Wayne Backup Sump Pump ESP45 24 Volt

The Battery Backup Sump Pump Made by Wayne


Are you wondering which sump pump to buy to protect your basement from flooding? Do you currently have a 1/2 hour power primary pump? This pump is capable of heavy duty pumping. Check out the ESP45 backup pump features below.

Wayne ESP45 Features

What are its key features and specifications?
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Backup Sump Pump Basics

Primary Sump Pump Basics

Heavy-duty Pumping Capability

The Wayne ESP45 can pump 2,400 gallons per hour or 40 gallons per minute at a 10 foot lift. This pumping capability is decreased based on the number of elbows, check valves, vertical and horizontal feet comprising the discharge system. An additional 5 foot needs to be added to the foot lift if your discharge system includes one check valve, two 90 degree elbows and twenty feet of horizontal discharge piping to more accurately calculate the gallons pumped per minute..

Backup sump pumps pumping more than 2400 gallons per hour at a 10 foot lift with depend upon power generated by an inverter (auxiliary power unit) such as the Sumpro 75 which converts DC to AC power.

Run time with two batteries

This backup pump can provide additional run time by adding an additional battery. This feature is very beneficial if the electricity goes out frequently and for long periods of time during heavier rain storms. Adding another battery is inexpensive since the cost only involves another battery and cables.

Well built

The Wayne ESP45 is made of cast iron – the pump housing, volute and shaft. Reinforced thermoplastic is used for the impeller. Cast iron adds weight which helps the pump to sustain heavy pumping activity.


Runs on AC or DC

Unlike most battery backup sump pumps, the Wayne ESP45 will run on AC when the electricity is on but on battery power (DC) when the power is out. This flexibility provides additional peace of mind because they only time the pump will run on battery power if the electrical power fails. There are times when a primary pump will fail even though the electricity has not failed. In those situations, this pump will run on AC.

Vertical Float Switch

The float for the Wayne ESP45 is vertical and is to be attached to the discharge pipe. This saves sump pit room because the diameter required is less than the backup pump width. When placing the float switch it is important to remember that once the pump is activated it will run for a minimum of 15 seconds. Replacement float switches are available. to prevent short cycling.

Battery charger

The battery charger provides a continuous trickle charge to keep the two 12 volt batteries in ready-state (primary) pump permanently.

Read more about the features and specification of this pump as well as read customer reviews regarding the Wayne ESP45 Backup Sump Pump.

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