Urine Odor Remover

If you are an owner of a cat or dog, I am sure they had an accident or two in your home. The urine odor was obvious and you needed to clean up the mess. Sometimes, after cleaning, you still smelled the urine.

You may have also experienced your pet having an accident when taking them in their crate. Again, you clean the mess and still have a hint of urine odor. What you need is a urine odor remover that completely removes the urine odor and does not leave an odor trace after cleaning.

Some pet cleaners do a good job and others do not. What you need is to find a cleaner that does an excellent job and leaves a fresh smell with no trace of an odor after cleaning. I highly recommend a urine odor remover called KOE (Kennel Odor Eliminator). This stuff really does work. It removes all hints of urine after cleaning and leaves a fresh "rain" smell.

Basically, KOE is a concentrate. You just add it to your cleaning solution or rinse water. You can use this cleaner to specific lawn areas where odors are apparent. You can use the KOE odor remover on cages, floors, tables, walls and other large areas where odors are prevalent. It will even remove deeply impregnated odors anywhere in your home.

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