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Welcome to the pool table accessories page. Here you will find the pool table supplies and accessories that you may be missing for your existing pool table. These tables are also know as a billiard table. The information on this page will be helpful for new pool table owners and those that are almost a pro.

Pool Table Sizes

Pool tables come in various sizes for the homeowner. You will need to decide on which size is best for your situation. Do you have sufficient room to place the table and play.

  • 9′ Pool Table: This table is used by the World Pool Billiard Association for tournament play. This table is also know as a “Regulation” pool table. Dimensions: 108″ x 54″
  • 8′ Pool Table: This is the most popular pool table size for residential game rooms and private play. The 8′ pool table is also the second of the two pool table sizes approved for tournament play in professional billiards tournaments. Dimensions: 96″ x 48″
  • 7′ Pool Table: Though these pool table dimensions aren’t tournament-approved, 7′ pool tables are an excellent choice if you want a less imposing yet still fully functional gaming surface. Also called “bar-size” pool tables, coin-operated 7′ pool tables are commonly found at bars and other casual gaming spots. Dimensions: 84″ x 42″
  • Mini-Pool Tables: You can also purchase a mini-pool table that is smaller than those mentioned above. These pool tables vary in sizes from 3′ up to 7′. Many of these tables come with fold up legs for easy storage.

Pool Table Accessories

You just bought a pool table and it did not come with any accessories. Don’t panic. Pool table accessories provide you with all the tools you need to play the game of pool on your table. Pool can be a wonderful time of relaxation and a very challenging game to master as well. This game can be played in all weather¬†¬†conditions because it’s played indoors. Some of the accessories that you will need are:

  • Billiard Balls
  • Cues
  • Triangle Ball Rack
  • Nine-Ball Rack
  • Chalk
  • Cue Tip Repair Kit
  • Table Brush
  • Bridge Cue
  • Tally Bottle
  • Table Cover
  • Cue Rack

The above are just some of the basic pool table supplies you will need to have a complete set of billiard accessories. Not all of the above accessories are necessary to play the game of pool. Such as:

  • Tally Bottle
  • Table Cover
  • Nine-Ball Rack
  • Cue Rack

Any of these items can be purchased later.

The Accessories

Here is some additional information about each of the accessories that you will need to have if they did not come with your pool table:

Billiard Balls

These ball are numbered from 1 to 15 with a neutral ball usually white called the cue ball for a total of sixteen. The balls numbered from 1 to 7 are solid colors and those from 9 to 15 are stripe colored. With one ball the eight-ball in black. Billiard balls are essential to play the game of pool.

Cue Stick

These are sticks that have a special tip on them to strike the cue ball to hit the object ball. These cue sticks vary in size and weight. Some players have a cue stick used only on the break and a special cue for regular play. These special cues or professional cues can be very costly. They all come in different weights and lengths. Choose the ones that best fit your style of play. Cues are essential to play the game of pool.

Ball Racks

The ball racks are used to rack the balls on the table. You get two when you purchase an accessory kit. One uses all fifteen balls for straight pool and eight ball, and the other for nine-ball, where only balls numbered from 1 to 9 are used in play. You need a regular ball rack to play the game of pool. The nine-ball rack can be purchased later.


Cue chalk is very important. You need to chalk up your cue stick prior to striking the cue ball. Chalk helps prevent miss hits on your cue stick when striking the cue ball into the object ball. This is an essential accessory for playing pool.

Cue Tip Repair Kit

This kit is a must for all pool table owners. If you have cue sticks, at some time or another the tip will come off the cue after striking the cue ball. Without the tip, the cue stick is useless. Having a cue tip repair kit handy, you can fix broken tips to keep all your cues in useable order.

Bridge Stick

This is a special cue stick which is usually smaller than the normal cue. This stick allows you to “bridge” over an object ball and strike the cue ball. Striking the object ball before hitting the cue ball is a penalty and results in losing your turn and your opponent get to place the cue ball anywhere they want. This is an essential accessory.

Table Brush & Table Cover

These are nice items to have to protect your table from collecting excess dust and dirt when you are not playing. The brush helps remove any debris that may be on the felt surface. You want a clean surface so the cue ball is not deflected when trying to hit the object ball. These are not essential but should be purchased as soon as possible.

Cue Stick Racks

These come in two types, one that mounts on the wall and the other that fits on the floor. These racks store your cues after you are done playing. Some racks include storage for balls, chalk and ball racks. This is an essential accessory but can be purchased later. You need a safe place to store cue sticks after playing.


Owning a pool table can be a lot of fun. Whether you are right or left-handed makes no difference, the cue stick works both ways. You can play different types of games on the pool table. Some are these are solids and stripes or 8-ball, straight pool, and nine-ball just to name a few.

Just like any new game, you have to learn how to shoot using the proper English on the cue ball, bank shots and others. However, pool can be enjoyable by all family members. The only hindrance is you must have room for the pool table in your home.

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