Samsung UN40C5000 Reviews

Are you wondering what customers who own a Samsung UN40C5000 LCD TV are saying about it? Did you know that the setup for this TV is quick and easy? Do you know which of the many features is liked the most? Did you that the most of the owners like the picture quality and sound? This should provide you with helpful information before buying this TV.

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To provide you with some additional facts about this TV, it was rated number 1 over-all for it's viewing screen size, and scored excellent in remote control usage and menu navigation. Scored very good for high definition and standard definition. It scored good viewing angle sound quality. Consumer Reports March 2011 also rated this as a "Best Buy" because of price and quality.

Samsung UN40C5000 Reviews

Here are some great customer reviews for the UN40C500 LCD TV:

Michael, October 11, 2010
Let me just say WOW! This is just the clearest picture you will ever see. The set-up was easy and not complicated. The navigation around the menus was very simple too. When you are watching a sports program it feels like you are actually watching the game right there in person. For the price, this is a great TV. I highly recommend it.

Sheila, February 26, 2011
I fell in love with this TV the first time I saw it. But, could not afford it at that time. I am glad I waited. I bought it during the black Friday sales. The picture and quality was excellent right out of the box. Just the best pictures I saw when viewing the digital channels. I saw no difference when in the store and in my home. Great TV.

Robert, September 26, 2010
This model TV is just amazing. Was a little hesitant in buying my first LED LCDTV. However, I am satisfied with the picture quality. Great colors and blacks are black. For the price, you will be glad you own it.

Diane from Athens, GA, October 30, 2010
This is a great television for the money. It worked great right out of the box. Set-up was very easy being a single person.

Mike from Washington, July, 2011
I just got this TV. My first impression was Fantastic! I cannot say enough about the picture quality as it's very clear. The set-up and moving around the menu is very easy and simple. When viewing HD programs it seems like you are watching in person. A great price for an excellent TV.

Samson from Wisconsin, November 21, 2010
Before I purchased this TV, I looked at many of them in the stores to determine which one I would buy. I purchased this model based on others who have already owned one. I can say that the set-up was easy, the picture quality was just off the wall. I like the design because of it being simple and elegant. I can actually say that I can recommend this one.

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