Watchdog Sump Pump

The Basement Watchdog Sump Pump

The Basement Watchdog is a good Sump Pump. The manufacturer has taken their old Watchdog Basement Sump Pump and retooled it to provide dual switches that can be replaced without removing the sump pump from the pit.  It is also energy efficient.

The site map below provides links you to other submersible sump pumps allowing you to compare them with the Basement Watchdog.

I have a complete website dedicated to sump pumps. Sump Pumps at This site includes sump pump types:

  • Primary battery backup
  • Water powered
  • Combination

It provides reviews by comparing pump specifications and features such as:

  • GPH (Gallons Per Hour)
  • HP (Horse Power)
  • Warranty
  • Construction material
  • Manufacturer

Here is the website: Sump Pumps at

How Can the Dual Switch Watchdog Basement Sump Pump Be the Best Solution for Your Situation?


  • Are you concerned about motor burn out during heavy rain storms causing the sump pump to run continuously for several hours?  The Watchdog Sump Pump can run continuously without negative effect.
  • Are you concerned about float switch failure while you are on vacation? The Watchdog Sump Pump (1/3 HP mfg # BW1033; 1/2 HP mfg. # BW1050)  has dual switches.  If one fails the other one kicks in.  This is the best guarantee.
  • Are you concerned about removing the entire pump from the pit when the switch must be replaced? The Watchdog Basement Sump Pump switch is external to the pump cage.  There is no need to remove the pump from the pit.  The switch is replaced by loosening the band holding the switch to the discharge PVC pipe, raising the switch out of the pit, replacing the switch, lowering it back down and tightening the band to the discharge PVC pipe.
  • Can your current pump handle the volume of water from heavy rain storms? If your sump pit is 18″ in diameter, think about placing two 6″ diameter Watchdog Basement Sump Pumps in the base of the pit.  Placing two dual switch Basement Watchdog Primary Sump Pumps in the pit would give you added peace of mind.  You now have four operational switches.
  • Are you concerned about electricity consumption? The Watchdog Basement Sump Pump is rated most energy efficient.

The Basement Watchdog also offers the following:

  • Stainless steel, cast iron housing.
  • Size of 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 HP.
  • Piggyback cord – allowing for automatic or manual operation.
  • Cooling – Watchdog Basement Sump Pump is water cooled;
  • Debris and spherical solids protection.

Basement Watchdog compares with other sump pumps. Here’s a link to purchase a Basement Watchdog Sump Pump.

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