Teac GF-350 Recording Instructions

Instructions How To Record Vinyl To CD

The Teach GF-350 recorder unit is awesome and I own one. With this unit, you can record your vinyl 45’s and 33 rpm records and old cassettes and have them burned to CD. However, to record using an axillary device the instructions are not very clear. These instructions will help you to record from any axillary device and burn to CD.

The following are the items you will need before recording:

  •    Audio cables (comes with the unit).
  •    Axillary device with two output jacks or two output speaker jacks.
  •    CD-R or CD-RW music blank CDs.
  •    Jewel cases for storing recorded CDs.
  •    Blank sheet of paper and pencil to jot down the track number, song title, and time.

Note: You do not need a paper and pencil, or jewel cases for storing CD’s. This is your choice. I highly recommend that you store the completed CD in a jewel case. The paper that lists the track, song title and time, helps you to remember which songs are on a specific CD track in case you forget later.

Instructions for Recording from an Axillary Device

Follow these instructions when you are recording from an axillary device to the Teac GF-350 recorder.

  1. Connect the audio cables; red to red and white to white on both devices. If the output jack on the axillary device does not have jacks labeled or marked with red or white, then look for the left or right speaker output jacks and connect one end of the cable into them.
  2. Turn on the Teac GF-350 unit.
  3. Press the PHONO/AUX button once or twice to select the source to be recorded. If recording cassettes, select AUX.
  4. Load a blank CD-R or CD-RW music CD into the unit by pressing the Open/Close button.
  5. Allow the system to set-up the CD by waiting a few seconds until you see the “TO TOC” and “CD-R” or “CD-RW” indicator lights on the display screen. This must be present for the unit to work properly in later steps. If you do not see this, turn off the unit and go back to step 2. Note: If you do not have the proper blank CD loaded (Music CD) you will receive an error such as “CD DISC” this means the blank CD is not recordable in the Teac unit. You must load “Music” CD-R or CD-RW blank CDs into the unit.
  6. Press the RECORD button. The red indicator on the button lights and the unit enters the record pause mode.
  7. Wait until the unit sets up the first track and the time indicator on the display is set at 00:00. The track indicator will be incremented to 01. You will see a “busy” on the display during this set-up period. Wait until the “busy” disappears from the display.
  8. Test to see if you have the signal by doing the following:
  9. Insert a cassette into the axillary player and press play.
  10. Observe the display to see if the record indicator is moving on the peak level meter. If yes, you have a proper signal to record from the axillary device to the Teac unit. If no, you do not have a signal. Check your cables to ensure that they are connected to the “Output” speakers and not “Axillary”. Axillary speakers are normally for “Input” only unless they say specifically “Output”.
  11. Adjust the recording level by using the REC LEVEL knob. Be sure the record level does not exceed the “Over” indicator on the peak level meter.
  12. Stop the cassette player and rewind the tape back to the desired starting position.
  13. Before recording, you must decide if you are going to record the entire cassette or specific songs from the cassette. The Teac unit allows music to be recorded in separate tracks for individual songs or one track for the entire side of a cassette.
  14. The CD has space for recording up to 79:59 minutes of music. This is where you need a sheet paper and pencil to jot down the times and title of each song being recorded. The display screen shows the time of each track being recorded.
  15. Press the “play” button on the cassette and the “pause” button on the Teac unit. You should see the time indicator on the display screen moving.
  16. After the recording stops playing from the cassette player, press the “Pause” or “Stop” button on the Teac unit and note the time the recording took on a sheet of paper. Press the “stop” button on the cassette player.
  17. Repeat steps 12 and 13 until either the cassette tape has finished or the disc is near full. You will need to “Finalize” the CD so it can play in a CD player. Note: If you are recording a track and the disc becomes “Full“, the Teac unit will automatically begin the “Finalization” process. You may have to re-record the song if the “Disc Full” message appears before the song ends.
  18. To “Finalize” your recorded CD do the following:
  19. Press the CD button to select “CD“.
  20. Load an unfinalized CD into the tray if one is not already in there.
  21. Press the “Finalize” button.
  22. Press the PLAY button.
  23. The system takes 1:11 to complete the “Finalization” of the CD. During this period, no button works on the Teac unit.
  24.  When the finalization is complete, the display screen shows the number of tracks and total time recorded on the CD.
  25. Label the completed CD using a permanent marker or any type of label so you know what type of music is on the CD. Inert the CD into a jewel case to protect it from dirt and fingerprints.
  26. Store your recorded CDs in a safe cool place.

Note: After 50 hours of recording, you need to clean the Teac GF-350 Recorder unit using a CD cleaner. This will keep the CD lens clean so your recordings will be crisp. Otherwise, your recordings will become garbled and you will have to re-record the CD.

You can record up to 99 tracks on a single CD.



There is no space on the disc, or no more tracks are available.


Discs designed for computer systems cannot be used for recording.


32 tracks have been programmed. No more tracks can be programmed.

Err **

An error occurred within the unit. Press the POWER switch to turn the unit off, wait a minute, and turn it on again.

Err 03

Something is wrong with the disc. Turn the unit off and on, and change the disc.