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The Top 4 Water Powered Sump Pumps
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1. Liberty Pumps SJ10
2. Zoeller 503-0005 Homeguard
3. BasePump RS750-EZ
4. BasePump HB1000
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The Top 4 Water Powered Sump Pumps
The Top 4 Water Powered Sump Pumps
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Features Comparison Table All Top 4 Water Powered Sump Pumps
N o Model PSI Required GPH @ 10 FT with 50 PSI


Ratio City Water to Pit Water Renoved

Alarm Included Warranty Water Line Size Price Range
1 Liberty Pumps SJ10 20 to 100 825 GPH  1 to 2 gallon

RJ10 No alarm

SJ10A Has alarm

3 years 3/4 inches



2 Zoeller   503 20 to 80 950 GPH 1 to 2  gallon 

503-005 No alarm     

503-007 Has alarm

1 year 3/4 inches



3 Base Pump RB750-EZ 40 to 90 825 GPH 1 to 2  gallon  Yes  5 years  1/2 or 3/4 inches


4 Base Pump   HB1000 40 to 90 1000 GPH 1 to 2  gallon  Yes 5 years  3/4 inches


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Customer Reviews By Individual Sump Pump
Features By Individual Sump Pump
#1 Liberty Pumps SJ10 Customer Reviews
It Saved My Basement, Ralph Summerset, April 11, 2014
I installed this just before we had heavy rainstorms predicted. I didn't want a battery sump pump because the battery does not last long enough. When I installed it I had to buy additional SharKBite fittings, pipe and a ball valve. It was an easy snap-together-project.
While putting it together I kept wondering how the little piece of plastic was going to hold up. We got a real bad, long storm. We were without electricity for six days. I was amazed it pumped and kept pumping. It did not fail like I thought it would. It kept our basement dry as a bone. I know I convinced some of my neighbors to install one too before our next storm.
I was also concerned about my water bill because the pump ran for six days. I was pleasantly surprised. The additional usage only cost me $4. I would recommend this to anyone.
Like it, Ralph Steve Hanson, March 14, 2014
I installed the Liberty myself. I was apprehensive, but I was glued to the instructions and I had a successful install.
Along with the install I also put in the following: a High Water Alarm set at the height of the primary pump so I know when my primary fails and the Liberty needs to pump; a replacement sump pit cover to keep unwated objects from falling into the pit; a 3/4 inch check valve for the water line so the sump pit water cannot flow into our house drinking lines.
This is wonderful, Ralph W. Kramer, October 16, 2014
I am a contractor and install a lot of these. It is easy to install and has good pressure. I always make sure there is a 3/4 inch pipe before beginning the installation. I never attach the pump to the main discharge piping. I also try to keep two discharge lines - one for the primary pump and one for the backup.
When I intalled this last one I noticed there was moisture around the assembly that attaches the float. I was able to stop the leaking using Teflon tape (the white tape) The tape goes where the threads are.
Thanks. It saved my basement. Roger Hammers. December 12, 2012
I had this pump installed before the storm Sandy hit. What a great pump. Our electricity was out for 2 1/2 weeks. This was the only thing that kept running. It saved our things in the basement including the furance, freezer, refriderator and washer. It also saved me hours or work from clean-up because our basement was completely dry. My friend told me about the pump a hew months before Sandy. I was impressed and am I glad I installed it.
A 3/4 inch Supply Line is Important,
Dave Westfield, September 8, 2012
I have a 1/2 inch supply line so I had to increase the size by using a the pipe fitting adapter for 3/4 inches. This cut down on the water pressures by about 2.25 times. So in effect my 1/2 supply line pumps less than if I would have had a 3/4 inch supply line.
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#1 Liberty Pumps SJ10 Features Review
Fully automated. It requires no batteries and no electricity to run.
Water and Pressure Requirements
City (municipal) not well water is required. It works with 20 to 100 PSI inlet supply pressure. Pumping performance increases the higher the PSI up to 100 PSI. It takes 1 gallon of city water to pump out 2 gallons of sump pit water. The water supply must be continuous.
The amount of water used does not increase the utility bill that much. One customer reported theres ran for 2 1/2 weeks intermittently during hurricane Sandy and his bill only increased $4.
The discharge piping size is 1 1/2 inches. It has a 3/4 inch NPT inlet connection which hiw a SHAREBIT fitting. The SHARKBITE inlet connection accepts pex, copper or CTS CPVC 3/4 inch line.
The dimensions measure 14.5 inches wide including the discharge connection and 21.6 inches high (tall). Excluding the discharge elbow it measures 7 inches wide by 21 inches high. The float portion is 5.1 inches wide. It weighs 3.5 pounds.
The recommended pit diameter size is 18 inches.
Additional Features
This pump has adjustable stainless hose clamps for easy mounting.
It comes fully assembled with a compact design. It has a built-in screen with a removable foot valve for easy cleaning.
Construction Material
The parts are made of tough ABS and PVC plastic. The hose clamps are stainless steel. The fittings are brass.
while the backup pump goes through it pumping cycle. Once the pump starts running it will run for approximately 25 seconds. Placing the float lower will cause the pump to run dry. With 20 PSI (ponds per square inch) it will pump 660 GPH at 4 ft height and 348 GPH at 8 foot height. With 30 PSE, 765 GPH can be pumped at 4 foot height; 540 GPH at 8 foot height. With 40 PSI, 942 GPH can be pumped at 4 foot height; at 8 foot height, 750 GPH can be pumped. With 50 PSI, 1032 GPH can be pumped at 4 fllot height; at 8 foot height, 870 GPH can be pumped. With 60 PSI, 1186 GPH can be pumpsed at 4 foot height and 1020 GPH at an eight foot height.
Additional Parts Required
Water Supply Parts
After you identify which type of piping you have (copper or CPVC supply line in your house) you will need enough 3/4 " pipe (CPVC) to reach the input to the jet pump. In addition you will need a 3/4 " shut off valve. you will also need 3/4 " CPVC 90 degree elbows and connectors as required to splice the pipe together.
Discharge Parts
For easy acces to perform future maintenance, it is wise to use a 1 1/2 : PVC union and a 1 1/2 PVC ball valve in the event you need to disconnect the jet pump. If you tie into an existing 1 1/2 inch PVC discharge pipe, you can use a Y connector. You will need enough 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe to connect to the discharge pipe.
Connection Parts
Having a 3/4 inch shark bit disconnect tool to disconnect the pipe in the event you need to remove the pump for some reason in the future is very handy to have. The tool is not expensive (looks like a horse shoe) If you keep it snapped around the pipe it will not get lost.
PVC cement will be needed for the discharge pipe. If you have CPVC pipe,you will need to use the cement for CPVC.
Liberty Pumps SJ10 1-1/2-Inch Discharge SumpJet
How SJ10 Works And How To Install
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#2 Zoeller 503-0005 Homeguard Customer Reviews
Works as Advertised Rick Hayes, April 2014
I installed it myself. I focused a lot on the alighnment of this pump with my primary. I had to make sure the float was not touching anything. I checked the city water pressure. Mine was within the range of 35 to 50. I am happy witrh the pump and relieved I do not have to rely on batteries which go dead quickly when you live in an area where electricity fails frequently for longer pieriods of time. The additional cost has only been around $6 which is not as bad as what I was expecting.
Quiet and works great Tom Brown, October 3, 2013
I have installed 20 of these. So far no one has called me back with a problem. They work good.
Saved me from a basement flood twice Shelton Baker, March 3, 2013
My main pump has failed twice not because of lack of power. I am glad I had the Zoller 503-0005 to protect my finished basement. I had a licensed plumber install a T commection for the water line to the Zoeller so when I am away on vacation, I can shut off the house water but leave the water to the Zoeller on.
It is interesting to see how it works. I have noticed that it does not require water pressure until the float valve is tripped by rising water in the sump pit.
#2 Zoeller 503-0005 Homeguard Features
The Zoeller 503-0005 is the Homeguard Max model. It requires no electricity or battery. It works during power failures. It fits in the sump pit and can be used with any existing brand of sump pump.
The 503-0005 parts are non corrosive. The float rod is stainless steel. The other parts are of PVC construction. The pump comes fully assembled. It has a small footprint in the pit and can be installed if sump pit is 10 inches in dameter and at least 22 inches deep.
City Water
The 503-0005 requires the usage of city (municipal) not well water. City water is reliable and its pressure is faily constant. The size of the supply line required is 3/4 inche. It takes 1 gallon of city water to remove up to 2 gallons of pit water depending upon how high the lift is and how much PSI (pounds per square inch) there is. The 503-0005 has high capacity and a high head. The PSI must range between 20 to 80 for the pump to work.
Other Features
The 503-0005 connects to a 1 1/2 inche discharge pipe. The fittings are push-to-connect.
Zoeller 503-0005 Homeguard-Max
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#3 BasePump RB750-EZ Customer Reviews
Great Product works as advertised, October 15, 2014 Kristian Burkhardt, Chicago, IL
I bought this product in Oct of 2014. I bought the version that goes inline on your current sump's discharge pipe. It came 90% preassembled, so there was very little assembly work to do other than the actual install.
The install is straightforward, but time consuming. Cutting a section out of the PVC discharge pipe and installing the basepump was easy. Running 3/4" copper pipe to feed the basepump took me about 4 hours, but I'm a novice with plumbing, and this was my first real plumbing job. Now that it's installed, it works great.
One recommendation I have is to install a water hammer arrestor near the pump. One of the other posters recommended it, and I did it, and I'm glad I did - the pump shuts off pretty suddenly and it would have been really loud without the arrestor.
Works GREAT - amazing product, June 30, 2014 Caseybea Greendale, WI
When I installed my primary sump pump a year ago, I thought about a backup-- but, didn't think much because my crock BARELY drips, and we live in an area with little or no power outages.
Whoops. 3 weeks ago we had a massive series of storms, and our crock went from drips to a steady stream pouring in. Oh yeah, and we lost power for SEVERAL hours. Fortunately, this time we were home and sat by the crock and bailed. And bailed. And bailed. TONS of homes in our area had flooded basements. The next day I ordered this unit, the RB750. Even under the worst conditions, this version rated way above the max water we ever get.
Set aside a good day for the installation- the plumbing takes the longest (considering you need a new valve, union, a few elbows, a "T"). I am skilled at plumbing, so the installation for me was relatively easy - just time-comsuming because you need to take care to do this RIGHT. When I hooked it up and fired up the water supply, I have to admit that although I was a bit skeptical, my attitude quickly turned to amazement because this thing works GREAT.
As a test, I unplugged my primary sump pump and started filling the crock with water. *click*. *whoosh*- and the pump turned on and instantly started sucking water. I did some measuring and this thing emptied about 3 gallons out of the crock in 15-18 seconds, which actually does match the rating of the unit (750 gallons an hour).
Some people complained about "hammering" (loud noise) when the pump shuts off, I didn't notice it that much but we have arrestors in other parts of our plumbing. I suspect this is more prominent in the bigger model (RB-1000).
Despite the majority of the parts being made of plastic, I highly recommend this as a backup system for your sump pump. One afternoon and the install is done-- and no maintenance required, no super-expensive batteries, etc. And it works quite well.
#3 BasePump RB750-EZ Features
The BasePump RB750-EZ is for the Do-It-Yourself homeowner.
The RB750-EZ is exactly like the RB750 BasePump except that it also includes the following the brass ball valve, push connector and built-in back-flow preventor.

The RB750-EZ kit includes:

  • A Brass ball valve
  • Solder-free push connector for the supply line including connector tee, male adapter
  • A built-in back-flow prevention device
  • PVC Discharge Pipe
  • Alarm with 9 volt battery and relay outputs
  • Basepump Ejector
  • Mounting clamps and screws
  • Discharge relief tee
  • Cable tie nylon straps
  • PVC fittings to connect the suction and discharge piping
  • Float Assembly to operate the ejector valve
  • Transfer tube to connect the float to the ejector hydraulically
  • Suction screen to keep debris from entering the pump ejector
The RB750-EZ is designed to prevent backflow into the drinking water. There is a brass vacuum breaker valve in the middle of the ejctor and brass ball valve with no-sweat push plumbing fittings. The fittings are pre-assembled to make it easier for the homeowner to install.
The RB750-EZ is warrantied for 5 years.
The RB750-EZ is made from heavy duty corrosion resistant polypropylene. There are no moviing parts to break and no maintenance is required. There is no battery or battery charger required. The ball valve is made from brass. the connectors are solder free.
As for pumping performance, the RB750-EZ is meant to handle a volume where it runs no more than 12 times an hour which is over 5 minutes apart per cycle. At 40 PSI (pounds per square inch), at a lift of 10 feet, 750 GPH can be removed from the pit. At 50 PSI 10 foot lift, 800 gallons can be removed in an hour. With 75 PSI at a 10 foot lift, 850 gallon can be removed per hour. At 90 PSI, 900 can be removed per hour.
City Water
City water must be used. It takes 1 gallon of city water to remove 2 gallons of sump pit water at 90 PSI. As the PSI decreases, a little less and 2 gallons of pit water is removed per cycle.
The Basepump RB750-EZ can use either a 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch water supply line size.
How It Works
When the sump pit water rises to the level of the Basepump float, the float is lifted. The rising float activates a valve, sending municipal water under pressure through the Basepump Ejector. Then, the suction pipe draws the sump water up and ejects it to the outdoors or inside city storm sewer. When the float returns to its lowest level, the pumping stops after a preset period of time. The cycle continues to repreat itself as long as the water powered pump float rises and lowers.
BasePump RB750-EZ
BasePump RB750-EZ Key Parts Water Powered Back-Up Sump Pump
How The BasePump 750 Works And Is Installed
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#4 BasePump HB1000 Customer Reviews
Kept my basement dry for 4 days
By Dan Malwitz Orchard Park, NY October 18, 2014
We just had the October surprise snowstorm of 2014. Our power was out for 4 days. The rain that followed and melting snow meant that the Basepump HB1000 had to run every 5 minutes to keep up with the peak flow. It never missed a beat. It is a great product that performs exactly as advertised.
Homeowner on a hill
By Candece Hanahan March 21, 2014
I live at a bottom of a hill and it is a necessity to have a backup. When I moved into the home the owner installed this pump. I had never seen this kind before. They are amazing. I can see why it is nice to have because I do not have to worry about a battery for power.
Costly, but works great.
January 12, 2014
By S. Nicholls High Bridge, N.J.
When I recieved this, I couldn't believe it was all plastic for the price I paid. But I went ahead and installed it anyway and I am not disapointed in its performance. It works terrific. It is loud as it runs and does cause water hammer at shut off but it does what it is supposed to. Just make sure you correct any high water pressure problems or you will get water blasting out from the head gasket when it shuts off. Also it is very loud because it is mounted right to the floor joist. The one time it kicked on because of a power outage overnight, it woke me up in a second floor bedroom, which when you think about it was actually a good thing so I could check on things. It is pricey, but it works.
Great Backup, March 5, 2013
By Danschy Chicago, IL
Bought this pump on recommendation from a friend. I lose power a couple times a year. I have used a battery powered backup system for years, but it does no good when I lose power for a couple days. Plus there is the hassle of replacing the battery every few years. This pump installed pretty easily and works great. No more worries about how long my battery will last. Highly recommended.
Read more Basepump HB1000 Basepump HB1000 ....
#4 BasePump HB1000 Features
The BasePump HB1000 is the progressional grade water powered backup pump.
HB1000 Package
The HB1000 package includes the pump, and following additional items:
  • A brass ball valve which is built-in
  • A dual check valve to meet local backflow requirements and add protection to prevent backflow
  • A push-fit male adapter that fits in the pipe that conects to the pump
  • Sturdy mounting brackets to hold the pump to the ceiling joist
  • A PVC pipe
  • Basepump Ejector
  • Discharge relief tee
  • Cable tie nylon straps
  • PVC fittings to connect the suction and discharge piping
  • Float Assembly to operate the ejector valve
  • Transfer tube to connect the float to the ejector hydraulically
  • Suction screen to keep debris from entering the ejector
  • A push-fit release tool to quickly release the pipe from its fittings if wrong pieces are fit together during installation
  • An Alarm so the homeowner knows when HB1000 is running.
  • A radon covered sump pit
Water Pressure
City not well water must be used. City water is required because it is continuous and pressure is quite contant.
If the water pressure is above 90 PSI, it is recommended that a Pressure Regulator Valve (PRV) be installed at the supply pipe.
The manufacturer, BasePump, offers a 5 year warranty for HB1000.
Pit Diameter Size
The HB1000 design requires only a 10 inch diameter pit.
The BasePump HB1000 removes 1000 t0 1500 GPH at a 50-60 PSI pressure.
How It Works
When the pit water rises and pushes the Basepump float up, the valve is activated and municipal water under pressure is sent through the Basepump Ejector. The suction pipe in the pit draws the sump water up and ejects it to the outdoors or inside to a city storm sewer. When the water in the pit lowers, float returns to its lowest position, and the pumping stops after a preset period of time. The cycle continues to repreat itself.
BasePump HB1000 Water Powered Backup Pump
BasePump HB1000 Additional PartsBasePump HB1000 Installation
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How HB1000 PRO Works And How To Install

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