Zoeller 507 Pump Review

The Battery Backup Sump Pump Made by Zoeller


Are you concerned about your basement flooding because you don’t have a backup sump pump? Or are you thinking it is time to replace your old battery backup sump pump? Have you checked out the Zoeller 507 battery backup sump pump? The following information will let you know what this pump can do, some of its key features and then questions you need to answer to see if it is the best pump for your pumping needs.

What can the Zoeller 507 do?

The Zoeller 507 can pump continuously for 7 hours on a fully charged 12 volt deep cycle marine battery with battery group size 27. The runtime is much longer if it runs intermittently.  If the Zoeller Aquanot maintenance free AGM battery is installed with the Zoeller 507, the pump warranty is extended to 3 years; otherwise the pump warranty is one year.

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Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Sentry Battery Backup Pump System

It can pump up to 23 gallons per minute or 1,380 GPH at a 5 foot total dynamic head and 15 gallons per minute or 900 GPH at a 10 foot total dynamic head. It is recommended for applications with a total dynamic head of 15 feet or less.

The total dynamic head is defined as the static head plus the friction head. Static head is defined as the number of vertical pipe feet from sump pump to the 90 degree elbow where pipe runs horizontally. The friction head is a calculation of the flow loss because of friction caused as water flows through the horizontal pipe, elbows and check valve. You can learn more detail about total dynamic head measurement.

An alarm will warn you when the backup pump is running and will beep continuously when the battery charge is low.  The controller is fully equipped with alarms and light indicators. The alarm will sound continuously when the pump is in use. The long lasting LED light indicators will inform you when 1) the power supply is on, 2) what the condition of the battery is, if it is partially or fully charged, 3) if the pump is running, and 4) if the pump alarm is off.

The 10 amp battery charger can recharge a fully depleted battery in approximately 16 hours. Many backup pump battery chargers take up to 48 hours.

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Backup Sump Pump Basics

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What are some of the key features?


The pump housing and volute are made of thermoplastic which is common for battery sump pumps. The impeller is polycarbonate which is very strong, hard to break and temperature resistant. It can operate up to 150 degrees. This is important because in an emergency water situation the pump may run continuously for several hours.

Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Sentry Battery Backup Pump System

It is light weight and can be supported mid-air inline with the vertical discharge pipe above your primary pump. This means that the pump would not sit on the bottom of the pit subjected to the possibility of getting a clogged impeller. It does have protection on the bottom of the pump in case you choose to place it on the pit floor next to your primary pump. If installed above a primary pump it is recommended the pit diameter size be 18 inches wide and 24 inches deep.

It has a reliable, adjustable, low voltage float switch. The float switch is vertical, requires minimal room and the float is highly unlikely to get stuck or hung up on the basin wall.

The battery box is made of non corrosive polyethylene and is sized to accommodate any brand or group size 27 deep cycle marine battery (13″(L) x 7″(W) x 9″(H). It also comes with a lock strap.

The Zoeller 507 comes with a battery burnout and overload protection.

All necessary fittings are included with the pump including a check valve at the point of its discharge.

Is this a good battery backup sump pump for your pumping needs?


Do you have a sump pit 18 inch diameter, 24 inch deep sump pit? Does your discharge piping have less than a 15 foot total dynamic head? Is the rate of water flowing into your pit less than 23 gallons per minute and your total dynamic head is 5 feet or is the rate of water flowing into your pit less than 9 gallons per minute and your total dynamic head is 10 feet or less? If you can answer ‘yes’ to all of these questions, the Zoeller 507 is a good battery backup sump pump for your pumping needs.

Zoeller is made in the USA and they pressure test all of their pumps. They make quality products.

Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Sentry Battery Backup Pump System

Customer Reviews for the Zoeller 507.  What are customers saying?


5-Star solution for a leaky basement!  March 31, 2007
By V. H. Arest, Minnesota,
Zoeller 507 Backup Sump Pump

Our contractor installed a sump basin with TWO pumps: a Zoeller model 507 as backup to a 110 volt Zoeller M-53. At a 5 feet head (rise from pump to water discharge), the M-53 is rated at 43 gallons per minute, and the 507 is 23 GPM. The 507 provides extra protection if the M-53 should fail due to a storm, blackout, damage, mechanical malfunction, obstruction in the pit, or when the M-53 fails to keep up with excessive water due to rain or overloading. It uses a group 27 or group 31, 12 volt, marine battery. The only disadvantage of a battery backup pump is that the battery needs replacement every 4 to 5 years.

Zoeller 507 Seems to be doing the job
By Joe Brown, Des Plaines, IL
Our large 12 volt marine battery sits on a strong shelf two feet off the floor, and the battery charger is attached to the wall. As far as I know, our model 507 pump has never kicked-in due to an emergency, but it certainly alleviates worries about basement flooding.

It worked when tested, April 5, 2011
V Agesti, Texas
It was a simple test:

I unplugged the M-53 main pump, so it wouldn’t come on. I then filled up numerous 5-gallon pails with water, took the top off the sump basin, and poured it in. It took a lot of water to even reach the 507’s floating switch, but eventually, when the switch floated high enough, the little 12-volt pump kicked in. Just a faint whirring sound. While it was pumping, I kept dumping water until it reached the two 4″ basin input pipes. It didn’t take long for the 507 pump to lower the water level to the point that the floating switch turned off. I then plugged the M-53 in, and in short order the basin was mostly empty.

This also “tested” the M-53 main pump. However, I knew it worked because during heavy rains, it comes on several times an hour (but only runs for a few seconds each time, since not THAT much water comes in). Since the M-53 has always worked (so far), the water level in the sump basin never gets high enough to trip the floating 507 pump switch.

I have a Zoeller 507 Just in Case, Sept. 8, 2010

D Kim, Ft Washington, MD
I live in Ft. Washington, MD and had a 56 ft drainage system installed with a Zoeller M53. The system worked fine for the 2.5″ of rain last Sat. However, I am ordering a Zoeller 507 back up pump just in case of a long power outage.

It works!, October 23, 2009

By A Dicconi, Illinois
My home has two Zoeller pumps in the pit: a Zoeller M53 and the 507 Basement Sentry. Coming home from out-of-town one weekend (during which we received about 5 inches of rain), I arrived with the battery alarm in the basement going off. Upon checking the state of the pumps, it turns out the M53 was obstructed, but the basement was completely dry. The alarm went off because the battery was draining…this meant that the 507 did its duty when the M53 malfunctioned. Since this incident, the M53 has been functioning fine. I glad I invested in the 507!Peace of mind when we’re gone, Oct. 1, 2010

Tim Kliw, Hillside, KS

Our only back-up to keep our basement dry during a power failure in a rainstorm was to start a manual generator. Now we installed a Zoeller 507. It was was easy to install after reading the clear and concise directions. The tandem hook-up with the original pump and the ease of the float adjustment is a good design.

I tested it three times and was surprised to find the 12 volt pump emptied the pit as fast as the original pump and worked perfectly every time. We no longer fear a power failure when we are gone.

Waiting for rain, May 8, 2010

Virgil Farl, Alexander, VA
The pump is installed and I’m waiting on first power failure with rain .
I have confidence that all is OK.

Easy to Install, March 14, 2011

Mark, Illinois

Backup pump installs easily if you follow the directions. Time will tell, but the Zoeller 507 pump appears to be a great solution for a backup system.

Necessary product, July 19, 2010

Pat Merri, USA

If you have a sump pump system that moves any volume of water, power failures are a concern. This product gives you piece of mind and provides everything necessary from a good name brand (except battery) for a minimal installation. They claim the system will run on battery power for 7 hours continuous, longer, depending on duty cycle (duty cycle is the time off compared to time on, for instance, 1 minute off and one minute one is a 1-to-1 duty cycle and would run for 14 hours, according to the paperwork). The instructions show an installation for a 36″ deep sump well. I didn’t have nearly that amount of vertical room and had to space things more closely together vertically. I had to glue in the one-way valve (as per instructions), but would have used splicers if I had more vertical room. The instructions direct you to glue in the motor as well. I would recommend buying a rubber splice kit so that you can remove the motor. At least by installing a splice on the motor, the valve can be replaced without replacing the motor. Overall, good product, I just wouldn’t recommend blindly following the directions and gluing everything for maintenance reasons.

Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Sentry Battery Backup Pump System