Battery Backup Sump Pump Reviews Top 9

Top Nine Battery Backup Sump Pumps Review And Comparison

Are you wondering what the Top Nine Battery Backup Sump Pumps are and why they are the Top Nine? We were! We found the Battery Backup Sump Pump Reviews Top 9.
When we needed to purchase a new battery operated sump to replace our twelve year old system, we looked at several  backup pumps and their features, read online reviews, checked online consumer ratings, compared prices and used our knowledge and experience to determine which should be included in the Top Nine. From the top nine we selected the one that best fit our water pumping needs.
Since we spent considerable time and research, we want to share our findings with you. We believe this information will save you time and help you discover which pump is best for your needs.

The Top Nine Battery Pump Brands Are Wayne, Zoeller, Watchdog, Liberty, and Superior

Just a heads up, for battery backup sump pumps, we found the top brands to be Wayne, Zoeller, Watchdog, Liberty, and Superior.
For your convenience, the following information is provided regarding the Top Nine.

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Table Of Contents

Top 9 Battery Backup Sump Pumps List

Top 9 Battery Backup Sump Pump Features Comparison Summary

The Top 9 Features Summary Table (see below) provides the specifics for each of the key features including Battery Backup Brand and Model, HP Equivalency, GPH at 10 foot Head Lift, Clog Protection Design, Power Cord Length, Solids Handling Capability, Battery Group Size. Battery Charger Amps, Pit Diameter Required, Phone Notification Capability, Warranty and Price Range.
Here are the major differences between the TOP 9 Battery Backups.
  • Only the Zoeller 507-0005 and the 508-0005 have a glass-filled impeller whereas the other seven backup pump impellers are thermoplastic.
  • Seven the of Backup Pumps have a 1 1/2 inch discharge port. Only Liberty 441 and Superior 92910 have 1 1/4 Inch Pump Discharge Ports.
  • Five of the backup pumps have no solids handling capability. The Superior 92910 can handle one-eighth inch solids and the Zoeller 507-0005 and 508-0005 can handle one-half inch solids.
  • The Liberty 441 and Superior 92910 have the longest power cord of ten feet.
  • The Wayne ESP25 and WSM3300 have the greatest pumping performance at 2300 GPH at ten feet.
  • The Wayne WSM3300 and Liberty 441 have the longest warranty – three years.
  • The Basement Watchdog Big Dog has the strongest Battery Amp Charger – 20 AMPS.
  • Only Zoeller 507 & 508-0005 have Glass Filled Thermoplastic Impeller.

The Top 9 Features Summary Table

N o Model HP Equi GPH @ 10 FT  

Clog Desgn

Powr Cord Leng Solid Hand Batty. Size Char ger AMP Pit Dia. Req. Phone Notifiy Capa  bility  War. Price Rang
1 Wayne ESP25 0.33 2300 ** Bottom  Suction Screen 8 ft No M27 40 amp or 75 amp ht 1.3 12 in No 2 yr $229


2 Zoeller   507 0.17 990 Vortex Impeller 9 ft. 1/2 in M27 M28, M31 10 12 in Yes 1 yr $225


3 Liberty    441 0.33 1830 Bottom Suction Screen 10 ft, No M27    Nor Gel or    MFree ? 10 in .No 3 yr $272


4 Zoeller  508-0005 0.33 1800 Vortex 9 ft. 1/2 in M27 M31 10 10 in Yes .1 yr $309


5 Wayne WSM   3300 0.33 2330 Bottom  Suction Screen 8 ft. No M27 40 amp or 75 amp ht 2 12 in Yes 3 yr $386


6 Watchdog Special  BWSP 0.25 1730 Bottom  Suction Screen 8 ft. No M27 M31 10 10 in Yes 2 yr. $245


7 Watchdog Big  Dog  BW12  120C 0.33 2200 Bottom  Suction Screen 8 ft No M27 M31 20 14 in Yes 2 yr. $497 – $632
8 Little   Giant   SPBS-12 0.16 1000 Top Suction 6 ft No M24 M27 10 11 icn No  1 yr $318


9 Superior   92910 0.20 1080 Top Suction 10 ft 1/8 in Min 70 amp and 175 min reserve

Flooded Cell or AGM

2 11 in No 1 yr. $219



Table of Contents Features List For Each Of The Top 9 Backup Pumps

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Features For Each Top 9 Sump Pump

#1. Wayne ESP25

  • HP Equivalent: 0.33
  • GPH @ 10 FT: 2300**
  • Clog Design: Bottom Suction Screen
  • Power Cord: 8 Ft.
  • Solid Hand: No
  • Battery Size: M27 40 amp or 75 amp ht.
  • Charger AMP: 1.3
  • Pit Diameter Required: 12 Inches
  • Notification Capability: No
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Price Range: $229 – $249

#2. Zoeller 507

  • HP Equivalent: 0.17
  • GPH @ 10 FT: 990
  • Clog Design: Vortex Impeller
  • Power Cord: 9 Ft.
  • Solid Hand: 1/2 Inch
  • Battery Size: M27, M28, M31
  • Charger AMP: 10
  • Pit Diameter Required: 12 Inches
  • Notification Capability: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Price Range: $225 – $252

#3. Liberty 441

  • HP Equivalent: 0.33
  • GPH @ 10 FT: 1830
  • Clog Design: Bottom Suction Screen
  • Power Cord: 10 Ft.
  • Solid Hand: No
  • Battery Size: M27, Nor Gel or M Free
  • Charger AMP: ?
  • Pit Diameter Required: 10 Inches
  • Notification Capability: No
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Price Range: $272 – $275

#4. Zoeller 508-0005

  • HP Equivalent: 0.33
  • GPH @ 10 FT: 1800
  • Clog Design: Vortex
  • Power Cord: 9 Ft.
  • Solid Hand: 1/2 Inch
  • Battery Size: M27, M31
  • Charger AMP: 10
  • Pit Diameter Required: 10 Inches
  • Notification Capability: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Price Range: $309 – $341

#5. Wayne WSM 3300

  • HP Equivalent: 0.33
  • GPH @ 10 FT: 2330
  • Clog Design: Bottom Suction Screen
  • Power Cord: 8 Ft.
  • Solid Hand: No
  • Battery Size: M27 40 amp or 75 amp ht
  • Charger AMP: 2
  • Pit Diameter Required: 12 Inches
  • Notification Capability: Yes
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Price Range: $386 – $398

#6. Watchdog Special BWSP

  • HP Equivalent: 0.25
  • GPH @ 10 FT: 1730
  • Clog Design: Bottom Suction Screen
  • Power Cord: 8 Ft.
  • Solid Hand: No
  • Battery Size: M27, M31
  • Charger AMP: 10
  • Pit Diameter Required: 10 Inches
  • Notification Capability: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Price Range: $245 – $250

#7. Watchdog Big Dog BW12 120C

  • HP Equivalent: 0.33
  • GPH @ 10 FT: 2200
  • Clog Design: Bottom Suction Screen
  • Power Cord: 8 Ft.
  • Solid Hand: No
  • Battery Size: M27, M31
  • Charger AMP: 20
  • Pit Diameter Required: 14 Inches
  • Notification Capability: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Price Range: $497 – $632

8. Little Giant SPBS-12

  • HP Equivalent: 0.16
  • GPH @ 10 FT: 1000
  • Clog Design: Top Suction
  • Power Cord: 6 Ft.
  • Solid Hand: No
  • Battery Size: M24, M27
  • Charger AMP: 10
  • Pit Diameter Required: 11 Inches
  • Notification Capability: No
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Price Range: $318 – $364

#9. Superior 92910

  • HP Equivalent: 0.20
  • GPH @ 10 FT: 1080
  • Clog Design: Top Suction
  • Power Cord: 10 Ft.
  • Solid Hand: 1/8 Inch
  • Battery Size: Min 70 amp & 175 Min Reserve – Flooded Cell or AGM
  • Charger AMP: 2
  • Pit Diameter Required: 11 Inches
  • Notification Capability: No
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Price Range: $219 – $518

The Top Nine Battery Backup Sump Pump Features And Reviews Table Of Contents

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1. Wayne ESP25 2300 GPH @ 10 Ft. Vertical Float
2. Zoeller 507 900 GPH @ 10 Ft. Vertical Float
3. Liberty 441 1830 GPH @ 10 Ft. Vertical Float
4. Zoeller 508-0005 1800 GPH @ 10 Ft. Vertical Float
5. Wayne WSM3300 2330 GPH @ 10 Ft. Vertical Float
6. Basement Watchdog Special BWSP 1730 GHP @ 10 Ft. Vertical  Float
7. Basement Watchdog Big Dog BW12 120C 2200 GPH @ 10 Ft. Vertical Float
8. Little Giant SPBS-12 1000 GPH @ 10 Ft. Vertical Float
9. Superior 92910 1080 GPH @ 10 Ft. Vertical Float

Consumer Reviews

Consumer Reviews for each of the Top Nine Pumps (see below) provide the most  helpful comments from those who have installed and are using the backup sump pumps.

#1 Wayne ESP25 Customer Reviews

Works Great By pumll250, April 9, 2014

First time installer September 11, 2013 By Dale

I bought the ESP25 several weeks ago and finally got around to installing it. I was concerned because I had never worked with PVC and I hate plumbing type fixes. This time I read the Wayne install manual and made sure I had all parts necessary. I bought a size 27, 105 amp hr deep cycle battery ($94). My pit is 18 inches across so my main pump and the Wayne fit nicely the float for the ESP25 attaches to the discharge pipe. The Wayne discharge pipe Y goes into the main discharge pipe from the AC pump – per the instruction manual. The Wayne install and test directions were easy to follow and complete. During the install I had unplugged my main pump while working on the discharge pipe outside the house. All of a sudden the water started pouring out the pipe…I had forgotten the Wayne unit was battery run…it had its first test and passed! So far the Wayne ESP25 has not run since we have not lost power. However, I certainly feel more confident knowing that I have the Wayne in place and ready to work if necessary.

I like the Wayne , April 9, 2013 By Ted

After I purchased I was not sure I would feel it had enough power. However, I was blown away. It has more power than what I had before. I had a Basement Watchdog Emergency. I did not like to have a battery that I had to maintain. I purchased a completely sealed one, an Optima. During a recent rain storm. I unplugged my main pump to see what the Wayne EPS25 would do. It kept up with the water and I left it run for 10 hours. I am so happy I have it. I can now relax and do not have to work about my finished basement getting flooded. I even have a 10 foot lift.
Check If It Works After Installation By Jay G. April 2, 2013
I just installed the Wayne ESP25 as a backup to my electric one. I have about a 11 ft rise and both my primary and backup are tied into the same discharge pipe that exits the basement. I also installed a check valve. After getting everything all set up, I tested the unit. I pulled the cord on the primary pump and then waited for the float to activate the Wayne backup pump. It started, but the level of water in my pit kept rising. I know the battery was fully charged. I tried it again. Nothing was coming out and I know I didn’t have a blockage in my discharge pipe because my primary pump had just run before I pulled the plug.
I removed the ESP25 from the pit and removed the 7 screws holding the bottom screen and impeller cover. I pushed on the impeller. Then without reattaching the screen and impeller cover, I connected the pump back to the battery and triggered the switch when it was out of the pit. The impeller turned freely. I disconnected the power again and reattached the screen and impeller cover and applied the power again. I could not see the impeller turn, however, it seemed to be drawing in air through the screen. I did this for a few seconds. I didn’t want it to run the pump without water too long. I reinstalled the pump in the pit and tested it again. It worked and worked well. I am guessing there must have been something caught in the impeller. When I took the screen and impeller cover off that must have freed it up. It is working just fine now. I was expecting it to work fine out of the box. At least I figured out how to fix it. So a word to the wise, thoroughly check the pump operation after installation. There is nothing worse than expecting it to work when the electricity goes out and it fails to operate.
There is something I have not figured out yet, after putting my battery on the included charger, I noticed a higher reading on my carbon monoxide detector upstairs (up to 10 ppm). When charging batteries, gases are emitted that carbon monoxide detectors apparently can’t distinguish from CO and the detector thinks it is CO. I don’t like false alarms and I’m not sure what I will do about this in the future.
Good value. Easy to use, John March 25, 2013 Ohio
I choose the Wayne backup pump because of the poor reviews I found for some other backup pumps and I’m glad (So far) that I did. Easy straight forward install, This unit appears to have a more heavy duty and better built pump than my prior backup pump.
Great Item By sig1 October 19, 2012
I purchased the Wayne battery back up to replace my ACE -in-the Hole which did not have sufficient pumping power. I now have peace of mind during power outages.
I also like the 2 year warranty. The pump is simple to install and maintain. I convinced two other friends to replace their existing units with this product. One replaced his Ace-in -the Hole and the other replaced his Watch Dog product with the Wayne pump. I will be having my son-in-law purchase one of these as soon as he moves into his new home. You cannot beat the quality and pumping capacity for the price. Sits quietly until needed.
Great Product By Tom August 25, 2012
The pump is powerful enough to function alone if necessary, and with a proper cycle battery can provide long term protection in case of a power outage. Installation is very easy, requiring only a few wires to be connected in addition to the typical sump pump installation tasks. The pump is small enough to fit alongside a main pump in a standard sump pit.
Easy to Install By nitrostreet August 11, 2012 from Mayetta, KS
This pump has fairly good instructions on how to install it, tests okay. I have not had to use it, yet, luckily. So I am happy with my Wayne ESP25.

#1 Wayne ESP25 Features Review

The Wayne ESP25 is a 12-volt.  It is not meant to be a permanent main sump pump. It is only for emergencies.
Float switch
As for the float switch, it is the reliable reed design. The float is attached to the discharge pipe. The float must be placed at a height between 10 to 12 inches from bottom of pit. The float must be placed ideally at 11 inches from the bottom of the pit so there will be enough water in the pit while the backup pump goes through it pumping cycle. Once the pump starts running it will run for approximately 25 seconds. Placing the float lower will cause the pump to run dry (without water).
Battery Charging
Because the float switch is attached to the discharge pipe it does not require additional sump pit diameter.
Smart Charging technology is used to keep the battery properly charged to optimal level. This eliminates surface charge. The charger is 1.2 amps.
Alarm/Notification System
When the Wayne ESP25 is operational, an alarm sounds so the homeowner knows the pump is active. The alarm can be muted.
LED lights indicate the following battery status:
  • Battery is charging – green light.
  • Battery voltage is low – yellow light.
  • The battery is partially charged – yellow light.
  • The battery is depleted and needs to be recharged or replaced.

Materials Used

Wayne provides a 2 year warranty for the ESP25.
The gallons pumped per hour, GPH), is 3300 at 0 ft height. The ESP25 pumps 2600 GPH at a 5 ft height and 2300 GPH at a 10 ft height. At a 20 foot height it pumps 100 GPH.
The ESP25 is designed for easy installation. If an existing backup system is being replaced, installation is very easy. if a new backup system is being installed, it will be necessary to add another discharge piping system or to add a  ‘wye’  connector to the existing discharge system used for the main sump pump.


A Deep Cycle Marine battery with no maintenance is required for the ESP25. A sealed lead acid battery or maintenance free battery should be used. The ESP25 Controller and charger are designed to use maintenance free batteries only.
If a battery requiring maintenance is used, the Wayne charger must be disconnected and another charger be purchased such as a MOTOPOWER MP00205A 12V 800mA Automatic Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer, Trickle Charger- 12.5 Volt, 1.2 Amp Charge Rate which works perfectly then. Perfect for charging and maintaining all 12-volt lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance free batteries (AGM and gel cell). Zero output in standby mode. No battery drain when connecting with the battery. Spark proof during lead connection for safety. Just plug-in, connect to the battery and start charging or maintaining your battery. The desulfation is working automatically during the charing. No manual operation. 2 Year Warranty AND 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
A 40 amp/hr deep cycle battery will provide 13 hours of protection if the pumps runs once per minute. It will provide 53 hours if the pump runs once every 5 minutes. It will provide 92 hours of protection if the pump runs once every 10 minutes.  This battery is known as WSB1240 Amp Hour Sealed Lead Acid Battery
The 75 amp/hr battery will provide 23 hours of protection if the pump runs only once a minute; it will provide 100 hours of protection if it runs once every 5 minutes and 172 hours of protection if it runs once every 10 minutes. This battery is known as WSB1275 75 Amp Hour Sealed Lead Acid Battery
The largest battery group size to fit in the battery case is M27.
Wayne ESP25 12-Volt 3300 Gallons Per Hour Battery Back Up Sump Pump System

#2 Zoeller 507 Customer Reviews

Peace of Mind Tim Hadden, IL April 12, 2013
Our only back-up to keep our basement dry during a power failure in a rainstorm was to start a manual generator.
Now we are retired and can be gone for a month at a time. It was hard to find a neighbor who would be around to start my generator in the event of a rain storm power failure.
The Zoeller 507 was easy to install after reading the clear and concise directions. The tandem hook-up with the original pump and the ease of the float adjustment is a good design.
I tested it three times and was surprised to find the 12 volt pump emptied the pit as fast as the primary pump.
5-Star solution for a leaky basement! March 31, 2013 By Victor H. Agresti Gaithersburg, MD
A house we are remodeling had a leaky basement. Heavy rains lasting a few days resulted in an inch or more of water in the basement. A real mess. We got bids from 6 basement waterproofing companies. Five of the six said they used Zoeller equipment because they had the most reliable pumps, and past customers whose pumps failed were bad for business.
Our contractor installed a sump basin with TWO pumps: a Zoeller model 507 as backup to a 110 volt Zoeller M-53. At a 5 feet head (rise from pump to water discharge), the M-53 is rated at 43 gallons per minute, and the 507 is 23 GPM.
The 507 provides extra protection if the M-53 should fail due to a storm, blackout, damage, mechanical malfunction, obstruction in the pit, or when the M-53 fails to keep up with excessive water due to rain or overloading. It uses a group 27 or group 31, 12 volt, marine battery. The only disadvantage of a battery backup pump other than price, is that the battery needs replacement every 4 to 5 years.
Our large 12 volt marine battery sits on a strong shelf two feet off the floor, and the battery charger is attached to the wall. As far as I know, our model 507 pump has never kicked-in due to an emergency, but it certainly alleviates worries about basement flooding.
It works! October 23, 2013 By A. Diccion Illinois

My home has two Zoeller pumps in the pit: a Zoeller M53 and the 507 Basement Sentry. Coming home from out-of-town one weekend (during which we received about 5 inches of rain), I arrived with the battery alarm in the basement going off.

Upon checking the state of the pumps, it turns out the M53 was obstructed, but the basement was completely dry. The alarm went off because the battery was draining…this meant that the 507 did its duty when the M53 malfunctioned. Since this incident, the M53 has been functioning fine. I am glad I invested in the 507!
Read more details about Zoeller 507 Battery Backup Pump.

#2 Zoeller 507 Features Review

The Zoeller 507 provides protection for such situations as AC primary pump mechanical failure, failure to keep up with the water flow entering the pit or when the electricity fails.
Material Used
The pump housing and control box is constructed from thermoplastic,  (polyethylene) a noncorrosive material.

The battery case, made of non corrosive polyethylene,  size is 13 inches long, 7.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches high. The following battery group sizes fit in the case:

  • Zoeller Aquanot AGM Battery 10-1450 Group 27 72 Amp Hours (175 minute reserve capacity) Provides over 3.5 hours of continuous run time for DC backup systems. The system will provide longer protection depending upon backup pump frequency in running.
  • Group Size 29
  • Zoeller Aquanot Wet Cell Battery 10-0761 Group 31 83 Amp Hours (200 Minute Reserve Capacity) Provides 5-7 hours of continuous run time for DC backup systems. The system will provide longer protection depending upon backup pump frequency in running. Most rain storms do not require continuous pumping for long periods of time.
  • Multiple batteries can we used by installing another battery case with hookup wire (P/N 0007861)
The Zoeller 507-0005 can pump 1380 GPH at a 5 foot height; 900 GPH at a 10 foot lift and 300 GPH at a 15 foot height.
Zoeller does not use Marine Industry Standards to measure the GPH. Instead Zoeller measures the GPH by actual battery powered performance. Marine Industry standards inflate the GPH from 40 to 80% higher. A pump company claiming a 2340 GPH may have only an 800 to 1440 GPH. Thus Zoeller Battery Backup pumps are powerful.
The battery charger is 10 amps which is higher than some backup pumps and provides for quicker battery recharge. The charger provides protection for battery burnout and battery overcharge.  The leads for the battery are 6 feet.
Float Switch
The float switch is vertical. The vertical float does not require additional sump pit diameter space.
The Backup 507-0005 has a solid state fully automatic controller with an alarm and light indicator. The yellow light is activated immediately when the backup pump runs; however the alarm is not activated until the backup pump runs for 10 seconds. The alarm is meant to notify the homeowner if the backup pump fails and runs more than 10 seconds. Sometimes power outages will last only a few seconds and if the backup pump operates successfully there is not reason to alarm the homeowner. if the pump runs longer than 10 seconds the alarm sounds to notify the homeowner. The alarm can be silenced for 24 hours and then it will sound again if the backup pump is still running.
The LCD Screen always displays battery voltage.

LED light indicators notify of the following conditions.

  • AC power is out – Blinking red.
  • Low Battery 8.4 volts- Blinking red. Rapid blinking when battery is below 8.4 volts.
  • Battery Charging: Solid yellow meaning power is going to the battery.
  • High Water: Blinking yellow light when float activated and solid yellow after 3 seconds.
  • Alarm Silenced: Solid yellow light indicates the alarm buzzer is currently silenced.

The alarm will sound when the following conditions occur:

  • High Water in the pit
  • Reverse polarity. The battery cables have been connect wrong.
  • Low battery.
Additional information regarding the alarm.
  • The alarm panel has a button that can be pressed to reset the alarm. This is something that would be done when the battery backup sump pump emergency is over.
  • The alarm can be silenced by holding the alarm panel button down for three seconds. This feature would be used if a water emergency situation still exists but the homeowner does not want to hear the alarm until the emergency situation has ended and the backup pump is no longer needed.
  • The auxiliary alarm has a set of dry contacts which allows the system to connect to home security systems and auto dialers.
Zoeller provides a one year warranty.
The Zoeller 507 should be installed at a 45 degree angle so it will not become airlocked.
Zoeller 507 12-Volt 1380 Gallons Per Hour @ 5 foot lift Battery Back Up Sump Pump System

#3 Liberty 441 Customer Reviews

This is a good pump Stephen, April 9, 2014
We bought this pump not sure if it would be what we were expecting. I am happy to say it more than exceeded our expectations. It moves more water than I was expecting it would.  I like the audible alarm. I wanted something that would alert me when there was a problem with my primary pump working. I did find that I can silence the alarm as well.
I found the strap provided to hold the pump when it is installed inline above the main pump to be weak, so I came up with my own support.
Peace of Mind, John Esper, March 9, 2014
The installation instructions are good. The pictures were helpful as well. It was easy to install. The only thing that took me by surprise was that when I installed the backup pump above the primary pump I installed in straight and it did not work. I figured out that I should install it at a 45 degree angle so it would not airlock.
The Install Was Easy. Had Hard Time Finding Right Battery, Jeff Webster, December 9, 2013
I installed this pump fairly easy. I tested it out and it works great. We have had no real rainstorm yet to see what it does in a real situation.
I had trouble finding a maintenance battery. Most of them these days are maintenance free. I finally chose the Basement Watchdog Battery. It works fine, but it took 6 quarts of acid. This took me by surprise.

#3 Liberty 441 Features Review

The Liberty 441 Battery Backup Sump Pump is versatile in that it can be used with a 1 1/4 inch or 1 1/2 inch discharge pipe. It is designed to be an emergency pump and provide pumping help for a primary 120V sump pump when the primary pump cannot keep up, has failed or electrical power is not available. it is not meant to be used as a primary pump permanently.
Material Used
The Liberty 441 is made from thermoplastic, consequently is is corrosion resistant.
Float Switch
The Liberty 441 comes with a fully assembled vertical float switch. This type of switch takes the least amount of space in the pit. The float is attached to the discharge piping system. The height at which the float is attached is adjustable however, the ‘on’ position should be below the pipe bringing water into the pit from the drain tile.
Solids Handling
This pump does not have solids handling capability.
Other Features
The Liberty 441 does not have a piggyback float switch cord; therefore does not have manual operation capability.
At 0 feet, this backup pump is capable of pumping 2640 GPPH; at a vertical height of 5 feet, it can pump 2280 GPH; at 10 feet it can pump 1830 GPH; at 15 feet it can pump 1260 GPH and at 20 feet it can pump 600 GPH. The maximum head is 24 feet.
Type of Battery
This pump works with a marine-type deep cycle battery Group M27.
GEL-type sealed batteries are not recommended. GEL-type batteries require a less voltage than the charger is designed for this the battery will probably become over charged. Wet maintenance free (sealed) batteries should not be used either because they require a higher voltage than the charger can provide and thus will probably never reach a full charge.

Use of a standard automotive battery is not recommended because the battery will probably require charging after only 1-2 hours of continued use and frequent charging will probably cause early battery plate failure.

It is best to install the backup pump as close to the bottom of the sump pit as possible. This allows the backup pump to pump the maximum amount of water from the pit. If the homeowners pit is narrow and the primary pump is too big for the backup pump to be installed next to it, the Liberty 441 can be installed above the primary pump in line with the discharge pipe.
If the Liberty 441 is installed above the primary pump in line with the discharge piping system it is necessary to tilt the backup at a 454 degree angle so it will not become airlocked.
Charging System
This backup system has a continuous 5 stage charging process which is different from a ‘trickle’ charging process. First the five-stage checks if the battery is capable of being charged. Second, the system monitors that continuous charging of the battery at full rated output is occurring. Third, the system indicates when the battery state of charge is fully complete. Fourth, the charger will keep the battery charged while AC power is working. The charger should be kept plugged in until the battery has reached the end of its life. Fifth, a new charging routine begins once every 84 days.
Run-away charging of the battery is protected by a 150 hour safety timer. If the safety timer times own, charging of the battery is discontinued.
When the battery pump begins operation, a light displays and an audible alarm is activated.
The pump system package includes a submersible pump, controller (control panel), battery box and strap, a 12 volt charger, a tee for installing the pump in line, a check valve and bushings for installation with a 1 1/4 inch or 1 1/2 inch discharge pipe system. A Marine, deep-cycle battery is not included.
Liberty Pumps provides a 3 year warranty.
Liberty Pumps 441 Battery Back Up Sump Pump System

#4 Zoeller 508-0005 Customer Reviews

The GPH measured is correct Sam Keys, August 23, 2014
Zoeller has correctly labeled the GPH. I wondered why it was rated lower than many other backup pumps, so I tested it at a 10 foot height. The GPH was 1800 at a 10 foot height. Since it seems more powerful than the Basement Watchdog Big Dog, I tested that pump also. I was surprised that it tested at 960 GPH. What I found out is that some pump companies base their performance data for battery backup pumps according to Marine Industry standards which can reflect a performance of 40% to 60% higher than their actual battery powered performance. I am very glad I checked the GPH out.
This is a good pump and easy to install. It is also quiet compared to my previous battery backup pump. Zoeller makes all of its pumps in the USA and tests each one before it leaves the factory.
Very Helpful Technical Support Dave Whitting, April 21, 2014
I decided to install the Zoeller 508 myself. This is the first pump I ever installed. So I lacked confidence. I called Zoeller technical support. I was amazed at how helpful they were. I felt they really took an interest in me.
Quiet and well built Dave Whitting, March 2, 2014
My plumber recommended Zoeller for primary pump so I decided to try their battery backup pump as well. What a good decision that was. The 508 runs quiet and it has more pumping power than my friends battery backup pump. I made a good decision. I highly recommend this pump.

#4 Zoeller 508-0005 Features Review

Zoeller measures their GPH according to actual GPH not according to Marine Industry standards. Using Marine Industry standards causes the performance GPH to be inflated 40 to 80% higher than the actual battery powered performance. The GPH for Zoeller 508-0005 is 2340 at 5 feet. The GPH is 1800 at 10 feet. The shut off head is 22 feet.
Pit Size
The 508-0005 requires a 18 inch diameter 24 inch deep pit.
Building and Testing
This pump is designed, engineered and tested as a true sump pump. Some manufactures have bilge pumps not battery backup pumps even though they call them battery backup pumps because they test their pumps according to Marine Industry standards.
This pump is also hand built and 100% tested.
This pump weighs 20 pounds which is twice as heavy as some backup pumps.
Check Valve
This backup system has an integrated check valve which is right at the discharge port of the pump. The pump can quickly be disconnected where the integrated check valve from the pump is attached to the discharge pipe.
Pump Placement
The 508-0005 model has legs so it can be placed on the bottom of the pit. The dimensions of the pump are 8.5 inches (L) x 8.5 inches (W) x 10.5 inches (H). The pump can also be installed inline with the discharge piping system above the primary pump.
Control Box
The control box protects the battery from overcharge and burn-out. It has a powerful 10-AMP battery recharger that is an automatic solid state design with screen to display warnings, light indicator or battery and sump status and an alarm.
Battery Case
The dimensions of the battery box are 13 inches (L) x 7.5 inches (W) x 8.5 inches (H). It will accommodate battery groups sizes 27, 29 and 31. It is possible to use multiple batteries to extend the run time. To so and extra battery case and hookup wires are required.
Alarm Notifications
This systems has four notification mechanism: LCD screen, Alarm, LED Light indicator and auxiliary alarm.
LCD Screen
The LCD screen will display battery voltage and DC pump cycles and power outage.
The alarm will sound when the water is high, reverse polarity is occurring and the battery voltage is low. The alarm can be silenced for 24 hours by pressing the alarm button on the control panel.
LED Light Indicators
The LED lights provide warnings and notifications.
The LED light is red when the AC power has failed and when the battery is below 10.8 volts (full voltage is 12).
The LED light is yellow when the battery is charging, when the float has been activated, and when the alarm buzzer has been silenced. the buzzer can be silenced by holding the alarm reset button down for three seconds. The alarm will remain in silenced mode for twenty-four hours and resound again.
The LED light is green when the battery is fully charged.
An auxiliary alarm contact can be made by connecting to a home security alarm or auto dialer.
Float Switch
The float switch is vertical. It is attached to the discharge piping system so does not required additional pit diameter. Since the switch is low voltage it has little drain on the battery.
The Zoeller 508-0005 requires a deep cycle marine battery. Either a AGM or wet cell battery may be used. At least a 105 amp-hour battery should be used. This sized battery will provide approximately 6 hours of continuous pumping time at a 8 foot lift. The run-time will be extended depending upon the frequency at which the pump runs. gint time. Batteries with top terminals are easiest to install.
Zoeller 508-0005 Aquanot Battery Backup Sump Pump System

#5 Wayne WSM3300 Customer Reviews

Works As Expected  By Jeffery McPhersono, April 29, 2014
I have a discharge line just for this pump. I could not find a way to adjust the 15 second run time. The 15 seconds starts when the float switch activates the pump. This is challenging because you need raise the reed float switch high enough so the pump will not run dry in 15 seconds. The Wayne WSM3300 also gives a beep when it has been activated. This seems like a great product. I hope it lasts a long time. I installed a deep cycle marine battery.
Works As ExpectedBy Jeffery McPhersono, April 29, 2014
I bought the WSM3300 because it had a phone feature. I want to know when my backup pump is running.  We had to get a new phone jack installed because the phone feature requires a phone wire from a phone jack to the pump. It works with our Verison FIOS phone service.
Easy to Install  By Tom Hatterson, Marchl 2, 2014
This is my first battery backup pump install. I was surprised at how easy it was. I was concerned. I like that the system self tests every two weeks. This gives me peace of mind.
I did find a small challenge with the discharge piping system. I used a y so my primary and backup pump use the same discharge system. I didn’t have the WSM3300 float switch attached high enough on the discharge pipe at first so had to raise it. I didn’t want my backup pump to run dry before the pump stopped running.
The call system works on this. By Sean Halliday, October 2, 2013
I love the fact that this system will call me when the backup pump is activated. The call back really works. Our pump went off in the middle of the night. We were sleeping when the phone rang. Off course we were home so glad we got the notification; however after we got the call and knew everything was ok, we fell back asleep. About two hours later we got another call. The AC was back on and the battery system no longer had to run. I do not like to be awaken twice in one night, but it was good to know everything with our sump pump system was working.
Loves it. By George Henry, August 2, 2013
I installed this pump myself. Was easy to do. During heavy rainstorms our primary pump cannot keep up sometimes. So the WSM3300 kicked on. We got a phone call in the middle of the night. We just hung the phone up when got the call. A few seconds after hanging up I got another call. I hung up again and got a thrid call. I finally figured out I had to listen to the message and then hang up. the system had to know someone listened to the message. This system is fantastic.

#5 Wayne WSM3300 Features Review

The most Innovative Battery Backup Sump Pump is the Wayne WSM3300. It provides new practical and very useful features such as a double float switch, battery testing every 14 days and landline telephone notification of pump activation, high water situation, low battery charge, pump activation, and pump problem self-diagnosis. Notification by phone (landline) can be received by up to 3 phones.
The WSM3300 is a 12-volt battery backup sump pump. The amp hour battery used is only limited by the battery box size: 13 inches x 7 inches x 9 inches which is for Group 27.

The 75 AMP/Hr battery will fit and is recommended because it will provide 23 hours of protection if the pump runs once every minute; 100 hours of protection if the pump runs once every 5 minutes and 172 hours if the pump runs once every ten minutes. power.  The battery is

A 40 AMP/Hr will provide about one-half the hours of protection provided by the 75 AMP/Hr battery. If the pump runs once every minute it will provide 12 hours of protection; if it runs once every 5 minutes it will provide protection for 53 hours and if it runs once every 10 minutes it will provide protection for 92 hours. The battery is WSB1240 Amp Hour Sealed Lead Acid Battery
The battery is kept charged at an optimal level by the usage of Smart Charging technology. This eliminates surface charge.
The Wayne WSM3300 is meant to used only in emergency situations and not as a permanent primary sump pump.
The plumping capacity of the WSM3300 is 3300 GPH at 0 feet, 2800 GPH at 5 feet height, 2300 GPH at 10 feet height, 1500 GHP at 15 feet height and 100 GPH at 230 feet height. Note: Wayne technical support indicated if your discharge piping has 15 feet of horizonal piping, 9 feet of vertical piping, one 90 degree elbow and two 45 degree elbows and one check valve, the performance will drop to 1500 GPH even though the vertical height is only 9 feet because of friction caused by elbows, check valve and horizontal piping.
Float Switch
WSM3300 offers double float switch protection. The float switch is designed with two reed floats. The design offers double protection. If one of the reed float switches fails the other one begins operation. In additional the Advanced Monitoring Notification system alarm sounds.
The float must be placed at a height between 10 to 12 inches from the bottom of pit. The ideal height is 11 inches from the bottom of the pit so there will be enough water in the pit while the backup pump does through its approximately 25 second pumping cycle. It has been confirmed by Wayne technical support that attaching the float to the discharge pipe 11 inches from the bottom of an 18 inch diameter pit will keep the pump from pumping dry during the 25 second cycle.
Because the float switch is attached to the discharge pipe it does not require additional sump pit diameter.
Alarm/Notification System
The Wayne WSM3300 has a very advanced notification system. The alarm will sound when the AC power is interrupted, when the primary pump is a problem, when the backup (DC) pumping is in operation, when the DC pump fails to operate, when the floats should be checked for debris, when the DC impeller is locked, when the sump pit may overflow, when the transformer is bad, when a controller fuse has blown, when the battery is down to a 40% and 20% charge or is dead, when the batteries condition is questionable, and when reverse polarity has occurred.
In addition the WSM3300 notification includes calling by landline phone when the AC power is interrupted, when the primary pump is a problem, when the battery (DC) pump failed its test once every 14 days, when the sump pit capacity overflow is very possible, when the DC impeller is locked, when the transformer is bad, when the controller has a blown fuse, when the battery charge is down to 20% or dead and when the battery condition is questionable.
LED lights are also used to indicate battery status on the control box. All of the above mentioned situations are indicated on the control panel as well as the following: when the battery pump is undergoing a test, or when the battery is 60%, 80% and fully charged.
As indicated above the notification system is very advanced. It puts the home owner at ease.
The WSM3300 has a 2 year warranty.
This Wayne backup pump has a pumping capacity of 3300 at 0 ft height; at a 5 ft height it can pump 2800 GPH; at a 10 ft height it can pump 2300 GPH; at a 15 ft height it can pump 1500 GPH and at a 20 foot height it pumps 100 GPH.
The Wayne WSM3300 is designed for easy installation. If a backup pump system is being installed for the first time it is necessary to add a new discharge piping line dedicated for the Wayne backup pump. Using the the discharge piping system for the primary pump as a design to follow, installing a new discharge line should be relatively easy. Do not forget to use the primer (purple), let it dry and then place the cement (clear) on the discharge piping to hold the pieces together. If the backup pump is being installed into an existing discharge piping system, it is best to use a ‘y’ so one leg is used for the primary pump and the other leg is use for the backup pump. Measuring the length for each discharge piece is probably the most difficult, time-consuming task.
Materials Used
The pump and battery box are made from reinforced corrosion resistance thermoplastic.
Wayne WSM3300 12-Volt 3300 Gallons Per Hour Sump Minder Battery Back Up Sump Pump System

#6 Basement Watchdog Special BWSP Customer Reviews

Basement Watchdog Special Battery Backup By Aimee Bohn Rochester, NY
I have never had a problem since I got this product. Our basement used to flood all the time, but now I can catch problems at the first sign of water.
Great Backup Pump
Mark Williams, August 1, 2013
I have had this Basement Watchdog system for 18 months now and it’s worked just fine. I live in Chicago and we had a big 7″ overnight rain last month and my primary sump pump was pumping constantly but due to the heavy inflow of water into the pit, the Watchdog Special kicked in and ran at the same time to help out. This kept our basement dry.
I like the alarm that warns me when I need to add distilled water to the battery. About every 6 months the alarm has gone off indicating it’s time to add distilled water to the battery.
I am glad I got this system. It does give me some peace of mind in times of heavy rain and power outages. Also, recently I called the manufacturer here in Illinois to find out what the battery life typically is. I was told 5 to 7 years life expectancy. Not bad since the battery cost $130.
Controller Helps Monitor the Battery By Tom, April 9, 2013
My friend has a Watchdog Special Backup Sump Pump. She had hers for eleven years and has never had a problem. In fact her last battery lasted eight years. It tells her when the  battery needs water or needs to be replaced.
Because my friend has had good luck with hers I installed one too. It was easy to install suing the instruction manual.
Excellent Backup System. It has works well!  By Dell F. March 3, 2013
I have had this pump for about 5 years now. I have had to do little to it except occasionally needing to add distilled water (when the unit beeps to tell me it is needed).
I do test it every six months by unplugging my primary pump and it has worked well. In addition, the primary pump was once inadvertently unplugged and the Basement Watchdog Special BWSP handled the next rain just fine (and beeped to warn me that it had come on).

This one has been so trouble-free that I installed another one (the Watchdog Big Dog BWD – the AC/DC upgraded model) in the basement of my home addition well over a year ago. My neighbor also installed one – and those have worked fine also./div>

Good System, November 2, 2013 By Mark from MN
Basement Watchdog instructions are very specific, clear and comprehensive.
Yes, you need to use their battery which costs around $130 or so, but they tell you this in no uncertain terms up front. It’s a special deep cycle battery that requires acid at first then distilled water sometimes, but NO sump pump system is maintenance free so get used to it.
If you are not inspecting and maintaining your system at least annually you are taking a big gamble if you have a finished basement and an active sump.
We have had this system for around 6 years and it has worked great. Just replaced the battery after 5 years. The control panel tells you when it’s time.
We’ve had power failures and main pump failures (sticking switches) and each time the control panel tells you what’s wrong and if necessary the back up pump goes into action under battery power. We thankfully have not had a long power outage with lots of rain, if so the back up system might be stressed… but any system would be stressed in that case.
The alarm is loud… that is a good thing. It is in the basement so it has to be loud to hear it. If you are unable to remedy the problem right away and your main pump is working just pull the fuse and unplug it until you get it fixed and the alarm will be quiet. But under most circumstances the reset is all that is needed… the alarm is an excellent and totally necessary reminder you need to fix the main pump, battery, etc.
If you have water problems you need to get right, and Basement Watchdog helps you do just that. Compared to the tremendous hassle and expense of cleaning up a flooded basement taking care of the Watchdog system is a breeze. It’s a simple adage, take care of your stuff and it will take care of you.
Decent Backup Pump, April 6, 2012 By Robert Teller
I purchased this product 5 months ago because my friend told me that he had a Watchdog Special Backup and their Glentronics batteries last from five to seven years. This battery life sounds reasonable.
I finally installed the pump today. When down with the installation, I unplugged the main pump, put 5 gallon buckets of water in the basin and watched the Watchdog Special pump away.
The backup pumps have the dual float switch so I can really relax now because my primary sump pump has double protection because of the dual float switch controller.

#6 Basement Watchdog Special BWSP Features Review

The Basement Watchdog Special BWSP is a small, compact pump that can be installed in small or narrow pits. Because it is small, in most instances it can be installed next to the primary pump and sit on the sump pit bottom. The backup pump measures 5 inches (L) x 9 inches (W) x 7.6 inches(H).
The BWSP is measured to pump 2500 GPH at 9 feet and 1730 GPH at a 10 foot lift.
Backup Pump Kit
The backup pump kit includes a controller, charger, dual float switch, backup pump and a battery box.
The manufacture offers a two year warranty.
Battery Case
The battery case is made from non corrosive thermoplastic. The dimensions are  manufacture offers a two year warranty.
Battery Monitoring
A sensor monitors the fluid levels in a wet cell battery. An alarm sounds when the fluid is below a predefined level. The new model of the BWSP works with wet cell,  AGM or maintenance free batteries. This is a big change from the original Special BWSP. Now a maintenance free battery or AGM battery can be used.
The Watchdog Special controller monitors the battery, pump activity and power. It sounds an alarm when the battery fluid is low and more distilled water must be added, when the pump is activated so the homeowner will check the main pump, when the AC power is interrupted suggesting the homeowner check the circuit breaker and connections with primary pump, when the battery power is slow suggesting the homeowner see if the battery charger is working and if the battery is depleted and may need to be replaced.
The latest BWSP controller will also test the pump once a week to ensure it is operating properly.
Battery Type
The BWSP now works with wet cell,  AGM or maintenance free batteries. This is a big change from the original Special BWSP. Now a maintenance free battery or AGM battery can be used.
Remote Notification
The latest model of BWSP has the ability to communicate with an Auto Dialer, home security system or other device.
Dual Switch Control
The Special Dog has a dual float switch for double protection. If the bottom float switch fails the top one will take over. The float switches are housed in a case which protects them from handup and sludge because the bottom of the case slops down. The float switch cage is attached to the discharge pipe and so requires no additional sump pit diameter distance.
Basement Watchdog Special BWSP Battery Back Up Sump Pump System

#7 Basement Watchdog Big Dog BWD12-120C Customer Reviews

It is the BigDog By Dale White, Illinois April 8, 2013
>Now I know why this backup pump is called the Big Dog. I had a Watchdog Special before. I liked the Watchdog Special but I wanted something more powerful that would run on AC and DC. The manual says it has an extremely powerful 20-amp battery charger that can recharge while it’s pumping. I also learned that I can connect a second battery to double its run time.
Great Backup System By Ray Wade, Chicago, November 15, 2012
I installed the system per the instructions and it seems to work very well, with excellent pumping when activated on battery supply. I did have an experience where lightning struck somewhere in my neighborhood which actually damaged my control unit. I called up Glentronics and they offered to fix it for a reasonable charge, and the unit has worked fine since, now plugged into a surge protector. The customer service has been very good and I appreciate that I can actually call someone to ask questions if needed, and even have the unit serviced instead of just throwing it away and paying for a new one. I looked extensively for a unit with more features when I first bought it. I still have not seen a better, more fully featured solution.
The Bigdog Roger Wichita, KS May 5, 2012
Product is rated for 2200 gph at 10 feet. I am not sure it can pump at that rate, but it does what I need it to do. It was easy to install after I read the instruction manual a few times and saw a install video.

#7 Basement Watchdog Big Dog BWD12-120C Features Review

The Basement Watchdog Big Dog will operated on both AC (electrical) and DC (batter) power. This is a helpful feature because there are situations when the backup sump pump is required to run even though the electricity has not failed. Some of these situations include failure of the primary sump pump, or too much water comping into the pit for the primary pump to keep up. It is nice to preserve the battery power for only those situations where the electricity has failed.
Additional features distinguishing this battery backup pump from other backup pumps include the fact it has a dual float switch (if one fails the other float switch begins operation); it has a powerful 20 amp charger for battery recharging; two batteries can be connected together using two Basement Watchdog 30HDC140S Basement Watchdog Back-Up Sump Pump Battery and the connecting cables Glentronics, Inc. PJC Basement Watchdog Parallel Jumper Cables An additional acid pack is needed as well. Dual Battery Acid 6 Qt Plastic One battery will run for 7.5 continuous hours. Intermitten running increases the runtime considerably, up to 60 hours and more.
The Big Dog BWD requires 8.75 inches of the sump pits diameter. The pump power cord is 6 feet. The controller monitor cord is 8 feet. The float switch cord is 8 feet in length.
Glentronics, the manufacturer offers a two year warranty.
The Basement Watchdog Battery backup sump pumps are also unique in that they require a maintenance required battery. Though it is necessary to fill the battery cells with water every 4 – 6 month, the batteries can be bought ahead of time without acid activation and shelf life will not impact their future usage. Shelf life does not begin for the batteries until acid is added.
The plumping capability of the BWD Big Dog is 3500 GPH at 0 feet and 2200 GPHJ at a 10 foot lift. The maximum head for pumping is 16 feet.
For added assurance, the backup pump runs a test weekly for battery and electricity operation capability. This provides early detection of problems before the pump is needed.
The user friendly control panel lights up with easy to follow maintenance requirements. The controller monitors the battery cell levels and sets off the alarm when adding distilled water to the battery is required. It also sounds the alarm when the battery is discharged or defective, the AC power was interrupted, the backup pump failed, a battery controller fuse has flown, or the battery is hooked up in reverse.

Materials Used

The Watchdog BWD is made of corrosion resistant thermoplastic. The motor is bush type. The shaft is made of stainless steel and the impeller is made of non-corrosive fiber filled ABS.
Basement Watchdog BWD12-120C Battery Back Up Sump Pump System

#8 Little Giant SPBS-12 Customer Reviews

Works OK By Wayne Nickols, March 30, 2014
I have a Little Giant primary pump. I decided to try the Little Giant Battery Backup pump. It ran once already when the power was out. It kept our basement dry. I am happy with it.
Does what it says By Wayne Smythene, March 3, 2013
I bought this pump thinking it came with a battery. I needed to buy a marine battery. I installed the SPBS-12 inline with my existing discharge piping system.  Little Giant provided the Tee for me to do that.  The tee tube and a small bracket hold the backup pump in place. I used extra ties to make sure it was secure. Once I got it installed it works well as an emergency pump.

#8 Little Giant SPBS-12 Features Reviews

The SPBS-12 backup pump is powered by a 12 volt battery. It requires a deep cycle marine battery at least 105 amp-hours up to 140 amp-hours. A 140 amp-hour battery can run continuously for nine hours or intermittently for several additional hours depending upon the frequency by which in runs.
The charger is 10 amps which means that in 24 hours or less a fully depleted battery would be fully charged.
An alarm will sound when the backup pump is running or the battery is discharged.
Indicator LED Lights
The LED lights will indicate when the battery is charging, when the battery is fully charged and when the power in ‘On’.
Backup Kit Contents
The SPBS-12 backup pump comes with a vertical float switch, a check valve, a PVD tee to connect the backup pump to the existing discharge piping, a battery box and backup pump mounting bracket and clamp.
The performance of the Little Giant SPBS is 1360 GPH at a 5 foot lift, 1000 GPH at a 10 foot lift and 570 GPH at a 15 foot lift.  The shut-off head is 21 feet.
Little Giant SPBS Battery Back Up Sump Pump System

#9 Superior 92910 Customer Reviews

Value Good. Instructions Good By Michael Wuenke, May 9, 2014
The installation of the Superior 92910 was easy. I found the instructions very helpful. I had to rework my old discharge system so the backup pump could be added.  I used a y and have only one discharge line.
During installation I figured out my primary pump never had a weep hole (3/32 inch) hole above the discharge port for the primary pump added. This was necessary so the pump would not become airlocked.
The backup pump discharge port size is 1 1/4 inches. My discharge piping system is 1 1/2 inches so I used the adapter. it works good.
Works as advertised By Ted Turner, April 6, 2014
I should have installed a backup pump a long time ago to protect our finished basement. We were just lucky our primary pump never failed during a rainstorm and the power never went out. We took a big risk. A friend of ours had a failed primary pump this spring. What a mess they had. So I decided it was time I should install a backup up. The price was very reasonable. What a cheap investment to protect me from hours of cleanup and mess.
Update: We had a big rain, our power went out. The Superior 92910 did its job. Are we lucky.

#9 Superior 92910 Features Review

The Superior 92910 is a DC 12 volt battery backup sump pump. It is unique in that it has a 1 1/4 inch pump discharge port. The 1 1/4 inch discharge port can be used with a 1 1/2 inch discharge piping system by adding an adapter.
Another unique feature of the 92910 backup pump is that the discharge port for the pump is on the top.
Backup Kit
The 92910 backup sump pump kit includes a 12 v DC (Battery-operated) backup sump pump, a thermoplastic battery box, a 2 amp AC charger with power cord, and an alarm/control until with fuse.
The Superior 92910 can pump 1380 GPH at 0 foot head. At a 5 foot head it can pump 1320. At a 10 foot head it can pump 1080. At 15 foot head it can pump 780 GPH and at 20 feet it can pump 450 GPH.
Float Switch
The float switch is vertical. It does not take additional pit diameter space because it is attached to the discharge pipe.
Other Features
The power cord is 10 feet, The pump can handle 1/8 inch solids. The impeller is made from thermoplastic. The battery box where the battery sits is 13.125 in (L) x 7 in. (wide) x 7 inch (H).
Superior Pumps provides a one year warranty on the 92910 pump.


The 92910 backup pump is designed to work with a 12 Volt lead acid deep cycle marine battery, a wet cell battery with maintenance required, a sealed AGM matter or a flooded cell maintenance free battery. The smallest battery recommended is a 90 AMP/hour rating and  a 175 minute reserve capacity. An automotive battery should not be sued because an automotive battery is not intended to be charged and discharged.
The 92910 can be installed with its own discharge pipe system or with a wye fitting be attached to the same discharge piping system. If the backup pump is attached using a wye, a check valve must be installed for both pumps.



A green light will indicate the battery is fully charged. The charger will not allow the battery to be over charged. The alarm will sound when the pump is activated, has a low or depleted battery or has failed. The alarm can be muted.
Superior Pumps 92910 Battery Backup Sump Pump

Frequently Asked Backup Pump Questions With Helpful Answers

Is it OK to connect to the primary pumps discharge pipe (pvc) before the check valve so I do not have to buy two check valves?
No. Each pump must have its own check valve. Otherwise, the water pumped by the backup pump with cycle down the primary pump discharge pipe and no water will be pumped out. The pumps will keep back feeding each other. A check valve saves motor strain as well. Check valves vary in price, but some are under ten dollars.
Can I attach the backup pump above the primary pump?
Backup pumps like the Wayne ESP25, Wayne WSM3300 and Basement Watchdog Big Dog, Basement Watchdog Special and Basement Watchdog Emergency come with a switch that is timed to run so many seconds after it is activated. The timer setting is based on how long it would take to employ the pit from the time the float is activated to when the pit is emptied down to a could of inches. Therefore, it is necessary to place the pump on the basin floor so when it is running it has water to pump. Running the pump without water is hard on the motor.
Can I use a backup sump pump as my primary pump as well? Then I would only need one pump in the pit.
Backup pumps are only for emergency situations. They are not meant to be primary pumps. Yes, theoretically you could use only a backup pump, but practically this is not a good idea. Batteries become depleted and you may not be home when it fails. Use a primary pump when the electricity is available and a backup when the electricity fails.
Do most battery backup pumps come with a battery?
No, very few battery backup pumps are sold with a battery. This give you the opportunity to decide what kind of battery you want to install. Make sure you know the dimensions of the control box where the battery is placed. The control box limits what battery is purchased. Make sure you get a deep cycle marine battery. Maintenance free batteries require less work. AGM batteries are more expensive. Many would say they are the best.
Can I use a car battery for my battery backup sump pump?
There is a big difference between a car battery and a deep cycle marine battery. A car battery is not meant to be used for a backup sump pump because a car battery is designed to provide a large amount of current for a short period of time and it is not designed to be recharged when totally depleted.
A deep cycle marine battery provides a steady amount of current over a long period of time and is designed to be recharged when completed depleted.

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