The Top 7 Primary Pedestal Sump Pumps

The Top 7 best selling primary pedestal sump pumps are listed below.  This list will greatly help you know what is popular and why.  For your convenience a link is provided with each of the seven best sellers so you can quickly, at a glance, review the features of each sump pump, see what customers are saying about it, and then see how costs compare at several online stores. 

As shoppers we did all of this research before purchasing our latest sump pump.  We want to share our findings with you.  We believe this information will save you time and help you discover what you want based on product features, customer reviews, price comparisons and purchase links before you buy.   

Investing in the right Primary Sump Pump for your situation is so important.  Your home deserves to be protected from water damage when those heavy rains come.  

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Top 7 Primary Pedestal  Sump Pumps Site Map

1. Wayne PTU50 1/2HP
2. Little Giant SP33PED 1/3 HP
3. Wayne Reconditioned 57032-RP1 1/3 HP
4. Wayne SPV-800 1/2 HP
5. Little Giant SC33PED 1/3HP
6. Wayne PTU30 1/3HP
7. Flotec FPPM36-00D-01 31/3HP

   Top 7 Primary
  Pedestal Sump
  Primary Submersible
         Sump Pumps

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#1 Wayne PTU50 1/2 HP

The Wayne PTU50 Primary Pedestal Sump Pump is built for reliability and trouble free operation.  It has a heavy-duty, air cooled motor.  

The price range for this pump is from $100 to $125 depending upon where you buy it. 

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#2 Little Giant SP33PED 1/3 HP

The Little Giant SP33PED Primary Pedestal Sump Pump is made of corrosion resistant thermoplastic.  It has a automatic snap-action float switch.     

The price range for this pump is from $85 to $98 depending upon where you buy it. 

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#3 Wayne Reconditioned 57032-RP1 1/3 HP

The Wayne 57031-RP1 Primary Pedestal Sump Pump has a two pole float switch which provides positive on/off action for years of use.  Its thermoplastic housing will not corrode or rust.  It has a taller stand than most units so can be used in a deeper sump pit.  

The price range for this pump is $42 (reconditioned). 

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#4 Wayne SPV-800 1/2 HP

The Wayne SPV-800 Primary Pedestal Sump Pump has cast iron base and stainless steel fasteners.  It has an adjustable float for easy adaptability.     

The price range for this pump is from $105 to $160 depending upon where you buy it. 

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#5 Little Giant SC33PED 1/3 HP

The Little Giant SC33PED Primary Pedestal Sump Pump is of cast iron construction.  It has a clog resistant design and can handle solids of 1/2".  Its adjustable snap action float switch makes it very reliable.   

The price range for this pump is from $135 (2 yr warranty) to $157 (3 yr warranty) depending upon where you buy it. 

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#6 Wayne PTU30 1/3 HP

The Wayne PTV30 Primary Pedestal Sump Pump is made of thermoplasic for corrosion and rust resistance.  Its adjustable vertical float allows the homeowner to adjust the operating cycle to fit their application.

The price range for this pump is from $57 to $75 depending upon where you buy it. 

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#7 Flotec FPPM3600D-01 1/3 HP

The Flotec FPPM3600D-01 Primary Pedestal Sump Pump comes in thermoplasic and cast iron contruction.  It has a non clogging impeller and a top inlet screen preventing loose debris from entering the pump.   

The price range for this pump is from $75 to $83 depending upon where you buy it. 

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