Watchdog BW4000 Combination Sump Pump System Review

The Primary (BW1050) and Battery Backup (BWSP) Sump Pumps Made by Glentronics (Basement Watchdog)


Watchdog BW4000 Primary and Backup Sump Pump Review

Pictured is the Basement Watchdog BW4000 Combination Sump Pump System with Primary BW1050 and Backup BWSP pumpsHave you always called a plumber to put in your sump pumps because you think it is too difficult to install your own? Are you looking for a sump pump system that is easy to install?

Did you know you can buy a preassembled sump pump system that includes a primary and backup sump pump?

The following information will let you know what the Watchdog combination sump pump system is, what its key features and specifications are, and key questions you can answer to determine if this is the right pump for your pumping needs. Also read customer reviews about this pump system.

The Basement Watchdog BW4000 – Primary (BW1050) and Battery Backup (BWSP) Sump Pump Combination Review

Pictured are the items that come with the Basement Watchdog BW4000 Combination Sump Pump System.The BW4000 is a sump pump system that includes two pumps, a primary and a battery backup. The primary sump pump included is the Watchdog BW1050 1/2 HP. the battery backup sump pump included is the Watchdog Special BWSP.

These two pumps come pre-assembled with the discharge piping joining the two pumps, the controller and charger for the BWSP, and two dual micro reed float switches – one for each pump. It does not include check valves, the battery or acid for the Watchdog BWSP backup pump.

Watchdog BW4000 key features and specifications

Here’s a summary. Check out the details for each of the following features.

Dual reed style vertical float switches

Pictured are is the dual float switch controller used by both the Primary BW1050 pump and the Backup BWSP pump.

The dual float switches of both the primary BW1050 and the backup pump BWSP make this combination system unique. No other manufacturer offers redundant float switches. Two reed style float switches provide peace of mind for the homeowner because if one float fails, the second float begins operation.

The reed style float switch operates on an open close movement and only a 1/4 inch upward movement in contrast to a mechanical vertical float switch which moves and greater distance and has a tendency of getting stuck in the on position and thus burning the pump motor out.

Protective cage to prevent float hang-up 

Pictured Watchdog BW4000 Protective CageA protective cage houses the two float switches. This prevents float hang up on the sump basin or with the pump itself.
In addition the cage has a top which prevents debris from dropping on top of the floats. The bottom of the cage is concave, highest point is at the center of the cage which slopes down toward the outer cage walls, to prevent build up of sludge which would interfere with the floats. The cage has openings so the rising of the water will flow through the cage and cause the reed float to begin its open movement to activate the pump motor.

Adjustable float switch requiring no additional pit space.

The float switch is not attached to the sump pumps. It is to be attached to the discharge pipe at a height that meets the pumping needs of the homeowner. Since the float switch cage is attached to the discharge pipe no additional pit diameter is required. The float switch does not need to be attached to the pump to operate.

Pictured is the Watchdog Dual Float Switch with ControllerThe float switch comes pre-wired to the controller which is plugged into the wall socket. The pump is plugged into the outlet found in the front of the controller. When the controller senses the change of the float switch due to the rising water, the controller activates the pump. The configuration concept is very similar to piggy back float switch plugs. Because the float switch is external to the pump it is very easy to replace. The pumps do not need to be removed to replace the float switches. This makes it easy to replace during an emergency.

Fits into a small pit

Pictured is the Watchdog BW4000 Combination Pumps in Sump PitThe combination BW4000 sump pump fits into a small pit. A pit diameter of 12 inches is sufficient. Both the BW1050 and the BWSP are narrow pumps only eleven inches in total diameter.



Made from thermoplastic.

Energy efficient, environmentally friendly.

Pictured is the Watchdog Combination Sump Pump System Efficiency The BW4000 combination pump is both environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Unlike most sump pumps the BW1050 primary pump is water cooled rather than oil-filled. Therefore there is no oil to mix with the pit water.

The permanent split capacitor motor runs on only 4.7 amps compared to 10 amps for many 1/2 HP pumps. The BWSP backup pump runs on 10-12 DC amps. This is why the backup pump can run continuously for 7.5 hours or several days of intermittent pumping  before a fully charged battery is depleted. If the primary pump ran every 6 minutes, there would be a savings of approximately $70 per year.

High Pumping Capacity.

Pictured is the pumping capacity of the Watchdog BW4000 Combination sump pumps BW1050 - Primary and BWSP BackupThis combination pump system is made to pump a lot of water. The BW1050 will pump 4000 gph at 0 feet or 66 gpm. At a 10 foot vertical lift the BW1050 can pump 2820 gph or 47 gpm. The backup pump BWSP pumps about 2/3 the amount of water as the primary pump. At 0 foot vertical lift the BWSP will pump 2500 gph or 41 gpm; at a 10 ft vertical lift it will pump 1730 gph or 28 gpm.


Built for continuous operation

These pumps are built for continuous operation. It is important to raise the float-switch to a height where at least 3/4 of the primary pump will be immersed in water at all time for continuous operation. This pump is not affected by water softeners like some brand pumps are.

Elaborate alarm and monitoring system
This combination pump system has an elaborate monitoring and alarm system. If the primary pump fails to operate, the alarm will sound and the backup pump will begin operation. If the electrical (AC) power fails, the backup pump begins operation and the alarm sounds. The alarm will also sound if the battery fluid level is low and more distilled water needs to be added, if the battery charge is low and the battery needs to be replaced, if the battery connections are malfunctioning, or if the fuse in the control box needs to be replaced.

Other features and specifications
Other features and specifications include the following. The primary pump requires 115 circuit, 120 volts, 50/60 Hz. It will operate in a water temperature of 40 to 140 degrees. It has overload protection. The BW1050 has a power cord length of 10 feet and no manual override. The BWSP requires a minimum battery amp of 140, group size 30. The suction type is bottom with a protective case for the impeller. The size of the discharge pipe is
1 1/2 inches; the warranty period is 2 years and the pumps are built with an air relief vent.

Is this the best pump system for your pumping needs?


Do you need a sump pump? 

If you need a sump pump, a battery backup sump pump is very important because sooner or later your primary pump will fail during a rain storm and flooding will occur unless you have a backup pump in place ready for operation.

Do you need a primary and backup pump system that is very easy to install?

If you do not wish to configure discharge piping for two pumps, a combination pump system is for you. Both the primary and backup pumps are already have the necessary discharge configurations in place. All you need to do is attach the single combination pump system to your discharge piping.

Are you concerned about float failure when you are not at home? 

Pictured are the Basement Watchdog Pump Products Offered including the Watchdog Combination sump pump.Both of these pumps have dual float switches. Redundant switches for both pumps provides much peace of mind and protection. The watchdog pumps, manufactured by Glentronics, are the only sump pumps on the market with dual float switches.

Is saving money by using energy efficient products your concern? 

The primary BW1050 runs very efficiently on 4.7 amps. This can save you $70 per year depending on how often your sump pump runs. The battery backup BWSP only requires 10-12 DC amps during operation so conserves on battery power which ultimately provides more pump run time.

Is a warranty important? 

This combination pump system BW4000 has a 2 year warranty. This provides enough time for you to know if the system has any operational issues. The Wayne WSS10 combination pump system also has a 2 year warranty. The Wayne Combination Pump Systems WSS20 and WSS30 and the Zoeller 507-0008 Propak 53 have 3 year warranties.

Is your pit only 12 inches in diameter? 

The BW4000 has a very small footprint. Both the primary and backup pump will fit in a 12 inch diameter sump pit. This combination system is smaller than the Wayne WSS10, WSS20, WSS30 or Zoeller 507-0008 Pro Pack 53.

Do you need a combination pump system that pumps more than a 1/4 HP pump?

Pictured is the Watchdog Combination Sump Pump System. Primary Sump Pump BW1040 and Battery Backup Sump Pump BWSP.The Basement Watchdog primary pump BW1050 pumps more than 1/4 HP; it is a 1/2 HP pumping at 2820 GPH at a 10 foot lift and the backup pump BWSP pumps 1730 GPH. The Wayne WSS30 is the only other combination system that has more pumping power. The Wayne primary pump CDUCAP850 pumps 3150 gph at a 10 foot lift and the backup pump ESP25 pumps 2300 GPH.


Check out the Watchdog Combination Sump Pump now.
Glentronics Bw4000 Combination Primary and Back-up Sump Pump System

What are other customers saying?

Watchdog BW4000 Customer Reviews

Watchdog BW4000 Combination Sump Pump Customer Reviews
Best Idea
By Joey, Illinois, April 29, 2011
It cost a lot, but when I think of the cost of a flooded basement, I am glad I bought it. now I have a primary and a battery back up pump. It is so easy to install. Everything is already assembled. All you have to do is connect the pump system to the discharge pipe with a rubber coupler that comes with it. The instructions are so easy. They even tell you how to remove the pump from the packaging to avoid damage to the more delicate parts of the pump. In reading the manual, I found replacement parts available. Good Pump and Customer Service.

By Wayne Zitter, Iowa, April 11, 2011
Before I bought this pump I called Glentronics to see if they were interested in their customers. I found them to be very helpful. This put my mind at ease because I want to be able to talk with customer service when I have questions or a problem. I bought the pump and have been happy with it. The primary pump does what I need it to do. I tested the backup pump and it worked.

Good Idea and Product
By Roger Thornson, Chicago, March 21, 2011
This is a good idea for someone like me. This is worth the money. Even someone like me could install this pump. I tested it after hooking the pump system to the discharge pipe and everything is working flawlessly. I probably don’t need something this powerful, but it definitely will help me sleep at night during a storm! I was not be disappointed in this product.

Peace of Mind
By Derek, Springfield, March 3, 2011
I have had the BW4000 for 2 years now. I am still happy with it. I checked it recently and found the water getting higher but the primary pump was not turning on. I figured something was wrong with the pump so I took it from the pit and tested it in my deep double sink. Then I saw what was going on. The bottom float was bad. I didn’t let the water reach the height of the second float or I would have figured the problem out quicker. I replaced the dual float controller which was easy to do; just unplug the controller and pump and loosed the float and replace it. I bought the part BWC1 from Amazon. I remember when I installed the combination pump. It was so easy. I just had to drop it in and tighten two clamps. Talk about a good design. This is it.

So far in two years I have only filled the battery with distilled water twice. I learned from a friend that if I would add distilled water more often the battery would last longer. Anyway the battery is still good.

Just What I Needed
By Christopher Brown, St. Louis, September 2, 2010
The water table is high where we live. It bothers me because the sump pump runs a lot. I was concerned because I did not have a backup sump pump. Since I am not very mechanical, I decided to buy a pre-assembled primary and backup pump package which was the Watchdog BW4000. It was easy to install. I also bought the recommended Watchdog battery and acid fill also. But the instructions were easy to do once I set my mind to it. I tested both pumps they are working. The manual says I should test the backup pump at least monthly. I am more relaxed now knowing that there is a battery sump pump ready to take over when their is a power failure.

Easy to install
By Thomas Klinbeck, MN, April 5, 2010

I have to say the installation of this combination unit was easy. The manual is very good. After I installed it I found the main pump worked well. I unhooked the main pump to test the backup pump. It also worked. I checked the basement watchdog website and found FAQ which will be very helpful for me when I have issues.

Pictured is the Watchdog Combination Sump Pump with a BW1050 Primary Pump and the BWSP Battery Backup Pump.

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