Portable Ice Makers

Welcome to the portable ice makers page. Many families during the summer and fall plan events which require lots of ice for the party. Running out of ice is one of the things that hosts worry about. A portable ice maker may be just the ticket and solution you are looking for. Being portable they can be located anywhere outside, in an RV and your boat.

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The unit does require electricity and will need the appropriate outlet. Once plugged in and filled with water, you can expect the unit to produce ice throughout the day during your event. You will not have to worry about going to the store to buy more ice. This will allow you to be a great host and be with your guests until they leave.

In the carousals below you will find the recommended ice makers which have had few problems based upon the reviews I read. Anything man made will fail. Hover the mouse anywhere on the picture and a pop-up window appears to display the price and a button to buy.