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Are you wondering what others are saying about the Top 7 best selling primary pedestal sump pumps? Here are some customer reviews.  They provide another perspective.

When we purchased our last primary sump pump, we looked at the features, read the reviews and price comparisons then made our decision.  For your convenience the site map on the right will take you directly to a specific sump pump review.

Investing in the Primary Pedestal Sump Pump that is right for you is so important.  Your home deserves to be protected from water damage when those heavy rains come.

To view the unique features and specifications for each of the top 7 best sellers, click on the Features Site Map on the right or scroll down the page.

Remember, investing in the right Primary Sump Pump for your situation is so important.  Your home deserves to be protected from water damage when those heavy rains come.

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#1 Wayne PTU50 1/2 HP

No customer reviews available for Wayne PTU50.

#2 Little Giant SP33PED 1/3 HP

No customer reviews available for Little Giant SP33PED.

#3 Wayne Reconditioned 57032-RP1 1/3 HP

Good pump, April 12, 2008

By Yakihbgjm

Whether you need just a standby ‘in case’ or a pump to get rid of the water every season, this will do just fine.
As a homeowner with 3 sumps and both submersible and the pedestal, I find I prefer the pedestal style.

First, I never liked the idea of having an electrical device under water, there’s just too many issues with this over a long term that can cause leakage into the motor or a dangerous hot electrical issue. Second, due to the design of the float and its non-adjustability- your sump has to be about a foot deeper than you ever want the water to be- because the whole pump is pretty much underwater to the top before it ever kicks on.

However, the pedestal style also has some issues, one is it sticks up as you can see in the image, the motor HAS to be above water, and some may not want to have the motor sticking up taking space maybe above the floor in a small basement- box it in if you like and use the top of the box for something, but the pedestal beats the submersible hands down- the motor never sees water and the best part is the float is adjustable, that means you can adjust it to draw the water down really low- right to the top of the impeller housing which is around 3″ unlike the submersible which will always leave about 10″ of water in the pit.

The other issue with the pedestal is, it is very unstable and top heavy, so be absolutely sure when you install it to provide something to HOLD it in place, could be a metal bracket or stout piece of wood, doesn’t matter as long as that is anchored to something and the pump’s shaft or motor is anchored to it- even if it’s only heavy wire, large hose clamp etc.- it’s just to keep the unit from tipping over or twisting when it turns on.

So with those things in mind- the features and issues, select the one that best suits your needs and situation, I plan to replace my two Wayne submersibles with pedestals.
If you have a super critical issue and need absolute reliability, install TWO pumps, two pedestals whose floats are set at different heights, just in case one fails for any reason, the other is a backup- well worth the insurance if you have a situation where things will be destroyed if the pump ever fails- ALL machines eventually fail keep that in mind!

Lastly, though it’s hard to get around any more, the units have a sticker that says “Made in China”

As advertised., November 18, 2009

By Josh Berry Atlanta, GA

The pump arrived in excellent shape and was trivial to get assembled and hooked up where our previous pump had been. We have not had the misfortune of testing during a heavy flooding, yet. However, I did run the pump through some basic use by emptying a few buckets of water into the drain ditch that it was installed in. Worked very fast and was surprisingly quiet.

Good!, February 15, 2009

By John Guerriere Jawarrior  Connecticut

Just as good as the Wayne pumps I was replacing. What a great Amazon deal!! My Wayne sump pumps run virtually all winter – year after year with nary a problem. They tend to stand taller than some other brands, so that allows them to be used in a deeper sump and/or keeps the motor higher off the floor – both good features for a pedestal pump in a flooding situation.

My only complaint is neither Wayne, nor any other brand I know of, has found a way to quiet the float rod rattle noise when it runs – hence 4 of 5 stars.

#4 Wayne SPV-800 1/2 HP

No customer reviews available for Wayne SPV-800.

#5 Little Giant SC33PED 1/3 HP

No customer reviews available for Little Giant SC33PED.

#6 Wayne PTU30 1/3 HP

SUMP PUMP DESIGN, October 12, 2008

By Stanley J. Friesenhahn Poway, CA

This design places the sump motor above sump pump level. Thus avoiding the corrosion-related failure problems of pump designs placing the pump motor below water level.

#7 Flotec FPPM3600D-01 1/3 HP

No customer reviews available for Flotec FPPM3600D-01.

Top 7 Primary Pedestal Sump Pumps Site Map
1. Wayne PTU50 1/2HP
2. Little Giant SP33PED 1/3 HP
3. Wayne Reconditioned 57032-RP1 1/3 HP
4. Wayne SPV-800 1/2 HP
5. Little Giant SC33PED 1/3HP
6. Wayne PTU30 1/3HP
7. Flotec FPPM3600D-01 31/3HP

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