Pedestal Sump Pump Basics

Get To Know What A Pedestal Sump Pump Is

The information below is to make you aware of the basics of pedestal sump pumps and how they are different from regular sump pumps.

Where is it placed?

A pedestal pump is designed so the pump sits in the sump pit, but the motor sits outside the pit.  The motor should not get wet.

What about its stability?

The pedestal sump pump motor sits on the bottom of the pit, but the motor is outside the pit.  A brace attached to the motor is required to make it stable.

What kind of float-switch do they have?

The tether switch is used.

How will I know if it is working?

Unlike most submersible sump pumps, the pedestal pump has a visible sentry light that indicates if it is operating.

How easy is it to change the float-switch?

A pedestal pump float mechanism is attached to the motor which is outside the pit so does not require removal of the pump from the pit.

What about noise level?

Since the pedestal sump pump motor sits outside the pit, it is noisy. There is no pit wall of water to absorb the sound.

What about safety?

Since the pedestal sump pump motor sits outside the pit, it can be touched by children and pets.  It is best to have the pump enclosed in a room that cannot be accessed by children.

What about life span and cost?

The pedestal pump has a longer life span since water cannot take its toll on the motor.  Pedestal pumps are known to last 2 to 5 times longer and are cheaper than submersible pumps.

Can it handle debris?

The pedestal style has a hose or pipe that reaches down into the bottom of the pit and sucks up anything in its surroundings.

Top 7 Primary Pedestal  Sump Pumps Site Map

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1. Wayne PTU50 1/2HP
2. Little Giant SP33PED 1/3 HP
3. Wayne Reconditioned 57032-RP1 1/3 HP
4. Wayne SPV-800 1/2 HP
5. Little Giant SC33PED 1/3HP
6. Wayne PTU30 1/3HP
7. Flotec FPPM36-00D-01 31/3HP

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