Liberty SJ10 Water Powered Backup Sump Pump

Rated Best Seller. Consumers Prefer SJ10 SumpJet Backup Pump


No Battery, Easy Installation, Low Cost, USA Made Plus Available Alarm Notification


Learn Why Consumers Prefer The Liberty SJ10 Backup Sump Pump

The following information explains why homeowners prefer the Liberty SJ10 water powered sump pump.
Battery Backup Sump Pumps depend upon DC (Direct Current produced by batteries) used as DC. Primary Sump Pumps used as backup pumps required an inverter which converts DC (battery power) to AC, but not the SJ10. Water pressure is used to operate the water powered sump pump. Eliminating the need to use deep cycle marine batteries anymore provides several advantages.

Liberty SJ10 Without Alarm Backup Sump PumpLiberty SJ10 With Alarm Liberty SJ10 Without Alarm Backup Sump PumpLiberty SJ10 No Alarm

  • No more buying new batteries every two to four years as replacements for old non-functioning batteries
  • No more worry wondering if the battery charge will last until the electricity comes back
  • More space is available around the sump pit area since there is no controller box with battery required
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Easy To Install

The water powered pump comes fully assembled. It includes a three-fourths inch NPT water inlet connection with a SHARKBITE fitting which accepts a PEX, copper or CTS CPVC 3/4″ water supply line, a float, a built-in screen with removable suction foot valve constructed of durable PVC, a built-in check valve and the “brain” of the system.
A SHARKBITE is used as the connection to the water supply because it is guaranteed for twenty-five years; it can be easily connected and disconnected; it can be connected to many types of water pipe materials – copper, CPBC, PEX or PE-RT.
The most challenging part of the installation will probably be two cuts for nearly perfect alignment – the cutting of the discharge pipe for the Sump Jet so it will have a discharge pipe system and cutting and adding tubing from the SJ10 to the house water supply line.
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Additional Parts Required

Check with your local municipality regarding requirements for a backflow preventer and a relief valve. A shut off valve should be installed so the water supply going to the pump can be shut off if necessary. Not all cities require a backflow preventer, but it is recommended.
Liberty SJ10 Without Alarm Backup Sump PumpAdditional Parts to Buy For Installation


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Low Cost

There are at least two cost factors to consider – the cost of the pump and the cost of operation.

The Liberty SumpJet pump is cheaper than a battery backup sump pump. A Battery Backup Sump Pump costs from $210 to over $350. The SJ10 costs $150. The cost difference of the pump is between $60 and $140. However, there is a one-time installation fee of around $40 for a Watts LF7 U2-2 Cula Check Valve backflow protection device and around $20 for a shut off valve.

The cost of operation is significantly different. The battery backup sump pump requires a battery which costs between $100 to over $300 depending upon whether the battery requires maintenance or is AGM. In addition batteries must be replaced every few years. The cost of operation can be averaged to $70 – $100 per year because of battery replacement costs.
The Sump Jet SJ10 uses municipal water – one gallon of city water for every two gallons of pit water removed. The cost of municipal water usage varies by city; however, a consumer from the area where Hurricane Sandy hit depended upon the SJ10 for six days when there was no electricity. The homeowner indicated there was a lot of ground water; however the Sumpjet kept working which kept the basement from flooding and the extra water cost was only $4.
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USA Made

The Liberty SJ10 Backup Sump Pump is designed and manufactured in Bergen, New York near Rochester. Liberty Pumps was founded in 1965. For the past 50 years Liberty Pumps has been a privately held, family owned company. On November 19, 2015 it became an Employee Stock Owned Company. It will continue its commitment to local ownership. , Liberty has grown to become a Rochester Top 100 Company and leading domestic manufacturer of sump, sewage and effluent pumps for the professional trade in North America. It was named to the Inc. 5000 from 2007-2013 – seven years in a row.

Available Quick Auto-Dialer Notification System

The ADC-1 provides an audible and visual alarm when the water powered pump is active. The automatic voice dialer of the alarm systems sequentially dials any combination of four phones – landlines, cell phones or pagers. It delivers a sixteen second recorded message when the water pump is activated. The message can be tailored to your needs. It allows the ability to program a pause and pound (#) tone in dialing sequence. The alarm system operates on 120 volts with a backup operating voltage level of the alarm system is 9 – 12 Volts of direct current (DC). The unit mounts flat on a wall with dimensions of six inches x 4 inches x 1.5 inches.
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Water Requirements

Uninterrupted municipal water flow NOT well water must be used. Well water cannot be used because the well pump will not work without electricity. The water pressure must be at least 20 PSI (pounds Per Square Inch) and should not be higher than 100 PSI. The greater the PSI the greater the amount of water pumped from the pit. With 20 PSI at an 8 foot pumping head, 5.8 gallons per minute or 348 GPH can be removed, with 30 PSI and a pumping head of ten feet, 16.5 GPM or 990 GPH can be removed, whereas at 60 PSI with a eight foot pumping head, 17 GPM or 1020 GPH can be removed. A PSI above 100 however, is too high for the SJ10.
Liberty SJ10 Without Alarm Backup Sump PumpLiberty SJ10 Water Pumping Performance
Knowing the PSI in your home is recommended before purchasing the SJ10 so you can be sure sufficient water can be removed from the sump pit to keep up with the water flowing into the pit during heavy rainstorms. Your local water supplier will use a regulator to deliver your water and probably tell you what the “static water pressure” is for your neighborhood. Otherwise you could purchase a water pressure test gauge and find out for yourself.
Liberty Pumps engineers have provided the following pumping performance chart. Please note the pumping performance varies with inlet water source pressure and pumping head.
The ratio of city water compared to pit water is 1 to 2. It takes one gallon of municipal water to remove two galloons of sump pit water.
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Small Footprint

Liberty SJ10 Without Alarm Backup Sump PumpThe Sumpjet requires seven inches of pit diameter. If the sump pit is eighteen inches in diameter it should fit with a primary pump. Generally battery backup pumps required about the same footprint.

Liberty SJ10 Dimensions – Small Footprint in Crock

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How Water Powered Sump Pump Works
As water rises above the primary sump pump float and up the water powered sump pump float, it lifts the water powered sump pump float which in turn opens a gate valve which allows city water to start flowing through the ejector (the rectangular shaped box). As water runs through the ejector and out the discharge line it creates a powerful suction (vacuum) due to the Venturi principle. The suction sucks up water from the crock (pit) up through the foot valve, up through the discharge pipe system to its final destination. At an eight foot height (which is standard for basements) and 60 PSI (pounds of pressure per square inch) 1020 GPH (gallon of water per hour) will be pumped from the crock.
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Keep the above information in mind as you watch the video created by SMAERD58.

How To Install the Liberty Backup Water Powered SJ10

The following steps summarize the installation of the SJ10.
  1. Turn off the electrical power for the Primary Sump Pump.
  2. Take the hose clamps provided to mount the SumpJet to the existing discharge pipe used by the primary pump. See the installation pictures for an idea of what it will look like when installed with the discharge pipe. The height of the SJ10 should be so the float level will operate a few inches above the turn on level of the existing primary sump pump,
  3. Shut off the municipal water supply, and plumb the tubing or piping from the SJ10 into the municipal water supply line. Make sure to use the appropriate backflow prevention required for your area.
  4. Prepare to connect the water line to the SharkBite. Cut the pipe or tubing end square. Ensure that there are no burrs or scratches one inch from the cut end. Mark the pipe or tubing one inch from the cut end to indicate proper insertion depth. Insert the tubing or pipe into the SharkBite through the release collar to rest against the grab ring. Then push the tube or pipe firmly until it reaches the tube stop. To insure the tube or pipe is correctly inserted, check that the depth mark is up to the end of the release collar.
  5. Make sure not to over tighten threaded inlet fitting, and do not hold onto float plunger shroud when tightening.
  6. Take the discharge pipe making sure it is schedule 40 pvc to be used for the SJ10 and install a shut off valve. Look at the diagram to determine height placement. Determine the length of discharge pipe required and cut. Glue the discharge pipe into the socket elbow of the SumpJet. Complete all discharge piping. Discharge piping should be routed to the yard outside the building.
  7. Turn the municipal water supply back on and open the shutoff valve. Check for leaks.
  8. Fill the sump pit with water using a garden hose or bucket. This will activate the Sumpjet so you can test if it is operational.
  9. Re-connect the primary electric sump pump to the power supply. Make sure it is working.
  10. SJ10 installation is complete.
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Is the Water Powered SJ10 Right For Your Water Pumping Needs?

The following questions will help you know if the Liberty Water Powered Backup Sump Pump is right for your water pumping needs.
  1. Do you have municipal provided water? If you have well feed water, the pump will not work.
  2. What are your water pumping needs? How much water does your primary pump remove from the pit during heavy rainstorms? Take a yardstick and measure how many inches the water rises in sixty seconds. If you have an eighteen inch diameter pit the number of inches equals approximately the number of gallons of water to be pumped per minute.
  3. What is the water pressure in your home? Call the municipality utility provider or buy a pressure test gauge.
  4. How high would the water powered pump have to push the water up before it would discharge from the house? This is easy to measure.
  5. Check the Liberty Pumps engineering performance chart. Can you find water pressure and pump head to match your water pumping needs?
  6. If yes, the SJ10 is a good selection as a backup sump pump. It eliminates the need to worry about battery failure.
  7. If no, check out these Battery Backup Top 9 Sump Pumps
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Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Will My Water Bill Go Up?
There are many things to consider when determining the cost of water.
  • Water is only used when the Water Powered Sump Pump is being used. This is different from a battery operated sump pump which requires continuously charging of the battery which requires electricity. As time passes the battery gets old and its charge does not hold which means another battery must be purchased. For a water powered sump pump there is nothing to be charged when not in use and there is nothing to become depleted and require replacing.
  • Water charges vary by city; however, many cities have a fixed price per so many thousand gallons being used. If your city charges a flat rate for the first five thousand gallons used and you normally use only four thousand gallons, that means you could could one thousand gallons of city water and pump two thousand gallons of water from your crock and see no additional water charge.
  • No electricity is used to provide the water; therefore your electric bill will not go up. Electricity usage is generally more costly than water usage.
Does the SJ10 Have An Alarm If It Fails To Go On When There Is No Electricity?
The Water Power4ed Pump Alarm System is different from a Battery Backup Sump Pump System.
  • The Water Powered System does not have an alarm for failure to operate when it is supposed to. The failure rate is very low. In fact we have not heard of anyone to date that has had a failure.
  • A high water alarm with text or phone notification could be installed to indicate the water is high and the water powered pump has not activated.
Must a RPV Backflow Protection Device Be Installed?
Check with your municipality. They will let you know the plumbing code for your area. The Watts LF7 U2-2 only costs around $30. I think it is wise to install one even if the city code does not require it.
Our Sump Pump Rarely Runs. Can I Use The Liberty SJ10 As My Primary Pump and Backup Pump?
Theoretically you could use only the Liberty SJ10; however, it is recommended to install a primary pump which costs around $100 and then a backup pump such as the Liberty SJ10. Weather and storms are more unpredictable these days so I would be over protected rather than under protected. A primary sump pump is much cheaper than the frustration of cleaning up after a flood.
What Is The Minimum Diameter Sized Pit The SJ10 Can Fit Into?
The SJ10 will require a minimum of seven inches. The Float and Foot Valve must sit in the pit. The float is about four inches in diameter.
Can I Use A Garden Hose To Run The City Water Through From My Utility Sink To The Pump?
No, A garden hose can not withstand that much pressure.
Can The Float Be Adjusted Higher Or Lower For Depth?
Not really. It is possible to mount the Ejector box on something to raise it; however that is not recommended because the water level in the crock will higher before the pump runs to remove the water.
Can The Float Be Adjusted Higher Or Lower For Depth?
Not really. It is possible to mount the Ejector box on something to raise it; however that is not recommended because the water level in the crock will higher before the pump runs to remove the water.
Do I Need A Plumber To Install It?
Do you consider yourself a handyman? Are you able to handle other fixup jobs around the house? There are many videos available on the internet that walk you through the installation process. Liberty Pumps is also available to answer questions. I installed ours by watching several videos and taking time to think through the steps.
Some plumbers charge $1,000 for the entire job – the pump, the parts and the labor.
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Consumer Reviews Liberty SJ10 Backup Sump Pump

Glad I Got It.
Joey W, New York, March 2015
I am no plumber, but I installed the pump myself. I watched several videos and even call Liberty Pumps. They were very helpful.
To make the installation easier, I would suggest you buy a backflow preventer online when you buy the pump. They are much easier to find on the internet. After installing it I tested it and it worked ok. We have not had a time to use it yet during a rainstorm, but it looks well built. I feel good about the fact that the manufacturer would talk with me as well. Now if I do have a problem I will call Liberty Pumps.
Works As Expected
Samson Brown New York, March 2015
The instructions were helpful as well as video found on the internet. I installed it myself. Of course I consider myself a handyman.
To make the installation easier, I would suggest you buy a backflow preventer online when you buy the pump. They are much easier to find on the internet. After installing it I tested it and it worked ok. We have not had a time to use it yet during a rainstorm, but it looks well built. I feel good about the fact that the manufacturer would talk with me as well. Now if I do have a problem I will call Liberty Pumps.
Peace of Mind At Last
Sonny Stevenson , November 2012
We live in a flood plane; therefore even when it is not raining the sump pump goes on. We live in a hurricane prone area and have been through several. Each time I am concerned because the power always goes out. I have been using a generator for several years. I always get concerned that it will run out of fuel and I must sit at home watching it.
While looking on the internet I found the Liberty water powered backup sump pump. It looked like it would be worth a try. So I bought it knowing Hurricane Sandy was on the way. I paid extra to get it shipped next day. I also bought a check valve and shut off valve. When the SJ10 came I looked at it and thought how can such a small pump protect my basement.
I installed it none too soon. The next day we lost power. We were without power for five days. The Liberty SJ10 did its job and kept our home day. I battery backup sump pump would not have lasted that long. I am so glad I learned about the SJ10 and installed it. I felt bad for some of my neighbors; they were not so lucky. Now I am going around our neighbor and telling them what the SJ10 can do.
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Video – See SJ10 In Action

The Sump Jet SJ10 is always available and ready to run if the power goes out or the primary submersible sump pump fails. See how it was installed and see how it operates.

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