more, and actually had LESS picture-customization features. The LG actually blew me away with the amount of picture-tweaking it allows. I haven't seen ANY other set offer as much. If you can't find a picture you like on THIS set, then you will not find it on ANY set.

There is even a cool picture-calibration feature that takes much of the guess-work out of the process.

Now, some people may balk at this being only 720p...and to be honest, I was looking for 1080p...but again, I didn't want to break the bank.
I decided not to go with the 1080p due to the price, and the fact that no Blu-Ray player would be connected to this, and most broadcasts on cable are in 720p anyway.
Well...I have to say...the picture is BRILLIANT. 720p looks AMAZING anyway, and most of the childrens' shows are not in HD either. The set makes EVERY channel look great...even standard definition.
For [...], I could NOT be happier. And I cannot recommend this TV enough at that price. While the glossy black finish does attract fingerprints, the screen has just the right amount of anti-glare to it, that ambient room light does not affect the picture quality.

The sound on this TV is another great feature. Most TV's of this size have poor sound quality. This is an area where this set shines. There is an option called "Clear Voice II", that really makes dialog VERY clear. Great feature.

So...if you are looking for a 2nd TV that provides a GREAT HD picture, great sound, attractive design, tons of customization, and a nice anti-glare screen, and will not empty your bank-account....look no further. LG has done the consumer right by this product.

Amazing TV, December 12, 2009


B. Burke   

Great picture. Great sound. Easy to setup. Easy to use. Really attractive design==the unique shape of the bottom edge of the screen keeps the TV from looking like a great big computer monitor, in my opinion. Have owned this TV for about 6 weeks now==it's one of the best purchases I've made in a long time. Great price too.

LG 32 inch 720p LCD, December 9, 2009


Herman A. Potter "Herman"   

Bought this to replace older TV in bedroom for wife. She loves everything about it. takes up less space, better pic and sound and extremely better looking. Quick delivery and even better price. Thanks

Terrific TV, November 30, 2009

Delivery was by UPS, no problems. I thought the package was damaged but the actual TV package was inside another box with good padding. So even though the exterior box was torn the inside package was intact.

The plastic base is not very heavy. It would be better to mount it on the wall but there is a hole in the base to allow putting one screw through the base into the surface below.

I was unsure about picture quality of 720p but it is great in HD with DISH satellite--far better than I had hoped for. Color is excellent. The brightness is good even thought the room has lots of natural light. Sound is good. The only negative for me is that this TV causes my very expensive one year old 40 inch 1080i TV to look pale in comparison.

I bought this TV from "Sixth Avenue Electronics" through Amazon.com for the total of 406.96 including shipping, no problems with the transaction.

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