EZ Moves Slides

EZ Moves Furniture Slides Saves Money

Many people today have heavy furniture or things in their home that need to be moved from one location to another. Because of the weight, and your sore back, moving these heavy items around every couple of years by yourself is just out of the question. It requires some help from your neighbors and friends.

Pictured: Box of EZ Moves Furniture SystemYou may have seen this new product advertised on TV called “EZ Moves“. These sliders go under the furniture or item you want to move and you can move up to 10 times your strength using the furniture lift that comes with the system. Your furniture just glides over hardwood floors and carpet and will not damage the furniture. It saves you from having to lift these items and move them to other rooms or places in an existing room in your home or apartment. It saves your back and you only have to lift, place, and slide the furniture to the new location. How easy is that!

Now, you can move heavy items without having to call someone to assist you. This is really good if you are elderly, alone, or have a bad back and need to move furniture around or rearrange the room. This is now a snap with EZ Moves furniture slides.

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What Do You Get?

Here is what you get when you buy a box of EZ Moves:

  • 1 EZ Moves furniture lifter tool
  • 8 EZ Moves slides for hardwood, smooth surfaces and carpet
  • The package weighs only 2.7 pounds

What Customers are Saying? Here are a few examples of what customers who bought and used the product are saying about EZ Moves:

  • Tom in Hamburg, NY – “I was skeptical at first. Now, I say that they are worth the money. I moved 2 large dressers and a king size bed using EZ Moves and did it myself under 1 hour.”
  • Carolyn Lenzen in Kernersville, NC – “I just bought EZ Moves to rearrange the furniture in my daughter’s room. I just moved a dresser that I could not BUDGE before. Using the EZ Moves, I was able to move everything with ease!”
  • Mac in Allen, TX – “EZ Moves are a God send for us retired folks. Bought new bedroom furniture and the wife wanted it relocated right away. EZ Moves work quite well and will come in handy in the future. It’s a real back saver.”
  • Helen Penk in Portland, OR – “Thank you! My husband and I are 74. We hired people to move our heavy furniture. Due to a mixup, they never showed. Thanks to EZ Moves, we were able to empty the room for the carpet layers and saved $90 the movers were going to charge. Thank you again.”
  • Marie in Las Vegas, NV – “What a terrific product. The EZ Moves worked great moving my entertainment center. Thank you.”

I could go on and on with numerous customer testimonials. But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself and see.


So, if you should have some heavy furniture to move, save yourself some money by hiring movers and purchase EZ Moves for under $30. You probably find some numerous uses for these sliders around your home. You may need to keep some extra on hand.