Are George Foreman Grills Healthy

Healthy Grilling With A George Foreman Grill!


Are George Foreman Grills Healthy
Are George Foreman Grills Healthy?


Are George Foreman Grills healthy is an important question to answer. Many people may hear rumors on the good or bad of this grill. We will answer this question so you will have no doubts about using the George Foreman Grill in your home or apartment.

Let’s answer this question: Yes, the George Foreman Grill is healthy. We will provides some specific reasons why this grill is healthy and good for you.

The Grill Design

The design of this grill is unique as it has a 15 degree angle that allows the fat or grease of the food as it is cooking to drip off the meat into the drip tray located in front of the grill.

As the food is cooking the fat is being removed and is healthier than using the skillet or frying pan on your stove. The grill reduces the calories and saturated fat being consumed. It does so by allowing the grease to drain off thanks to its angled design.

The bottom line here is you will be eating less fat as the meat is being cooked on a Foreman Grill and a better control of the fat being injected into your body. Your doctor will like this too.

The Grill Spoils The Taste of Foods

The next concern about the grill is removing the fat from the meat as it cooks will cause the food to be dry and not tasty. This is totally false assumption.

What actually happens when grilling the meat or fish on the grill is the searing of the food that takes place. This helps lock in the juices of the meat during the cooking process.

That is why some recipes calls for the specific meat being grilled to rest before serving. This allows the juices of the food to be reabsorbed back into the meat. Which makes for a very juicy and tasty meal.

After you use the grill for the first time in cooking certain types of foods you will be using the grill over and over again.

Can Grilling Help Me Lose Weight?

The answer is yes. As grilling is one of the healthiest cooking methods. When you grill meat, fruits, vegetables, bread, and other foods, the high heat helps to release the fat from meat and other foods during cooking.

As such, you end up consuming less saturated fats. Not only that, you also consume fewer calories. Thus, lose weight.

So, if you are a little overweight, try using a George Foreman Grill on your next favorite food.

Advantages of A George Foreman Grill

A huge advantage of a Foreman Grill is they are quicker in cooking foods. Most foods will be finished cooking within 5-10 minutes. Of course it will depend upon the cut and thickness of the meat or fish being grilled. The bottom line is the foods will cook faster.

The reason is the grill comes with both a top and bottom plate that cooks the food from the top and bottom at the same time which reduces the cooking time.

Most indoor grills only cook foods on one side and sometime during the cooking process, you have to turn over the food to continue cooking.

You will have to get used to having pork, beef, fish and vegetables cooking faster than when using the stove, oven or outside grill.

Another advantage is during the cooking process you will not have to turn the food over to cook the other side as the food is being cooked. This is normal procedure when using other forms of cooking.

Remember, the grill cooks foods from both the top and bottom at the same time.

Each grill comes with a manual indicating the time to cook certain foods. In some cases, you may have to experiment on the cooking times if you should like certain meats well done or rare.


Are George Foreman Grills healthy? The answer is yes as you will be consuming less fat. You cannot go wrong in using this grill.

By the way, there have been over 100 million grills sold world-wide. It is the only brand that has a 15 degree angle to allow the grease and fat to drip off the food during the grilling process.

It is good for those wanting to lose weight as the fat is being removed from your favorite foods. You will not believe how much fat is being caught by the drip tray.

Happy Healthy Grilling!

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