About Us

As shoppers we very rarely make 'significant' purchases without doing research.  We want to share our findings with you so that you might make wiser informed decisions.

As career people we have worked in many industries.  We want to share our knowledge and experiences so that you might value from what we have learned and that you might be inspired to 'learn new things and improve your quality of life'.

As do-it-yourself homeowners, we have tried and experienced many things.  We've had successes and learned through mistakes.  We want to share what we have learned so you might be encouraged to 'tackle' some home projects and to know when it is best to let the professionals do it.

As the economy has seen significant change, we decided to start our own internet marketing business.  We want to share what we are doing so that you can see if it is something that would work for you.

Life is not all work for us.  We enjoy several hobbies.  We will share them with you. You might find something that creates a spark of interest within you.   

We trust that the information on this site will help in your learning and decision process so that  when it comes time to take action you will know what is right for you.

Please visit 'Find Out More Quickly' again.  We will be adding new information frequently

Geo and Judi