George Foreman Grill

The George Foreman Grill Makes Food Taste Great!


Do you like the thought of being able to grill chicken, steak  In addition how would you like to eat meat that even though you purchased it with a higher fat content because of the extra cost of 95% lean you don’t have to eat the fat because it drains off while the meat is grilling?

George Foreman Grill
If you don’t have a George Foreman Indoor Grill, and you want to grill in your kitchen without having to use charcoal, then this grill is for you. This article will explain how it works and improves one’s health, how many uses it has, how easy it is to clean and how much it costs.
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Not All Grills Are Created Equal

George Foreman Grill PlatesThe George Foreman grill is constructed so that the fat rolls away from the meat as it is grilling.  Consequently, you don’t eat the fat that is released as the meat grills.  This is good for keeping your cholesterol level from rising.

When using other brands of indoor grills, the meat remains in the fat released during cooking and you eat much more of the fat.  If you are on a low fat cholesterol diet this is not good.

How Does the George Foreman Indoor Grill Work?

Food Placed on George Foreman GrillThe grilling portion of the George Foreman Indoor Grill is sloped at a 15 degree incline so while the meat is cooking the fat flows down built-in tracks towards the fat holder tray placed in front and slightly under the grill. The cheaper model George Foreman Grills have no temperature settings while the more expensive models have multiple temperature settings to use. Just plug it in and let it preheat (around 5 minutes – the red preheat light will go out and it will click). The grill is now ready.

The grilling guide provided with the unit indicates how many minutes to allow for the meat to grill. Basically the thickness of the meat will determine how long the meat stays on the grill. If you are grilling steak, you will learn how much time it takes to make it rare, medium or well done.

The grill cooks the meat from the top and bottom at the same time. This results in less cooking time as compared to using the oven or outdoor grill. When the meat is taken from the grill it has marks on the meat so it looks just like it came off an outdoor grill. How amazing is that? How does the food taste off one of these George Foreman Indoor Grills? Well, you will just have to try it for yourself.

I own a George Foreman Indoor Grill and the taste is great!

What are Some Uses for the Grill?

Bun Warmer GrillWith the George Foreman Indoor Grill you can grill fish, steak, pork chops, chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, grill cheese sandwiches, sliced vegetables  potatoes and a lot more.  Cheese melts evenly if placed on hamburger meat.  You can also place sliced tomatoes, onions and spices  on the meat while it is grilling for additional flavor.

I do fillet mignon on the grill and it comes out very succulent.  I would not be without a George Foreman Indoor Grill in my home.

How Easy Does it Clean?

After cooking on your outside grill, cleaning it can become a chore. Not so with the George Foreman Grill. After you have finished cooking the food to your satisfaction, you unplug the electric cord. The grilling plates need a few minutes to cool before you can clean them. After a few minutes, you can use the dishwasher safe plastic scrapers to remove excess crumbs from the grill.

Some of the newer grill models have removable plates that makes it easier to clean them using the dishwasher.

Then just use a paper towel to clean the grill plates with warm soapy water.  Take another paper towel to dry off the moisture from both grills and its ready to go for the next meal.  Cleaning is easy because the grills are covered with a non stick coating.

Don’t forget to take the fat that dripped into the tray during cooking and dispose of it in an appropriate disposal container and wash the drip tray with soap and water.

How Costly Are the George Foreman Indoor Grills?

They are very reasonable and there is a model that will fit everyone’s budget. You can purchase grills costing under $20 or over $100. You will need to determine how much food you will be grilling at a time. The more expensive grills have larger cooking areas so you can grill more food at once. Some models have bun warmers, cooking timers and removable plates. These are some important features to consider before deciding which model to buy.

Regardless of which model you choose, it will be a good buy and you will like the taste of meat without all the fat. Your doctor will be glad too!

Enjoy your grilling!

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