Samsung LN46C630 Reviews

Are you wondering what some customers who own this TV are saying about the Samsung LN46C630 LCD TV? Do you know which of the many features are liked the most? Do you know what they are saying about the quality of the picture? Be sure to read the reviews and find out.

We have provided a link so you can read all the reviews for this TV as well. So, check them out. Knowing all the facts from what owners are saying before buying is very important and helpful to consumers like you.

To provide you with some additional facts about this TV, it was rated number 1 over-all for it's viewing screen size, and scored excellent in high definition, remote control usage and menu navigation. Scored very good for standard definition, and good  for viewing angle sound quality. Consumer Reports March 2011 also rated this as a "Best Buy" because of price and quality.

Samsung LN46C630 Customer Reviews

Here are some great customer reviews for this 46-inch TV:

Eddie from California, June 15, 2010
When I took this TV out of the box and set it up all I can say is WOW! Set-up was a breeze. The picture quality held up even in a dark room. Highly recommend this one.

Edward from St. Louis, MO, June 29, 2011
When I got this TV all I could say is WOW! Set-up was a breeze. First thing was I wanted to view a BD movie and the contrast and clarity was amazing. The TV was placed in a well lit room and did not affect the picture quality. I highly recommend this model.

Sandra from Indiana, November 20, 2010
I can truly say that this TV is one of the best on the market right now. I am basing this comment on the performance of this model. It out performs comparable TVs and is less expensive. I was impressed with the picture quality. If picture quality is important to you, than this will satisfy. You can play with the controls to get the best picture based on your individual tastes. I can also highly recommend this TV for the gamers. The menus are quick and snappy and clearly laid out well. Here is a great TV that doesn't cost you a fortune.

George from Great Falls, Montana April 10, 2011
I was doing a lot of research to choose which TV I would purchase. I looked at LG and other manufacturers. I did some visual comparisons and bought this model. What hooked me was the picture quality, reliability, and ease of use. When compared with other models I found that the blacks were more truer as well as the greens and browns. I also liked the glass stand that came with the set. If you are looking for a simple, pure, gorgeous picture with adequate sound, this is the set for you.

Cary from Powder Springs, GA, July, 2010
I was searching for an LED TV and because I had a bad experience with them I decided to try this LCD. I noticed a better picture uniformity and a clean interface with fast switching between devices. Movies are just unbelievable! I tested a movie that has lots of dark scenes and this model held up extremely well. The sound is also pretty good so you don't have to go out and buy a home theater system. Samsung is a name you can trust and I recommend this TV.

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