How Do The Top 9 Battery Backup Sump Pumps Compare in Price?

Are you wondering how the top 9 battery backup sump pumps compare in price? We were too. 

Amazon consistently offers lowest prices and carries a great selection.  In fact, we found that the Consumer Reports Buying Guide for 2010 indicated that earned top marks for price, selection and product quality for the fourth year in a row.  

Since the price comparison information helped us in making our purchase decision, we wanted to share our findings with you.  We believe this information will save you time and help you discover which submersible sump pump will be cost effective for you. 

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As you review the price comparison chart, please note that the prices were accurate as of February 27, 2010.  Even though the prices will change, the chart is still valuable since the price spread between online stores remains fairly constant.

Investing in the right Primary Sump Pump for your situation is so important.  If you can save money doing so it is even better.  Your home deserves to be protected from water damage when those heavy rains come.  

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Top 9 Battery Backup 
Sump Pump Site Map

1. Wayne ESP25
2. Basement Watchdog Special BWSP
3. Wayne ESP45
4. Basement Watchdog Big Dog BWD12-120C
5. Zoeller 507
6. StormPro 33AC
7. Basement Watchdog Emergency BWE
8. Little Giant SPBS-12
9. Wayne ESP15 

Top 9 Battery Backup Sump Pump Systems

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Top 4 Water Powered Sump Pump Systems

Price Comparison Top 9 Best Selling Battery Backup Sump Pumps



Wayne ESP25


Basement Watchdog Special BWSP


Wayne ESP45


Basement Watchdog Bigdog BWD12-120C


Zoeller 507


StormPro 33AC Includes AGM Battery


Basement Watchdog Emergency BWE


Little Giant SPBS-12


Wayne ESP15