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1. 144 Sq. Inch Surface / Temperature Indicator Light
2. George Foreman The Next Grilleration G4 Grill
3. George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine-Champ Size
4. George Foreman Outdoor Grill w/MP3 Hookup
5. Black & Decker GR236CTR GF Grill
6. George Foreman GRP99 Next Generation Grill w/ Removable Plates
7. George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilliation Removable Plate w/5 plates
8. George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill
9. George Foreman GR10B 36 inch Countertop Grill
10. George Foreman Family Size Grill
11. George Foreman GRP46P 72 sq. inch
12. George Foreman 360 Electric Grill w/5 Interchangeable plates
13. George Foreman GR144 sq. inch Family Size Grill
14. George Foreman GRP72CTB G Broil Electric Counter-top Grill
15. George Foreman GRP72CTTS G Broil Grill Supreme Electric Counter-top w/Digital Timer
16. George Foreman Next Grilliation 4 Burger Grills w/removable plates
17. George Foreman GR50V 50 sq. inch Grill w/Variable Temperature Control
18. George Foreman GRP54G Family Griddle w/Extra Griddle Plate
19. George Foreman Super Champ Grill
20. George Foreman GGR200RDDS Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill
21. George Foreman GR10ABW Champ Grill w/Bun Warmer
22. George Foreman Removable Plate Grill
23. George Foreman G5 Grill w/Interchangeable Plates

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1. 144 Square Inch Surface / Temperature Indicator Light / Non Stick - Reviews

There are no reviews available for this grill.

2. George Foreman The Next Grilleration G4 Grill with 4 Removable Plates - 84 sq. in. - Reviews

Multi-purpose Cooking Station November 24, 2008

Bought this 8-months ago. Used it in Germany via a 1600W transformer. Extremely versatile: interchangeable plates allow for oil/grease drainage from 'grill' plate, sauteing of mushrooms, onions, peppers and such with the 'griddle' plate, and even making waffles using the top and bottom 'waffle' plates.

Fairly sturdy design. Back hinges afford some extension to allow thicker/taller items to be cooked.

Excellent for small apartment or dorm. Small footprint allows for use on top of a dorm-sized freezer/fridge, with room to spare for a coffee pot and cutting board. Healthier cooking than using a microwave oven.

Easy cleanup! Never used the shaped-sponge or the cheap plastic grill scraper, but wipes up easily. Plates remove for cleaning in the sink. Warning: plates are teflon-coated, so do not use abrasive cleansers or utensils. Silicone is your friend with 1600 degree tolerance! ;)

Other note: some small items fall into the hinge wells, but clean easily after item cools. Green light shows when heating element active. Amber light shows item plugged in. 2x drainage trays included. Only ever seemed to need 1 but may afford for greater/easier fat disposal in mid-cooking.

Hard to find on the shelves. makes fantastic presents for those who know how to cook but don't have use of a kitchen.

Time Saver February 15, 2009

By: Crazee Frazee "John F" (Pasadena, CA)

Just bought this last week and we love it! Cooks greats and cleans easy!! Big plus for us. Being a family of four wife and i both work and when it came for dinner time with 2 kids it always took an hour or so to cook. Now no kidding 20min tops!!! When buy a George Forman Grill I recommend this one because of the removable plates and my favorite the adjustable temperature setting!!

George Foreman G4 July 18, 2009

By: Dimrilldell

It looks good and the removeable griddles are nice, but:

1. It has 3 temperature settings but only the high one is useful for cooking. For all settings there is an initial period of maximum heating, then the heaters shut off and a long (too long) period of cooling ensues and it gets too cool to cook. then it heats back to sizzling again and the cycle starts all over again. The only difference between the 3 heat settings seems to be the length of the cool-down period.

2. The top element, with its sharply angled ridges is hard to clean. Food sticks in the root of the angles.

3. The handle is well away from the body of the grill, which keeps it cool, but also makes it awkward to store efficiently.


By: ladyofproverbs31 (HOTlanta)

I "had to have" this about 4 or 5 years ago. My mom got it for me for Christmas. It's not heating up as well as it used to. I blame that on the fact I've used it DAILY for the last 4 or 5 years! So here I am online looking for another one! Gladly, I was able to find it @ Target. Whew! My husband claims I'm a germ-a-phobe that has to be able to clean EVERYTHING. That's what I love most about it. I even put the plates in the dishwasher.

Definitely a must have for any kitchen.

G4 or not G4? July 2, 2009

By: Happy Sleeper

I bought this to update my old george grill. I love george foreman grills, they are the healthiest & quickest way to cook delicious food from fish to porkchops without any oil or butter!! delicious. The 4 interchangeable plates are great if you love waffles since the extra two plates are for waffles only. If you don't need waffles I would not recommend this only because the change of plates takes longer for the grill to warm up vs. the non-changeable plate versions. Not a big downfall since when i say "it takes longer to heat up", I mean 2 minutes vs. 30 seconds! Lol

I love this new eddition to my Kitchen! October 30, 2009

By: Lovely82 Lovely D (Vancouver, WA)

I love this grill! It is so simple to use, I'm grilled chicken made burgers, and the Waffle irons work great! Just make sure to spray with oil between each batch. My only complaint is that even with the removable plate's I find it difficult to clean really well.

Was very excited about new designs, but it needs tweaking January 9, 2010

By: Momofplus1dog (Austin, TX)

After using my old grill for 5 or more years I grew tired of cleaning it up and was looking forward to removable grates.

After using this 3-4 times, I've decided to return it because of the following.

*First of all, straight out of the box, this grill looked a little beat up. There were some scratches on the shell and the handle was scuffed up a bit but it appeared to be new based on the plastic tab required to be cut from power plug prior to use. The lid feels really flimsy, and a lot like it's going to fall off the hinge but it's by design.

*when opening the lid to pull out cooked food, the grill starts to cool down, so when I went to cook more food, I had to let it heat up again.

*although the removable plates are awesome to clean, grease and fat seems to manage to escape the plates into other parts of the grill. For example after making burgers for a family of 5, I was cleaning fat out of screws, hinges, and between the plate holders. These were difficult places to throughly clean and the only way I managed to really clean it was with q-tips. The flexible lid design is nice for thick cut items, but beware that it helps the grease flies every where.

What I did like was the low, medium, high temperature dial, the handle away from heat, and the easily removed plates. Also, for the most part the grates are non-stick but be careful not to add too many dry spices to food because they get stuck on grates while cooking

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3. George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine -- Champ Size -- 3 George Foreman Grill Sponges Included - Reviews

There are no reviews available for this grill.


George Grills 'Em RIght!
   June 27, 2007 By Thomas Keating

I bought the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor BBQ grill and I love it! It's especially great for chicken breasts and fish fillets. Steaks would be better over charcoal, but they're still very good. The drip cup isn't that effective because the grill isn't on a tilt the way the indoor GF grills are. Come winter, I'll bring the grill in and use it without the pedestal. I haven't used the MP3 jack yet, but the speaker looks plenty big and well protected from the elements. Delivery was quick. Highly recommend!

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5. Black & Decker GR236CTR GEORGE FOREMAN GRILL - ReviewsThere is only one review on this grill.

Fine 01/13/2010  By Debbieh0119 from Ky

What great about it? Color What's not so great: Smaller than expected

Wanted a red George Foreman to match my other appliances. Disappointed it was smaller than expected. Otherwise, great. I would recommend this product to a friend.

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6. George Foreman GRP99 Next Generation Grill with Removable Plates, Silver Metallic Finish - Reviews

Best George Foreman Grill Yet, October 5, 2004
By: G. Kittinger

I had an older model and used it from time to time, but always felt it never really got clean. This new version with the removable grilling plates was what I was waiting for. Both grill plates come off for easy cleaning in the sink. I washed mine in the dishwasher once too - both ways works great.

Also having the temperature settings and timer makes it easy to cook your food fast. I've done steaks, chicken, fish and hamburgers and all have come out great!

Worth some hassles, but be aware of them first!, November 8, 2006 
By: Christopher R. Gibson definite Gadget Geek

Summary: a good grill with quirks that get in the way of it being great. It's a huge improvement for cleaning, and it has a nicely-sized 4-burger grill plate. It doesn't get quite as hot as the "old-style" models, and if you don't learn its quirks you can ruin perfectly good meals.


I had an "old style" Foreman grill, one of the smaller ones with permanently attached plates, for years. I loved it - especially how you could get the grill scary hot and get some great crusts on grilled meats. But man, I hated cleaning it!

Eventually, it died, and I wanted something that answered my two biggest complaints: small size of the cooking service, and something that was easier to clean! This grill looked like the answer.

Bottom line: I *want* to love it, I really do! And it does answer my two biggest complaints, so I'm continuing to use it, but it has a couple of quirks that keep me from loving it. So close! But here's my experience.

HEATING: decent performance but can OVER-heat and ruin a meal

This grill has a "variable" temperature setting. I'm not sure how accurate it is, because I generally use it at the top temperatures to try to get the same performance as the "old" style grills, which got wicked hot.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Here is one of the MAJOR cautions: this grill can OVERHEAT!
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
When it gets "too hot" the brain seems to freeze, the grill shuts off, and the display blinks little dashes at you, and that's all it will do until the grill has cooled off for a 5-10 minutes. Unfortunately, this means it is impossible to grill for extended times at max temperature, and if it happens when you're in the middle of cooking, it can ruin a meal. I have talked to one other person with this same grill, and they had a similar experience. So, beware - this MAY be a problem that they can/will fix, or it may be in the design and something you just have to live with.

I personally have found a workaround: I pre-heat to 400 degrees, one setting short of the "max" of 425. When it has pre-heated (5 minutes), just before I put on the food, I turn the grill up to 425. The result is that, within my normal cooking times, the grill comes on and stays on the whole time, but doesn't overheat. I don't get quite the satisfying crust I would like, but it's adequate. And if you DO lose the "brain" due to overheating, don't panic - there's a lot of energy stored in those plates, so just leave the food on and let it cook a little longer than you planned, and you'll probably save your food (also, see my comments about the "coasting" cooking technique at the end of the review). But beware: if you pre-heat to the maximum setting, it may go brain-dead too soon for you to even finish cooking.

Some other observations: the heat isn't quite as uniform as the old sealed plate style, but it's not bad, and probably can't be much better, given the "removable" plate design. Once you learn the hot spots, there's always someone in the house that wants good either more well done or rarer anyway, so I've learned to put this to my advantage!

GRILL PLATES: Big and Removable and Cleanable (and a little finicky)!

YES, finally, the plates are removable! Yes, they are finicky! But, yes, you can learn to live with them. When I first got the grill, the top plate was especially hard for me to get attached properly. But if you look carefully, understand how the latches work, and learn the correct placement, this can become a non-issue. The only thing I do now is always double-check the plates after I attach them by tugging on them, but once they're connected properly, I've never once had one just "come off."

The size is a big improvement over other grills. They're wider than they are deep, so unlike some other Foreman models, opening the grill is pretty easy even with cabinets over the grill. The size and proportions makes putting 4 burgers on possible, and I've also cooked three good-sized steaks at the same time. You do need to know where your hot spots are, and depending on the food size/shape, you MAY want to open the grill halfway through and rotate the pieces, but this seems to affect browning more than the interior cooking, which has always seemed pretty even to me.

Cleaning them is a joy compared to the old "sealed" style plates. I can drop them both in a sink with hot soapy water and let them soak, and just brush them clean with a nylon brush. If you get to them quickly after cooking, probably all you need is some running water, soap and a sponge. It's a huge improvement for cleaning, and well worth the trade-off of somewhat uneven heating.

FOOD SIZE: beware the thickest steaks and the thinnest burgers

The "sliding hinge" on this grill seems to be a little limited. On thick steaks over 1", the grill doesn't seem to get quite "wide" enough to give even heat; on very thin items (somewhere around 1/4", the plates seem to far apart to heat properly. But for foods within than range of 1/4" to 1" (most burgers, chicken breasts, average steaks), it seems to work just as well as the old style grills.

OTHER: just a couple of things to mention

Time: it doesn't do anything except beep; it doesn't shut the grill off or anything. I use the default of "5 minutes" just to time my pre-heating.

Cooking Style: I have developed what I call the "coasting" style of cooking. It's a takeoff on "resting" that seems to work well. Basically, I cook a food at the hottest temperature I can get without the grill overheating (see above), and about 1/2 to 2/3 of the way through I shut off the grill (but leave the food cooking). For instance, with a 5 or 6 oz burger patty, I pre-heat the grill to 400, then put the burgers on and set it to 425, and cook them for about 3-4 minutes; then I turn off the grill completely, but leave the patties on for another 3-4 minutes. The result is a nicely browned burger, still juicy in the middle, with no need for additional "resting." Same technique works with steaks and chicken, too! This helps me work around with one real quirk of the grill - the "overheating" - but also gives very nice results on the cooked foods, too.

Well, that's about all I can think of to mention on this grill. I am really not happy about the overheating problem, which is to me a pretty major design flaw, but the joy of grill plates that are removable and easy to clean keep me from going back to the "old" style. I've learned to live with and work around the problem, and for me that makes it worthwhile. But it also keeps me from wholeheartedly recommending this grill, which would otherwise be a 5-star winner in my book.

The best indoor grill unit!, November 13, 2004
By: Telstar (Los Angeles, CA)

I have been through several previous Foreman grills, Hamiton Beach, DeLongi, etc.

This is the best indoor grill, bar none. The timer is wonderful. The heat control is very accurate.

I just made a grocery store standard porterhouse (.75 inch not a huge one) at 425 degrees and it came out with caremelized marks and perfect doneness. Follow the charts and subtract about half a minute at this temperature.

I am one happy camper...clean up is a breeze in the dishwasher.

Bravo to Salton.

Finally, the grill is easier to clean!, November 29, 2004
By: fyres

This is the 3rd George Foreman grill I've used and I'm elated that they've finally come out with one that has removable plates so it's easier to clean! Most everyone I've talked to that has a George Foreman grill never used it much because it was a pain to clean but this one is a breeze...simply pop off both the top and bottom grill plates and toss them in the dishwasher.

One other thing about this grill is that is different than the older models are the settings. The previous grills are no brainers. Plug it in, it warms up, you toss the food in, that's it. This one however, requires a bit more work in that you have to set the temperature (which can be confusing), and let it preheat. It comes with a little guide that gives you suggestions on what temperature to set it at and cook time depending on what you're cooking. It's a bit more work, but in time, it'll become second nature. This is the only aspect about this grill that I'm not 100% thrilled about (I liked the no brainer ease of the newer models more) but food still turned out great! The surprising thing is it preheats VERY quickly, in under a minute for 350 degrees!

This one is well worth it even if you already have a George Foreman grill that still works, but an older model without the removable plates. The removable plates alone is worth the purchase!

Product UNSAFE ZERO stars.PLEASE READ>UPDATE 7/9/07 if you watched Martha Stewart they had to edit the show watch and see!!!, August 20, 2005 - Reviews  By: Poweradio "poweradio" (Winter Park, Orlando, FL)

I rarely take time/have time to write reviews however, this item was an exception because of some very serious safety issues. I tried THREE (3) of the grills (because I thought I might have one bad grill) and after customer-NO-service at Salton acted like I was the first person to have this issue--I thought I was doing something wrong. After reading many reviews here and in other places I know this is a real issue for anyone who really puts a load on the grill for it to cook. It seems safe if you cook a hot dog or a little thin steak or chop but when you give it a real job, WATCH OUT! Again, when I read the postitive reviews I thought it was just me. Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, and a couple of Chops are not such a load. 1" cold steaks and Thick Boneless Chops are another story. So I guess you could say as long as you drive 60 you are fine but if you go 75 the wheels might come off and cause you to crash and burn----Please read on about my personal experence which might be unique, except, this happened to three (3) grills with the same unsafe results. While some might say it is my fault I overloaded it. The instructions were followed to the letter and the same dangerous results each time-yet-when Amazon so kindly replaced it with a CUISINART #GR-4, GRIDDLER it not only handled the load without a hitch, it did it in less time, beautiful even cooking and searing with no gray meat (like the Foreman and 6-7 min to cook a 1" steak not the 25 minutes on the Foreman (provided it doesn't overheat and burn out in the middle leaving you to cook it on the stove) with in my opinion awful results.

My hope is this will help you make an informed decision of where to spend your hard earned money and save you much wasted time and stress and address what I consider to be some real safety issues and if you read the other reviews you will see I am NOT the only one.

The Pros:

1) The grill LOOKS nice.
2) It has a fair price for a countertop grill.

The Cons:

1) The quality is very poor. Feel the construction. Look at the quality of the parts and metal that is used. Feel how loose and flimsy it is when put side by side with others? The handles that are used as latches to remove the cooking surface (the grill plates) from the heating element are thin, cheap, and tend to fall apart after just a few washings in the dishwasher. (Note: why say it's dishwasher safe in big letters then say it is not recomended later after you own it) After the dishwasher the handles which hold the grill plates on the grill begin to "get crusty" and the springs after just a few washes become weaker to the feel. You might ask what would happen after a few months. I never got to find out- read on-- As the springs get weaker it becomes a greater task to get them to stay in place. If you fail to line it up just perfect the hot grills will "fall off" while you are cooking. You must be real careful to check that they are locked in a very specific position, or else...

2) The claim it is a floating 1" grill is a joke. If you grill two 1/4" steaks (yeah right) it might be fine. When you grill a "real" steak or chops the back (rear) cooks great while the front just gets touched and receives none of the searing most of us love. You then (to make it cook even) have to flip, move and check. (Not like the pretty ads)

3) After you preheat the grill it will not sear the meat (even if you max it out at 425-F) it has a great sizzle for ten or so seconds then it just goes so slow (this is on thick cuts of meat) and it just does not have an effecient means of heat transfer to keep the grill up to temp and when it attempts to BRING IT UP TO TEMP...... READ # 4 !!!!

4) When it attempts to bring it up to temp PLEASE READ CAREFULLY--- the element stays on to bring it back to temp and because (my guess I am not a product designer) of a poor heat shield or lack of one, the top of the grill (the surface that is exposed) begin to buckle, melt, smoke, and in my case got so hot it burned the lettering off the top of the grill. After I cooled the top of the grill had a new shape! NOT VERY SAFE! I was told (by Salton no-customer-service) that it couldn't happen like that, the meat was too thick, the meat was too cold!! WHERE IN THE OWNERS GUIDE DOES IT SAY THAT? In fact, it mentions frozen hamburger patties and fish and brags about the speed of cooking from both sides. This happened not once but twice! (TWO GRILLS) I read on here where others said the grill stopped working or one reviewer said it popped. That was a safety final fuse. A fuse that can not be replaced by a consumer-it prevents the grill from overloading-overheating, perhaps close to fire? I do not know if there just happened to be three grills on the line that both happened to have the same defect, I doubt it. Looking at others reviews and the positive reviews might change if they were given a large amount of meat to cook. (Yeah, if you grill a few hot dogs or 2- 1/8" hamburgers the grill will be fine UNTIL you load it up-try it then tell me I am wrong....

When you ask for service after the sale-forget it! EXCEPTION>>> AMAZON is the best! They will bend over backwards to help and in my opinion one of the best companies I have ever done business with. My issue is with a company where you share you safety issue concerns with and they can not even call you back or give a reply. Other then sharing here and informing the Consumer Product Safety Commison and UL I did my part.

As was mentioned, Amazon replaced the Foreman (for very little extra with the $25.00 kickback) with the CUISINART GR-4 Griddler. In my opinion and I am not a chef or expert. I found it to be the best product at this price point on the market. It starts with a rare 3 year warranty. Not many companies stand behind a product with coverage like that! High quality stainless steel, high quality latches, 1500w heating elements that can sear and cook salmon fillets in 3 minutes and a 1" fillet in less then 8, GREAT TEMP CONTROLS THAT WORK, a nice package that really shows sometimes you really do get what you pay for.

My hope is that anyone who read about my experences will at least, even if you disagree, will at least take the time to check it out. If the surface on the top of your grill had a bump or is anything but smooth on the top, dark colors on top, lettering burned off, a pop, pop, pop sound, THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Is it not worth you time to just make sure? Not a matter of which opinion is right or wrong, even if you disagree at least be safe and check it out.

This great review section provided by Amazon is a great place to share about your opinions. If you have concerns Amazon has been good enough to provide links to the Consumer Product Safety Commision as well as a great internal department at Amazon to voice your concerns. Thanks for reading!

Next Grilleration, November 29, 2004 
By: Dennis D. (Oregon, USA)

America's #1 contact grill got a next generation re-design and it's fantastic! I bought this to replace my huge (133") white foreman grill I had for about 2 yrs. that worked fine, but kept making clicking/popping noises which to me was annoying. The new one however does not, it's very quiet. First, it's smaller than my old one @ 96" but also saves some counter space. The apperance is sleek-- silver metallic finish w/ black accents. It has a floating hinge to accomodate thicker foods. 5 min. preheat interval that beeps several times to let you know it's ready.

It comes w/ 2 black plastic drip trays, 2 curved black plastic spatulas which are very handy, and an updated/expanded cookbook featuring 175 recipes. To my knowledge this is the first foreman grill to have an on/off button. If you ever forget to turn it off it's set to automatically shut down after an hour. It has 2(red)LED displays on the top, one is the programmable 20 min. digital timer, the other is variable temperature control which ranges from 300-425. It also has 2 illuminated(orange)icons just beneath each display-a clock & thermometer. Finally, probably it's most famous feature is the new easy to remove non-stick plates. Clean up is now even easier and faster. No more cleaning the whole foreman on the very edge of your kitchen sink!

[...]Thanks to the Salton company & Mr. Foreman for an improved product. 1 yr. warranty. Eat healthier-drain the fat in your food, get this one!

This George (GRP99) is defective and could be dangerous., October 6, 2005 - Reviews  By: Judy M. Wright

I have had this new George Foreman GRP99 Next Generation Grill with Removable Plates for 3 weeks and last night it shorted out and nearly started a fire. I noticed when I first used this grill it didn't heat evenly. I thought that I was putting the grilling plates on incorrectly. But after last night, I'm going back to my older grill.

Please be very careful with the new George Foreman GRP99 Next Generation Grill with Removable Plates.

Which is more important... cooking or cleaning perfection?, February 10, 2007 -By: Stuart Kaufman (Great Neck, NY USA)

I bought this product to replace the older model, which I loved. Why? I avoided using the older one because it was such a pain to clean. It cooked everything to perfection, but it was messy and disgusting after dinner was over.
Then, I saw the new model. Eureka! After cooking was done, you could just pop the cooking surfaces off and put them in the dishwasher. Fabulous, right? Not so fast. The thing doesn't cook anywhere near as well as the old one. The back part of the grill heats up well, and gets its job done, but no one told that to the front part of the grill. That part appears to run much cooler, and doesn't do its part.
The result? I am still not using the grill very much, but for different reasons. It's easy to clean, but if you are cooking enough to require using more than half the grill, it's a pain in the neck, requiring moving the food around on the grill to make sure that everything is cooked evenly.
George: It's time for you to go back to the drawing board!

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7. George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilleration Removable-Plate Grill with 5 Plates, Red  - Reviews

I love this grill!!
, December 31, 2005 - By: CapriSun Reader, mucis & movie lover (USA)

I heard a commercial for this about 3 or 4 times one evening, and I finally paid attention after barely listening to it the first few times. Once I saw that it had interchangeable, *dishwasher-safe* plates, I told my husband that I wanted it for Christmas. I popped over here to amazon and ordered it right away. It got here before Christmas, but since it was my gift, I had to leave it alone until afterwards ;-)

A few things attracted me to the grill. Interchangeable plates, dishwasher safe, and the waffle plates. I had been looking for a new wafflemaker, and in fact had looked at the store the night I saw the ad for the G5. The one we've had for 11 years is too small for our family now, and I wanted something bigger. However, it seemed silly to spend a lot of money on one since I don't make them that often. Imagine how happy I was to see the size of the plates on the commercial!

Let me tell you, I was not disappointed with my first waffle go-round a couple of days ago. It makes 2 waffles that are each just about the size of 2 typical square freezer waffles. That's what I'm talking about! I made up a batch of Bisquick waffle batter, and set to cooking. It was trial and error as far as learning cooking times. I like my waffles softer, my husband likes them crispier. I would say on average they needed to cook 5-7 minutes. I pre-heated the grill as directed, and poured about 1.5 ladles of batter on each side. I didn't get them perfectly full each time, but close enough, you know? We ate them, we liked them! I didn't have any issues with them cooking unevenly; each batch turned out just fine.

Yesterday my husband made grilled cheese using the steak plate and the baking tray (upper & lower). He tells me that he flipped it over so he'd have the same design on each side *insert rolly eyes here*, but otherwise it cooked just fine.

Last night I made chocolate chip cookies using the recipe from the cookbook that came with the grill. So cool! They were virtually impossible to screw up! I did cook them longer than the recipe called for after the first batch; cooking times I think are are things that will have to be judged individually for each recipe. There are guidelines in the cookbook and the instruction manual, but I don't think they're hard and fast. Experiment and see what works best for you :-)

This morning my husband was at it again, this time making scrambled eggs. I didn't get any (he ate them all while I was asleep!) but he says that they cooked the eggs in about 1/3 of the time as our gas stove. He was pretty happy with that.

I was pleased with the 2 drip trays and the better spatulas (also 2) that came with the grill, in addition to the cleaning sponge. I don't know how often I'll use the sponge, since the plates clean so easily by hand (and once again, they are dishwasher-safe!), but it's nice to have. I liked the other Foreman grills, but cleaning them stopped me from using them as often as I might have otherwise. They were just kind of a pain; if you've used them you know what I mean.

Get this grill :-) If you have realistic expectations and are willing to experiment to get just the right cooking times, then I don't think you'll be disappointed. I'm not!

Disappearing Non-stick Coating, August 27, 2006 By: Eric J.

This is my second GF grill. I had a different model for over a year. The GRP90WGR suffers from the same problem as the first one I owned. The non-stick coating is really poor. It doesn't last very long, even with careful cleaning. My new grill has been used under ten times and the coating is disappearing from high spots in the grill surface even though I only use a soft sponge to clean it. In all other respects, this is a well-designed appliance.

Works Great, April 28, 2006 By: Douglas M. Hubbard "dougis"

My wife and I were looking for a panini maker and couldn't find one with removeable grates (that we wanted to pay for). We had a GF grill in the past (one of the smaller models) and were pleased with it so we decided to give this a try (despite some of the bad reviews). We love it. Set to high, allow to preheat and 4 minutes later a great sandwich. Used it the other morning to make waffles for my 2 girls, and they gave it a huge thumbs up (you do need to wait for the unit to heat back up after the first batch, but almost all waffle makers have that issue). Made ready to bake Chocolate chip cookies the other night and they turned out OK (should have used the toaster oven, but wanted to see how the George did). And of course, grilling meats works great.

All in all a wonderful purchase that allowed us to get rid of our waffle iron and replace our old George, while adding a panini press.

Returned it, April 9, 2007  By: Dave 

I am a big George Foreman grill fan; I've used them for years. I currently have two Foreman grills, one of the small 1-burger models and one of the larger family-sized models. I love them both, aside from how big of a pain they are to clean. I've had them for years and use them multiple times a week to grill sandwiches, burgers, chicken, and all kinds of yummy things. Anyway, I ordered the G5 "Next Grilleration" because I was excited by both the multiple cooking plates and the ability to remove the plates for easy cleaning in the dishwasher. And the red color was really, really cool.

The G5 Grill fell short of my expectations. Let's start out with the grill plates. There are 5 plates, but 2 of them are grill plates, 2 of them are waffle plates, and 1 of them is a baking plate. I was under the impression that I would get 2 grill plates plus the fancy grill plate, then a griddle plus a baking plate. Not so. Anyway, now the burgers don't have the traditional straight-line grilled look because the top plate has a different shape. Not a big deal, but it also seems to "steam" the burger more than grill it. Burgers come out much different than on my other two George Foreman grills. They aren't as much fun to eat because they don't have that "grilled" texture to them as much as the older Foreman grills do. Next, the griddle-baking pan. Nice concept, but the adjustable heat knob doesn't really match up to a traditional stovetop. "High" is more like "Medium". Which brings up another point, the pictures make the grill look a lot bigger than it is. This is a 1 or 2-person grill. You can do 2 nicely-sized burgers at a time on it. Anyway, I tried the waffle iron multiple times. It does NOT heat evenly. I even gave it a few extra minutes to heat up after the preheat light had gone off. It cooks the middle nicely, but leaves about an inch and a half around all of the edges mushy. It's a pity, since the waffle plates are nice and big. I was really disappointed by this; I was hoping to be able to consolidate my kitchen gadgets into one little unit, but the waffle iron just doesn't perform very well.

There is an extra plate set available for this grill which I also purchased, which is the omelet maker. It's not a true omelet maker since you just kind of throw the toppings on top of the egg mixture and cook, but it is the ONLY plate that I felt did a good job cooking. The wannabe-omelets actually came out very nicely. So, to recap: the omelet plate is great, the burger plate steams rather than grills and the top isn't shaped like a normal grill, the waffle iron doesn't heat evenly at all, and the baking pan is kind of small and doesn't heat up as well as you think it would. I also considered trying out the larger model (which only had grill plates), but after looking at it in a local store and seeing that it had the same heating system, I decided not to.

However they did a lot of things right, despite not being able to cook very well. The color option was really nice. There is a big, long handle on the front which is AWESOME for lifting the top tray up. The heat setting dial, despite the temperature problem, is a nice touch. And the removable plates are to die for. I miss the light going off on the front when you're burger is done, but it would be a small price to pay if the adjustable heat setting actually worked as well as an electric range. I really, really wanted to love this appliance; it did everything right but cooking. Oh, and the non-stick surface seemed to scratch easily, and I only used rubber and plastic tools on it. Not as durable as my old ones, which I've had for years.

Conclusion? It's okay, not great. I would recommend waiting for the "G6 Grill" or whatever will be next; hopefully their technology will have improved. I'm sticking with my old fixed-plate grills for now. Sorry George!

Best George Foreman Yet, March 12, 2006  BY: JustAnotherReviewer

I had the family size George Foreman grill for almost ten years when the non-stick coating finally wore off. I finally decided to replace it. I originally was planning to purchase the Cuisinart Griddler afer reading all the fine reviews, but while I was shopping I saw this Grilleration. It looks so much like the Griddler that I thought it was the same thing. It is almost identical in appearance to the Griddler, except in red. Some people have said the design is outdated, I think it's very retro looking - which is of course very "in" now. I chose it over the Griddler because it slopes, allowing fat to drain, like the other Foreman grills. I really like this feature. In addition, the grooves are deeper than the Griddler. It comes with an additional flat baking dish, and the two waffle plates and a steak plate. It also comes with a very nice cookbook, better than anything I've received in a kitchen appliance. We followed the directions exactly and had great waffles in 4 minutes. I'm not sure why other people had problems with it. I've never had a waffle iron, but this was no problem to do. I will keep this on my counter full-time, as I mostly like to grill meats and vegetables for meals. It's pricey - which is unfortunate, but it has already got much use in my kitchen, and if it lasts as long as my previous Foreman grill then I should get my money's worth.

An expensive disappointment, October 30, 2007  By: D. Gibson

I purchased this grill for $129.99 in June 2006. Within a few months, the non-stick finish on the Steak Plate & Grilling Plate began turning dull & the food began to stick. I was sent replacement plates & the new ones have held up well. However, now the red paint on the back half of the top of the grill is turning black & peeling off.

This grill has received only light use & I expected it to last much longer than a year and a half (especially for the price). It is out of warranty & I'm stuck with it. An expensive disappointment. I'm glad I still have the original white Foreman grill I bought in 2000. It received heavier use for a longer period of time & is still in great condition.

Read this review before you buy one.., January 5, 2008 By: S. F. Stearns

I owned a George Foreman Grill previous to this one. The only thing I didn't like about it was the grill plates weren't removable. I was very excited to replace it with this one so I could more easily wash the grill.

I have NOT been happy. The top grill plate started sticking to food shortly after I started using it. Now when I grill anything, I open the grill and the food either sticks to the top grill or comes tumbling down and out of the grill.

The waffle and flat grill are worthless for waffle and pancakes. It doesn't get hot enough to make pancakes quickly. It takes 30 minutes to make 9 pancakes. Waffles have never come out in one piece, half sticks to the top plate and half to the bottom plate no matter how long I cook them.

Another appliance for the garage sale

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8. George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill - Reviews

Great for an ELECTRIC grill, March 22, 2005  By: E. Chuang

Before I get into this review, we have to understand the product we are looking at: a George Foreman ELECTRIC grill. George Foreman products are essentially useful variations of hotplates. In this case, the hot plate takes the form of a grill (with a stand, a dome cover, a large cooking surface with raised grooves etc...).

That being said, this product caters to people (me) willing to try a product that is not a traditional charcoal grill, could be useful in smaller spaces/porches, looks like it is easy to use and clean up, could potentially cut some fat (never hurts, right?), and seems like it will work well as a good back-up grill or a quick solution to throwing mini-bbqs requiring even heat distribution without the hassle of buying/lighting/dumping coal. If that's you, then read on...

Here, I'll try my best to outline the grill's pros and cons, as well as do a quick, inevitable comparison it to a traditional charcoal grill.

The pros of this grill basically equal the pros of using hot plates in general:
1) Quick Heat - The whole surface heats up very quickly (you'll be ready to cook in a few minutes after you twist the switch)
2) Design - Basically you have the stand, a bottom dome, the flat grill that sits on the bottom dome, then the lid (top dome). You can easily remove the flat grill part to use indoors separate from the stand, and it also makes for easy cleaning since you can just throw the flat grill surface in the sink.
3) Easy to Clean - The grill surface is relatively easy to clean. Understand, grease is never easy to clean. But in my situation, i wipe off the chunks of grease with paper towels, then run hot water over it in the sink (yes it fits in my sink) and wash it with a soapy sponge. It's basically like cleaning a big oily plate by hand in the sink, however easy or hard that is to you.
4) Space Saving - The bulk of the materials are where it should be: the grilling surface. Everything else (aka the stand) is small and portable.
5) Easy to Assemble - A no brainer. Put the pole of the stand into the foot of the stand. Attach the grilling surface to the bottom dome. Stick that whole thing on the stand. Then put the cover on top. Took a few minutes while I was watching TV.
6) Great Tasting Food - Of course this part is important. I tried cooking everything unseasoned and it just tastes great. I mean, this this one thing I love about tastes good without a lot of seasoning. I cooked unseasoned burgers, top sirloin, chuck roast, was fast, it tasted good, and it had good looking grill stripes on it when I was done.

Seriously, not much that I can think of. If I had to be picky:
1) Could be a little heavy for people with a bad back?
2) When you lift it by the handles, the stand comes out (since they're not really "attached"....the grill just sits on the stand.) So you gotta lift it by the pole of the stand, really...this isn't even a con truthfully.
3) People complain about the grease not dripping into the pan. Well, it's a hot plate with grooves and a hole in it for grease to drip. Of course not all the grease magically swims toward the magical grease drip hole. But still, it works fine...I didn't notice sever grease build-up that stood in the way of my grilling.

Comparison to a Traditional Grill:
Really, there shouldn't be a comparison. Obviously this is not a charcoal grill and should never be compared to one. They are just 2 different things, and so they make food taste different: traditional grills basically fire cook your food through the coal's heat so you get the taste of charcoal while this product essentially "pan sears" your food. I'm a long time lover of all kinds of BBQ, and charcoal grills are great fun, make great tasting food and really cannot be replicated. You shouldn't be buying this grill to ever *REPLACE* a charcoal grill; it should be bought to be a 2nd grill that's great for rainy days or a primary grill if you really have no space and don't have time/space to deal with lighting and dumping charcoal.

Overall, this grill is an electric hot plate with raised grooves that makes great tasting food quickly, quietly, and easily. And for what it is, it's a SUPERB product (and relatively affordable too!). Go get one! I didn't regret my purchase and I don't think you will either.

Pros and Cons of the Foreman Outdoor Grill, June 20, 2006 
By: Joanna Daneman

Let's get right to it:


1. Can be used on decks and balconies where gas or charcoal are forbidden as a fire risk.
2. Small footprint, can be used tableside or on pedestal
3. Foreman (Salton) quality is reliable
4. No gas or charcoal lighter flavor--great if you are chemically sensitive (I happen to be.)
5. Quick heating
6. No need to replenish a gas bottle or run out of charcoal.

Now the Cons:

1. Be careful of the fat drainage; if you clog the hole, it can get ugly, real ugly.
2. On that note, if you have a composite deck--one made of resin and sawdust or even a wood deck, any spilled fat or juices will stain your planks. An outdoor rug or mat under the grill is a good idea--something that will catch drips.
3. The grill really isn't as hot as really hot charcoal or gas and you won't get that char-broiled taste. No different than cooking indoors.
4. Requires an outlet.

This type of grill is very common in Europe, where charcoal and gas are not popular or outright forbidden (for example, in Germany, where fires are taken seriously. In a country where houses are cheek-by-jowl, fire prevention is of primary concern.) If you are in an area that does not allow open fire or outdoor grilling, this is a very excellent alternative.

If you like Foreman grills and you like ribs, get this puppy, May 6, 2002 
By: E. Lambeth (Paso Robles, CA)

Of all the Foreman grills I've seen and used (and I now own three of them), This grill cooks the most food at a time (even more than the Grande sized steel indoor/outdoor that's [money] more expensive), and in my 30 year old house, I've never had a power outage due to the grill. Those who have trouble with the Grill's electricity might want to look into the deeper problem they're having. It's NOT the grill.

Cooking times should be about the same as a gas grill. I cooked chicken, steak, shrimp, and veggie skewers for about 2 minutes a side (for 8 total minutes) per skewer. With the marinade I used, it tasted REALLY good. For steak, go 6 a side. Don't overcook your steak. Leave it Medium rare.

Chicken: 6 minutes a side. Just like steak. I'm talking about skinless, boneless breasts. I haven't tried drumsticks.

For steak, use salt, pepper, accent, garlic salt, and Montreal Steak seasoning on both sides of the cow. Don't use A1, don't use Worcestershire. I swear it'll taste a lot better than the 'burnt' flavor you get from steakhouses who think all it takes to cook a steak is setting it under a flame. Fire shouldn't be your only steak seasoning! And for those who think the Grill doesn't make the meat taste good...well no kidding! That's why you SEASON MEAT. You're cooking on METAL! HELLO!!!!

Washing this thing is a breeze, no matter how long you leave it sitting. I could leave the cooktop sitting for a week, and it'll still be easy to clean. It's easier to clean than the smaller Georges.

Some mention having to turn the meat over when you cook on this grill. That's very true, but you should have to do the same on the smaller George grills, even with the heating element on the top. Even in smaller grills, I ALWAYS turn the meat over halfway. That makes for even cooking. Don't be so lazy. All you have to do is turn meat. Nobody's asking you to cure cancer.

I still use the small Foreman (the family size) for cooking on thick steak at a time or about 3 or 4 chicken breasts. But when I'm cooking for several or if I'm cooking RIBS, I use this dome topped barbeque. It's totally Rockin'!

Drip pan is too small, March 4, 2005  BY: Anelyn G. Pimentel

My only problem is the "convenient" drip pan. Maybe i'm the only one who likes to cook more than one thing at a time; but anyways, the fat and juices of the meat quickly overflowed the tiny drip pan and ran out the bottom making a mess everywhere. The "convenient" drip pan is located under the hot metal plate and you just try and empty it while cooking. Luckily I was cooking outside!! The grill works surprisingly well and the food produced was just excellent. Be aware of this problem or you might not be so lucky.

Assembly and Use is a snap, January 8, 2004  By: Wyatt Allbright

Really Impressive all around. This unit went together with no tools in less than 5 minutes. It cooks great, has adjustable heat setting, a nice long power cord, lid caddy and plenty of room for burgers, dogs, buns... whatever. Very easy to clean - the cooking grill (just rinse and wipe the non-stick surface) and grease trap (pop in the dishwasher) both lift out w/no snaps or screws.

It's a KEEPER!!

Nearly Perfect, November 12, 2006  By: I. Wan (Los Angeles, CA)

Lots of reviews already, so let's not waste your time:

- easy to setup (no waiting for charcoal or having to buy propane)
- easy to clean
- practical. U can use it indoor/outdoor
- No flames, so it's quite hard to actually burn the food

- Doesn't cook the food 100% evenly. Noticed that the area around the thermostat is hotter. Not by much though, but you can notice the grill marks on the food stronger when near the thermostat
- Doesn't get really really hot. If you're trying to cook Brazilian style (large chunk of meat), it might not work out. However, it's great if you cut it into smaller chunks of meat.

I love this so much that some days I use this for lunch and for dinner. There are no pans to clean. Only reason I don't give 5 stars is because it's not even throughout the whole plate.

I can't say enough - great product!, August 21, 2006  By: Clarissa Sarino

Where do I begin? I jumped on the George Foreman grill train about 1 year ago with this grill and I will never get off. It works like magic. I turn it on about 5-8 minutes before I am ready to put the food on it and it never burns or cooks anything unevenly. I have taken the grill tub into my kitchen in inclement weather and the house did not catch on fire or smell like smoke for a week. Indoors or out, this is a great grill. My husband is the typical 'man of the grill' and at first he didn't even want to go near it because it "plugged in and wasn't a real grill." Now I can't get him away from it. HA!

Here's a fabulous grill tip: grill corn in the husk for 20-25 minutes (until you see the outline of the kernels, a bit black) and remove the husks with paper towels and all the silk comes off perfectly. The corn tastes smoky. YUM! I did this on my GF grill and it came out perfectly. Enjoy!

Great grill, May 17, 2006  By: Lysebetta

Great grilling for the price. We used this on the porch this winter. The only complaint that I have is the drip pan is not very large for such a big grill if they fixed that it would be perfect. If your cooking things with lots of drip (fatty meats or ribs etc) be sure to check the pan occasionally. Cleaning is a snap. Its well worth the money.

A perfect steak at 10 below zero!, November 18, 2006  By: V. DeLong (Anchorage, Alaska)

The first time I used the grill, it was 10 degrees below zero. I was absolutely amazed (along with friends and family) on how quickly the grill heated up in the cold and cooked our 1" steaks within 12 minutes total cooking time! I love this grill, and keep it just outside my patio door for winter cooking in Anchorage, Alaska. Now I can bar-b-que all winter long. Thank you for this amazing product! Vera DeLong

Don't waste your money!!!, June 17, 2003  By: J. Dale (Sunrise, FL)

I can only figure that the reviews on this grill were written by George himself. Or somebody that works for thr company. The grill does heat up fast and abide by most condo law, but the good points stop there. The grill does not drain very well. Most food is boiled or fried in it's own grease unless you tilt the grill in numerous directions while cooking. Not recommended! Grilled food is not bad, but in no way compares to taste of gas or charcoal grill. Cleanup is not as easy as expected unless you hose it off in the yard with a high pressure nozzle. Grill surface is too large to fit in most sinks for cleaning. Nonstick coating is pretty good at not sticking to grill surface. After a few months of use it will start to come off while cleaning. I'm back to violating my condo bylaws. It's worth being a condo criminal to have a real grill instead of an expensive hotplate.

Quite Simply the Best Grill I've Ever Owned ..., March 3, 2004 
By: Jan Schroeder

This has become one of my favorite all-time purchases ... and the fact that I got it at a ridiculously cheap price thanks to Amazon's Gold Box offer makes it even better. I was impressed at how easily it assembles (and with NO tools, mind you).

It's blissfully simple and elegant, and has a large cooking surface. And it's easier to clean than the portable George Foreman models because the entire grill surface is not only non-stick but also IMMERSIBLE. I've got my grill sitting in my screened porch. I just load up the grill, close the lid and go back into the house to do something else while it works. It's oh-so-convenient and all the heat stays OUT of my kitchen.

Thanks to the large domed lid, I've even used it as an oven (again, without heating up my kitchen) for roast chicken and turkey. I love, love, LOVE this grill, and you will too.

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9. George Foreman GR10B 36-Inch Nonstick Countertop Grill, Black - Reviews

Not happy with new style
I have 3 George Forman Grills thru the years... This last one I bought cooks hot in the middle and warm on the sides.. the grease runs off and it collects on the underside of Grill, and If you dont turn it upside down you dont see the gunk it collects...just not happy with model.

JUST WHAT I NEEDED, August 18, 2009 By: B. Schmidt

Inexpensive, small, portable for traveling to parties (along with my
mini frydaddy deep fryer), intended for one big hamburger or steak or
2-3 chicken breasts. Heats up fast, 1 minute. Easy clean up (use
plastic spatulas, metal will scratch teflon).

When I ordered, I assumed this was a standard size and did not know
it was mini version - look at the dimensions - but I'm an individual
so this is perfect for me. When I have guests over, I can grill 5
hamburgers separately in < 30 minutes.

Great from the Start, August 10, 2009  By: D. Jane R. %u201CLady Jane%u201D (Penn. USA)

I owned one of these grills back when they first came out. It's always performed better than I expected. Great for a two-person home; it holds just enough for two full meals. Couldn't understand how another reviewer could only fit one item on it?
All in all, it's an easy-to-use, easy clean-up cooker that has always lived up to its promises!

Still a classic..., September 29, 2009  By: Maria S. (Cleveland, OH)

What did we do before George came along??
This was a replacement grill for Mom.... she burned up the cord on the old one (totally her fault) or that one would still be going! This one is VERY SMALL. Two boneless pork chops, two hamburgers if they are small, four slices of bacon, a few dogs, or maybe two pieces of fish. My hubby and I find this too small for us but perfect for one. It is good and hot unlike some of the in-between sizes that never quite heated up enough. For one person or a dorm room (or if allowed) it's great!

Our favorite tip - after taking your food off and UNPLUGGING - soak a paper towel with water and place it inside the grill. When you finish eating, add a bit more water and clean up should be a breeze.

So great to have a smaller George Foreman grill, November 5, 2009

By: Laura B. Hackney Tallahassee lassie

I have a bigger GF grill, but it is so big and bulky and heavy. I needed a smaller, lighter, easier to clean one. I sure got that with the GR10B. It is great. The size of the grill is big enough for a chicken kebab, or two hamburger patties, and preheats in just a couple of minutes. Because it is only four pounds, I can easily take it down from storage when not in use(which isn't that often), since I do not have a very big kitchen. I made some grilled veggies the other night and they were sooo good!!!

Good things come in small packages!, October 24, 2009 By: Southern Belle (MS)

At first, I was surprised by how small this grill was. I didn't think I would be able to grill more than one item, but I was wrong. It is the perfect size for 1-2 people. Two 6-ounce steaks fit perfectly. I would purchase a bigger size if you want more than 1 or 2 servings though.

Perfect Indoor Grill, October 22, 2009 By: B. Kritzer (Philadelphia, PA)

This is a wonderful grill for making one to two servings of food. It is very easy to operate and is quick to cleanup. The only issue I have is that the grill tends to slightly burn the outside of whatever is being cooked. Other than that, it's the perfect outdoor grilling alternative.

not happy with new style, December 1, 2009 By: dad2 dad2 57 (Oregon)

I have 3 George Forman Grills thru the years... This last one I bought cooks hot in the middle and warm on the sides.. the grease runs off and it collects on the underside of Grill, and If you dont turn it upside down you dont see the gunk it collects...just not happy with model

Love Love Love this item!!!, November 14, 2009  By: dg

This is the best thing I have ever bought! It is small so it is great for one person - and I"m sure it would work for 2 people as well., And, it cooks my meat in under 5 minutes. Easy to clean and, I just can't believe I have lived so long without this grill. So much easier and faster than using a conventional oven. And, you can't beat the price. If you want something to help you eat more healthily and that is SO convenient, you should absolutely buy this product........I would give it 10 stars if I could.

great for singles, December 19, 2009 By Brant McClure

If you live alone, or just eat alone, there is no reason to spend a lot of money on a large George Foreman grill, since this one will work just fine. Heats up quickly and is really easy to use. Plug it in and you're ready to go. If you're just looking for something to cook burgers with, this does the job. Lots easier and much quicker than doing something on the stove. I use it a lot more than I thought I would. Wonder how I lived without it, actually.

I Wonder....., December 5, 2009  By: Demolition Man "Carl" (Kendwood, MI)

I'm on my 3RD grille. As a single person it works great, better than dirtying up the stove and a bunch of pans.
Why I'm on my third one? The "non stick" stops working. At this point I'm wondering if the health effect of eating Teflon for 3 years is worse than the calories and fat you'd get from cooking food in a cast iron pan.
A new version of fiber perhaps?

Could be better...., December 19, 2009  By: Mary Roper "Anachronism"

I bought this grill based on other reviews. In retrospect, I should have paid more attention to the problem of cleaning the grill. I would rate it higher if the grill surfaces were removable for cleaning. It does an adequate job of grilling, and is perfect for one or two people. It is small enough to stay on the counter. Sometimes I have found that the grilling temperature is too high for some items, and there is no way to adjust.

poor cooking, December 10, 2009  By: rev4321 (Missoula, MT)

The top grill surface consistently (always) burned whatever was cooking well before the bottom surface was finished cooking. So I would have to open the grill and turn the burger/chicken/Panini halfway through cooking. That really defeats the purpose of having one of these grills.

Also this one is so small you cannot get two of anything on it. It is a single serving grill (that burns the top)

I like the idea of the grill and since it got so many positive reviews maybe mine is defective...

I would look for a higher end grill.

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10. George Foreman Family Size Plus Grills - Reviews

c'mon folks, it ain't THAT good!
, November 4, 2002

By: Eduardo Nietzsche

...though it ain't THAT bad, either!

Pros: quick, easy, no-brainer way to cook, at a very appealing price. Cleaning is easy: let it cool, then pour hot water over it and wipe down with some paper towels. The plastic cleaning utensil supplied is useless unless you use it while the grill is still quite hot, which puts you at risk of burning yourself.

Cons: the drip tray needs to be can be pretty messy having to move the full one out of the way and put the empty one in place.

If you are cooking more than one batch at a time, you will need to clean off the gunk on the grill in between batches, or else cooking time and evenness will suffer greatly.

Despite its double-heating-surface design, the bottom surface is much hotter than the top surface, so you WILL need to flip your food, especially if you're grilling anything thicker than say half an inch (chicken breasts, steaks, etc.).

The only way to achieve the nice browned/charred lines you see in the pictures is to apply addtional pressure to the grill from the top so that the meat will be pressed more tightly against the heating surfaces...this was easy for me since I use it on my balcony floor, so I just put on (shoed) foot on top of it.

There needs to be an on/off switch, so that you don't have to plug/unplug the darn thing every time...what a pain! A "ready" light to tell you when the grill has been preheated enough would also be nice.

The recommended cooking times on the cookbook were often way, way off...which means you have to fiddle around for yourself.

While food grilled this way is still much better than what you get from a microwave, and equal to a conventional oven, it still is not anywhere in the same class as a charcoal or gas-fired grill.

In a nutshell: buy it for the price, speed and simplicity, but don't expect much more than that.

It's slowly replacing my oven!, March 2, 2002 
By: shoe lover

I had wanted to get this grill for awhile, but was still a little leery of its merits. I finally bought it anyway, and so far, have been loving it! I anticipate that during the summer it will replace my oven.

I cook a lot of chicken, either in the skillet, or in the oven. With this grill, you don't have to worry about turning the chicken, watching it, etc. All I really do it watch the clock. The first night I had the grill, I made salmon fillets, and they turned out great.

While I love the grill so far, there are a few things to watch out for. The first time I cooked chicken, I overcooked kind of need to play around with the times in the booklet enclosed with the grill. I also found that I needed to push the grease tray farther back (closer to the grill) than I initially thought. Also, it does get quite smoky, so it would probably be most ideal if your kitchen had some kind of window.

With cleaning, you really do have to do it while the grill is still warm, or it makes it a lot harder to clean off.

I've barely used my oven since getting this the summer it will be great not having to heat up the whole house.

Cooking is easy and tasty with George!, November 20, 2001 
By: yarden "yarden" (Portland, OR)

I bought the George Foreman grill as a joke for my husband (it DOES say "Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine" on it), but we used it for three weeks solid after it arrived. The reason? It's EASY, and the food turns out really tasty!

This particular model is big enough to cook several portions of meat at a time -- it cooks from the top and bottom all at once to cut your cooking time down to mere minutes! The grill is tilted and comes with a trough so that all excess fat is drained away from your food. Pretty nifty! It's also fairly easy to clean up -- you just wipe down the grill and throw the trough in the dishwasher.

We've used the grill for chicken breasts, Boca Burgers, regular burgers, pork chops, steaks, and even bacon strips (it's GREAT for avoiding a bunch of messy bacon grease). It cooks even frozen meat in a relatively short period of time, and it cooks it thoroughly. It's easy to throw something on the grill, sprinkle some seasonings on it (BAM!), and let it cook for a few minutes while you fix the rest of the meal. It is hard to overcook things, and it's fun to have grill-lines on your food.

It took me awhile to believe the hype about the George Foreman Grills, but they are easy to use and deliver good results. In fact, this might be a good way to introduce your older children (12 and up) to rudimentary cooking. The George Foreman grill would be great for people who don't have a lot of time to cook & clean, who aren't yet confident cooks or don't have a lot of cooking experience, or for anyone who wants an easy way to make a tasty meal!

So long, but no thanks for the fish, February 5, 2005 
By: bensmomma "bensmonna" (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

You know how you go through an infatuation period with a new kitchen appliance? Then it gets put in a storeroom and falls out of your life like an old boyfriend or girlfriend. It happened to our pastamaker, our ice-cream maker, but I don't think it's going to happen to our George Foreman grill. I really think it's going to occupy prime kitchen counterspace forever.

The main reason is that it is extremely versatile. It grills meats easily; everything comes out firm on the outside and juicy on the inside. But it is also a dandy sandwich-maker - it makes the world's best grilled cheese; the cheese and bread undergo a kind of spiritual transformation and become as one.

Do yourself a favor buy a really good loaf of bread, spread it with a little olive oil, and make the world's best toast.

But - although it does an excellent job with fish fillets, you use it for this purpose at your peril. Even though I scrubbed it daily it took five or more days before my toast did not taste like Charlie the Tuna. So no fish would be my advice (or, get the newer Foreman grill with the removable grill plates, which presumably could be de-salmonized in the dishwasher).

take it from the meat guy, July 18, 2001 By: rick simpson (Reno, NV)

I work at a butcher block at a major grocer. One of my suppliers brought me one of these grills to use for demo cooking. My first thought was "Yeah, right. I can kill this in a week." That was 19 months ago, and its still going strong. Since then, I've bought 5 of this very model for myself, my kids, and my parents. A no-nonsense appliance. Best thing since the toaster.

Food as GOOD as any RESTAURANT!!, May 11, 2002 
By: Joel L. Grandelan (San Diego, CA)

I wish I could give the George Foreman grill 50 stars....... I originally got this as a gift from my mother. I'm an entertainer and am on the road a lot, but she knew that when I was here I cooked for myself, my grown foster son and his two kids.

What a great gift! This is one product that EXCEEDS the promises made by its advertising. There are a couple of reasons why you should order this grill immediately...and realize this is coming from someone who is NOT a professional cook (in fact, I'm a professional ventriloquist...and I'm not kidding...check my reviewer's profile):

1)COOKING EASE: All you do is lift up the top, plop the food on it, and the cooking is underway.
2)EVEN COOKING: The top and bottom of this grill are heated so it cooks evenly.
3)RAPID COOKING: Anything you cook on it will cook a lot faster since you have the upper and bottom grills cooking it. Your cooking time in some instances is half what it would be on another device.
4)LOW FAT: George Foreman was not exaggerating. YOu can see the fat, excess marinade, etc. drain out.
5)FOOD QUALITY: Everything tastes better on the grill.

I've used this grill to cook grilled cheese sandwiches, hamburgers, veggieburgers, steaks, etc. Chicken comes out sublime. You can slit a hotdog or sausage in half and it grills beautifully. So do vegetables.

I also now like two things I never liked before due to the grill. On the advice of a local health food store, I cooked fish marinated in a fresh Italian dressing on it. I don't like fish..and this was GREAT! I also marinated boneless pork chops (also not my favorite) in Italian dressing and used it on the grill. In both instances the grill cooked the fish/meat evenly, quickly, and excess marinate was grilled off so I had truly juicy, quickly made, absolutely delicious food.

This is the BEST investment you can make for a modern-day kitchen. It's so easy you can teach older kids (fifth, sixth grade) to cook on it. Again, this is even better than it's advertising says it is. A MUST to own and great to gift (I can attest to both of these claims!).

Quick & Easy, March 29, 2006  By: Marianne K. Mak750 (Terre Haute, IN)

I have owned this George Foreman grill for a few months now and have used it quite a bit. It's small enough to grill for one and big enough to grill for four. I have followed a few of the recipes included and the meals are very tasty. I only use HALF the black pepper suggested in his recipes because he really likes his black pepper much more than I.

I DO have one suggestion for eating your meal while it's still hot. Unplug the grill after you're done grilling. Wet a couple of paper towels and sandwich them between the top and bottom grills. This keeps the cooked residue from hardening while you eat your meal. The heat and wet paper towels keeps the grill moist and so much easier to clean after you've finished eating.

Great Purchase, May 22, 2002  By: DH

I've had the George Foreman Grill for about a month now, and generally speaking I am very pleased with it. It's satisfying to see all the fat drip to the bottom tray when cooking. I'm a vegetarian but cook meat for my kids, and it feels good to be able to provide them with meat that has less fat. I like the style of the griller. It looks sleek and modern and fits into the kitchen decor. It cleans relatively easy. It heats up okay and maintains a hot steady heat. We have cooked a variety of foods in it now and the results have always been excellent. On the negative side, watch out that you don't burn your hands on the black plate that you can see on the side when the grill is closed. (I suppose this can be said of most grills). Secondly, make sure you keep the power cord away from the back of the grill when cooking. A little device to prevent the cord touching the grill when it is hot would have been nice. Maybe next model, eh George. My wife and I spent a lot of time checking out the different grills available, finally settling on Georges. We are not disappointed. Highly Recommended.

Great idea but disappointed!!!, January 8, 2004  By: A Customer

I am on my second GF grill and that is where it ends!! I love the idea and it's a great and fast way to prepare meals but I am going to have to find another brand with a better reputation for their non-stick surface, hopefully with removable plates and just a better design for the grease drippings.

I thought it was perhaps just bad luck but I had the same issues with the second grill as well. First the grease drips down under the bottom side of the grill and runs down the leg and onto my counter no matter how I have the drip tray positioned I always have a small puddle of grease under the front feet of the grill and on my counter. Second the non-stick doesn't last long at is at the point where I can't get all of the residue off, very disappointed.
Now I am on a mission to find something to take its place, hopefully I have better luck this time.

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11. George Foreman GRP46P 72-Square-Inch Grill with Nonstick Removable Plates - Reviews

Mess maker, November 13, 2009  By:Ige Gustavson (Denver)

won't drip into the drip tray, instead all the grease wraps around the underside and drips all over the counter. cooks fine, but takes twice as long to clean up the mess as it takes to cook. tried to get ahold of the company and they offered no help whatsoever. won't buy again, even tho i loved my original model (which i can't seem to find anymore).

Went from good to bad to worse, September 8, 2009  By: Pcpro

Was looking to replace my older foreman grill that died after 2-years, most of the new medium/large foreman grills are 72-square inches, a few are 84-inches and larger and twice the price of this one. This grill is listed as 1000w and cooks meats, fish, pork, hotdogs perfectly, only small issue is sometimes bread or fish will stick to the surface, lightly use non-stick spray on the grill beforehand to avoid it.

The gill can hold two burgers and nothing more as the surface is little small, it's good for 1-2 persons. The grease drips down on the plastic tray and heat disperses out of the back, no smoke problems, have not had any issues cooking anything on it. Has removable plates which is a huge bonus, after grilling, wipe them down when there still hot with a sponge and soap, let it sit in the sink and all the grease/junk, etc will come off easily. Don't put them in a dishwasher. Also, do not use metal pads as the coating will come off. The plates snap back on very easy too. Used this 20 times with no issues of the plates falling off or unable to put back on.

My only complaint is george foreman needs to make this grill bigger to cook 4 burgers at once and all new models should have not only removable plates, but reversible.

EDIT 9/18/09
After using this grill for about 30 times now, the coating is wearing off and everything is sticking to it. Have not used anything abrasive, just a sponge and soap. unit is going back to the store.

Giant puddles of grease on my countertop, September 8, 2009 
By: Eliande (USA)

We got this grill to replace an older model Foreman Grill (with no removable plates) that had finally given up the ghost. It's a little small, but cooks most things just fine, with one glaring, horrible exception: BACON. The few times I've cooked bacon on this grill, I've had to deal with an enormous puddle of hot grease that stubbornly refused to flow into the drip try. After some careful drip tray monitoring, I can only assume that the grill's removable plate design creates alternative channels to help hot bacon grease flow onto my countertop, instead of into the drip tray. Thus leaving me with the entertaining chore of wiping up grease from all over my kitchen countertop and from the bottom of the grill itself. So if you choose to buy this grill, DO NOT COOK BACON ON IT. Unless you need to grease up your countertop.

love this grill, January 30, 2010  By: Sue G. Munoz (Brookshire, TX USA)

love this grill, it is so easy to clean compared to the one I have. It cooks fast and we are so glad we decided to buy this one. If anyone needs a grill this one is a geat price and is just the right size.

I love this grill, January 30, 2010  By: Louise M. Choate

It's a perfect size. Heats up well and really doesn't stick. I can take out the plates and clean. I also bought the speical scrubber/sponge which I used on messy melted cheese.

george foreman model# GRP46P, January 27, 2010

By: William A. Lamar "ex-truck driver" (Keytesville, MO USA)

This is my 3rd george foreman grill. They have all been good. Each one has been a differant model so we will see if it is as good as the other two. I recomend them for fast cooking with less grease.

Cooks well, but messy, January 12, 2010 By: Cuthien (TX, USA)

I got this as a gift for Christmas and was extremely excited to use it. However, upon use, we got grease everywhere- there was no drip tray included even though it was supposed to come with, nor was there a spatula. So far, not a great start.

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12. George Foreman 360 Electric Nonstick Grill with 5 Interchangeable Grill Plates - Reviews

Be careful
..., December 30, 2008  By: CD (Las Vegas, NV)

I have had 3 Foreman grills over the years, first I got the Champ for college, then I moved up to the Next Grilleration, and now its on to the 360. The 360 has really stepped it up a notch. The multiple removable plates make this grill the one to have I think. I have made a massive omelet and it turned out perfect. I made quesadillas and they turned out perfect. I made chicken and once again came out perfect and had the classic good amount of drippings. Every plate worked like a charm and cleanup was so much easier. than the previous models i think. I look forward to using this grill for years to come!

Okay run into my first issue and its a BIG one. For some reason the area made to hold the plates on have gotten warped or bent after their first use (assume it was after I had set it to its highest and had cooked some chicken). I'm not sure if its from the heat or what but the top plate will no longer stay in place!!! I locked the plate in place to cook some chicken, lifted it up 2-3 times and it was fine, but I opened it up once and the plate popped off and ended up falling to the floor as I wasn't about to catch the thing. The plastic handle shattered and now any plate I try in the top does not seem to sit right and pops off after use :( I'm not sure what to think at this point, I was really impressed at first but after this debacle I'm not sure what to do with the thing as its now junk if I can't put any top plate on without it falling off.

not as good as earlier Foreman grills, January 1, 2009

By: E. A. Jones "movie buff"

I've used and loved Foreman grills for years. I had one of the first generation grills and then replaced it with one that had removable plates. This 360 version is my third Foreman grill, but it is by far the worst of the three, although there are still some good points to it.

The first and biggest problem is the temperature. It just doesn't get hot enough! Nothing gets brown and if you have to cook in batches, it will cool off so much by the second batch -- even if the green light is off -- that the food takes forever to cook. (The light goes on and off during cooking, on meaning it is heating and off meaning it has reached the correct temperature.) So far I have tried quesadillas with the quesadilla press plates and the tortilla never got brown and crispy. The grill plates were used a few times, once on fish which didn't get those attractive grill marks that previous Foreman grills would have imparted. I used the grill plates again on bacon-wrapped shrimp and had several soggy pieces of bacon even after cooking for over twice as long as required.

A second problem is that some plates don't have a good fit. The top grill plate is very loose and wobbly even when it's connected properly. I made a pizza in the grill (using refrigerated dough and homemade toppings) and while it tasted just fine, the top grill plate didn't fit right and the lid wouldn't close properly. The back part of the pizza near the hinge was dark brown while the front part of the pizza was hardly brown at all.

Another problem is the size and the short power cord. Because the unit is round and has the handle on it, it takes up more counter space. You don't have a flat side to scoot up next to the wall as you could previous versions. Also, the unit is quite tall and you can't open it fully when it's anywhere near a cabinet. Combine these size issues with the extremely short power cord, and I almost have nowhere in the kitchen to use this grill.

The good: The plates do wash up nicer than in earlier Foreman grills. The pizza won't stick to the pan at all, and the marks in the quesadilla press are pretty handy. It's an attractive unit. The handle is bulky but otherwise handy.

I think this is a great idea for a grill, just executed poorly. Part of the appeal of a tabletop grill is to get grilled taste and appearance indoors, and the 360 simply doesn't achieve that.

This grill is amazing!, November 26, 2008  By: S. James GRILLMASTER (Chicago, IL USA)


Get one..., November 26, 2008  By: S. Melgar

It is worth every penny! I wanted the latest from George because I know that it knocks out the fat and thought I would give this 360 Grill a shot. Now i'm cooking so much more right in the grill...I dont even take it off the counter. Its like a one stop shop. I didnt notice the adjustable angle at first, but once i looked at the manual i thought what a clever flattens out so that you can griddle or make pizza on the grill (I have not made a pizza yet, but cant wait to get creative!)

A grill, not an oven, January 3, 2009 By: Rex Kullmann

I'm going to get all my all my gripes out of the way first. Several reviewers have already talked about the annoying sticker. I pulled mine off with my fingers and used Goo Gone to get the remainder.

The operating temperature of the grill varies widely. I used an infrared thermometer to measure the heat the grill produces. On "high" the temperature tops out around 450. But the temperature must drop by over 200 degrees before the grill cycles back on again. It's not unusual for modern appliances to have swings of 50 degrees or more, but 200 degrees is a lot. It explains why the grill seems slow at times. If you want your food to be done quickly, put it in the grill just as the green ready light goes off, when the grill is hottest. One good thing, the grill was uniform, never varying more than 20 to 30 degrees from edge to edge. No cold or hot spots.

The round shape and large size means that this grill takes a lot of room on your counter. When you try to stand it open, you find it is too tall to fit under overhead cabinets. The only way it will work in my kitchen is to place it directly in front of the outlet I want to use (it has a short cord), and turn the unit 90 degrees so that the hinge is perpendicular to the edge of the cabinet and the lid opens left to right allowing it to clear the overhead cabinet.

Even while you're using the grill, you must store the extra plates. They're over 12" in diameter plus the handles, and they don't stack easily. They're too big to store vertically in some cabinets. The manual warns not to use metal instruments on the Teflon surfaces, so stacking the plates against each other would seem just as bad. I used paper plates as a cushion between the grill plates.

There are 5 interchangeable grill plates. Two quesadilla plates, an upper and a lower grill plate, and a bake pan that is used with the upper grill plate. So there are three configurations you can make; quesadilla grill, regular grill and bake pan. Of these, the bake pan is the least useful. With the other configurations, the upper plate comes in direct contact with the food, greatly speeding up the cooking process. With the baking pan the top plate radiates heat to the food, but doesn't touch it. A frozen pizza, a DiGiorno Ultimate Thin Crust, took nearly an hour to cook, about three times what it would take in a regular oven. The crust came out crispy, but also tough and thick. All in all, the George Foreman Grill is best when used as a grill and not an oven.

Still, for all these gripes, I'm only taking away one star because what the grill does well, it really does well.

Hamburgers, the most obvious food to make in a grill, come out perfect every time. I have to admit, I was surprised how much fat came off a single 1/3 pound patty. The same is true for steaks. There is a difference in flavor when foods are pan fried in their own fat and when they're grilled. As an amateur cook, I appreciate appliances that make cooking a no-brainer.

By far, though, my favorite thing to do with the George Foreman Grill is to press sandwiches. My favorite? Shaved brown sugar cured ham, shaved beef salami, provolone and creamy italian dressing on a ciabatta roll. After I assemble the sandwich, I put it in the grill and, for a short time, I use light pressure on the lid to press the sandwich. It doesn't take a lot of pressure, gravity does most of the work. I'm eating one of these sandwiches as I write this. It's crunchy on the outside, hot and gooey on this inside. It makes me wonder what other varieties would be good. Ham and cheddar with ranch? Plain old grilled cheese? Mozzarella and pepperoni with pizza sauce? I bet that would turn out far better than a frozen pizza made with the bake pan.

Sometimes the sandwiches spill over, but the removable grill plates are dishwasher safe. The manual warns that the backs of the plates will darken in the dishwasher but I can't imagine why anyone would care. The back of the grill plates aren't finished anyway. The accessories (drip tray and spatula) are dishwasher safe too. About that spatula, at first it seems like a flimsy afterthought. Once you use it, it seems well though out. Perfect for, say, scooping a pressed sandwich off the grill.

My experience with this George Foreman Grill was a lot like this review. I didn't really like it until I used it enough to discover its talents. It's not a baking tool. (I wish it weren't marketed as such.) It's a poor pizza oven. But It's a great grill, a great sandwich press, and fun to boot. I think it would be fun to invite friends over to assemble and press their own sandwiches.

I recommend it if you have three or four mouths to feed. For one or two people consider a smaller model.

Would Have Been 5 Star If Not For The Ridiculous Sticker, December 3, 2008 
By: The Johnsons (USA

I too was so excited to get this grill and cook up something for dinner the day I got it. Unfortunately, there is a paper plate sized sticker affixed right to the top of this unit that clearly states to remove before use. The sticker did not come off easily at all. Just as you start taking it off it rips so you move to another section and start peeling and it rips again leaving sticky gooey glue behind that is very difficult to remove. After two hours, and using several different things to lift the stickiness we were finally able to use the grill. We made quesadillas and they were awsome! I can't wait to make pizza and to grill up some steaks. All around the grill itself is fabulous, but the person who decided to slap that huge sticker on there should be forced to remove every one from these grills themselves.

Great Grill but be carreful w/ the sticker!, December 8, 2008 
By: Douglas W. Decampos (Miami, FL)

I am pleased w/ the grill that I purchased. It does a great job grilling meat and vegetables, paninis, sandwiches and baking pizza. It is really easy to exchange the plates and it is very easy for cleaning. I am very impressed with the non stick plates, it works really well with grilled cheese. The inclination angle feature is very helpful to get the fat out. Two things I did not like which avoided it to receive 5 stars from me:

1- There is a very large sticker attached to the entire top of the unit w/ a very strong adhesive. I spent hours trying to remove the sticker and then the adhesive from my new grill and I had to scratch it with the plastic fork and windex. I was very disappointed with this unecessary and unresponsible ad. After 3 weeks is gone.

2- The grill cannot be in a 180 degress position like the Cusinart in order to grill with/ the top opened.

Overall is a good product and I am very happy w/ the following features:
1- Faster to heat and cook;
2- Easy to exchange and cleaning plates;
3- Inclination tool to help on the fat flow;
4- Non stick at all plates
5- Design

Great grill. Read the manual first., December 20, 2008 
By: Truth Seeker

I just got my George Foreman 360 and I was very surprised that the chicken breast were cooked through in so short amount of time. I kept cutting off pieces to make sure there was no pink uncooked meat b/c I couldn't believe how fast they were done. This is my first GF Grill and I can't wait to try more recipes.

FYI: Read the manual though. Even though the cookbook says to use cooking spray, the manual states "aerosol cooking spray should not be used on the non stick surface because the chemicals that allow the spray to come out of the can build up on the surface of the grill plates and reduce their efficiency" Instead it says to light oil the cooking plates.

Huge Cooking Surface, Low Fat, Easy Clean up - What's not to like?, December 23, 2008  BY: A.M.Boughey (Rochester, MN)

UPDATE - added January 2nd 2009

Several reviews have complained about the sticker, I removed mine with a hairdryer - I had a small amount of residual glue which I removed with Goo Gone - DO NOT DO THIS OR USE A PETROLEUM BASED CLEANER - It took the black paint off the lid, I have now have a nice smudge on my brand new grill !
Apart from that the grill itself has been a joy and I have been using it successfully now without any problems. Steak, chicken and quesadillas all cooked beautifully.

I've owned a Foreman type grill in one form or another since they came out years ago, and have resisted the temptation to "trade up" every time they improve the design or add new features.
Grilling indoors will little mess, cooking with less saturated fat, retaining flavors and an easy clean up makes using these grills a sensible option, here's how the GRP106QPGR makes it better:

1) Huge cooking area, I mean big! You can do all the meat together not a piece at a time like on smaller models

2) Removable plates - the BEST improvement they made on previous models is carried over to this model, clean up is a breeze.

3) Slide temperature control, older models were either on, or off - sometimes it was difficult to get that thick steak "just right" now you can grill to order!

4) Nice stylish modern design - I just threw that in as a plus, but it does look cool, and is also a conversation piece. Overall 5 stars, get one, cut the fat, cut the clean up time, keep the taste!

Get one...heat the sticker first with a hair dryer., December 13, 2008 
By: Steven D. Jones (Houston, TX)

Great product. Best one I have used yet. The sticker is an issue after reviewing the other reviews. Here is the trick. Heat the sticker with a hair dryer first, catch an edge of the sticker with your finger nail and pull slowly. When heated just right the sticker simply pulls free. If it doesn't, heat the area your pulling on until you feel it release and continue until you remove the entire sticker with no residue left behind. I heated the entire sticker first then grabbed the edge, and continued to heat the sticker from where I was pulling first. Sticker came off easily in one pull. The one thing I was disappointed in was the product packaging. The shipping box was perfect but the packaged box had evidently been wet and had come apart. I can't believe that they would ship what was said to be new to arrive in this kind of condition. This was a gift to a family member and kinda of embarrassing to explain. The product however is fine and would highly recommend it.

Several Design Flaws, January 1, 2009  By: Jeff A. Fisher

I too had an issue with the HUGE sticky label that was difficult to remove. The power cord was too short constraining choice of cooking area. The handle jutted out too far making it impossible to open under standard cabinet clearance. When you close it the platters do not meet correctly unless jostled into place.

The plates were easy to clean, fits in the dishwasher just like a dinner plate and the plates heat up quickly holding the temperature well. The unit is very attractive. I returned this unit because it was just not practical for my kitchen.

Big Red, April 17, 2009  By: JonBoy (St. Paul, MN)

I purchased this grill in December.
The quality of construction is adequate. The manufacturers chose to make it as cheaply as possible while still having a "good" product. They probably could have spent about 50 cents more per unit to make it feel more substantial, but it actually is okay.

It works fairly well but does not seem to heat well enough to truly sear anything. Perhaps that is a limit of the griddle(s) size and 120v.

My biggest peeve, (and it's a big one), is that the grill comes with a large full size advertising decal covering the round black plastic top you see in the pictures. The decal is IMPOSSIBLE to remove. If you try to peel it of, it comes off in microscopic sized pieces. I worked at it for an hour before I made the huge mistake of getting the bottle of goo-gone. Did I mention the top plate is made of (cheap) plastic. Well the goo-gone took off the decal but also messed up the plastic top so now it looks like h#ll. All in all, I'd say the grill would be great in the 70 to 80 dollar range.

George Forman 360 grill, January 12, 2009 By: Sheila K. Long (Aline, OK)

I cooked several items like steak, hamburgers, quesadias .. none got grill marks or even got brown. Hard to eat grey food. Does not get hot enough to make appealing foods. Waste of money .. sent it back.

WARNING!!! DANGEROUS!!! DON'T BUY!!!, February 5, 2009 
By:  B. Call

I, too, wanted this grill with the removeable, washable plates. What a mistake! It's junk! I only used the thing twice and the plate fell to the floor both times. Then my husband used it, same thing happened only the plastic handle broke off for him. It's dangerous and now useless. Oh I'm sure I can contact GF for a replacement plate, but that won't solve the problem of the next one falling off too. And of course it can't be returned because not only is it too late but I trashed the original box which is required for return. I'm very upset with this purchase. If it were possible, I'd give it -5 stars! DON'T BUY!!!

A Brilliant Addition to Any Kitchen, December 25, 2008 
By: C. Power %u201CHal Emmerich (Nova Scotia, Canada)

For starters, the people who talk about the sticker are absolutely right. The sticker affixed to the top of the unit is very difficult to remove and will likely tear. Furthermore, the adhesive needs to be washed off, as you'll likely leave some on it. Having not washed it thoroughly enough, I noticed some smoke when first heating the unit, but this went away in a matter of minutes.

The removable plates are sheer genius. For anyone wondering, both the top and bottom plates release, allowing you to clean top and bottom without the unit attached. It does have far more space than any previous foreman model I've seen, and the unit has a very sleek, modern design. Having made Christmas morning eggs, they were cooked to perfection using the baking pan. I can't wait to see if it will do french fries.

Lack of recipes is a legitimate complaint, but the manual does list cooking times for a lot of things. From there, its presumable that you need to find your own recipes beyond a few given, which is fair. When you buy a stove, you don't expect them to show you how to make an oven roasted turkey. Also, many websites offer guides and tutorials, so they aren't exactly hard to find.

All in all, the Foreman is a great buy, though Amazons price may not be the lowest you'll find... Highly recommended, and the faults mentioned above are quickly ignored. On a final note, the handle makes opening the unit easier, but also requires more space than you may realize. Anyone with low kitchen cabinets above their counter may want to consider if they can actually open it.

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13. George Foreman GR144 144-Square-Inch Nonstick Family-Size Grill - Reviews

Jack of All Trades!, October 3, 2009  By: Elizabeth Hall

Got this George Foreman grill as a gift. Promptly grilled sausages last night, bacon this morning, a panini this afternoon and hamburgers this evening!
It's a super versatile appliance - heats up rapidly, cooks food evenly and swiftly. I like how it comes with 2 drip trays to catch all the fat you won't be eating! Also the two spatulas are helpful. Will be using this constantly! Can't wait to try salmon, veggies, etc. Only drawback - short cord - but understand that could be a safety feature. Love this grill!

George Foreman-FAMILY SIZE, February 1, 2010  By: C. Martin

I bought this for my mother. It is our family's first George Foreman grill, but I couldn't imagine what use the regular size one would have unless you are living alone and cooking for just yourself. Within a few days after buying it my family has already made bacon, chicken, and steak on this grill, and it's been great.

washing, December 23, 2009  By: P. Albrecht

We like it - it is what we expected. Not fancy. Cooking on is not complicated, but is nothing special as well. Worse part is washing it - it is not small and does not fit nicely in the sink, so cleaning is hard work. I am not disappointed - I was looking for the cooking surface.

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14. George Foreman GRP72CTB G-Broil Electric Nonstick Countertop Grill, Black - Features

one of the easiest appliances to use and clean, February 4, 2009 
By: A. Boston (Boston, MA USA)

We previously had a smaller george forman grill with a little blue dome on top for 'bun heating'. It was hard to fit food for 2 on it. Despite that, we pretty much wore it into the ground and decided to get a larger one, specifically this model because we desperately needed removable plates and the extra space.

I tend to use the GF grill when I'm eating home alone, because it's super easy to use and makes a fast dinner - throw your chicken on, make some cous cous and peas, and you've got the perfect meal(in my humble opinion). A sore spot was created by the old grill, because darn it, I just HATED cleaning it. and if I didn't clean it after each and every use, my boyfriend would mention it without fail. His pet peeve is that I didn't always clean it immediately, my pet peeve was that I had to clean it at all.

One thing I've heard is that it doesn't get as hot due to the removable plates. I would agree with this, but I don't really consider it a "con" of the appliance, just something I noticed. It gets hot enough and still gives a nice color and grill lines to your chicken or whatever you're making. A few new features I love: For starters, its much nicer looking then the old style grey/blue one we had. It's sleek and sexy - if that's possible for an appliance. There is an on/off switch, the drip tray actually conforms to the machine and fits snug right under the front, no more getting knocked over by accident. It also has little latches on the side to lock the top and bottom together for easy storage. And last but not least, the miraculous fact that the removable plates are DISHWASHER SAFE!!!!!!!! ( I swear, the angels just came out and made that angelic chorus of ta-da type music).

I am no longer in trouble for not cleaning the foreman. yay!! I would buy another one of these in a heartbeat. I think it makes a great gift and is a staple in any type of cook's kitchen(we're totally both amateur home chefs).

Nice grill, May 18, 2009  By:Vee (NY)

The George Foreman CRP72CTB G-Broil Electric Nonstick Countertop Grill is fantastic. The food grilled on it always comes out nicely grilled and tender with no uneven cooking. Most cooking times are under 10 minutes which is great. Most of the grease from the food drips down into the drip tray so the food comes out moist and tender without being greasy.

The clean up is excellent. The plates are removable so it's easy to take them to the sink to be washed. The grill is really nonstick unlike other manufacturers who claim to have nonstick grilling surfaces that really aren't. Soap and water is all you need and charred food comes right off. Since I have a small countertop and I never have enough room in which to work, I like that I'm able to clamp the top and bottom of the grill together and have it stand up. Therefore, as it's leaning up against the wall, it frees up counter space.

If the grill had a temperature adjustment setting and a larger grilling area, it would be perfect. However, even without the temperature control, food grills up wonderfully as long as you adhere to the cooking times in the provided manual. These cooking times are dead on. Food is never undercooked or overcooked.

Love Removable Grills!, June 3, 2009  By: Deb (Florida)

I had an older GF grill that was a pain to clean because the grill areas were not removable and I got tired of going through part of a roll of paper towels each time to get all the gunk off. This new one is a snap (literally)! There isn't a real need to put them in the dishwasher; just wash them down with some hot soapy water, rinse and dry, and they are good to go. It won't beat a grill outside but it does good on the kitchen counter!

Great aid in the kitchen, May 31, 2009  By: Esther E. Arosemena (Luperon DR)

I had the smaller GF Grill for years and loved it. This one, however, has several advantages over my old one. For one, since is bigger, you can prepare meals for four. The top lifts to accommodate "bulkier" food,(thick hamburgers, for example). Cleaning is a lot easier for this model since the plates are removable and practically wipe clean. And the time it takes to cook anything is surprising!! I've cooked 3/4 inch filet mignon wrapped in bacon in about seven minutes, (medium rare).
Believe me, with the summer upon us we are going to enjoy this grill!!

the best purchase I have made in 6 months and I like to shop, October 15, 2009  By: K. Steinmann (Missouri)

I just can't get over the speed that this grill will cook a frozen chicken breast, it is incredible and very easy to clean too!! I love it!!

New Foreman Grill, September 30, 2009
By: priss2121 (Alexandria, VA)

I bought this to replace an older model GF Grill, it did not have removable plates and the paint finish had started peeling off! So far I am very pleased with this purchase. I really like the size of the grill--not too small, not too large, just right for two or three burgers. The plates are great and easily removable for cleaning. It also stands up and locks in to place for easy storage. Now for the few cons: It does not have temperature control, just an on/off switch so you need to adapt and watch cooking times closely. It also does not seem to get as hot as my old Foreman. It's not really a problem though, since it does cook from both sides simultaneously, I just add a couple minutes to the cooking time. All in all I am pleased with the purchase and would recommend it to a friend.

Inside grill, January 31, 2010  BY JJ (CA)

Excellent Product. Cooked Hot dogs, hamburgers and Steaks. Steaks were great, but be sure to pre-heat to 425 before putting the streaks on. Grilled Cheese was not good, the cheese smooshed out because of the lid, but I'll make them on the flat grill I have. But great product except for grilled Cheese.

GF Grill, January 1, 2010  By:V. Weeks

I ordered this grill for my DH for Christmas this year. We have used it almost daily since it arrived. Every thing we have grilled comes out perfect. Love it!

One of my favorite xmas gifts, December 27, 2009  By: Aaron Bachler

I received this GF grill for xmas and I couldn't be happier. I've never had one before and I was worried about burgers tasting funny or not being cooked properly. Neither has been a problem. Burgers come out well done after about 6 minutes on the grill and taste great. Cleaning it up is a snap too. I only wish it could make 4 burgers at a time instead of 2 but at the speed it makes a meal, making more is not a problem.

Great Appliance, December 6, 2009  By: L. Driscoll

This is great for quick meals. My family and I use it a couple times a week. Our food turns out delicious. I like the lifted top to melt cheese on our burgers. Heats fast and love that it stands on end. Best of all it is easy to clean.

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15. George Foreman GRP72CTTS G-Broil Grill Supreme Electric Nonstick Countertop Grill with Digital Timer, Silver - Reviews

Disappointed with quality/service
, September 16, 2009
By:C. Waryas

We bought this appliance in July and used it 3-4 times. We were delighted with it, and took care with how we used, cleaned, and stored it. We took it out of the cupboard yesterday to fix dinner, lifted the ld, and the top broke off--the metal actually broke at the back hinge! On top of that, it wouldn't even turn on, so we had to haul out a frying pan to fix dinner. I can't seem to find any way to get this repaired/replaced, so we're out $80 for about use with about 4 dinners. I am very disappointed!

I love this grill, March 17, 2009  By: Carol Ann Snodgrass (Tacoma, WA)

I really love my new grill! It's so very easy to clean. Everything about it shouts "user friendly". From the removable plates to the tilted bottom so it will drain to the front, to the locking feature so you can stand it up for storage. I haven't found a single thing I dis-like about this product.

Super Time Saver, April 4, 2009  By: Sally Santos (Richmond, TX)

grilled salmon fillets last night per instructions on my George Foreman Grill Supreme. They turned out just the way I wanted them. This is a great grill for a couple that would rather have a home cooked meal after work vs going out to eat. The clean up is a snap.

great item, April 23, 2009  By: Gene Dell grill guy (Seattle, WA)

I got this product to upgrade from my older, smaller, original George Foreman grill. I use it frequently, and it's wonderful, especially the fact that it's very easy to clean.

Perfect appliance, July 23, 2009  By: James Max Baer (Nashville, TN)

I gave this to my son-in-law for Christmas last year and he and my daughter absolutely loved it. So, I just bought one for myself. Ordered this past Sunday and received this Tuesday without paying for one day shipping! Cooked a ribeye last night and it turned out perfect. I followed the cooking instructions included for medium rare, 5 minutes, and it was superb. Clean up is a breeze. The digital timer is a great feature. I recommend this for one or two people.

Replacing my George, July 29, 2009  By: Robert E. Terry (Palos Verdes, CA)

Just replaced my old George with this new one. It is smaller than my old one, but a better size for two people. The removable heating plates are the best of the improvements. They snap off easily and can be soaked in the sink. This eliminates alot of wear and tear when cleaning the non-stick surfaces. The timer function is nice too, but the beeper pitch is so high only dogs can hear it. Maybe I need a hearing aid. The other handy feature is that it folds up and stores against the counter wall, leaving more available counter space. As for the cooking, It works just like the old one.

newer, better Floating hinge is best part, July 4, 2009 By: Pen (USA)

Had a previous foreman, (actually bigger, but with less "float" to hinge), but handle broke and replacement part too expensive, so replaced with this model. Best part is a newer higher, wider range floating hinge that allows top plate to sit flat on meat, instead of an angle just at the back portion. Smaller size has not been a problem.Use daily, great handy appliance.

Foreman grills, August 16, 2009  By: Steve Porretta (Burbank, CA)

nice grill. Works well. Cleans up easily. The timer is okay but doesn't turn anything off. Major drawback: size size size. This grill would be great if you could order it in a larger size, even at a higher price. This will accommodate two normal size, hamburgers. A larger size would accommodate three hamburgers or two good-sized stakes.

Bought it for $49 at Target, November 4, 2009 By: A. Tullos (Houston, TX)

I have used this 2-3 times since I bought it at Target on October 17, 2009 for $49. I really liked it the first two times, and yesterday I tried to broil some cheese onto tomatoes, and the upper coil did NOT heat properly. This is the "George Foreman GRP72CTTS G-Broil Grill Supreme" model.

IT'S OK, October 10, 2009  By: Bridget Fredrich (Texax)

It is really small, I wish I would have got the larger one for les money, not really impressed with the digital timer, the adjustable hinges are not really all that. It cooks good, just should have gotten the simpler one for less money.

Dont waste your money on this grill, August 25, 2009 
By: K. Ansley (Orlando, FL)

I was so excited to get this grill, I was so wrong. It is a horrible grill. Burns every piece of meat I put on it. Smokes up the house to the fire alarm on my 12 ft ceilings coming on. No matter what, chicken, fish, pork chops. it burns the outside and inside is still under cooked. I am hope-ing the 360 with temp control will be better. This is my first George grill and I had high hopes. I have the Big George rotissery and it awesome, however this grill really is horrible, cant do anything with it. Dont waste your money.

The older grills where better, September 30, 2009 By: Captain Don (Florida)

wish I could return it for an older model. Hard to clean other than the plates. When heated it smells the like the fish I cooked on it from the last time I used it. I've cleaned it and cleaned it again. I will not purchase another Foreman Grill.

Great product, September 9, 2009  By: W. F. Hart WFH (Spain / Florida)

We can't have a grill on our condo balcony, so we bought this. We bring it in each night after cooking. Food tastes great - almost grilled flavor. Easy cleanup. Only concern is that the teflon wears off the high points, but that's not a significant issue so far. For the money we are completely satisfied and can recommend this product.

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16. George Foreman Next Grilleration 4-Burger Grills with Removable Plates - Reviews

Does not heat high enough to sear, July 14, 2007 By: Martin P.

I owned a first generation George Foreman grill and loved it. When it broke I purchased this one. Unlike my first, this one does not get very hot even after a long wait. The upper unit does not get past warm. The bottom unit will not sear or even cook at a reasonably high heat. The top unit is useless so you have to turn your food to have it cooked on both sides. A fry pan on a stove top does a better job.

My grill went out with my garbage pickup 3 months after I bought it.

Easy cleanup but should get hotter, January 22, 2006 By: Victor H. Agresti

We bought this model after dropping and breaking our ($[...]) George Foreman "Champ" grill.
- The removable grilling plates come off and go on easily, and cleaning them in the sink or dishwasher is a breeze. The base unit doesn't even get dirty!
- Non-stick grilling plates are sufficiently large to cook hamburgers for three or four people.
- Fat drips into the provided tray with no leaking out the back or sides.
- Floating hinges allow varying thicknesses of food to be held tight on the top and bottom.
- Total time to cook, once unit is fully heated, is faster than broiling the burgers in our electric oven and the grill uses far less power.
- Light enough to hold with one hand, for easy storing.
- Unit lacks a thermometer and temperature control, neither of which is needed for most things. Price is lower as a result.
- Easy, fast, and inexpensive method to cook many foods (chicken breasts, burgers, hot-dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, etc.).
- The first time we used a Grilleration to cook hamburgers, we put them on when the temperature light said the grill was hot (around the 7 minute mark), as per the instructions. Instead of grilling the burgers, it slow-cooked them. We suspected this was happening, since there was no "sizzle" sound while cooking. The worst of it was, the burgers had almost no taste, as though they had been baked. Next time, we let the grill heat up for a full 15 minutes before putting the meat on. The plates got much hotter, and, as a result, the burgers sizzled. They also tasted much better.
- Even pre-heating for 15 minutes, this model doesn't get as hot as the $[...] George Foreman Champ model. Further, the plates don't stay as hot during the cooking cycle as the cheaper unit, especially if the grilling plates are covered with food (e.g., 4 hamburgers). This is easily discernable as the "sizzle sound" dies out as the cooking progresses. There are two reasons the Champ gets hotter:
1. The Next Grilleration heating coils heat the sealed base unit, and transfers heat to the removable grilling plates, which are touching the base unit. The Champ system is more efficient, as its heating coils directly heat the non-removable plates.
2. The 760 watt Champ cooking area is 42 square inches, or 18 watts per sq. inch. The 1000 watt Next Grilleration cooking area is 72 square inches, or 14 watts per sq. inch. (That's 1000 claimed watts. According to a Kill-a-Watt meter, our Grilleration actually draws 955 watts.)
The Grilleration would need to be in the 1400 watt range to cook as hot as the Champ.
- Foods needing high heat to grill taste better with the hotter operating Champ model.
- Champ's cooking area is 42 sq. in. versus 72 sq. in. for the Grilleration.
- The Champ is a pain to clean since you can't submerge the base unit, whereas cleaning the Grilleration plates is simple.
If taste is most important, get the Champ model, or, if it's too small, buy two Champs (for less money than one Grilleration).
If ease of cleaning is most important, buy a Grilleration or other [larger] unit with removable grilling plates.

FABULOUS!, May 11, 2005  By: Jessica %u201CKitchen Gadget - "Gourmand" (NY,NY)

When our small original George Forman gave out I bit the bullet, and decided to spend the money on one with more bells and whistles. GREAT DECISION! My husband uses this almost every day to make a burger, chicken breast, etc. I used it tonight, to make fabulous Tilapia filets which took no time and almost no effort (sprinkle w/ Emril's seasoning and grill for five minutes). THE BEST PART.... REMOVABLE GRILL PLATES! I've put these in the dishwasher and washed by hand. No problem and worlds better than the old model with the fixed plates. I'll use this appliance even more now that clean up is no longer a chore!

Works well for me!, October 28, 2005  By: lphan

I'm a college girl just getting into cooking, and I've made salmon, burgers, and even bacon on this grill. Having someone say "This salmon was seared perfectly!" the first time you've ever made it is a great feeling! You really can't mess up with this thing.

Pros: The removable plates make clean up pretty easy. My burgers come out perfect every time.

Cons: I wouldn't call this non stick. Everything you make leaves something on the grill, and you really need to get scrubbing to get it off the hot plates when you're done (I find scrubbing the grime off the plates when it's hot is a lot easier than waiting for it to cool). It's also hard to clean the crevice where hinges are (but it's an open hinge, so solid thing that aren't sticky usually fall through).

To the reviewer below: The reason why everything comes out scorched is because you HAVE to wipe down the HOT plates with something to clean off the grease from your last batch--if you don't clean it off, it just transfers BURNT to your next one.

I really don't mind the cleaning so much, and the convenience of having a grill in my small apartment to cook on outweigh the cons for me. I certainly couldn't get a charcoal BBQ up and running.. now imagine cleaning that!

A significant improvement over the originals, October 21, 2005 
By: Mark S. Holden (Monroe, CT USA)

We got one of the original George Foreman grills several years ago as a gift, and it took us a while to actually try it, but once we did, we ended up using it fairly often for hot dogs, hamburgers, and pork chops. It was convenient - though clean up was a bit of a hassle. These new ones solve that problem.

I note the new one seems to take slightly longer to warm up - possibly because of the removable plates don't transfer heat from the elements quite as efficiently as ones that are permanently attached, but it's only a couple extra minutes, and once warmed up, it's fine.

Normally I put everything I can in the dishwasher, but I haven't bothered with the plates on this grill yet as they really are very easy to clean with soap and a brush under hot running water.

Another improvement on the newer ones is the hinge allows for thicker meat. We make thick burgers - and used to have to flip them front to back to get even cooking - this is no longer required. Overall, it's much nicer to work with than the first one we had.

Update: after six months, it's still working well, and the non stick surface on the cooking plates is still easy to clean without bothering with the dish washer.

The Champion of Grills, May 4, 2005  By: James E. Carroll (Cape Cod, MA)

You will not find a better indoor grill anywhere at any price. This grill with its removable grilling plates that can be tossed in your dishwasher is the best of the rest. It has a sleek design, plenty of room for burgers; with its floating hinge you can cook steaks and chops too. The grilling plates come off and reinstall very easily. If you liked the earlier Foreman grills for the way they cooked, you have to buy this one for the ease of cleaning. You can enjoy your favorite foods grilled all year long!

The Knock Out Punch, March 19, 2005  By: M. Brewer (Memphis, TN)

This is the best grill out. It is so easy to clean which was my major complaint with the old Geroge Foreman grills. I had the old one but almost never used it because of the inconvenience with cleaning the cooking surface. Since purchasing the GRP4 I now eat at least one meal a day cooked on it. Now the only fast food I eat is cooked on this grill!

A KNOCKOUT!!, August 30, 2005  By: Reanas Mom (Raleigh, NC)

I love my new grill. This is the first George Foreman grill that I've even owned and I love it! I just love the removeable plates! I also love the large grilling surface. Although, I can' only put 3 1/4lb burgers on at a time, I still love it! It grills them up in no time and its always cooked thoroughly! I have not had my grill that long, so all I've made in it is burgers, but just for that, its great! After all is cooked, I just remove the plates and put them in the dishwasher along with the drip tray and its all cleaned! My mother has an older version and complains all the time about having to clean her grill. I'm glad I don't have that problem.

If You Marinate It Will Taste Good!!, July 29, 2005 By: A Kids Review

I don't do the cooking with this grill. My job is to clean it and before this we had the grill that did not have removable grills and it was hard to clean. It took me forever to scrub it that I was tempted on many occasions drop it on the floor in hopes it would break so I wouldn't have to scrub and clean it anymore! so when we got this new grill and I was able to remove the grills it was so much better and easy to clean and I love the new grill!

Some reviewers are complaining about their food not tasting good and I think that some of those reviewers are expecting to just throw on a piece of meat, chicken or fish and it's magically going to taste great.

PEOPLE: You have to marinate the food first with a tasty marinade sauce that is either home made or a prepackaged store made marinade. Just let whatever you are going to cook soak in the maranade for a while and your food should taste great!

Convenient and easy to use., September 16, 2006  By: Bart Motes (Miami, Fl)

I was a skeptic about this grill. The whole concept seemed kind of goofy to me. Now, after eating a perfectly cooked salmon fillet this afternoon, I wonder why anyone who doesn't have the room for a traditional grill would go without one of these creatures. The cooking was simple and the cleanup was tremendously easy with the removable plates. Of course, you do not get some of the wonders of a real grill: that smokey flavor, the ability to cook large amounts of food all at once, and, of course, gathering around this grill with a few friends and talking and drinking while you cook is pretty awkward. But what a great product!

I think this is a great gift for anyone living in an apartment. Parents, if you're sending your kids off to college and you want a way to encourage them to eat more healthily and cheaply, this grill seems like a real good nudge in that direction.

Update: A few more comments, a bit more negative than my original review. I still love the grill, but I have to note that clean up definitely needs to be done immediately. Otherwise, it gets really tough. Also, I've already put a minute scratch in the non-stick. And, while it cooks fish incredibly well, it seems to retain a fishy odor. Part of this may indicate a need to be especially diligent in cleaning not just the removable plates but the edges of the grill. I didn't notice splatter at first on those parts, but it definitely has had some splatter. This is a bit more awkward to clean up, especially since the exposed grill parts remain very hot for a long time. Still, overall, knowing what I know now, I would still happily make the purchase. Happy grilling!

The one thing that would improve this grill would be an on/off switch. I think I get why the original one didn't have a switch--the makers didn't want you washing it over a sink while it was still plugged in. But with removable plates, this is no longer a concern. You can probably get an on/off switch to plug the grill into pretty cheaply at a hardware store, which would eliminate the sparking that sometimes happens when you unplug it. Otherwise, very pleased with it!

Much better than previous Foreman grills, June 7, 2006 
By: Danial Castimore (Homer, AK)

I had a standard Foreman grill for about a year, and never used. When I did use it, it sat on the counter for days because cleaning it was such a pain in the neck.

I got this grill about a year ago and use it all the time. The removable plates make this an indispensable tool. When you are done cooking, just toss the plates into the dishwasher.

I also have some feedback after using it for a year. I actually wash mine in the sink more often than in the dishwasher because it is so easy to do. I do recommend stocking up on the George Forman sponges because they only last a month or two, and they work much better than anything else I have found.

I have had some Teflon come off the bottom plate, but not enough to make me upset. 2 or 3 small scratches, and 2 holes about half the diameter of a pencil. In fairness, the holes are on top of small bumps which are the contact point between the 2 plates.

Overall I am very happy with this, and would recommend it to anyone.

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17. George Foreman GR50V 50-Square-Inch Nonstick Grill with Variable Temperature Control - Reviews

Love It, December 16, 2009 By: Sacheen Peacock (Brooklyn, NY)

I thought it was going to be bigger than what it was, but it works great just the same. I love it and I cook on it everyday.

I could only find one review for this grill.

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18. George Foreman GRP54G Family Griddle with Extra Griddle Plate - Reviews

, December 12, 2009  By: Barganhunter (Chicago, IL)

No words can describe how happy I am with this purchase! I was looking to replace my old Foreman grill that I had for many years. I chose this one because it offered convenience! It is a breeze to clean it with its dishwasher safe non-stick removable plates! The adjustable tilted leg lets me control how lean my food will get. It comes with an extra griddle plate which allows me to make food that you wouldn't normally be able to make on a grill (e.g. I make delicious omelets on my Foreman grill). Because that extra griddle is deeper it doesn't squash my leftover pizza! Its sleek design will fit in every kitchen. The grilling surface is larger therefore it takes a while to heat it up to the grilling temperature, but that gives you the time to prep your food/table. I love, love, love this product!

Best George Foreman On the Market, February 3, 2010 
By: R. Johannes (Central Iowa)

I had looked for quite some time to replace the George Foreman Grill that we were currently using. I wanted something that was easier to clean that could be put into the dishwasher or submerged into dish water. After researching other models, I decided to purchase another Foreman grill and this one came with a griddle plate too, so that was an added benefit. Thus far we have been very pleased with the purchase. The removable grill plates are fantastic for cleaning. I like the ease of using the tilting function of the grill to drain fats from the meat. The griddle is too small for making my large pancakes, but for a few slices of bacon & a couple of eggs, it is okay. This is an excellent purchase for two or three person family and I would definitely recommend it. There is no problem with storage and if you desire, it is attractive enough to sit on the counter. My only complaint would be the length of the electrical cord is too short. Another foot longer would have been nice.

this was a replacement..., October 19, 2009  By: Ty ms-t (Gardena, CA)

..and I'm glad I bought it. I love the removable, interchangeable plates. I noticed that it takes longer to heat up, when compared to my older, smaller George Foreman grill. Still, I'm pleased with it so far.

George Foreman Grill all that was expected, October 19, 2009 
By: Cecila R. Schlup pokes fan (Laramie, WY)

This grills meats in sufficient quantities for family dinners. Then you can use the griddle for breakfast the next morning. Works great

Just what I wanted!, June 27, 2009 By: JBlackwell reap100 (Texas)

This product is exactly what I needed for grilling several pieces of meat simultaneously. The grill surfaces clean up easily, too.

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19. George Foreman Super Champ Grill - 50 sq. in. (GR12) - Reviews

Look for a Better Product, February 22, 2008 By: Rufus Quail

I have been using this product for a few years. I keep meaning to replace it with a better one.

This grill does the job as far as cooking, but cleanup is a hassle. The juices don't drip neatly into the plastic collecting tray. The juices miss the plastic tray and flow across the bottom of the unit, dripping onto the counter. It makes a considerable mess.

For my next purchase I will pick one with cooking plates that can be removed for washing. It should have an efficient system for collecting drips. I've been looking at the Cuisinart. Not only does it have removable trays, it has a variable heat setting.

Lean Mean Cheap Grilling Machine, March 14, 2008 
By: M. R. Reynolds (Tulsa, OK USA)

Super Champ Limited Edition First impression: We've cooked fish and chops so far. The grill officially heats up in 5 minutes but actually seems to heat up in 3 to 4 minutes according to the orange light on the lid. The owner's manual says to open the lid after cooking with a pot holder. We didn't need a potholder. You MUST put a kitchen towel under the grill to catch cooking splatters. The grease catcher does catch all of the grease coming off the bottom grill. I think the bottom grill gets hotter than the top grill. You are warned to not unplug the grill with the orange heat light on to avoid sparks. I unplugged the grill with the orange light on and didn't see any sparks. The book doesn't say to use or not use a product like PAM. My dear wife's attitude is if it doesn't say use it then don't use it. The little spatula is very handy. The grill cooks very quickly. The grill uses 800 watts.

Tip for easier cleanup, April 4, 2009  By: D. Stinger (Southern USA)

Just after you unplug the grill after cooking, pour a small amount of water across the bottom grill. Be careful; it will turn to steam quickly while it's loosening any stuck-on drippings. Then, using a wadded WET paper towel, wipe the top and bottom grills clean. Again, be very careful not to burn your fingers--those grills are mighty hot. The manufacturer would rather you wait until the grills are cool, but my way works fast and cleans thoroughly. I do love this appliance for the way it cooks burgers (80 percent lean), boneless chops and boneless chicken breasts (the latter two marinated first). Good size for two people. Would buy it again.

Works Great - For a Short Time!, December 6, 2008 By: anoldman

We received this grill as a present and loved it at first. It was great for bacon, sausage and burgers. Trouble was, the non-stick coating soon started coming off. We took good care of it and only cleaned it with the plastic spatula and paper towels. Searching for a solution turned up lots of similar complaints too. Save your money and buy a different brand!

Love concept but want larger unit with removable plates, August 22, 2009 
By: Loretta

I had been skeptical about all of the George Foreman grills until I tried this one. It works great. I've had it and used it every day for 6 months and the coating is fine. Not sure why one reviewer had trouble with the coating. I use Pam for grilling fish and it's great. In fact, it cooks fish faster and better than anything I've used before. The first time, I overcooked the fish thinking it would take longer. I followed the enclosed recipe for marinated veggies and they were delicious. For the price and size, it's great. I think removable plates would make cleanup easier. And sometimes I want to cook more than one thing at a time. So, I'm looking at the larger models right now. I'll continue to use the Champ for smaller items or one-item meals.

A must-have for my kitchen, August 7, 2009  By: DMC (NY)

This is my third grill and when the last one wore out I was lost without it. I like the smallest size which is hard to find to I went up a notch and find this one is not overly large for my needs. So glad to have found it!!

My Super Grill :), February 3, 2009 By: K Branker Kendra (Tampa, FL)

I received the George Foreman Super Champ Grill for Christmas of'08. I wanted it because I knew that my diet for 2009 would require more cooking than I was equipped for. As a college student, this grill naturally stood out because I'm able to essentially make everything from hamburgers to chicken and shrimp to steak. But most importantly, I needed a quick cleanup! This grill provided all of these things.
I've had the grill for over a month now and couldn't be any happier,just last night I had 6 hamburgers in about a half an hour, and then took an additional 10 minutes to clean (after letting the unit cool). All the yucky grease and what not from my foods drip neatly into the provided tray. I've been very careful to use the included plastic spatula or any other plastic or wooden utensil that wouldn't scratch the stick-proof surface. And I have yet to experience any problems with food sticking... Anyway, this grill is great for college students, because it cooks food quickly, takes up minimal space and best of all cleaning is a breeze!

Did the job and did it well, August 30, 2008 By: M. Garneau (Michigan)

I thought about getting a George Foreman Grill for ages and never got one until now. I grilled a chicken breast and it cooked just like it was supposed to. The grill is large enough to cook for a couple of people and the little dripping collector caught all the grease without any problems. Cleanup was simple with a wet rag. Well worth the price.

Awesome, January 18, 2010  By: Cristina Brady (Charleston, SC)

If you are looking for a way to cook a quick meal, this is the item you want. every house should own one. I even cook french fries on it, and they are done in about 5 minutes. Love it!

Good basic George Foreman Grill, November 16, 2009  By: Rick T.

I replaced my small George Foreman grill with this one. It is about 40% larger, but at under $20 it cost about the same as the small one. It works just as well, takes up little counter space, and is big enough to cook for two people.

Great purchase!, September 12, 2009  By: C. Weeks -TheLoneWolf (NY, USA)

It's a nice grill, works as advertised. So far, I've done a few turkey burgers and a few pieces of chicken breast. Both were done within minutes. The scraping tool they give you is kind of useless. Also, I think it takes a little more work than they advertise, to clean it properly after use. Besides those trivial issues, it's a great grill to have, will do exactly what you need it to and in quick fashion.

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20. George Foreman GGR200RDDS Round Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill - Reviews

It's okay, February 25, 2008  By: JP

I really wish this was easier to clean. I thought that all possible new Foreman grills would have the feature where you can remove the silver plating and just wash those versus washing the whole thing.

I had the newer Foreman grill where you could take the plates out and just wash those. You have less worry of getting something else wet besides the plate you need to actually wash.

I've only used it once because it was so awkward to wash. The marinated pork chops were good and tender. It did suggest a heating time but I don't think it was cooked well enough. I had to insert one of those temperature forks in to make sure it was cooked.

The assembly was easy. I did feel the cord was too short. Otherwise, it's okay.

Smaller than the original GGR50B, April 28, 2008 By: DJ "hate2clean"

I bought this to replace my 5 year old George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill that just simply was used to death, and I loved it. This one is fine, but it is smaller than the original one (my first clue should have been the reduced price) and it is a bit harder to remove the grill plate to clean it. It has a clip underneath, for safety I suppose, but I find it awkward to remove. I really like the new one, too, but I am not happy it is so much smaller. It does fit into my sink for cleaning better than my old one since it is smaller. Just a warning if you are looking to replace the original model and want the same size, order GGR50B, not this one.

Great indoor/outdoor grill!!, December 11, 2007 By: Sisi (MO)

I have had this grill for years and I love it!!
It comes apart easily for cleaning and heats evenly..
I like it so much that I bought it as gifts for family and they love it too...
Its great for winter grilling when its too cold to grill outdoors or for a person that lives in an apartment or condo..

versatile electric grill, February 22, 2008 By: N. J. Schreffler (Fenton, MI)

Sits on removable stand. Easily used indoor or outside/ with domed cover.
Comes clean easily. Probably takes 5 min. to cleanup. I have used for
hamburgs and steak. I find it works well with or without the top. Good
value. I would give it 5 stars if it could be a bit hotter.

Great for apartments or condos, December 30, 2007 
By: slightly curious "slightly curious"

Most apartments and condos don't allow gas/charcoal bbq grills to be used. I bought this product and it is my new best friend. It is a breese to clean and it cooks fast. Though it will never replace the gas/charcoal grills, it is a heck of a backup.

Electric Grill is even better than I had hoped., July 12, 2009 
By: L. R. Gallt (Downers Gove, IL)

I read a lot of reviews about the George Foreman Electric Grill. Many said they bought it because they live in apartment and can't have open fire. Some said they bought it to go outside, but it never left the kitchen and they use it all the time! I thought that was rather ridiculous and was sure that would not be me. Much to my surprise, the grill has not left our kitchen either!! It's great; fast to preheat and the food cooks very quickly and is extremely tasty. It's fun to cook table side! I did not think I would grill good quality steak on it, because I thought it would taste as good as a charcoal grill. Again, I was wrong. The steak was delicious. In fact, it took less time than the directions led me to believe. A thick steak, cooked to perfection in 12 minutes! We have made chicken, pork and fish and all were very tasty. There is no vent in the hood top, so food cooks quickly and evenly and there is not a lot of smoky smell lingering long into the night. It's "non-stick" surface takes awhile to clean thoroughly. That's the only Slight disadvantage. We are very pleased with the product; much more so than we ever expected to be! I never had an interest in the George Foreman table top grill, so this was a complete surprise that we like it so well.

Just what I needed!!!, May 29, 2008  By: Larry Ahlers (Eureka Springs, AR)

Received my George Foreman grill today and love it. I live in a townhouse with a 4x6 "balcony" and gas/charcoal grills are not permitted. This unit fits neatly in the corner and also sits nicely on my stovetop under the hood. I think it provides plenty of heat and my ribeyes were delicious!!!

Great grill!, March 31, 2008  By: Edwin Cisneros

Again, George Foreman products are a best buy! This is a great grill, extremely easy to ensemble and to use. I haven't missed any bar-b-q weekends since I bought it. The only reason I gave it a 4 star is that it was a little smaller than expected.

Not what I expected, February 25, 2009  By: Evie Dettling (Yuma, AZ)

The grill doesn't seem to get hot enough. Although the surface is no-stick coated, because it cannot be submersed, it's not that easy to clean. There is no vent in the hood so steam drips all around the unit on the floor/counter.

Greatest thing on Earth for apartments, August 3, 2009 
A Kid's Review

My co-worker had bought this item and I couldn't resist to get one for my self. I went to many different stores and could not find it until I went onto I love to grill, being a latina who loves certain foods that only taste good grilled I had to have this. Since I live in an apartment and no grills allowed on balconies, really made me depressed, until my grill came and I have been happy ever since.

disappointing , June 30, 2008 By: Jennifer mateo dealmaker (Marysville, WA)

I had purchased the original George Foreman Round Indoor/Outdoor Grill about 5 years ago. We were ready for our 2nd grill so I bought one. I was very disappointed. Our original grill was much better quality in the body. It allowed the user to take the grill out and actually wash it thoroughly if one was careful not to wash the plug unit. But the new one is just a cheap knock off of the original. The drip tray is in the new one is much better, but that is really the only positive comment I have on this grill.

Great For Indoor Grilling, February 6, 2010 By: Richard Glaze (Doniphan, MO)

Tried steaks the first time and came out dry and tough. I used an oven thermometer to read the temps for the number settings and next time the ribs were great. I agree with some of the other reviews, this can be a little difficult to clean.

Love this grill, November 1, 2009  By: Andrew J. Anderson (Washington, DC)

I have had one of these for years and love it, my aunt wanted on and I could not get a better place and price to by one except on and the best thing it was shipped right to her house at 500 miles away within a short quick time 3 days. Thank you.

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21. George Foreman GR10ABW Champ Grill with Bun Warmer, White - Reviews

Useless Bunwarmer Feature, April 3, 2001  By: A Customer

The grill itself is as advertised BUT the bunwarmer feature on top is useless. It is literally too small to insert more than one bun at a time and is too shallow in that it actually "squashes" ONE bun that has been inserted in halves. This was a normal sized bun, not a large one. If I had it to buy over again, I would go with the cheaper model without the bunwarmer feature on top. It would be the same grill without the useless bunwarmer.

A great little grill for BBQ fun indoors, April 24, 2001 
By: mst3k junkie (Charlotte, NC)

I've been watching George's informercials and regular commercials since they first appeared, and I've always been tempted to buy a grill. They were kinda pricey, so I never did. But then, I got one of the small grills with the bun warmer as a gift, and now... I AM HOOKED! I have every intention of buying the extra large grill as a result of the fun I've had with this one.

What you've heard about the grills is all true--they're really easy to clean, they cook food incredibly fast and evenly, and food really does come out as juicy and tender as the commercials show you. Tell you how good it works: I decided to grill skinless, boneless chicken tenders one night for dinner, but they were frozen solid, and I had a group of surly, hungry family members waiting. Just as a gamble, I put the tenders on the George grill to THAW them a little. Well, they thawed all right and were completely cooked in about 8 minutes. Color me surprised!

I've done steak, pork chops, chicken, and shrimp on this little grill, and with each use, I get better and better at gauging the cooking time. I do recommend that you use cooking spray to further the ease of cleanup because spices and marinades tend to blacken (or even burn) where the ridges press into the meat, and cooking spray will slow/stop that. As there's no temperature control on this model, everything cooks at max power, so time is of the essence in making sure what you're cooking doesn't blacken too much.

The bun warmer does just what it promises--warms. No worries about burning the bread because it doesn't toast; it just makes your breads nice and soft. I enjoy the color choices for the lid with this model--I think it's a fun little extra that gives some personality to a simple appliance (I recommend the purple). There's a spatula and drip tray included, and you'll find that the spatula is better used as a scraper than it is for anything else--it makes short work of removing stuck-on food, etc. You'll be stunned to see just how much fat drains away from your food.

If I had to come up with one negative point about the grill, I'd say this: it's not hard to burn yourself on it. The heated surface extends to the sides of the grill, so if you go to move the whole unit, it's really easy to char your fingers.

It's a great introduction to the George Foreman line of grills! The price is incredibly reasonable, and the machine works so well, you'll be glad you got one.

This baby makes quick & tasty food!, November 20, 2001 By: Yarden

I bought the George Foreman grill as a joke for my husband (it DOES say "Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine" on it), but we used it every day for three weeks solid after it arrived. The reason? It's EASY, and the food turns out really tasty!

This particular model is small, and will only cook one or two portions of meat at a time. However, the grill cooks from the top and bottom all at once to cut your cooking time down to mere minutes! The grill is tilted and comes with a trough so that all excess fat is drained away from your food. Pretty nifty! It's also fairly easy to clean up -- you just wipe down the grill and throw the trough in the dishwasher.

We've used the grill for chicken breasts, Boca Burgers, regular burgers, pork chops, steaks, and even bacon strips (it's GREAT for avoiding a bunch of messy bacon grease). It cooks even frozen meat in a relatively short period of time, and it cooks it thoroughly. It's easy to throw something on the grill, sprinkle some seasonings on it (BAM!), and let it cook for a few minutes while you fix the rest of the meal. It is hard to overcook things, and it's fun to have grill-lines on your food.

It took me awhile to believe the hype about the George Foreman Grills, but they are easy to use and deliver good results. In fact, this might be a good way to introduce your older children (12 and up) to rudimentary cooking. The George Foreman grill is a great choice for people who don't have a lot of time to cook & clean, who aren't yet confident cooks or don't have a lot of cooking experience, or for anyone who wants an easy way to make a tasty meal!

George Foreman GR10ABW Champ Grill with Bun Warmer Review, January 30, 2001  By: john doe (San Jose, CA)

After seeing this thing on the Superbowl commercials, I just had to have one. So I went out and purchased one of these things. I LOVE it! It works the same way that the original did, but this time there is a bun warmer included on the top of it. The only negative that I could find with the product was that the bun warmer tends to dry out the buns a bit, but if you add a little bit of water, it tends to steam the buns - if you would like your buns steamed. Other than that, this is a great product and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

do not buy this grill, buy the new version!, February 7, 2005 
By: Chino Racino Someone You Can Trust (Philadelphia, PA)

like this grill a lot but cleaning is awful. There is a new George Forman Grill out called "George Foreman GRP99 Next Generation Grill with Removable Plates" that will be similar this grill but with removable grill plate for easy cleaning.

Too small for more than one person but it works well, February 9, 2002 
By: D. Mancino 

I was unsure about the George Foreman School of Cuisine but my sister (who has a big one) raved about how fast and easy it is. She's right. It IS fast. It IS easy. But the Champ is just a wee bit too small to get down to business with if you are cooking for more than one person. I wish Salton would add a variable temperature control to its design, which is a good one. My main tip for cooking on it is to turn the food once as the top plate does get hotter than the bottom one. The bun warmer is a joke.

Overall, if you are one person and not looking to cook a feast, this size of Foreman will do you fine. Try marinated grilled shrimp or portobello mushrooms on it. It does a fine job.

Useful, compact means of preparing veggies., March 31, 2005 
By: A. Loebs jannel43 (Twin Falls, Idaho)

From the outset, I bought this machine to make healthier foods i.e. veggies for the family and it does not disappoint. So far I've grilled onions and I've done asparagus and sliced yams in a teriyaki-style marinade. Everything cooks up quickly and evenly. Keeping the grill veggies-only means I'm less concerned about whether food residue is left behind. (This grill IS a bit hard)

One of those products you have to try to believe it!, January 17, 2005 
By: Charles Bittner (Seacoast New Hampshire)

This is my review of the George Foreman GR10AWHT champ grill. Not a real fan of the bun warmer version. The lid kind of flaps around and seems flimsy to me. But the grill is amazing love it. Excavation .

The George Foreman grill is one of those items you see it yard sales per $10-$15 used maybe once. It's one of those items that people think is a hoax-a hack, but amazingly it's one of those items that works. The fact that you can get a brand new one for $15 is amazing. Sometimes you can even get a brand new one on Amazon for 10 that's crazy go nuts!

It is my recommendation buy one of these grills and make grilled cheese. It's amazing, done in less than seven minutes, or try a frozen chicken breast from frozen to juicy and done in less than 10 minutes. Perfect for bachelors or moms with bachelors in training or moms married to bachelors. You get the point. So give it a shot perfect in what it does. I liked it so much upgrade to a larger size (know I didn't buy the company), and I use it everyday.

And yes I do know that he has six children named George crazy go nuts.

Not as advertized, August 30, 2004  By: Stephen Hayden (Landover, MD)

The grill marks on the top are very shallow, making this device better for panini than for grilling meat. If that was what it was advertized for I'd give it 3 or 4 stars. The plastic cleaning fork is worthless, and the non-stick coating begins to flake after 6 months. The barely raised ridges on the top makes the top of your meat evenly brown & dry without the grill marks. The bottom is not nearly as cooked as the top, and has the best marks near the opening where the grill lines are raised to form "teeth" to hold the meat in. When the grill started flaking, I went back to the Cast Iron grill I can put over 2 burners & control the temperature. I still use this grill for grilling panini sandwiches, as it makes the bread nice & toasty. Not reccomended for meat unless you make sure they are even & level. Not very fun to clean.

bad nonstick coating, December 13, 2006  By: Steven (NYC)

i used to use this whenever i was grilling a type of meat or vegetable, but it always burns them and leaves other parts uncooked if other pieces arent uniform in thickness. this is not grilling because the heat is only transfered from those protruding grill lines which burn anything your cooking to simulate grill marks. all my marinades burn and get stuck to the grill. you definatly need to get a cooking spray because if you brush it on it will come right off. this is bad because i like to use olive oil, but even if you put it into a spray bottle it still likes to drip off. cleaning this unit is a chore because you cannot soak it, and it takes a bit of time to cool down before you can pick it up and go wash it in the sink. you also have to hold it at weird angles(upside down even) to avoid water getting into the unit especially the top half. the surface isnt really non stick and requires some scrubbing with a soft sponge. the bun warmer is useless, your better off having the grill open and placing you buns on that. the only thing that this thing does well in is make grilled sandwiches, the bread doesnt burn really but does get good marks if you butter it lightly.

if does take out alot of the oils but also alot of the juices because everything is being pressed, it is not a time saver, if you have a decent stove at home use it, the cleaning time will be comparable and you wont get transfers of taste or burnt bits onto other dishes. also the teflon nonstick coating has been questionalbe as a carcinogen in studies.

if you want something nonstick at a decent price get circulon, they make some decent cookware with also raised ridges that helps with reducing the amount of oil needed to cook.

Just Buy It. This thing works great!!!, August 14, 2002 By: J. Burns (El Toro, CA)

Just Buy It. This thing works great. I got one 9 months ago and I quit using anything else to cook meat since first use. It makes cooking meat easy, fast and easy to cleanup after. It drains off lots of fat. As a bonus the meat tastes better, far better than oven, frying, microwave or convection oven. I use a lot less steak sauce and katsup because the meat tastes good. I've just bought two more from Amazon since the price went down from the first one I bought. This thing actually lived up to and far exceeded all the ads and hype.

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22. George Foreman Removable-Plate Grill - 72 sq. in. (GRP4B) - Reviews

Cooks great but leaves a terrible mess!, June 26, 2009 By: Midwest Daisy

I got this grill a few weeks ago and love the way it cooks food. Boneless chicken breasts are fully cooked, tender and juicy, in about 5 minutes. The removable, dishwasher-safe plates are something that the GF grills should all have... nothing could be handier than that. There is no timer, though, so you'll have to use the manual as a guide, then make notes as you go of how long it takes each particular food to cook. For example, the chicken is done in 5 minutes, while it took about 7 for a 1/2 pound hamburger patty, and close to 10 for a slab of boneless pork shoulder ("country style"). I actually gave up on bacon after a while because it's too thin and the top plate won't help with the cooking. It's nowhere near as effective if both plates aren't cooking at once. So I finished off the bacon in the microwave and put sausage patties on instead. Those work great.

I still haven't found a use for the included spatula... so it sits uselessly in my cupboard. I also can tell you that there is no way to fit 4 burgers on this thing, unless they are slider-sized. It's not that big from front to back. It also doesn't cook completely evenly unless all of your foods are approximately the same thickness, and the middle of the grill is a little hotter than the edges, so keep that in mind as you cook.

However, here's my main problem with this thing: when I cook meats with more fat (hamburgers, bacon, sausage, etc.), the fat drips down to the end of the grill. Instead of dripping into the drip tray, it clings to the underside of the grill itself, and runs down onto the counter. MESSY!!! I have had to clean up several large pools of grease from my counter top Unless I am cooking the chicken breasts (which don't have enough fat to drip anything at all, and don't even require the drip tray), I now have to put a paper towel under the unit in order to prevent a huge grease puddle. I will continue to experiment to see if I can find another way of getting around this problem, such as putting something under the back end to increase the angle of the grill from back to front, but until I can use this AND have a clean counter after the fact, I can't give this more than 3 stars.

Kitchen Staple - easy clean up, October 6, 2008 By: DW movie fan

We love this George Forman grill with the removable plates! Not only does it cook up burgers, chicken, veggies, fish, steaks in no time - but it is a snap to clean up. The removable grill plates allow you to put this in the dishwasher. We liked our old grill - but it was a pain to clean. This is so much easier and it cooks up dinner/lunch very quickly. We bought some as gifts too. If you do not have an outside grill - this will do very nicely. We really like cooking with it.

grill everything, December 22, 2007  By: Joseph M. Vles (San Francisco, CA)

We do bacon, hamburgers, sometimes fish on it. Can't beat it for efficiency and speed. We're on our fourth one (not that they wear out fast; none of them have ever stopped working).

grill or steam?, February 16, 2009  By: Silverstar (Pensacola, FL)

Several of my friends have George Foreman grills and love them. I returned my grill for a refund. I tried to grill a steak and it ended up steaming instead of grilling. Not very appetizing. I thought perhaps I had not let it warm up long enough so I tried it two more times with the same result. I'm not sure if the removable plates design is a factor or not as my friends model did not have removable plates. I wouldn't recommend this model to anyone.

Good alternative to a grill..., July 19, 2008  By: T. Ellis (Federick, MD)

We bought this when we lived in an apartment. We weren't allowed to have any type of grill. This worked well for what we needed. I grilled chicken, burgers, hotdogs, and pineapple on it. It wasn't as good as on an actual grill, but it was a good alternative for our situation. Now we live in a house, but I still use it for hot dogs and I think that I will try bacon.

Great Grill, December 25, 2008  By: R. Friedel RichF (Atlanta, GA)

I had an older model that did not have the removable plates. It was a real "pain" to clean. This model with the removable plates is so easy, just remove them and dump them in the dishwasher.

Way too hot, no temp adjustment, overcooks and burns, September 24, 2009  By: D. Cushman

I have always wanted a George Foreman grill and recently went through two of them, with this one being the second (and last). The first one I quickly returned because the plates could not be removed, making cleanup very cumbersome and awkward in the sink. This unit does a good job of resolving that problem. Removable plates are easy to clean.

However, I regret to report that I absolutely cannot stand this thing. That's strong language, but I mean it. The problem is that it heats to such a high temperature (in the range of 450 degrees) that it overcooks food very quickly. TOO quickly. The outside of food items become thoroughly cooked, even overcooked, while the inside is still raw. By the time the inside of meats are cooked, it's too late: the entire item becomes overcooked and dried out. Unlike a standard grill that can be adjusted to heat evenly and allows for time to cut and test for doneness, this thing does not permit that. I am left with two options with this machine:

1. Lift the upper lid every 30 to 45 seconds to test for doneness (yes, it cooks food THAT fast), which only causes uneven cooking from the top of the food to the bottom due to the constant lifting of the upper lid;


2. Let food sit for even 5 minutes to insure it's cooked, just to discover meats are very quickly overcooked and dried out.

But that's only HALF the problem with this machine. Even worse is the fact all the juices immediately BURN right on the plates, not even dripping off the edge. This is because the preset cooking temp is TOO HOT with no ability to adjust the temperature.

The juices from meats immediately burn and become encrusted on the cooking plates while the food itself is still not done. This creates a nasty burnt stench in the entire house, AND the contact of the burnt material directly with the food severely affects the flavor of the items being cooked.

Anyone with cooking experience knows you cannot cook everything at 450 degrees! I don't mean to offend anyone here that gave this thing high marks, but my opinion is I think these things were designed for college students that just want something done fast, with no regard for quality of taste or flavor.

I went to my local appliance store that featured a wide range of George Foreman grills on display, and I was astonished at how flimsy and cheap many of them felt. Craftmanship is not at all what I thought it was. The one machine that had a temperature adjustment lever was so cheap and loose that I literally felt anger at the $130 price tag for such an inferior product.
Frankly, I feel that Foreman should be ashamed to be putting his face and name on this entire line of kitchen grills.

I determined to find a better countertop grill that had the following features:

1. Temperature Adjustment to prevent overcooking and burning of juices.
2. Removable plates for easy cleanup.
3. Compact size to take little room on the kitchen counter.
4. Sturdy and well built for rigorous and long-term use.

I'd rather spend a little more and get a machine I'm happy with. It turns out that the Cuisinart Griddler carries mostly 5-star ratings among Amazon members, and it sells for about $100 through Amazon, so that will be my next purchase. I will follow up this post with an update after I have some time to spend with the Cuisinart. But for the time being, I regret that my experience with Foreman grills has quickly come and gone in just 2 weeks.

Doesn't brown your food, August 1, 2009  By: Jerry Bologna (San Pedro,CA)

I am referring to this specific model with removable grill plates. The plates just don't get hot enough to brown anything. I use a thermometer probe to check when my food is cooked. I can't believe that my chicken, turkey, and beef reaches 170 degrees and STILL no nice color on the outside. Turkey and beef turns gray when it's done, and chicken turns white. And since you continue to let it cook because it actually looks undercooked, the meat becomes overcooked and dry.
Looks like the other models of this grill work well. By the way, i tried 2 different units because i thought the 1st one was defective. But nope, same results with the second grill. And i definitely let my grill preheat adequately. It's just a bad product.

Not meeting expectations or hoopla, March 2, 2009  BY: Laurie Ellington APO, AE)

We just bought this grill and have cooked pork tenderloins, bacon, burgers and sandwiches on it. So far, I'd give it about a C .

The pros: it DOES remove a LOT of fat, esp. from the bacon; it does clean easily. Ummm...I'm out of pros.

The cons: the 72" grill is not big enough to do more than 3 slices of bacon at a time. This means it is SLOW to cook enough bacon for even a family of three. My chief complaint revolves around the power/heat. This model has neither an on/off switch nor temp control. And the grill just does not get hot enough to sear the meat. The tenderloins and burgers got overcooked, as I was waiting for that nice brown color on the outside that never appeared. Instead, they were sort of uniformly gray. And no nice grill stripes, either. I agree with the other reviewer: the items were more or less steamed rather than grilled. I miss that slightly crisp, seared surface of the meat you get on a real grill or from the broiler. And it sure as heck would not replace an outdoor grill. That distinctive grilled flavor was entirely missing, of course, as there was no flame of any kind to give it.

Overall - somewhat disappointingly limited. OK for a few things, but will not be the wunderkind of the kitchen it is touted to be.

so much better!, February 3, 2009  By: F. Cortez

Cleaning the old George Foreman grill was such a pain that I never even wanted to use it. Now with the removable plates I can throw them in the dishwasher and its no longer a hassle!

Nice Unit, March 29, 2009  By: ppberns (New York, USA)

I would have given this a rating of 5 stars but it lacked a timer for cooking. I didn't realize this when I purchased it and didn't notice if it specified that in the description.
Aside from that the unit is a great tool to have in the kitchen. I have used it many times and have not been disappointed in it's performance. Cooks hamburgers, franks, steaks and fish and all came out tasting very good. My only bug is that I have to keep track of the cooking time instead of having a timer bell go off.

George Foreman Grill, The Next Grilleration, GRP4B - Excellent, November 22, 2009  By: Bachelor (Nevada, USA)

I love my George Foreman Grill. Removable grill plates are the most important feature. Mine did not come with the flat bottom plate. If you buy one, make sure you get the most recent version with the flat bottom plate.

Grills by other manufacturers typically include several plates. I cannot find a set of flat plates or a set of waffle plates. With limited kitchen storage space, I cannot justify having several grills. Until this grill has all the typical plate options, it my be to your advantage to pass on this version of the George Foreman Grill.

Great Product, April 13, 2009  By: Howard J. Kramer %u201CHoward%u201D Forest Hills, NY)

Yes, I love this George Foreman grill. I used to eat out almost everyday after work but due to the economy, I wanted to cut back on expenses. I use the grill for steaks, fish, chicken breasts and hamburgers and love it. Cooking time is exceptionally fast and clean up is pretty easy. I do not have a dishwasher so I soak the removable grills in soapy water in the sink for about an hour before cleaning. Now I'm in love with cooking.

I love this grill , March 4, 2009  By: A. Corter (Saranac Lake, NY, USA)

I love this grill! I had an old George that the grill plates could not be removed for cleaning - What a pain! I bought this one specifically because of the removable plates and it has not let me down! It is just a snap to clean .. no more soggy towels and dried on mess. These go right in the dishpan! If you have the old style ... invest in this one. You won't be sorry!

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23. George Foreman G5 Grill with Interchangeable Plates - GRP90WGR - Reviews

Nonstick coating comes of after several months
, March 24, 2008
By: Petrucci "Book lover"

After several months of light use, nonstick coating came off the removable plates. We took great care cleaning the plates, strictly adhering to the guides described in the product manual, but this happened anyway. Here is the worst part: even though our purchase was still under warranty, Salton was not willing to send us any replacement plates. They said they are out of stock two months ago, and are still "out of stock" as of last week, God knows if they will ever have these plates again. A terrible experience, will never buy from them again.

I love this grill!, September 3, 2006  By: Kathy Kam

This grill is easy to clean, and the food turns out great. It comes with a little recipe book to show you exactly how to make the stuff. I tried grilling chicken, vegetables, making waffles, and they all turned out great!

Great Countertop Grill, January 13, 2008  By: S. P. O%u2019Donnell (San Jose, CA)

This is a great grill...

Temperature Control:
It does not have a digital temperature read-out, but I do not trust them anyway. If you want to know the temperature of your cooking surfaces, get a good non-contact IR thermometer like Mini Temp Non-contact Thermometer Gun With Laser Sighting. Measuring with a non-contact thermometer lets you see Hot and Cold spots. It also helps you learn the proper temperature setting for different outlets in your kitchen (Temperature of the grill can vary based on the load on the circuit).

Temperature Distribution:
My grill has excellent temperature distribution front to back and side to side (< /- 5deg F). Foods cook evenly as long as they are <1/2" thick. Thicker foods may cook unevenly on top. Pushing lightly on the handle can even out cooking on slightly oversized foods.

Cooking Time:
Costco Sirloin Burgers cook in about 6 minutes -- Frozen to ready to plate. Frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts take about 10 minutes to get to an internal temperature of over 165deg F. This is about 1/2 the time of cooking in a regular pan and about 2/3 the time of cooking in a cast iron skillet.

Clean-up of the removable cooking surfaces is easy. To make cleaning even easier, get a scrub brush like OXO SteeL Soap Squirting Palm Brush. With this brush you can clean out all the nooks and crannies and have the plates back on the grill in less than 5 minutes -- Please wait for the plates to cool a bit before you clean them.

Excellent, June 17, 2006  By: L. Panesi (Pineville, NC)

Great machine. Easy to clean. Bacon comes out crispy without having to watch over it. Pancakes turned out great, eggs too. Haven't made waffles yet. You must use a little "pam" or things will stick. Once you use it you'll wonder how you lived without it.

LOVE this!, October 30, 2006  By: Patrizia (Charlotte, NC)

have the Hot Pink version that they released for breast cancer awareness month.. I have had grills before but this one is a breeze to clean.. looks great on my counter.. and you can even make cookies in it.. I love it and would recommend this to anyone!!! The hot pink is gorgeous!!!!

Outstanding concept, the best George yet., June 25, 2006 
By: J. Bonza Reddog (Kentucky)

I have 5 George's including the G5. They are all excellent. When the removable plates came out, I bought one immediately, with terric results. These different plates are great. The leveler knob is a great idea, especially for runny things like eggs or batters. Only thing I wish it had was a digital temp control instead of a know, which takes some getting used to your cooking style. I've bought 3 more for gifts. Perfect for new cooks or newlyweds.

Over-priced, doesn't last, February 8, 2009  By: G Petty (Virginia)

Had an original unit from a yard sale and loved it, but I wanted a larger, more versatile grill. Bought the G5 unit when it first hit the market in 2006.. Paid 103.99, plus $30 for the omelet plates.

No matter what meat or veggie I cooked with the steak plates, it stuck. Waited for the green light to go out- check, cooking spray - check, no cooking spray- check, triple-check the correct temp setting as listed in provided cookbook- check, thawed- check, frozen- check. Oh well.

Waffle plates do not heat evenly , the sides are undercooked and the middle crisped. The baking pan actually works well for pizza, biscuits, pancakes, etc. The omelet pans worked great, even made brownies and individual cakes in them.

Bought this instead of the Cuisnart that opens 180 degrees as the plates are interchangeable and can be placed in the microwave. Big mistake.

I used the G5 off and on over the last three years. A couple weeks ago I pulled it out to cook a quick grilled sandwhich, the top was toasted and the bottom barely melted the butter. I thought I didn't have the plate attached properly. Next morning I was using the G5 for some bacon while I used the 4 stove burners for other things. After 15 minutes the bacon was still not done. The handle gave me a mild shock. Hmm.

Being out of warranty I just wanted it repaired. Website lists no service centers. After waiting for 1 week without an email reply from customer service, I called and was disconnected several times before speaking with a woman who informed me there are no repair centers, applica (owns Salton) doesn't supply parts, diagrams or assistance to DYI folks or local electronics repair. Basically, if it breaks out of warranty, you throw it away and buy a new unit. They did offer me a special price on a new unit: $171 including shipping! This unit underwhelmed me in performance and customer service set a new low for me. I suggest you find another brand, or stick to the original if you can find one.

Great as a waffle maker and electric fryer pan!, December 24, 2007 
By: Debra L. Rice Debbie R

The George Foreman GRP90WGR Next Grilleration Removable-Plate Grill with 5 Plates, Red --works great; however for grilling meats- such a pork chops I would not recommend it. It steams them more so-- than grills them. Not the same as an outdoor grill at all. I have to say, used as a waffle iron it works fantastically. Make sure to use cooking spray however--or they will stick to the trays big time! No timer on the grill so you have to watch the waffles to make sure they don't over cook. Works great for as an electric fry top for things such as eggs too. Easy to store away. Easy to clean. I place the trays right in the dishwasher- and easy as eureka!

A great gift, December 4, 2009  By: Captainbear (Smalltown USA)

This grill is great.I use mine every day.I love the easy clean up & diferent cooking plates.I thought it was too much money in the begining , however I have saved money by preparing my own meals.I love to make blueberry pancakes,burgers,omelets,sirloin steak,bacon,sausage,chicken breasts,& grilled sweet potatoe fries.I enjoy preparing meals now.I hope this helps You.

This George Foreman Grill is perfect!, August 17, 2009 By: Phyllis K. Bounopane -kenpo Kapo (Coconut Creek, Fl)

I had a George Foreman Grill and I hated it because I couldn't get it really clean. This Grill is great. The removable plates are the best thing to be added. Now, the Grill is so easy to clean. I've only used the grilling plates. I haven't tried the waffle or the baking/griddle plates yet. The square shape and the raised platform like bottom are another plus. It doesn't seem to take as much room on the counter top. It is worth every penny of the price.

I'm thinking of ordering this George Foreman Grill for my son and daughter for Christmas.

Good, but has shortcomings, December 25, 2008  By: David Cornwell

This seems in general to be a good product, but with two exceptions that I've found so far. The power chord is very short which makes it difficult to find a good close outlet in the kitchen. Also the instruction booklet is not the best I've seen leaving some things to guessing.

LOVE this grill!, December 16, 2009 By: L. VanHouten (North Carolina)

I love this grill! It is easy to use, easy to clean, what more can you ask for? I use this grill several times a week for grilled chicken, salmon, burgers, turkey burgers, pork chops. Everything turns out great. I have had no problems with the nonstick coating coming off and I've had this grill for a year now. I tend to wash the plates by hand just because my dishwasher is small and usually full of other things, but they have had their share of runs thru the dishwasher and are fine. The waffle plate work great as well and have made waffles a favorite around here on weekends or special occasions. I can't say enough about it. I owned the regular old george foreman before and was not really a fan but this one is GREAT. Even my brother who is picky about his food said he was amazed that burgers still tasted great cooked on the george foreman. Buy it, you'll love it!

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