Shop Vac Top 20

Shop Vacs come in handy when you have to perform some heavy vacuuming or picking up lots of dust after a home remodeling project is completed. These vacuums are extremely valuable when you receive lots of water in the basement after a large rainstorm. The Shop Vacs top 20 will help you select from the best rated shop vacs based on the evaluations by the owners of these Shop Vacs.

The Shop Vacs below will be listed in order on how they were rated by the owners. The ratings will include the number of ratings that was used to determine the raking of the top 20 Shop Vacs and their overall rating score. We can highly recommend any of these Shop Vacs. Review the list below to help you decide on which Shop Vac is best for your needs.

The model number has a link where you can purchase the item.

Model #    HP    Gallon Size    Rating        #Ratings
5867400    5              12          4.7          1,833
5861600    6.5           16           4.7               5
9520210    5               5           4.6               7
9633400    6.5           12           4.5              29
9551600    6.5           16           4.5              11    
9626110    6.5           32           4.4             424
9625110    5              12           4.4             423
5895200    2.5            2.5         4.4                7
9254010    4              10           4.3              30
5866100    5.5             8           4.3              11
5872500    5.5             5           4.2              39
9520100    3              3.5         4.2              15
9624710    2.5            10          4.1             348
9520262    4.5             5           4.1              99
5940500    2                5           4.0            272
9626010    6.5            24           4.0            264
9621600    6.25          16           4.0              38
9650600    3                6           4.0              36
9553600    6.5            16           4.0              30
9620600    3                6           4.0              28

Warranty Information

Most Shop Vacs have 1 to 10 year warranties. The warranty only covers the motor. Be sure to place the purchase receipt in a safe place in the event your motor should blow out before the warranty period has expired. You may want to cover the warranty information with the representative or salesperson before you walk out the door with your unit.


The biggest problem with Shop Vacs is that the motor can and will burnout when you least expect it. I had mine burn out twice because of not having sufficient power to do a task using the Shop Vac.

If you require some heavy use for vacuuming, sanding, picking up water, and blowing leaves, I recommend that you select a model that has a minimum of 5.5 HP. There are a lot of models in the chart above for you to select from that meet this criterion.  The drawback to having large models is the space for them to be stored. Be sure you have sufficient space to store the Shop Vac when you are done. Space maybe the deciding factor on which size unit you will buy.

Shop Vacs with HP between 4 and 5 should do very well for medium size jobs or tasks. Shop Vacs with HP between 1 and 3, should be able to perform small jobs and vacuum tasks around the house.

What are some of the tasks?

  • Drywall sanding
  • Picking up liquids
  • Regular vacuuming
  • Blowing leaves and debris
If you want to use your Shop Vac for drywall sanding, you must purchase a drywall sanding kit. The same is true for blowing leaves. You need to purchase the leave blowing kit. Be sure to read the advertising carefully. The leave kits do not fit all model Shop Vacs only specific models.


As with any type of electronic mechanical tool, be sure to read the owner%u2019s manual to familiarize yourself with the unit, parts, and attachments. Know if you need any upkeep to keep the warranty valid by performing any required maintenance.