Wayne ESP45 Backup Pump Review

The Battery Backup Sump Pump Made by Wayne


Are you concerned about your basement flooding if the electricity should fail or your primary pump should fail because you don’t own a backup sump pump? Are you concerned that your existing pump cannot keep up with the volume of water during the heavy rainstorms? Are you looking to upgrade your existing backup sump pump to a heavier, well-built pump with cast iron housing? The following information will let you know what the Wayne ESP45 backup pump can do, what its key features and specifications are, and key questions you can answer to determine if this is the right pump for your pumping needs. Also you can see what other customers are saying about the pump.

Wayne ESP45 Features


The Wayne ESP45 is built for heavy duty pumping. It pumps 2,400 gallons per hour at a 10 foot head; that’s 40 gallons per minute. At a 15 foot head it will pump 1,750 gallons per hour or 29 gallons per minute. A 10 foot lift (vertical), two 90 degree elbows, a check valve and a 20 foot horizontal run of discharge pipe equals an approximate 15 foot head. This is the only backup pump with such high pumping capability that runs on DC power (battery) rather than DC power that is converted to AC power through the use of an inverter.

If you need a backup sump pump with a greater pumping capacity it will be necessary to purchase a pump that runs on an inverter such as the Sumpro 75 converter.

The Wayne ESP45 is built to last. The housing, volute and seal plate are cast iron. The shaft is stainless steel. The impeller is made of reinforced thermoplastic. It weighs 30 pounds. Pump weight does increase a pumps durability and ability to pump heavier volumes of water.

Talk about versatility. This pump will run on both AC and DC which means if your primary pump fails but the electricity does not, this pump will run using electricity not battery power.

magnetic reed style float switch is used. This type of float switch provides a more reliable connection when the water reaches its predefined height which causes the Controller to run the pump. Once the pump is activated it will run for a minimum of 15 seconds to prevent short cycling. The float requires minimal vertical movement. If float switch failure should occur, a replacement switch can be purchased ($25) and installed.

The battery charger keeps two 12 volt batteries in ready-state for usage when the electricity fails. A 90 decibel alarm sounds when there is a system issue or the backup pump is in use.

A beeping sound indicates the pump is in use. A continuous sound indicates the batteries are low or there is a blown fuse. It is possible to silence the alarm four hours; however if the pump is still in use at the end of the four hours the alarm will sound again. The only way to silence the alarm for another four hours is to mute it. For this reason, this pump is not meant to be used as a main (primary) pump permanently.

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This backup pump has unique design features. Its finned style pump housing body promotes pumping efficiency. Also its top suction protects the impeller from getting clogged by debris and the pump from getting air locked. It has an iron ring at the top for easy carrying or removing from the pit.

The Wayne ESP45 backup system runs off of two 12 volt batteries so is a 24 volt system. The system can run for 8 continuous hours with two fully charged 75 amp hour batteries.

The system can accommodate 120 amp hour batteries if they have top mounted battery posts and the battery dimensions are not larger than the battery case. Two 120 amp hour batteries fully charged can pump for approximately 13 hours.

Sealed deep cycle marine lead acid batteries are recommended. Usage of batteries requiring maintenance like the addition of distilled water is not recommended because uneven charging of the two batteries can occur and will not effectively keep the batteries in ready state.

The battery charger is .7 amps thus it takes approximately three days to recharge a completely depleted battery.

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Other Interesting Features and Specifications

  • The Wayne ESP45 is manufactured in the USA. It requires a minimum 10 inch sump pit diameter.
  • The motor is permanent magnet DC motor bathed in oil operating in 40 degree to 120 degree F. with thermal protection.
  • A 120V, 60 Hz power supply is required.
  • Circuit requirements are 5 amps AC minimum.
  • The pumps dimensions are 11 inches high with 8 3/4 inch base.
  • The pump run time is set to 15 seconds.
  • The discharge size is 1 1/2 inches.
  • The power cord is 10 feet long.
  • It has no manual override.
  • The check valve is not built in.

Is this a good battery backup sump pump for your pumping needs?

Do you need over 2300 gallons of water pumped per hour?

As for gallons pumped per hour at 10 foot lift, the Zoeller 507 pumps 900 GPH, the Watchdog Special BWSP pumps 1730 GPH, the Watchdog Big Dog pumps 2200 GPH, the Wayne ESP15 pumps 1750 GPH, the Wayne ESP25 pumps 2300 GPH and the Wayne ESP45 pumps 2400 GPH.

Do you want to replace parts rather than discard the pump when it fails?

As for replacement float switches, the Watchdog and Wayne sump pumps have replacement float switches.

Is a warranty important?

As for warranty, the Wayne ESP45 and Watchdog Special BWSP have a 3 year warranty, the Watchdog Big Dog and Wayne ESP25 have a 2 year warranty and Zoeller 507 has one year warranty.

How frequently do you have power outages?
If power outages occur less than once a week, the Wayne ESP45 will work for you. As for battery amp charge (the larger the amps the quicker the battery can be recharged), the Watchdog Big Dog has a 20 amp charger, the Zoeller 507 has a 10 amp charger, the Watchdog Special has a 1 amp charger and the Wayne ESP15, ESP25 and EPS45 have a .7 amp charger.

Do you want a pump that is well built?

As for construction material, the Wayne ESP45 is the only battery backup sump pump of those mentioned above that have cast iron housing, volute and seal plate with shaft of stainless steel.
shaft of stainless steel.

Recommended buy if:

    • Power outages occur less than weekly
    • Power outages last less than 6-7 hours (pump can run up to 8 hours continuously if the battery is fully charged)
    • Heavy duty pumping is required
    • Preference is battery backup pump run on DC power, but runs on AC power when the electricity is on.

Based on its features it is competitively priced. Check it out now.
Wayne ESP45 Battery Backup Sump Pump 2400 GPH at 10 ft

Check out the Battery for the Wayne ESP45 Backup Sump Pump . The 75 amp hour battery will pump 22,000 gallons water. The Wayne ESP45 requires two batteries.

Wayne WSB1275 75 Amp Hour Sealed Lead Acid Sump Pump Battery 1 yr Warranty 8 hr Continuous Run for ESP25 or ESP45 Back Up Sump Pump

A 40 amp deep cycle marine battery will pump approximately 11,000 gallons of water at a 10 foot lift before the fully charged batteries are depleted.

A 120 amp battery will pump approximately 33,000 gallons before the fully charged batteries are depleted.

What are customers saying about the Wayne ESP45 Battery Backup Sump Pump?

Pumps a lot of water on full chargeBy Randy White, MN, May 13, 2011
This pump keeps pumping and pumping on one charge. I went back to the manual and found that it will pump 22,000 gallons with the two fully charged batteries. I doubt if I will ever have that much water during one rain storm to pump.

So far so good.
By Gunther B., Chicago, March 14, 2011
I installed this pump a few months ago. Since then the electricity went out for three hours. The pump ran just fine. I believe this is a dependable pump.

Heavy, well-built pump
By Travis, Ohio, September 9, 2010
I was surprised to see how well built this backup pump is. It is heavy like a main pump. It hasn’t had a need to run yet. We don’t loose power often, but our basement is finished so we don’t want to have a flooded basement. 

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