Sump Pump Backup Basics

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Backup Sump Pump Basics


The following information is provided to help you understand backup sump pump basics (their features) and how to use the basic information to know which sump pump is best for your situation.

The following information is provided to help you understand backup  sump pump basics (their features), how to use the basic information to know which sump pump backup is best for your situation.

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Backup Sump Pump Activation

Here's what the Vertical Float looks like.Backup sump pumps are activated when the water reaches the float level of the backup sump pump float level in the tank/pit where it is located.  The primary sump pump will be set lower so that it is the first one to run.  The float of the backup pump should be set higher than the top of the primary pump.


There are two types for backup pumps.
Here's what the Tether Float looks like.Tether: The float hangs from the pump and floats on the water. As the water rises, so does the float and the switch is triggered.
Vertical: The float is a ball that floats above the water. As the water level raises so does the float which triggers the switch.  This float has limited movement up and down a vertical rod.



Here's what an external switch looks like.For backup pumps the switches are either built inside the pump or external to the pump.
Built inside the pump itself: The entire pump must be removed from the sump pit to replace the switch.
External to the pump: The switch can be replaced without removing the pump from the pit.


Source of Power

For backup sump pumps. Batteries are the most common source. Water powered backup pumps rely on water pressure to keep them running.


Means of Keeping The Motor Cool

Old technology uses oil which can leak into the water. New technology uses water.

Charging Power

Indicates how fast a battery can be charged after usage. The higher the charging power the less time it takes for battery recharging.

Pumping Performance

Flow Rate Graph.The rate at which water is pumped depends upon the energy created by the source used to generate the power. Battery power is stronger than water pressure. The more energy created and the lower the pumping height the faster a greater volume of water will be pumped out of the pit.


Pump Housing

The common materials used are thermoplastic, stainless steel and cast iron.


Submersible pumps sit in the water and operate in the water. Pedestal sump pumps sit above the water line. The float is adjusted to determine when the pump will run. The motor is never in the water.

Sustainable Continuous Operation

Batteries can run somewhere between 4 to 8 hours depending upon the kind of battery used. Water powered backup pumps can run as long as there is water pressure and the pump is functioning properly.

Alarm Notification

Backup systems have an alarm system to indicate when they are running. Those which are battery operated also indicate when the battery is discharged.

How Do Backup Sump Pump Models Compare?

  • Which source of power is most dependable
  • Which models provide the best float/switch combination?
  • Which models are built for heavy duty operation? 

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