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If you are a collector of vinyl records and like the good ole “Rock N’ Roll Days” you have come to the right place.

On this page you will find links to the various top 100 charts, a vinyl records to CD recorder, and accessories. The charts include the top 100 from 1940-1954, 1955-1970, top 100 country 1944-1987, and 1955-2011. Just to name a few. Check out the links below for the nine charts. We are going to include a link to our main site that has a lot more top 100 charts, also information about the top artists of the pop music.

If you like to know which songs were the most popular then this is just for you.

The links below will take you to other pages which include the charts and accessories. Also, to Amazon to place any order.

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Teac GF-350 Recorder (Records Vinyl To CD)
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Top 100 Hits 1940-1954
Top 100 Instrumentals of 1960-1969
Top 100 Songs 1955-1970
Top 100 Songs 1950-1959
Top 100 Songs 1960-1969
Top 100 Songs 1970-1979
Top 300 Songs 1955-2011
Top 100 Instrumental Hits 1940-1987