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Do you need a backup sump pump but do not know which one to buy? Do you like Wayne backup pumps, but wonder which one is best for your pumping needs?
Wayne ESP45 Battery Backup Sump Pump KitThe following information compares the Wayne Backup Pumps ESP25 and ESP45 and the new WSM3300. It includes key features, product description and specification differences and similarities, consumer reviews and help for you to decide which is best for your pumping needs.


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The Wayne ESP25 and ESP45 and WSM3300 Comparison Review


Wayne ESP25 and ESP45 and WSM3300 Key Features, Product Description and Specification Differences


Here’s a summary. Check out the details for each of the following features.

Pumping Capability

Maximum pumping capability can be achieved with the Wayne ESP45 which pumps 200 gallons more per hour at a 10 foot lift than the Wayne ESP25 or the WSM3300.Pictured are the gallons pumped per hour for Wayne Backup Pumps ESP25 and ESP45

ESP45 pumps at 2400 gph at a 10 foot lift or 40 gpm while the ESP25 and WSM3300 pump at 2300 gph at a 10 foot lift or 38 gpm. At a 15 foot lift the ESP45 pumps 1750 gph and the ESP25 and WSM3300 pump 1500 gph.

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Longer life can be expected from the Wayne ESP45 since it is made from cast iron.

The ESP25 and WSM3300 are made from thermoplastic.Pictured is the cast iron Wayne Backup Pump ESP45


Efficiency is most evident in the Wayne ESP45. Its finned motor housing reduces heat in the DC motor for increased life. Its motor and hydrological design also increases its pumping performance.

The Wayne ESP25 and WSM3300 housing is solid and cylindrical.Pictured is the Wayne Battery Backup Sump Pumps ESP25 and ESP45 Design

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Impeller Jamming

Impeller jamming is least likely to happen with the Wayne ESP45 and WSM3300 since they have a top suction design. The impeller is not at the basin bottom like it is for the Wayne ESP25.

Pictured is the Wayne ESP45 Battery Backup Pump with Top Suction to prevent impeller clogging.Pictured is the Wayne WSM3300 Battery Backup Pump with Top Suction to prevent impeller clogging.

The top suction design also prevents air lock and thus no weep hole is needed. The Wayne ESP25 does not have these features.

Battery Power Required

The Wayne ESP45 requires two deep-cycle marine batteries to operate; thus is called a 24-volt backup pump.
On the other hand the ESP25 and WSM3300 require one deep-cycle marine battery to operate and are called a 12 volt backup pump. The ESP25 and WSM3300 can only use one battery. No additional batteries can be placed in serial.
Pictured is the Wayne Maintenance Free Battery 1275 for ESP25 and ESP45 and WSM3300

Two batteries are required for the ESP45 since it has a greater pumping capability. It is also possible to double the pumping run time for the ESP45 by adding two additional batteries.

(Please note: the Wayne ESP45 is currently not available; Wayne Pumps recommends the ESP25 or the WSM3300 in its place.)


Versatility is more prevalent with the Wayne ESP45. The ideal backup pump to own is one that runs on AC (electrical power) when the electricity is on and DC (battery power) when the electricity is off.Pictured is the installation for the Wayne ESP45 Battery Backup Sump Pump

The Wayne ESP45 will run on both AC and DC. The Wayne ESP25 will only run on DC power.
It is also possible to add an additional 2 batteries to the ESP45 to increase pump run time.


Dimensions and Weight

Wayne ESP45 Battery Backup Sump PumpWayne WSM3300 Battery Backup Sump Pump

Pump weight also impacts how reliable a backup pump is. The Wayne ESP45 weighs 30 pounds whereas the ESP25 weighs only 20 pounds. The WSM3300 weighs 14.8 pounds. The ESP45 is 8 3/4 inches in diameter. The ESP25 is 8 1/4 inches in diameter.

The WSM3300 is 9.6 inches in diameter 16.1 inches long and 14 inches high.

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The warranty is longer for the Wayne ESP45. Three years verses 2 years for the ESP25 and the WSM3300.

What makes the WSM3300 Unique?

The WSM3300 has a dual float switch. If one float switch fails, the other float switch will operate. Usually the first thing to fail on a sump pump is the float switch. This reed style double float switch will provide additional protection when it is needed most.

Wayne WSM3300 Battery Backup Sump Pump

The WSM3300 also has a far superior notification system. It provides autodial for up to three phones (landline or cell) when the a C power is interrupted, the primary pump is not operating, when the battery backup pump failed the 14 day test, when their is a high water situation, when the battery charger transformer is bad, when the microprocessor controller fuse has blown, when the battery is only 20% charged, when the battery is dead, or when the battery condition is questionable.

A microprocessor continuously monitors the backup system and self-tests it every 14 days.

The smart charging technology eliminates a surface charge which shortens the battery life. The smart charging technology system brings the battery back to optimal charge.
The WSM3300 also has a far superior notification system. It provides autodial for up to three phones (landline or cell) when the backup pump is activated, there is a low battery charge indicating battery may need replacement, or there is a high water situation.

Along with the phone notification system, the WSM3300 also has the standard controller notification readout and sounding alarm system.
The controller also has a port connection available for 3rd party security system notifications.
As for battery type, either a deep cycle 12V Wet Cell (SLA) or Maintenance Free 40 A-Hr or 75 A-Hr battery can be used.
A 40 A-Hr battery will offer 12 hours of protection if the WSM3300 ran once a minute; 53 hours if it ran every 5 minutes and 92 hours if it ran once every 15 minutes.

A 75 A-Hr battery will provide 23 hours of protection if the WSM3300 ran once every minute; if it ran once very 5 minutes it would provide protection for 100 hours and if it ran once very 15 minutes it would provide protection for 172 hours.
The charger is 1.5 amps.

The outlet discharge port is 1 1/2 inches in diameter.

The backup system only uses one battery and cannot have another battery hooked up in serial.

What are the key features of similarity?

Both battery backup pumps use a magnetic reed style float switch. The magnetic reed style float switch is much more reliable since the dry reed switch is enclosed within a stem. The switch will open on the rise of water and close on the fall of water.

The alarm notification system is the same for both backup pumps. An alarm lets the homeowner know when the pump is operating, and when there is low voltage or a blown fuse.

The power cord length is 10 feet. There is not built-in check valve. The discharge port size is 1 1/2 inches. There is no manual override.

Which is the best battery backup sump pump for your pumping needs?


What is the size of your existing primary sump pump? If it is 1/3 HP the Wayne ESP25 and WSM3300 will be sufficient. If your main pump is 1/2 HP, the Wayne ESP45 will meet your pumping needs.

Pictured are the Wayne Battery Backup Sump Pump for ESP25 and ESP45
Pictured is the Wayne Battery Backup Sump Pump WSM3300Is material used for pump housing important? The Wayne ESP45 is most durable made from cast iron.
Are you concerned about warranty period? The Wayne ESP45 has a three year warranty while the ESP25 and WSM3300 have a two year warranty. Are you more concerned about pumping capability? The Wayne ESP25 and WSM3300 will pump 2300 gph at a 10 foot lift while the Wayne ESP45 will pump 2400 gph. Are you concerned about impeller clogging? The WSM3300 and ESP45 are built with top suction which limits impeller clogging from sludge.


What are consumers saying about the Wayne Battery Backup Sump Pumps?

Wayne ESP25 Backup Sump Pump Consumer Reviews


Wayne ESP25 better pump

By Ted White, Ohio May 20, 2015
I bought a Wayne ESP25 after owning a Wayne ESP15.  It%u2019s a larger and much better pump. It pumps at least three times as much at a 10 foot of lift.
It is a quiet pump. It has a stronger battery charger %u2013 2 amps %u2013 compared to the .7 amp of the ESP15. Even though the ESP25 is a taller pump, its more efficient since the DC current it draws is about the same as the ESP15. It has about a 10 amp draw at a 10 foot lift through 25 feet of discharge pipe. It pumps a lot more water per charge so it shuts off between pumps whereas the ESP15 just kept running.
This system does not draw much battery power in standby mode. I think it is around 40mA; Wayne calls it a trickle charge. Really the only thing that draws the battery down is the pump itself.
Easy to install
By Mike, Illinois, April 5, 2015
The Wayne ESP25 is very easy to install and it is small enough to fit beside my A/C pump in an 18 inch diameter sump pit. The float switch attaches to the discharge pipe so doesn%u2019t take any additional pit room. I set the float level to activate when the water gets 1 inch higher than when my main pump float switch activates. So far so good.
Well Built
By Tom, St. Louis, MO, March 22, 2014
I have had other brands of backup pumps. The Wayne ESP25 appears to be better built with more heavy duty pumping. I installed a battery that requires adding water to periodically. I should have installed a sealed lead-acid maintenance free battery since this system does not let me know when I need to add distilled water.
Test It
By George Stevens, Minnesota, March 10, 2014
I just installed the Wayne ESP25 battery sump pump. It was easy to install. I tested it, but at first it did not do anything. I could not find any blockage anywhere so I checked the pump out. Somehow the impeller did not seem to work. I took off the bottom screen and impeller cover and got the impeller to move freely. I reinstalled the pump in the pit and tested it again. It worked and worked well. What ever it was the pump is working fine now. It was so important to check out the pump to see if it was working before I needed it to work.
Good Buy for the Money
By Plumber, Springfield. October 10, 2013
I am a plumber and would recommend this pump. It is a good buy and very easy to install. It pumps a lot of water.
Wayne Name Brand Pump Manufacturer
By Jim Schroeder, Illinois, September 9, 2013
I wanted a pump from a name brand manufacturer. Wayne is it. They are made in the United States. The ESP25 was easy to install. I tested it and it works. No power failure but I test it once a month. I expect that it will run problem free for many years.
Installation was easy
By Tmac, August 25, 2013
I never installed a pump before, but thought I would give it a try since the Wayne install manual seemed easy. Things were going well. Like the manual said, I unplugged my main pump. After I had the Wayne ESP25 installed, I forgot to plug in my main pump again. All of the sudden I heard this gush of water. The backup pump was working. I forgot the Wayne system was battery operated. So my first attempt worked. I certainly feel more confident knowing it is in place and ready to work if necessary.
Protection for our finished basement
By Brad Brockman, Illinois, June 12, 2010
We have a fully furnished basement with recreation room, bedroom, full bath and freezers. It would be expensive and frustrating to clean up after a flooded basement so I purchased the ESP25 as a backup pump. So far it has protected us twice during a heavy rainstorm.
Wayne ESP25 with sealed battery
By Richard T, Mille Lac, MN, May 25, 2013
I had another brand of backup pump before that monitored the fluid level in the battery. Since the Wayne system does not monitor battery fluid level I purchased a completely sealed battery. This pump really moves the water. During a recent rainstorm I tested out the ESP25 by unplugging the main pump and letting this pump take over. It kept up with the water with no problems. In fact I let it run for 10 hours. I am happy with this pump and feel that my finished basement is safe now.
Pumps well and easy to install
By Mac, Coon Rapids, MN, April 10, 2013
I checked out several backup pumps online and decided to buy the Wayne ESP25 for its pumping capacity and that it can use a maintenance free battery. It was easy to install and it pumps like I was hoping.

Wayne ESP45 Consumer Reviews


Wayne ESP45 very powerful
By Andrew schooner, Michigan, May 21, 2015
This is a good pump. It has a good charging system and strong battery power with 2 batteries. It works flawlessly. I am getting used to the alarm system. It lets me know
when the pump is in operation. I can silence the alarm for 4 hours and then it sounds again. I guess this is because I need to be reminded that it is running.
Best Pumping
By Brian Hamm, Missouri, April 12, 2015
I purchased a Wayne ESP45 because we get a lot of heavy rain, plus we have a high water table. My main pump float switches fail so I needed a battery backup pump to protect out basement from flooding during those times. This pump pumps as much as a 1/2 hp main pump. I am very happy with it. I feel at ease when taking a vacation during the heavy rains now.
Good Pump for the Price
By Ted Marsh, Wisconsin, March 9, 2015
The Wayne ESP45 is not cheap; however in comparison to other backup systems this pump system is reasonably priced. It has a lot of pumping power. I am surprised at how much water this pumps. This is a good pump. It is made of cast iron.


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Wayne WSM3300 Consumer Reviews

Wayne WSM3300 Has What I Was Looking For
By Thomas Butler, Illinois June 20, 2015
I bought the Wayne WSM3000 because it has a self checking system every 14 days, it has a auto dialer notification and I could use a maintenance free battery. I used the 75 A-Hr. I found the system easy to install. One thing I forgot until I was ready to install is that I needed to buy a new check valve.
It Works!
By Ted Tan, Minnesota May 15, 2015
I bought the Wayne WSM3000 and installed it a week before our power went out for a day. The pump works. I was sure glad I had installed it. I was not home when the power went out and the backup pump began operation. Sure enough I got a call on my cell phone.
The Auto Call Is Great!
By Louie Smitty, Michigan May 1, 2015
I bought the Wayne WSM3000 because it will notify me if the pump is running or there is a problem. I have a land line and it works. I have a friend with a cell phone and that works as well.
When I installed the pump I found out I needed a phone wire from a phone jack to the pump. Before I bought I asked about using Version FIOS. It works because Version has its own battery backup.
Like the Pump!
By Dennis Smith, Wisconsin April 18, 2014
I like the features of this pump. I learned a few things when I installed it so want to share what I learned to help you.
Our primary pump is a 3/4 HP, this backup pump was able to handle the volume of water coming into the pit, but it takes much longer to empty the pit.
I added new discharge piping for the backup pump. I had to be creative when figuring out where to place the float which attaches to the discharge pipe. There was not a log of straight vertical discharge pipe for backup pump.
I found out the float must be placed perfectly vertically on the discharge pipe because they did not seem to work well if at an angle.
Terrific Backup Pump!
By Kerry Hammel, Illinois April 12, 2014
This is an easy pump to install. In fact it was faster to install it than the time it took me to clean the bottom of the pit.
We installed this because we just finished our basement. We figured it was cheaper to pay $400 – pump, battery, PVC piping, cement, check valve, etc. than to have a ruined basement. The auto dialer works. In fact I received 10 times the day the backup pump was operating because our electrical power was out due to a bad storm.
Help! The Auto Dialer Works!
By Terry Jackson, Illinois April 5, 2014
We read a lot about this backup pump and researched other backup systems as well. We decided on this one because it had a call notification system. We found out the system works because it called us in the middle of the night. We no more than got back to sleep and we were called again because the power went back on.
To put things in perspective, we are glad we have the call feature because we can be assured now that it really works.
Works Great!
By Jim Thompson, New Jersey April 3, 2014
We installed this because we were afraid of flood from hurricane with no power. This thing can really pump water. It ran every 4 seconds. It worked great without any glitches. I did learn that when I get an auto call I need to listen to the message and then press 1#. Just hanging up without pressing 1#, caused me to get calls on all three of our phones.

Pictured is the Wayne WSM3300 Battery Backup Sump Pump.

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